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America the country of Open Air Urinal January 29, 2016

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WOW! This is America at its best on display.


Source: Fox News


Source: Associated Press

Now, San Francisco public park goers can find one to relieve themselves instead of aiming at three-story-tall light posts like male dogs do.

According to city workers, one three-story-tall light post toppled because the base of the post was corroded by a mixture of human and dog urine and the post was weighed down by a large and likely very heavy banner.

I suggest NYC and DC send officials to SF to inspect the revolutionary invention and adopt it in their respective city.

A city paid TV commercial may be needed to make people aware of this new public service addition. A Facebook post might be added for maximum exposure. Tourists need to know its existence too. Dogs can find it on their own.

Other cities in the U.S. may consider it too.

Hmmm…, where does the urine go?

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