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Royal wedding, What’s so royal about it? April 28, 2011

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I can’t image people get so excited about two rich people getting married in London at 4 am Eastern day light savings time?

To me there is nothing royal about them or about their wedding.

But you won’t know that if you watch any of the local or national news. They treated this wedding like they descended to earth from another planet.

Well, the Brits have nothing to do anyway as their country going down the tube with sky high deficit and debt.

All Nippon Airway Crown Plaza in Narita, Japan April 27, 2011

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If you fly All Nippon Airway from Shanghai to DC, you will most likely get an overnight stay at ANA’s Crown Plaza Hotel in Narita.

We have stayed there twice and we like it.If you fly in early enough, you can take Crown Plaza’s shuttle to the city of Narita for a short tour. If your flight next day out is in the afternoon, you can take hotel’s morning shuttle to a small temple for a short retreat.

Dinner on ANA flight from Shanghai to Tokyo.

Since we fly coach, we didn’t get the free dinner at one of its three restaurants in the hotel but we did go to their breakfast buffet in the morning before boarding the bus to the airport.

Here was a sample of their breakfast buffet:

Miso soup with vegetables

It was about $15 per person.

Dinner from Tokyo to DC on ANA

The best orange I have ever tasted April 27, 2011

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Bought near Motel 168 in Zhangjiang, Pudong, China.

About 1.5″ in diameter. Very VERY sweet. Very juicy. Very thin skin. Easy to peel. No residual of pith at all.

Definitely the best orange that we have ever tasted.

It came from Guangxi province and is probably called 金沙橘 if I remember it correctly.

福建千里香餛飩, 上海浦東張江 April 27, 2011

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福建千里香餛飩 “fu2 jian4 qian1 li3 xiang1 hun2 dun1” is a small restaurant about 5 minutes walk from Motel 168 in 張江 “zhang1 jiang1” in 上海浦東 “shang4 hai3 pu3 dong1” where we had stayed there a few times.

福建千里香餛飩 menu. They are very cheap by any standard.

福建 is a province in China just 80 miles from Taiwan on the other side of the Taiwan Strait. 千里香 means that his food is so good that even people a thousand miles away can smell it flavor in the air. 餛飩 is wonton.

Of course, the owner of this restaurant is exaggerating but his noodle was good.

雪菜肉絲麵. Clear and flavorful broth. Chewy noodles and mostly vegetable meal. Perfect for both of us. It was 4 RMB or about 75 cents. No tips is required.

Plus a 蔥花大餅 “cong1 hua1 da4 bing3” (Baked scallion pancake) that we bought from a street vendor for RMB 1.50 (about a US quarter) and that was our midnight snack.

Earn American dollar in the US and use it in places like 福建千里香餛飩 in Pudong, China is a great way to stretch your retirement money.

Dom’t t you agree?

老口味 Lao Hou Wei in Elmhurst, NY April 27, 2011

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I saw this news on Chinese newspaper about this restaurant in Elmhurst and decided to give it a try.

老口味 “lao3 kou3 wei4” hails itself as the house of dumplings and beef hand-drawn noodles and those are the dishes we tried.

The restaurant is very small: the old and shady dinning room has about 20 seats. The small kitchen is open for everyone to see when I placed my order to a young woman who looks like an employee at my restaurant.

We ordered 韭菜鍋貼 “jiu3 cai4 guo1 tie1” pan-fried pork and Chinese chive dumplings (4 for $1.25,) ﹐ 水餃 “shui3 jiu3” boiled pork and vegetable dumplings (8 for $2.50,) 牛肉麵 “niu2 rou4 main4” beef noodles ($4.95,) and 蔥油餅 “cong1 you2 bing3” Scallion pancakes (2 for $2.75.)

They didn’t have any 小菜 “xiao3 cai4” so that we didn’t order any. They have soft drinks, soy bean milk, water and herbal tea but no beer.

Their 韭菜鍋貼, 水餃  and 蔥油餅  were all very good: right amount of seasoning, tender pork,  thin dumpling skins and all taste good without any sauce.

The beef noodle isn’t that great because the broth is a little light and the noodle, yes the hand-drawn noodle, was a total disappointment. it lacked the chewieness I was expecting. It tasted just like the dry noodles came from a box.

Go for the pan-fried dumplings and scallion pancakes but not the beef hand-drawn noodles if you don’t mind the not that clean look of the dinning room.

I may go back one more time though. I want to try their 茴香水饺 “hui2 xiang1 shui3 jiao3.” If I am right, we are talking about Fennel boiled dumplings. And that’s something I have never tried before.

Also on the menu that I like to try is 炸醬麵 “zha4 jiang4 mian4,” noodles in pork and fermented bean sauce.

老婆, 二奶 和 小三 April 26, 2011

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I got this from a friend of mine in Dallas. There is actually some truth in this.

My conclusion is still: “Love is over-rated.”





她們要向大老婆宣戰,嗆言:「沒有拆不散的家庭,只有不努力的小三」; 但大老婆俱樂部也不甘示弱,她們打出的口號是:「趕走東北狐(姑娘),還我好丈夫;趕走四川妹,丈夫回家睡。」























上海一号私房菜 April 26, 2011

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上海一号私房菜 “shang4 hai3 yi1 hao4 si1 fang2 cai4” is a very unique restaurant. It is not very far from 淮海南路 “huai2 hai3 nan2 lu4,” one of the busiest and most famous shopping areas of the entire Shanghai.

I didn’t know about the restaurant and had no idea what the restaurant was like when I saw the bright neon sign on top of this building. We were just finishing window shopping along 淮海南路 and I was in the mood of having some authentic 上海菜 “shang4 hai3 cai4” before going back to DC. When I saw the sign, I said to myself that this looked like a top class restaurant and I took Bao walked directly to there because it was close to 10 pm and I was afraid that the restaurant was about to close.

Well, the restaurant was very busy and we had to wait for a while. I was relieved because we’d have plenty of time to enjoy our meals.

The restaurant occupies the top floor of a  10 to 12 story building with marble floors, large paintings on the walls, gold-colored columns throughout the dinning area, large dinning hall with at least 50 tables and many private rooms for intimate parties and family gatherings.

The waiting area is almost as big as the dinning room of some restaurants and the hostess wear ankle-length Chinese  旗袍 “qi2 pao2” and a white feather like jacket. The decoration is old Shanghai, the ambiance is warm and I know the restaurant is doing great business in order to support this kind of 排场 “pai2 chang3.”

Well, this is the way I like it too.

After we sat down, we were handed over two thick menus and I almost had more fun going through the menu  than eating their dishes. There were simply too many to choose from.

The menu has 131 pages. In addition to pictures of hundreds of dishes, the glossy menu also included many pictures of Shanghai; 外滩 “wai4 tan1” The Bund, 黄浦江 “huang2 pu3 jiang1,” barges on the river, famous and not so famous people, city streets as they were in the early 1920 and 1930’s, movie stars, 青楼女子 “qing1 lou2 nv3 zi1i,” famous Chinese opera actors and actresses, old kitchen utensils and stories about Shanghai from the early 1900’s. I took my time going over the pages and the waitress left me alone as if she knew I wasn’t ready to order yet.

The menu is divided into 11 sections:

1.  Chef’s top 10 private menu,

2.  Cold dishes,

3.  Soups,

4.  Bird nest, abalone and shark fins,

5.  Shrimp and crabs,

6.  Fish

7.  River fish and shrimp

8.  Fowls and snakes,

9.  Pork, Beef and Lamb,

10.  Vegetables

11.   Desserts and sweets.

There are three 上海一号私房菜 in Shanghai.

The menu is about 1.5" thick.

It looked like this restaurant was good enough for Clinton as well.

Clinton's private collection when he visited China in 2003.

Varieties of Chinese teas at US $1 to US $3 per cup.

Honorable Red Robe tea at US $4 per cup

I ordered a bottle of 石库门锦绣 12 年 for RMB 198, or about US $30. Very reasonable.

A page from the menu.

Deepfried snake

This dish is so good that Buddha will jump over the wall to get a taste.

This bottle of rice wine was RMB 198. 500 ml.

沾酱黄瓜 RMB 7

菌汁小素鸡 RMB 10

手剥河虾仁 also called 大珠小珠落玉盘 "da4 zhu1 xiao3 zhu1 luo4 yu4 pan2." River shrimp with some kind of nuts. Very fresh and very tender. Lightly coated with clear broth.



椰榄菜四季豆, RMB 20

海鲜两面黄. Do not order this.

Not sure what this was. Probably 松软白糖糕

桂花酒酿园子, RMB 18

Famous Chinese opera actors.

Something to try next time.

We had a good time there because of the festival atmosphere at the main dinning hall. A Japanese company had their 尾牙 “wei3 ya2” (Year end banquet dinner for company employees) there. At the end of their dinner, the Japanese boss was forced to sing a song. All he could do was a short Japanese song but it was so bad that all I could say was 不敢恭維 “bu1 gan3 gong1 wei2.”  The VP also sang but he didn’t want to pass the mic to the others and everyone there had a great time at boss’s expense.

The guy in the middle of the picture surrounded by many female employees are the boss.

We also enjoyed our meals but I didn’t have time or the capacity to try more dishes.

The total bill came to RMB 560, or about $85.

If you have a chance visit Shanghai, make sure you try some of the dishes at this restaurant. Go with a few of your friends so that you can have a wide varieties. Their Chinese rice wines and 白酒 “bai2 jiu3” are very reasonable too.

一水隔天涯 “yi1 shui3 ge2 tian1 ya1” April 24, 2011

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Back in the early 70’s, I heard this Cantonese song for the first time from a classmate of mine who came to the university campus from Hong Kong a couple of year earlier than I did.

I liked the lyric so much that I beg her to teach me one Cantonese word at a time. The song described the love between two lovers who got separated into edges of the world by an ocean.

Their plan for marriage was shattered by the separation but an ocean apart couldn’t stop their love to each other.All the girl could do was to think about the intimate moments they were together and his whisper into her ears that he will marry her. Yet, the sad truth was they were separated by an ocean and she didn’t know when they will meet again.

Chinese has this saying 好事多磨 “hao3 shi4 duo1 mo2” which means “good things bound to face many obstacles.” Sadly, this story ended no different than the others.

As the girl counted the days when he was supposed to come back to her, he changed his mind and never returned as he had promised.

This story sounds so much like what Chinese say about “LOVE:”

人在人情在 “ren2 zai4 ren2 qing2 zai4”

which implies that love dies when two are separated as if the have reached the end of  “yuan2” between them.

I don’t know if it is me or not, I think “LOVE” is over-rated.

By the way, the lyric of this song is listed here. Do not use Google Translate to find out the meaning of the lyric because it simply can’t.

Here is an example:

好事多磨 was translated into “Runs almost every morning” by Google translate. LOL.
























It’s so predictable April 22, 2011

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As gas prices top $5 in some cities in the US, you will see Obama, Senators and Representatives from both parties attack big oil companies such as ExxonMobil because they are easy targets. And I am sorry to say that most Americans are stupid when it comes to crude oil production and how it reaches our favorite corner gas station in the form of gasoline or diesel.

I once heard a caller to Kudlow’s weekend radio talk show and offered this brilliant remedy to solve high gas prices once and for all.

He said that we can all stop buying gas from ExxonMobil and Shell for two weeks which will then force them to lower the gas prices.

What? How stupid can that be? From an American on a business talk show?

He has no idea that ExxonMobil has absolutely no say on gas, for that matter, crude oil, prices.

People like this caller have no idea where does gas come from and have no idea how capitalism works. They have no idea how big a struggle ExxonMobil has to go through to keep their reserve replaced year after year. They have no idea how much oil The US has and they have no idea that most oil in the world is owned by America’s enemies.

It is precisely people like this caller that the politicians are trying to get their votes from.

The politicians have no shame. Some American voters are too stupid and so un-educated to have any common sense at all.

Comments on my blogs April 11, 2011

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After XB helped me set up my political/economics blog site:



I have been getting many positive comments. Most of them have been short and sweet which were quite encouraging.

I guess that I have to continue to spend time on these blogs because people actually read them.

Even mine.

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