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群芳,Festiva,Galaxy, Macau January 29, 2016

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Whenever we visit a casino, we will find out how good its buffet is. Galaxy Macau is a beautiful casino in Macau and we believe its buffet is also a beautiful one.

Galaxy’s buffet restaurant is called Festiva (群芳.) It is huge, it is beautiful and it is filled with delicious food and inviting desserts.


Very high ceiling. Bright and vibrant interior.


Front door.

20151028_180506 20151028_180744

There is so much to eat and so many to choose from, it is hard to decide what we want to try.


Goose liver station.


Goose liver pan fried.




Salad station。


Somewhat dry.


Salmon and sauteed lamb shank. I take a pass on these.


I am going to guess that they don’t get too many Japanese tourists. Sushi is ordinary at best.


I skipped this.


Endless supply of snow crab legs.

20151028_180744 20151028_181057 20151028_181145 20151028_181223 20151028_181233 20151028_181241 20151028_181308 20151028_181623 20151028_181635 20151028_182438



Can I have a small piece of that 紅燒肉?


Good quality salad and tasty cheeses。


I take one of each, please.


I am too full to try all of them. What shall I do?

20151028_180719 20151028_182958 20151028_183021 20151028_184830 20151028_185625 20151028_185637I skip bread, cold cuts, Sushi, salmon, lamb shank, sauteed vegetables, deep fried stuff, Malay, and roast beef. I go for some Indian, goose liver, 佛跳牆,紅燒肉,roasted duck,some seafood and a lot of desserts.


Some Indian is okay. Rice was dry though.


This is very good and very rich. Tender and warm goose liver goes very well with chilled, sweet and sour pear.


My wife did that for me. I am not good at eating blue crab or snow crab.


Rich chicken broth with chicken breast meat, a small piece of abalone (鮑魚), bamboo fungus (竹笙)and Chinese mushroom。


I ask for a very small piece of roasted beef and some trimmings too。


Fresh and chilled just to the right temperature.

20151028_181039 20151028_184830 20151028_185906



Japan is going negative, except January 29, 2016

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Negative population growth.

Negative GDP growth.

Negative wage growth.

Negative foreign currency reserves growth rate.

Negative loan growth rate.

Negative foreign direct investment growth rate.

Negative current account growth rate.

The 10-year Bond rate is declining and may go into negative soon.

The list goes on.

And today, we have another negative added to the growing list:

Negative interest rate on some deposits.

It appears that the massive Quantitative and Qualitative Easing (QQE) implemented initially by BoJ’s Haruhiko Kuroda on April 4, 2013 and followed by a series of others are not working to pop the inflation rate to 2% target.


Something in Japan is positive though: BoJ’s balance sheet and Japan’s national debt.


Japanese central bank balance sheet. Source: http://www.tradingeconomics.com/


Japanese national debt as a percentage of GDP. Source: http://www.tradingeconomics.com/


Source: Bloomberg

But, the picture isn’t very pretty.

Japan is moving on a slippery slope heading into the land of no return.



Shilla, Tysons Corner I January 29, 2016

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We often go to Shilla in Annandale or Centerville after we enjoy a meal of Korean tofu, bulgogi and seafood pancake. Shilla is a Korean bakery chain store serving illy coffee, bubble teas, shaved ice, cold sandwiches and fancy and wonderful Asian bakeries.

Tysons Corner I Shopping Center has a side wing on the second level right above the 1st floor food court. It used to have a hamberger joint/sports bar but it closed its door about 2 years ago because of competition and less than ideal location. The empty space sat behind a section of 15 feet tall construction panels for at least a year and few people walked down to the corridor to see what’s going on there.

One day after New Years holiday, my wife told me that Shilla came to Tysons Corner and it was busy with happy customers when she stopped by to pick up some soft and fluffy red bean bread, 3-colored pound cake, sponge cake, coconut buns, mongbean bread and raisin bread.









Now that we have been there twice in two weeks, we like it as much as we like the other Shillas. May be a little more because it is only 3.5 miles away.

America the country of Open Air Urinal January 29, 2016

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WOW! This is America at its best on display.


Source: Fox News


Source: Associated Press

Now, San Francisco public park goers can find one to relieve themselves instead of aiming at three-story-tall light posts like male dogs do.

According to city workers, one three-story-tall light post toppled because the base of the post was corroded by a mixture of human and dog urine and the post was weighed down by a large and likely very heavy banner.

I suggest NYC and DC send officials to SF to inspect the revolutionary invention and adopt it in their respective city.

A city paid TV commercial may be needed to make people aware of this new public service addition. A Facebook post might be added for maximum exposure. Tourists need to know its existence too. Dogs can find it on their own.

Other cities in the U.S. may consider it too.

Hmmm…, where does the urine go?

Is there a correlation here? January 28, 2016

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I talked about lousy test results of American‘s eighth graders in a previous post:


Here is the chart from that post:

Allow me to give you another chart and you can tell me whether there is a correlation between the two.

As you can see, the U.S. real median income peaked at around 2000 right about the time of Y2K  and internet bubble.

Of course the correlation isn’t so straight forward and many other factors were at play.

But if a U.S. high school student can’t comprehend 8th grade English and if a U. S. high school student don’t have the basic math skills, it is reasonable to assume that his or her earning potential won’t be very promising.

Bento Box, Reston, Virginia January 27, 2016

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Bento Box is a cheap Japanese restaurant serving popular Japanese dishes such as teriyaki, sushi, sashimi, ramen, salad and appetizers. Selections are limited: 5 teriyakis, 2 ramens and no more than 10 varieties of sushi and sashimi. Appetizers include gyoza, edamame, tempura and takoyaki.






Service is McDonald’s style with orders taken at the counter and served in disposable containers, plastic utensils and chopsticks. It opens at 10 in the morning, earlier than most fast food joints.

Chicken teriyaki delux (with spring roll and California rolls)was okay. Rice was a bit dry and it needed more teriyaki sauce. The non-spicy ramen was only so-so and the broth wasn’t impressive either. I won’t order it again because it wasn’t worth the $11 price tag.



The restaurant is located at the Home Depot Shopping Center. This location has changed hands many times. Hope Bento Box can survive at this location.

We got in before 11 am on a Wednesday morning and we didn’t see any other customer except a cop ordering his teriyaki takeout.


Yes, Ma Ying-jeou, makes U.S. disappoint January 27, 2016

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According to AIT, America is ‘’disappointed‘’ because President Ma Ying-jeou plans to travel to Taiping Island in South China Sea.

Ma Ying-jeou should make his trip to Taiping Island (太平島)a very big deal and bring as many officials with him as he can. Make sure that he brings all members of the presidential press corp with him as well. Give them a tour, treat them with a good meal and let them see the military base too. Make a statement about the history of the island and tell the U.S. to take its nation building business to somewhere else: like the Middle East.

America has been, and still is, messing around into other people’s business all over the world, politically, economically, and, worse, militarily, and many countries are suffering from the hegemony.

Someone has to stand up against the encroachment.

It is Ma Ying-jeor’s turn this time.

More than 2/3 January 27, 2016

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That’s the fraction of American students who failed to reach proficiency level on eighth-grade reading exams in 21 cities in 2015.


As far as math is concern, the situation is even worse because, according to the report,(below)
‘’In some affluent Washington (State) municipalities more than 90 percent of high schoolers opted out of the math tests.‘’

The key word here is ‘’affluent.’’ These students aren’t socially deprived. They have iPhones. They have Xbox360s. They enjoy their favorite sports. They have instant messages. In short, they have more important things to do in their lives except taking the math test.

It goes to show you how America is rotten from inside the core. This younger generation, generation whatever, will be a burden of the society. They will not contribute to the growth of the U.S.

They will, one by one, become dead weight to the country and drag the U.S. down.

It is inevitable.

Source: https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/education/report/2016/01/26/129547/a-look-at-the-education-crisis/

Galaxy Casino, Macau January 25, 2016

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It must have been more than 10 years ago when we visited Macau for the first time. We stayed at Venetian and had a good time then. However, I didn’t like Macau back then because there weren’t too many casinos and Macau was no Las Vegas in terms of types of table games and the vibe. In addition, those casinos were further apart; not like Las Vegas Strip where so many casinos are within walking distance.

We all knew that, in the 21st century, Macau has gone through a complete transformation with many world class casinos; Sands, Galaxy, Wynn, Grand Lisboa, MGM Macau, etc., calling Macau home and the gambling revenue at Macau was several times that of Las Vegas.

This time, we stayed at Galaxy because it was big, had more slot machines, had nice restaurants and looked so much more beautiful than all other casinos.


There is a special area off the main entrance just for the big spenders.


There are three buikdings just like this. Very majestic. Very beautiful.


There is no price tag for these golden statues.


I am not sure that we have visited all areas of this beautiful casino.


The buildings change colors in the night.




Beautiful interior like this are everywhere。


Off the main entrance is this area where one can take shuttle buses to other casinos and other areas of Macau。The wait time is no more than 20 minutes。


This is the entrance of one of the buildings。Not sure where the main entrance is。


Look at that majestic chandeliers。

20151029_191942 20151029_192536 20151029_195717 20151029_195725 20151029_195806 20151029_201000 20151029_201017 20151029_201111 20151029_225237 20151029_225610 20151030_091855 20151030_091905 20151030_092335 20151030_092400 20151030_092418

Once we checked in and settled down, we walked around the huge complex, admired the beautiful interior of this modern casino and checked out different restaurants spreading out at various locations inside the casino.

20151030_115927 20151030_120537 20151030_120652 20151030_121257

再臨閣 The Salisbury January 25, 2016

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我們去九龍看朋友,只能留一個晚上。朋友熱情,帶我們去尖沙咀吃西式的海鮮自助餐。餐廳的名字是再臨閣 (The Salisbury),在尖沙咀香港基督教青年會4樓。



20151027_185734 20151027_185740 20151027_185747 20151027_185754 20151027_185804 20151027_185807 20151027_190606 20151027_191838 20151027_191845 20151027_193602 20151027_193606 20151027_195044



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