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普亭doing what he wants March 30, 2014

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Putin called Obama because he wants to achieve his annexing parts of Ukraine through diplomatic means instead of force.

With a phone call to Obama, the topic of making Ukraine part of Russia, or requiring Ukraine going through the so-called “deep constitutional reform,” becomes official. Anything Lavrov can get from Kerry is icing on the cake for Putin.

What a smart move by Putin! Obama is always playing catch-up. We call Obama ‘慢半拍.’

这下马英九难搞了 March 30, 2014

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What will 马英九 do to satisfy the demands of these protestors?What can he do?

The actual number of protestors is not important. The official estimate by the government was 110,000. The organizer’s estimate is 500,000. The troubling part for 马英九 is that these protestors are united. They won’t back down until their objectives are met.

马英九‘s failure is 国民党’s failure。马英九‘s 9% approval rating signals his personal failure. He is in deep doodoo and his bumbler image has put 国民党 in deep doodoo too。



heisangjun II - 3-30-2013

Arial view of student protest in front of the presidential Palace in Taipei on 3-30-2013。

Arial views of student protest in front of the presidential Palace in Taipei on 3-30-2013。

习近平把“南京大屠杀”搬到世界的台面上了 March 30, 2014

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China’s Xi says Japan’s wartime atrocities ‘fresh in our memory’


At a think-tank forum Friday in Berlin, Xi criticized Japan’s wartime atrocities, saying the Japanese military killed more than 300,000 people in Nanjing in 1937 when it occupied the Chinese city.

Xi also said that more than 35 million Chinese people were killed or injured as Japan waged a war of aggression stemming from its militarism


习近平指的是日本的滔天大罪 “南京大屠杀。”  习近平用他访问德国的机会公开的告诉全世界日本在二次大战的丑恶的罪行让日本没有地方躲。他间接地指责日本的安倍不应该参拜二次大战的A级罪犯:日本侵犯世界的罪魁祸首。德国的领袖已经公开地为德国在二次大战杀害犹太人的罪行道歉而日本的首相却继续去朝拜杀人凶手。

The selection of the venue by Xi Jinping to expose Japan’s war crime in front of foreign press members in a foreign country was an excellent move. It exposes Japan’s lack of attrition for its aggression against other countries during WWII, including China, Korea and the United States, among others. It also bought the issue to the world’s attention so that Japan can no longer deny that it didn’t happen. The public condemnation may slow down Japan’s push to revise its constitution and re-arm its military.

Take a look of the parallels:


German    Holocaust

Japan        Nanjing Massacre


Germany’s public apology for crime against Jews

Japan’s continuing denial of Nanjing Massacre in the hands of Japanese soldiers


Merkel visited Nazi concentration camp Dachau to lay a wreath

Abe visited Yasukuni to pay respect to convicted Japanese war criminals

Saying he wanted to pray for the souls of the war dead, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made a controversial visit to the Yasukuni war shrine in Tokyo on December 26, 2013.

I salute Xi Jinping’s boldness.


Obama out-smarted by Putin March 30, 2014

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After annexing Crimea became a fact, Putin offered Obama a diplomatic way out with a phone call to the White House and Obama took it to save his face. It was not a “frank and direct” phone call. It was a smart move on the part of Putin.

Why did Putin call Obama in the first place? Did Putin offer to return Crimea? Of course not.

Putin called Obama to:

  • Formalize Crimea as part of Russia.
  • Stop more sanctions being considered by the west.
  • Show the world that Putin is a reasonable person after all.
  • Let the world know that Russia is still friends with the United States.
  • Offer Obama a chance to save his face after being defeated by Putin again.
  • Voice Putin’s concern that more Russians in Ukraine want to return back to Russia.
  • Legitimize Russian’s massive military presence around the border of Crimea and Ukraine.
  • Make sure that Russian’s vast interests on oil and gas pipelines in Ukraine are well protected.

The bottom line: Obama is being put in a no-win situation by Putin’s phone call.




鍍星- 台湾的悲哀 March 30, 2014

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2011          350 人

2012      1,000 人

2013      4,000 人

What is this,you might ask?

Well, these were the number of Taiwanese people, mostly students freshly graduated from colleges, who went to Singapore looking for a better life.

Why Singapore, isn’t Taiwan a wealthy country, you continued?

Well, these students get paid more in Singapore than they would earn in Taiwan.

What do they do in Singapore; engineers, financial analysts. accountants or managers?

No; most of them work as waiters, waitresses, hostesses or store clerks at hotels, restaurants or boutique stores at  shopping malls and airport.

This is called 鍍星 or gold-plated in Singapore. Not a very pretty picture, isn’t it?

World Journal called it “穷茫世代” and asked “台湾,下一个菲律宾?

To be able to work in Singapore, these students received the lowest level working visa from the government. While there, as many as 20 of them share a four-bedroom house; get paid for $48,000 Taiwanese dollar a year (vs. $22,000 if they stay in Taiwan,) have no possibility to advance in their work, can’t get married in Singapore and can’t get pregnant while in the country. If they get pregnant, they either have to get an abortion without their employer’s knowledge or they will get deported by the government.

Is this the same place that I once lived for 20+ years many decades ago? Where is the hope for the young people?



Putin’s ambition March 29, 2014

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Russia’s oil and gas industry accounts for about 10% of its $2 trillion GDP but Russia generates more than 50% of its federal revenue from export of oil and gas to Europe and other foreign countries.

Putin took over Crimea was a done deal once Obama and Kerry removed military action as an option to begin with. All the sanction in the world will not change this fact.

The next target for Putin is Ukraine. But why Ukraine? Why not the small Baltic countries? It is because Ukraine has the control of Russia’s ‘小辫子.’ One look of the following two maps will keep Putin up in the night and he has to do something to protect Russian’s vital interests.



Will Putin invade Eastern Ukraine now that Crimea has come back to mother Russia w/o a token resistance from the US and the rest of the world?

Only Putin knows when. What will you do if you are in Putin’s position?

马英九你还在等什么? March 29, 2014

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马英九上台时非常风光可是没多久风波就来个不停:特别费风波,公款私用风波,靠拢深绿风波,要做全民总统风波,蓝绿共主风波,李登辉逼宫风波,八八水灾风波, 不会讲话风波,党内离心离德风波, 两岸关系国内化风波, 马英九无能风波,马英九是bumbler风波,塑化剂风波,美牛风波,亲信贪污风波, 美化馬英九政績风波, 恐龍法官风波, 洪仲丘风波, 电价油价涨价风波,朝令夕改风波,ECFA风波,丐帮风波,谏马风波, 馬英九民調再低也不會比13%再差到哪去风波,民调百分之九风波, 监察机构风波, 危機失控摧毀整個核電廠风波,核四停机风波, 识正书简风波, 大学生毕业22K风波, 经濟不振风波、景氣低迷风波, 贫富不均风波,十八趴风波,丟鞋子风波,綠卡风波,太太眼神像刀风波, 特侦组监听立法院风波,王金平関说风波,打王金平变成打自己风波,黑箱作业风波,服贸风波,大陆有没有施压风波以及学生占据行政院被警察镇压风波。而这些风波全都找到马英九的頭上。他想躲都躲不开。





王金平是立法院院长可是他袖手旁观几次拒绝帮忙灭火留在家里看电视站在边上看好戏。反正他和马英九不和是众所周知的事而马英九对他也没有一点办法。民进党非常高兴在边上批评填油加醋扇风点火加柴加汽油一副唯恐天下不乱的嘴脸。政府和学生的谈判伎俩也在媒体上被一点一滴的拿来分析。只三个问题的马英九记者会也变成他的媒体秀。马英九 bumbler 的个性又完整赤裸的在全世界展现出来了。



Wow, this is insane March 24, 2014

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An Egyptian court in the city of Minya, south of Cairo, sentences 529 Morsi supporters to death, reads one Fox News headline on March 24, 2014. The charge was murdering a policeman and attacking police. These men were convicted after only two sessions of trial even though their lawyers weren’t given more time to examine the trial material. Many of these men were tired in absentia.

Another mass trial will begin against 683 suspects facing similar charges. The fates of these people are unknown now.

Morsi was a democratically elected president in Egypt. He was ousted by a military coup. Many of his supporters were killed by the government and another 16,000 were arrested. They may face similar harsh punishment too.

These people may have to pay the price for democracy with their lives. But is democracy worth fighting for?

America has for decades promoted democracy as the one and referred way to govern. But is it?

Look at Taiwan. Democracy has bought the country to its knees. Thousands of students have stormed the office of the legislators for 10+ days demanding the withdraw of a pending legislature agreed upon by the current government and Chinese government.

Look at Thailand. Protest after protest have bought the democratically elected government to a standstill.

Look at Egypt. Democracy has no chance succeeding there because Islam is the dominant force in the society. Morsi’s democratically elected government was bought down by force. Morsi’s supporters have been killed and thousands have put in jail. A military government is in place and the future of democracy in Egypt is seriously in doubt.

Look at Iraq. Tribal killings continued even though a democratic government was put in place with American’s backing. Thousands have died and thousands more will die later. Peace has stayed away from the country after America invaded the country under Saddam.

Look at Italy. A new government was formed once every year or two. What benefit has democracy bought to Italian people?

Greece is in an even worse situation. Democracy was used by politicians to hijack ordinary people’s money and gave it away to secure votes for their next election. In the end, the country suffered in the hands of politicians who were elected under a democratic system.

And, last but not the least, look at the United States. Obama, under the disguise of democracy and with helps from Reid and Pelosi, is doing all he can to advance his followers’s benefits at the expense of the others. Wealth re-distribution has been expanding to reinforce the welfare system. Obama is looking after his party’s benefit but not the nation’s. To him, democracy is just a tool; a very effective tool, to advance his agenda even though poll after poll showed that majority of the American people don’t agree with him. This is not democracy. It is democracy under siege. And where was the opposing party in the midst of all this? Well the Republican Party was reduced to a token opposition at best under the rules laid down by the democratic system. Democracy, it appears, only exists in name only because it has broken down completely. Democracy has turned into a fight of ideology and the nation’s interests become the secondary concern to these career politicians. Urgent matter got kicked down the road and the American people, with “one person one vote” every four years, have been powerless to stop the train wreck in process. Yet, the process of democracy continues even though only a minority of voters participated in the democratic process.

Russia and US DoD budgets March 22, 2014

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With Crimea formally becomes part of Russia, U.S. DoD planners are busy at re-writing the recently released defense department budget because Cold War with Russia has just started again.

Yes, change the budget to $700, $800 or even $900 billion a year while China is still buying the sinking US dollar. Just don’t give people 99 weeks of unemployment benefits plus free food stamps and subsidized Obamacare.

Crimea and Québec March 22, 2014

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The US has declared that they will not recognize Crimea’s referendum Sunday to join Russia. The US claimed at a UN vote that the move is illegal.

Hmmm…., I thought the United States is the last defender on earth of Democracy but apparently it comes with a qualifier: it is not democracy if it doesn’t match with American’s interests.

What if 51% of peoole in Québec want to form its own country, will America recognize the new country?

In fact, 89% of Vienetians wanted to form  ‘Repubblica Veneta’ and Spain’s influential Catalonia region wants to go independent too.

In some countries, if people don’t like the elected government, they don’t go to the polls; they just use force to kick the government out.

What will America say about people’s will in Venice, Catalonia and Egypt?


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