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More than 2/3 January 27, 2016

Posted by hslu in Economics, Social Issues.

That’s the fraction of American students who failed to reach proficiency level on eighth-grade reading exams in 21 cities in 2015.


As far as math is concern, the situation is even worse because, according to the report,(below)
‘’In some affluent Washington (State) municipalities more than 90 percent of high schoolers opted out of the math tests.‘’

The key word here is ‘’affluent.’’ These students aren’t socially deprived. They have iPhones. They have Xbox360s. They enjoy their favorite sports. They have instant messages. In short, they have more important things to do in their lives except taking the math test.

It goes to show you how America is rotten from inside the core. This younger generation, generation whatever, will be a burden of the society. They will not contribute to the growth of the U.S.

They will, one by one, become dead weight to the country and drag the U.S. down.

It is inevitable.

Source: https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/education/report/2016/01/26/129547/a-look-at-the-education-crisis/



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