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Why not April 26, 2017

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Go ahead, Mexico, tax Americans. 

Trump has treated you like second class people. It is time to do the same to the Americans. Trump asks for it and he shall get it. In fact, tax every thing sold in Mexico but made in America too.

Here are some facts: 

1.  About 7.2 million Americans visited Mexico in 2014.

2.  America imports about 660,000 barrels of crude oil from Mexico every day.

3.  America/Mexico trades in 2016:

America export to Mexico: $231 billions

America import from Mexico: $294 billions

It is apparent that America doesn’t like Mexicans but others might. 

Go to Japan instead. It needs immigrants bad. Very bad. VERY very bad as Trump has done on his tweets when he wants to emphasize his point.

It’ll never end April 25, 2017

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With more bombs, missile strikes and drone killings of innocent muslims by America and western forces’ killing machines, the hatred against the U.S. and some western countries will only increase and the subsequent revenges will likely continue for years if not centuries. 

The U.S. calls these people terrorists but what do these people call America?

America is proud of their killing machines and its military might.

It never ends for a simple reason.

So many muslims have lost sons, daughters, parents, relatives and friends in the hands of powerful American weapons. It is difficult to image the pain and suffering endured by these muslims.
America should review its foreign policy on Israel, re-evaluate its relationship with Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and all other muslim countries in the Middle East and abandon nations building practices in every continents of the world. 

The U.S. is killing people. The ISI is killing people. America has had its shares of killings over the years.

When will the killing of innocent muslims stop?

Death of innocent children is collateral damage to Pentagon. To Trump and American generals, it is, for the sake of national security, inevitable but necessary.

America’s national interests sometimes equal to killing members of the ISIS and innocent civilians because they are at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Regime change and subsequent nations building with hand-picked candidate are necessary steps to maintain America supremacy in a region.

Economic sanctions and financial control are powerful tools used by America to subvert other nations to obey America’s demands. These tools seldom worked but they always make lives of the people of those countries miserable.

To the muslims, the so-called war on terror is the modern version of crusade. To G.W. Bush after 9-11 and Trump now, the war on terror is a crusade but they just can’t admit it in the public. 

Instead of bows and arrows in the past, America now has missiles equipped with warheads, drones with air to ground missiles and C-130 with MOAB. Instead of horses, America now has Apach helicopters, F-35s stealth fighter, B-52 Stratofortress, destroyers capable of launching cruise missiles, submarines and air carriers.

What do muslims have to fight against the U.S. and other western countries? Guns, IEDs and themselves.

How did the world end up in the situation which we are in right now and how can we get out of the death spiral of self destruction?

I don’t know. Do you?

重申有個x用 April 22, 2017

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有派船過去嗎?有命令軍艦和大炮保護嗎?有兵在那裏巡邏嗎?除了一張紙,在外交部大門口贴一帖,internet 上晃一晃,做個樣子,台灣還能搞出什麼花樣?那個一本正經的外交部長要不要說說看?






Trump: over-hyped and can’t be trusted April 21, 2017

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Instead of playing “where is waldo”, many people spent the early part of this week looking for “Vinson the armada” instead?

Source: Google search

Source: NYT

Have you been fooled by Trump? Again.
He may be a habitual liar or he just couldn’t find Vinson in the Pacific Ocean.

What’s wrong with this guy? 

May be this can help: Always hyped, definitely over promised, usually under delivered, generally un-trustworthy, constantly self promoting and has nothing to show for after 91 days in the White House; minus the days he played golf in Florida.

This Saturday may be the day of reckoning April 14, 2017

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Has nuclear missiles. Will use them.

That’s bottom line.

Source: CNBC

North Korea has 70 submarines. Most of them are antiques but a few, according to news report, may be capable of launching missiles equipped with nuclear war heads. There is no doubt that they pose considerable threat to South Korea and Japan. Some may cruise along the west coast of the U.S. as well.

Source: CNBC

And the U.S. too?

Source: CNBC

Two bullies with no brain between them is a very, very dangeous combination.  

I only wish cool heads prevail.

You need to read this piece by DM’s Mark Seddon April 12, 2017

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Beware taking on Kim’s death cult


Dangeous confrontation, unpredictable outcome and deadly results. 

One hardheaded egomaniac with no foreign policy experience who back tracks many of his campaign promises. 

One determines on taking over South Korea, hates Japanese, eliminates DMZ and has means to carry it out in short order.

DMZ, Seoul, Tokyo  and where else? How many submarines does North Korea have?

The worst possible combination forAmerican soldiers, Koreans, Japanese and people of the world.

You need to read this piece by DM’s Mark Seddon April 11, 2017

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Beware taking on Kim’s death cult


Iran, are you watching what’s going on here in northeast Asia? Have you learned anything? You took a hit before, didn’t you?


A crane and two clams fight to the death April 11, 2017

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The fisherman on the sideline benefits without doing a thing.

In Chinee, it means:


Pictures are worth a thousand words. 

You’ll know who is the crane and who are the clams.
You’ll have to guess who the fisherman is.

The U.S. wants Assad out. America is building another nation. It just can’t stop messing around with other nation’s business, can it?

Trump apparently wants to start two regional wars, one chemical and one nuclear, at the same time. 

Now, how many Koreans are there in the United States and how many of them are from the North of the 38th parallel?

What will North Korea do? 

What will Trump do?

What will Russia do? Back to “Cold War” again?

麻煩了! April 7, 2017

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No question about it March 13, 2017

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Trump lied.

Trump apparently read article on conservative website or listened to conservative talk radio show and claimed that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower without a shred of evidence.

Now he tried to eat his own tweets which shows he doesn’t have the mental capacity to take the White House job. He is not fit to take the 3 Am phone call.

If he continues to throw his tantrum at will, he will be laughed by people all over the world. America democracy will be the butt of the joke. Trump, well, is making a mockery of the presidency of the U.S. and is making a fool out of himself.

What a shame.

America’s standing in the world has been tarnished by Obama’s appease to foreign countries and his action of disengagement from world affairs.

The America’s capitalism has been