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Greek ‘Rebels’ = US Seniors June 26, 2011

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Greek ‘Rebels’ May Block Reforms On Austerity Moves

That’s why Greece is going to default sooner or later.

Across the pond is this headline:

American “seniors” will block reforms on Medicare and Medicaid.

And that’s why America will not be able to get out this big hole it dug for itself.

America is going down whether Obama likes it or not.

Petro dollars and terrorism June 20, 2011

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Is it possible that the petro dollars have fanned the fire of terrorism avaunt the United States?

I say the answer is yes.

Saudi and Iran together produce more than $12 million a day. At $92 per barrel, it is a staggering

I can’t believe what I read on Saudi oil June 15, 2011

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Saudi oil swap

Obama screwed up again and it showed that Obama was willing to sacrifice the security of the United States for his re-election bid in 2012.

Read it for yourself and see how desperate that guy was. It was borderline treason if you ask me.


No wonder it was the worst meeting ever. Saudi probably got some kind of promise from Obama to support and protect the royal family for Saudi to go alone with this. It was not about Saudi’s market share. It was political payback.

The move, if succeeded, could only benefit the European market with a lower Brent price and will not help the US at all.

European refineries can not handle Saudi’s heavy crude unless they invest billions of capital investment to modify the refineries.

Beginning of the end of Demicracy June 13, 2011

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Here is a tured headline that we have seen a thousand times:

Obama: Debtf Fight Hinders Job Growth.

Recovery, Recession & More borrowing June 9, 2011

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When your neighbor was laid off, it’s a slowdown. When you are out of a job, it’s a recession. The slow down happened in 2007 and the recession began in 2008.

Well, the government told us the recession was over long ago and the US economy has been in recovery mode for 2 years.

Well, this recovery felt like you are working again but you make only 1/2 of what you earned before.

To make up the lost pay you are not working two jobs or take on odd jobs wherever you can find them.

Instead you continue to eat out at fancy restaurants, vacation in Caribbean islands and buy the latest gaffes when they first out. All charged on your credit cards and transfer your balances to new cards with very low introductory interest rates.

That’s what the US federal government is doing: three wars, more entitlement benefits and national health insurance benefits.

Never mind that the United States is broke. Never mind the patient is in coma 90% of the time. Never mind that we do’t have enough income to pay for the interest on the credit card charges let alone starting paying down the charges.

All alone, you can’t decide what to do: find a second job, go to night school, not going out as much or stop vacations all together.

Well, the big day; the judgement day, is still years away.

You decide to call your travel agent for a 7 day East Mediterranean cruise.

Life is short. Why not enjoy it while you can, The worst thing That can happen to you is:


Problem solved!

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