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2nd Korean war July 31, 2017

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Source: BBC News

Is it a S. Korean problem?

No doubt about it. 

Instead of raining cats and dogs, DMZ, Seoul and a big chunk of S. Korea will see bombs of all sorts raining down from the sky before the U.S. can surgically nuetralize threats from N. Korea missile sites. There might be nuclear, bio and chemical varieties.

S. Koreans won’t like Trump’s call for actions either because millions of S. Koreans have relatives in the north. They don’t want to see them die from American bombs. 
Will S. Korea invade the North without U. S. participation? 


Will S. Korean soldiers kill N. Korean soldiers and vice versa?

No, if they have a say. They are all Koreans after all.

So, let me get this straight:

After Trump tweets out the order to bomb the hell out of N. Korea, it is the Koreans who will suffer the most and it is the Koreas which will endure the most damages. 

It isn’t a good picture and it doesn’t make any sense for Mr. Moon at all.

Is it a problem for Japan?

Definitely. Japan had twice occupied Korea in the past, slaughtered many Koreans and ruled Korean people for centuries. For that, Koreans hate Japan and that’s why N. Korea wants nothing less than total revenge against Japan if a war breaks out between the U.S. and N. Korea. 

Then there is the issue of Japan denying the roles of comfort women during WWII. 

Once war breaks out, N. Korea will try to do all it can to inflict damages to Japan and its people one way or the other. 

Is it a problen for Russia?

Nope. There might be nuclear fall outs in Russia if nukes start to fly. Russia will contunue to supply all the weapons N. Korea wants and provide intelligence data which N. Korea needs to fight the war.

Putin should benefit the most from the war between the U.S.A. and N. Korea.

Is it a problem for China?

To some degree. China may see thousands of N. Korean migrants crossing over the Yalu River if Trump decides to bomb N. Korea. Nuclear fall outs in China can’t be dismissed either. 

But, N. Korea will not invade China and it will not send missiles to the direction of China either. It is annoying to China because of all the tweets from Trump but the war isn’t a problem for China per se.

In the end, China will stand behind N. Korea in spirit but will not fight for the country like it did in the first Korean war. If N. Korea requests weapons, China will provide them so that Kim’s regime can defend itself.

After the war, China will offer N. Korea interest free loans and help N. Korea re-build. China’s excess capacity gets new orders and N. Korea gets new factories, new roads and new railroads. It’s a win win situation.

Is it a problem for the U.S.?

Yes. 50+K American soldiers in DMZ and Camp Humphreys will be in harms way. Nukes, bio and chemical bombs could come down on them. Andrews AFB will become a busy place. Body bag makers will see a rush of new orders. Bomb makers will work overtime to re-stock the pile. U.S. economy gets a small boost. 

American ship and carriers in the vicinity of Korea and Japan and other regions in the Pacific Ocean may face threats from N. Korean subs even though these subs are old and out dated. 

American soil will be spared just like all world wars in the past. But, N. Korean spies will try to cause damages to American assets in the world. 

Can America do a surgical attack on N. Korean targets just to give Kim a warning?


The U.S. won’t. It has to do a “shock and awe” job in the beginning to eliminate major threats from the N. Korea. 

To do that, America has to amass a large number of fighter planes before bombing starts. If America wants to invade N. Korea either with S. Korean troops (preferred by America, of course,) or American soldiers, they need to move soldiers to the DMZ. That will give N. Korea ample chance to strike the first blow to American soldiers and South Korean urban centers. It can get pretty ugly very fast.
Is it a problem for North Korea?

Certainly. Millions of N. Korean soldiers and civilians will die if the 2nd Korean War drags on. Infrastructure in N. Korea will for sure be damaged.

Will Kim die? Probably not. He’ll be hidding in the bunker which can stand direct hits from Mother of all bombs. 

Will Kim be captured? Not likely unless America sends in foot soldiers into Pyongyang to mop up the floor clean after devastating N. Korea.

Whose war is it anyway?

So, is Kim more of a problem for S. Korean people or is it a problem for Trump and America?

The answer is clearly the latter. Koreans don’t want a war. Moon want a dialog with Kim and it is Trump and American generals who are more eager to start a war between two Koreas. 

So, why is Trump so eager to stir up the pot? Because Trump is in trouble at home with low voters approval ratings and Mueller. The real reason for Trump’s N. Korea tweets is that by kicking the N. Korea conflict up a notch it might divert media’s attention away from Russian investigation. 

A bigger question

Shouldn’t S. Koreans have more to say about a war between the two Koreas instead of Trump?

Moon should make it very clear to Trump on this important point unless Trump is sending American soldiers into the North too.

A Black Swam from the Korean peninsula?

So, is the 2nd Korean war a “black swan” event for the world financial markets to worry about?

Not by the action of three major indices. All three are either at or near all time highs. 

The only logical conclusion one can make is that despite all the tweets from Trump, the 2nd Korean war won’t happen.

Cool bikes, NYC July 30, 2017

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New York City, Manhattan, lower east side. Near Houston St. and Eldridge St. On Sunday afternoon about 3:30 pm.

The real fight has just begun July 30, 2017

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Some Americans are proud of their government. They believe that it is the best there is in this world; balanced power-sharing scheme, independent-minded branches and free of corruptions. Whether that’s the case in reality is open to discussion.

There are three independent branches: the administration, the legislature and the judicial. Each has its own distinct power and each works on its own. The term Americans often cite for how their government works like a well-greased machine is “checks and balances.”

Well, the Administration has some say on domestic issues but its hands are tied because the Congress holds the string to the purse. But, in foreign policy and starting wars against other countries, Congress has little leverage on what the Administration choose to do.

Congress is where politics is being played on almost every issue regarding how tax money is distributed: defense, social welfare, education, energy, art, science and many other areas.

These two branches are well-tuned political machines and both are not shy to play dirty politics to the fullest just to gain a little advantage over the other party. 

America’s judicial system is supposed to be apolitics. The judges are supposed to interpret the law without any personal bias or political inclination. These “saints” in black robes hold tremendous power and usually have the final say on almost every issue affecting people’s lives.

That’s where politics are being played to the fullest between the liberals and conservatives.

Wow, if that happened, the defeat of Hillary by Trump will set liberals back by decades. 

We’ll see if Trump can keep his seat.

“Managing Iran” meant regime change in 1953 July 29, 2017

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How the CIA toppled Iranian democracy


Source: Businesd Insider

Here is an example of America messing around a foreign country’s government with disastrous outcome. 

Source: Business Insider

Source: Business Insider

Source: Encyclopædia Britannica

Unfortunately, the U.S. is still paying a hefty price for that transgression more than half a century later.

America’s unlawful conducts are still going on in other parts of the world probably in the name of national security. 

I guess the international bully just never learned.

罰他八千萬,關他四十年,絕對有效 July 28, 2017

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不知道,我可不可以告廠商,政府衛生局,新北市市長,還是馬英九或蔡英文 for damage?台灣怎麼沒有律師搞 Class Action law suit?












Source: 聯合新聞網

Source: 聯合新聞網

What a pity July 28, 2017

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It used to be a restaurant at a busy intersection in Taipei East District (台北東區) which was synonyms to prosperity and easy money for land lords and those who dared to pay through the nose in rent and striked it rich. 

The sign on the side walk reads: “President Snacks. Taste great! Good price.”

It is closed now replaced by a bike helmets shop.

For several quarters we have noticed a drop of foot traffic in Taipei East District and an apparent pick up in tourists in Ximending (西門町) which is in the old section of Taipei. Rents on shops in Taipei East District was and probably still is very expensive. With Xinyi Business District (信義商圈) and 101 attracting some shoppers away from Taipei East District, the golden days of Taipei East District is probably behind it. 

Some shops there have closed down and were forced to move to the back alleys or upstairs. Some shops were replaced by temporary quick sell bazaars where no name brand shoes, clothes and kitchen utensiles are sold at bargain basement prices.

Time has changed. Prices of real estate has languished since 2014. Tourists from China has dropped in respense to current Taiwanese government’s anticChina policy?

A crack has finally shown in one of the busiest shopping district in Taipei. But the bigger question is this: is it a localized occurence or it spells a bigger problem for Taiwan’s service oriented economy?

The pitfall of American democracy  July 28, 2017

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Once every two years American voters head to the polling places to elect their congressperson. Once every four years they choose about one third of their senators. And of course, they choose their president when they vote for their senators.America called this democracy. Basically, it is a government where majority rules. No matter the majority is 50.01% or 80%. 

Because these these representatives, be it the congressperson or senators, want to keep their jobs the next time around, it creates some very funny situations before elections. It’s really human nature which is at work here: Greed, power grab, fear of losing their jobs and pass the can to the next guys so that I can keep my job.

Democracy creates politicians who usually lie when they open their mouths. 


Because they want to keep their jobs. 

And what standard do voters use to decide which one to vote for?

Simple: the more pork these politicians bring back home, the better chance he or she will have at the ballot box.

It is simply a giant bacon feast at Washington DC around this time every year when federal spending budgets are being decided by 535 people plus the vice president.

Democracy also corrupt politicians’ souls because they have to lie for the sake of his or her re-election.

Democracy brews hatred among different classes of people because politicians take from one group and give it to another. 

Democracy incites class warfare because politicians stir up conflicts between ethic groups for the sake of their politcal future.

Democracy is poisonous because it encourages politicians making promises they can’t keep after election.

Democracy makes voters gullible because they choose what they like to hear and block out things they don’t wsnt to know.

Democracy is a game of bending with the wind because politicians conduct polls in their own district to determine which bill to vote for and which one to block.

Democracy is powerless to do the right thing, like cut spendings, because to do so is to offend a group of people which increase the possibilty of  eliminating his or her own job.

Democracy is a game of winning that 0.01% at the ballot box. To hell with the 49.99%. I win. You lose. It is that simple.

Democracy is susceptable to impass by default. A majority of 50.01% doesn’t produce any mandate by any measure. In addition, the structure and special rules of American Senate make passing any bill a difficult one. As a result, many bills languish in the Senate and the country waits and progress gets delayed.

What if all politicians can serve only one term, say 8 years with no chance of re-election?

There is a problem with that too. Politicians will make as much as he or she can for him or herself while in the office. Politicians everywhere do that all the time. Legislators in Taiwan come in mind. Only a few unlucky ones, like a few ex-presidents of Korea and Taiwan for example, got caught and served jail time after their terms finished. The majority are laughing to the bank and live a comfortable live at tax payers expenses, e.g., 李登輝 of Taiwan.

Such is democracy America practiced and promoted to the world.

And who got shafted?

The tax payers.

The mooch, f****** ps, c*** blocker and the Jivanka July 28, 2017

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What a show. It’s all free and open in America where you can get a wifi link. It goes to show how the game is being played by Americans at the highest level led by a ring master who cares more about himself than the American people whether you pay or don’t pay your fair shares of taxes.

The Mooch; Best Actor in a Leading Role,

Source: The Daily Mail

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: The fps: f*****g paranoid schizophrenic,

Source: The Daily Mail

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: The c*** blocker. We have a tie here.

Source: The Daily Mail

Best Costume Design: The Jivanka, 

Trump, Jared and Ivanka

Best Picture for a reality show: Ryan Lizza,

Source: The Daily Mail

And finally, the best Direct in the free reality show category: Trump.

Source: Business Insider

America’s big brother is watching you 24/7/365 July 28, 2017

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In the U.S. government language, this is called “The Universal Survellience” and NSA in Maryland is doing this 24/7/365 even after Snowden.

Source: Fox News

Source: wikimedia

This is the de facto ‘ultimate’ Big Brother ever.

The U.S.A. used to be a free country. It is no more.

It’s scary.

上海也有了 July 26, 2017

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