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群芳,Festiva,Galaxy, Macau January 29, 2016

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Whenever we visit a casino, we will find out how good its buffet is. Galaxy Macau is a beautiful casino in Macau and we believe its buffet is also a beautiful one.

Galaxy’s buffet restaurant is called Festiva (群芳.) It is huge, it is beautiful and it is filled with delicious food and inviting desserts.


Very high ceiling. Bright and vibrant interior.


Front door.

20151028_180506 20151028_180744

There is so much to eat and so many to choose from, it is hard to decide what we want to try.


Goose liver station.


Goose liver pan fried.




Salad station。


Somewhat dry.


Salmon and sauteed lamb shank. I take a pass on these.


I am going to guess that they don’t get too many Japanese tourists. Sushi is ordinary at best.


I skipped this.


Endless supply of snow crab legs.

20151028_180744 20151028_181057 20151028_181145 20151028_181223 20151028_181233 20151028_181241 20151028_181308 20151028_181623 20151028_181635 20151028_182438



Can I have a small piece of that 紅燒肉?


Good quality salad and tasty cheeses。


I take one of each, please.


I am too full to try all of them. What shall I do?

20151028_180719 20151028_182958 20151028_183021 20151028_184830 20151028_185625 20151028_185637I skip bread, cold cuts, Sushi, salmon, lamb shank, sauteed vegetables, deep fried stuff, Malay, and roast beef. I go for some Indian, goose liver, 佛跳牆,紅燒肉,roasted duck,some seafood and a lot of desserts.


Some Indian is okay. Rice was dry though.


This is very good and very rich. Tender and warm goose liver goes very well with chilled, sweet and sour pear.


My wife did that for me. I am not good at eating blue crab or snow crab.


Rich chicken broth with chicken breast meat, a small piece of abalone (鮑魚), bamboo fungus (竹笙)and Chinese mushroom。


I ask for a very small piece of roasted beef and some trimmings too。


Fresh and chilled just to the right temperature.

20151028_181039 20151028_184830 20151028_185906



Middle Eastern Food Festival, Northern Virginia August 31, 2013

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I didn’t realize that this is the 20th year this church had this food Festival. I also didn’t know that there is a big church on Leiwensville Road even though I have driven by this place hundreds of times.

The festival is held every year over the labor day weekend.


I came here for the food even though I can’t eat a lot.

There were hundreds of people when we got there around 2 pm. There were about 100 people in the big hall already when we got there and there was a line to order food.




We had #3 platter which was M’nezzeleh: roasted egg plant with ground lamb and beef. The sides were rice, salad called fattoush and 2 small pieces of pita bread.


The roast egg plant was great: well cooked and very flavorful. I didn’t think I tasted any lamb thougg and there was little meat to begin with. The rice was a little under cooked though.

Fattoush was fresh and well seasoned. We also got some sweets and we like it too because they weren’t soaked in syrup.

We also had some roasted lamb which took 6 hours to prepare. The lamb meat was tender, juicy and slightly seasoned and best of all was it didn’t have that lamb taste. I like it.





We had a lot of fun.

BTW, 10% if all the proceeds will be donated to people in the Middle East who have been suffering from the war.

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