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One million barrels September 10, 2012

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Obama said at Democratic National Convention that the U.S. is importing one million barrels of oil a day less these days.

He said it “臉也不紅氣不喘"as if he did it all by himself.

Nope! He didn’t do anything to accplish that milestone.

It was the economy, stupid.

A slowing down economy will need less oil every time I checked.

This is “inert lecture dishonesty” at the highest level.

Shame on Obama

I bet you don’t know this September 10, 2012

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Obama has problems dialing iPhone, blames campaign worker’s cell phone plan

You don’t know this:

Because the liberal media such as CNN, ABC, NBC, WP and NYT, don’t want you to know.

Because it shows how bad the liberal media wants Obama to win.

Because it shows how not intelligent Obama is.

And here is “The rest of the story”


For those of you who want to know what kind of ridicule a Republican candidate got in a compromised situation, just remember Quayle and the infamous “e” after “potato.”

This is double standard and you know it.

Soro, German and Euro September 10, 2012

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In an FT interview, Soro asked German to lead or leave Euro.


I think Soro got it backwards.

German IS leading Euro to a long term solution by first bringing high debt and less productive countries; they know who they ate, in line with the rest of the European Union countries.

Soro asked German to leave because he didn’t like the way German, or shall we say the majority of the German people, is leading the European Union.

On the other hand, may I ask you, Mr. Soro: if Greece, Spain and Italy leave EU, will EU be even better off?

The answer is a unqualified “Yes.”

Beside, Mr. Soro, have you thought about this? If German leaves EU as you’ve suggested, the next paymaster “Is it France?” will ask the same thing from Greece, Spain or Italy, because no one wants to work his butt off supporting Greeks who get to retire at 55 with full medical benefit and most of their pre-retirement salaries.

What do you have to say? I don’t think you’ll like what I say here though.

Lights out at my restaurant, again September 9, 2012

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Earlier yesterday afternoon Xiao told me that there was a tornado warning for this area. I immediately knew it was a bad news because there might be a power outage at my restaurant in Falls Church.

Sure enough, my head chef called.

I told him to wait and I called Dominion Virginia Power.

No estimate of when the power will be back.

An hour passed and another one of my staff called.

I told her to wait because power may be restored soon.

For sure, I said to myself, that it wasn’t that bad this time compared to the BIG storm we had in late June. Just a mere 10 weeks ago, we had to close our restaurant for two days at a great loss because Dominion Virginia couldn’t restore power fast enough after the big storm in our area. That same storm knocked out power at my home for almost 5 days. Many had to suffer longer still.

I then called Dominion for an update and there was still no estimate of when the power will be back on.

Another hour passed and my staff called again because it’s getting dark now. Well, I had no other option but to let them go home.

Can I ask Dominion for the lost revenue? Why can’t Dominion buries the lines underground? If not all the lines but the lines in the most vulnerable area? Dominion should have some statistics to show whether it is cost effective to replace these lines on a long term basis.

Well, if Dominion has to pay penalties, they will find enough incentive to get it done.

The lights were out for a total of about 17 hours.

Trader Joe’s, 7-11, Sunoco and Ledo’s Pizza at our shopping center suffered the black out like we did. I wonder how much money we all have lost due to the storm.


Arrogant and condescending September 7, 2012

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What kind of president Obama is who said the following on July 13, 2012?

“If you have been successful, you didn’t got there on your own.. somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business…you didn’t build that. Some body else made that happen.”

Big government
Off tele prompter
Pandering the 99%

How come the media didn’t drill this further? Just imaging it came from a Republican and the amount if coverage it will get.

Shot from his hip

No H. R. Clinton in Charlotte, why? September 7, 2012

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1。 B. Clinton wanted her away so that she won’t be there 妨礙他的好事。

2。 H. Clinton didn’t get along with Obama.

3。 Obama sent her away so people won’t be reminded of the failure of Obama’s foreign policy: Iran, North Korea, Israel and OPEC.

4。 H. Clinton couldn’t stand all the lies exposed by Obama, Clinton and her fellow Democrats.

5。Obama has already decided to get rid of her in his 2nd term.

$16 trillion and counting! September 5, 2012

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Mind you that Hu Jintao was visiting the US not the other way around!

Gordon Chang is making prediction on China, Again! September 5, 2012

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‘Wheels Coming Off Chinese Economy’: Author



So says Gordon Chang.


How can anyone trust Gordon Chang! He was wrong before and he will be wrong this time too. Did you buy his book? Good luck to you.
There are other reasons why electricity production is down: the factories become more efficient could be one.

He didn’t say when the bottom will be because he simply doesn’t know. Even he said something, no one would believe him anyway.


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