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Middle Eastern Food Festival, Northern Virginia August 31, 2013

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I didn’t realize that this is the 20th year this church had this food Festival. I also didn’t know that there is a big church on Leiwensville Road even though I have driven by this place hundreds of times.

The festival is held every year over the labor day weekend.


I came here for the food even though I can’t eat a lot.

There were hundreds of people when we got there around 2 pm. There were about 100 people in the big hall already when we got there and there was a line to order food.




We had #3 platter which was M’nezzeleh: roasted egg plant with ground lamb and beef. The sides were rice, salad called fattoush and 2 small pieces of pita bread.


The roast egg plant was great: well cooked and very flavorful. I didn’t think I tasted any lamb thougg and there was little meat to begin with. The rice was a little under cooked though.

Fattoush was fresh and well seasoned. We also got some sweets and we like it too because they weren’t soaked in syrup.

We also had some roasted lamb which took 6 hours to prepare. The lamb meat was tender, juicy and slightly seasoned and best of all was it didn’t have that lamb taste. I like it.





We had a lot of fun.

BTW, 10% if all the proceeds will be donated to people in the Middle East who have been suffering from the war.

Obama is looking for a 台阶 on Syria August 31, 2013

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Obama has found a 台阶: US Congress.

He didn’t look for approval from Congress on Libya.

He said that he is going to ask for approval from Congress because his neck is the only one up there.

When Congress votes against military action, Obama will hide behind the resolution and stay behind the red line he drew for himself.

I knew what Obama is doing. American people know what Obama is doing. Putin knows what Obama is doing and he is making fun of Obama at Kremlin now.

Question to Obama: Chemical weapon is WMD, according to you. Are hundreds of tanks or hundreds of cruise missiles MWD too?

All are capable of killing hundreds of thousands of people at the same time and many of them are no doubt innocent civilians.



Syria threatens US national security, really? August 31, 2013

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Obama said that the use of chemical weapons by Syria threatens U.S. national security and it is “a challenge to the world,” which merits a response by the United States.

Hmmm…, how so?

Why does the United States have to unilaterally bomb Syria now that Britain decided to abandon Obama?

How did Obama make the connection?

Is Syria about to attack the U.S. with chemical warheads?

Not likely in decades.

Is Syria about to attack Israel with chemical warheads?

Assad knows better provided that US is not going to bomb Syria. If Obama gives the order to bomb, all bets are off.

Obama first drew a red line in the sand and told Assad not to cross it. Assad have actually used chemical weapons a few times and Obama did nothing. This time around, the death toll was too high to ignore, and Obama had no place to hide.  Recently Kerry reinforced the line either by design or by accident and Obama is now bound by his pledge to attack Syria.

Then came the defeat in Britain. France will think twice and all the sudden Obama’s neck is the only one up there.

“We haven’t made the decision yet,” says Obama. “It will be limited in scope.” He continued.  “Regime change is not the goal here.” Obama promised.

Obama and the United States think about what kind of combat maneuver like potential targets a few days or weeks down the line. The Muslim fundamentalists have their eyes on the US years down the road. They have patience. They plan.

War is never that straight forward: Obama order a limited cruise missiles attack. Everyone hit the targets as planned. Some Syrian  soldiers and some civilians including many children die. WH spokeswoman will apologies and a few days later the war is over. To Obama, anyway.

Obama did what he was supposed to do. He acted like a word leader.  Obama “有面子” and American national security is protected. Problems solved. Everyone is happy.

That will be the end of the entire episode. Done! Mission accomplished! Obama will say a few words on national TV and show off his accomplishments.

In the mean time in Middle East, Assad is still alive, his killing machines are damaged but Russia will sell them some more. Assad will continue to kill more people on the other side. It’s a civil war, just like the American Civil War we saw on TV and in movie theater. Back then, people from the North disagree with people from the South. Sometimes people on one side kill people on the other side. And that was what happened in the United States back then.

Syria’s civil war is no different.

Now it’s Muslim fundamentalists’ turn. More Muslims will likely join their ranks and more Muslims will hate America that much more.

That is not the end of it.

The biggest trouble for Obama and the United States is that the US have no idea what the Muslim Fundamentalists plan to do.

中国的兵法说 打仗要”先发制人.” Since all Obama plan to do is to teach Assad a lesson, America will have more Muslim fundamentalists on its tail for decades if not centuries to come.

More tax money will be needed to keep NSA and Department of Homeland Security around. Government will get bigger and national debt will get bigger. Our tax dollars will be spent on more weapons. America will be less safe and Americans’ living standard will drop.

There will be no peace as long as America acts like the lone bully in the world.


We are friends. Just don’t drag me to war August 31, 2013

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George Osborne, the U.K. finance minister, told BBC Friday: “The relationship with the United States is a very old one, very deep and operates on many layers.”

But, Obama, please don’t drag us into your war with Syria.

Go ahead, Obama, you can do it by yourself. Assad is no match to your carriers, destroyers and cruise missiles.

We’ll watch it on our TV.

Of course, good politicians don’t say what they really want to say. They lie all the time.

George Osborne is a fine politician.

Obama hides behind the red line August 29, 2013

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Obama drew a red line in the sand for Assad and warned that it’s a line he shall not cross.

“You shall not use chemical weapons, period.” so said the world leader Obama.

Well,we now know that chemical weapons were used in Syria and US has pictures, patients, bodies and phone conversations, provided by NSA in Maryland of course,  to proof that Syria had used it on its own people.

It’s apparent that the red line has been crossed and our world leader is prepared to deliver his promise; he was eager to bomb Syria as if the US didn’t have enough enemies in Middle East already.

Assets were put in place. Destroyers got their 200 or so cruises missiles ready. Air carriers were sent there on the double.

Targets have been chosen and America is willing to take collateral damages. This is war, come on. Innocent people die in the war, period. Besides they aren’t Americans. The all mighty United States can’t help it. We have already done our best. What more are you asking for, anyway?

Everyone in the military was ready to take down Assad’s regime and all the brass in Pentagon was waiting for was the order from the community organizer from Chicago.

“War is imminent,” we we told in uncertain terms by the WH spokeswoman.

“It could come as early as Thursday.” Rumors flied as if bombing was just around the corner.

Wall Street was on the edge. Dow Jones dropped a couple hundred points. Crude oil traders were on the move. Gold made a four month high. The unknown gripped the financial and currency markets. The entire world was sitting on a bed of needles.

Then a day or two passed. A lot of smoke from the WH but there was no action.

In the mean time, Russia warned US not to do it. Assad vowed to defend his nation. Iran wanted to start a regional war. Israel was nervous. China advised caution.

All the sudden, the red line changed into a black line and Obama is desperately looking for a way out; we called this “Obama 在找一个台阶下。”

Well, 台阶 may not be there for Obama to step down in the minds of millions of Muslims in the world.

To them Obama had just turned into a chicken and they now dare Obama to start bombing.


UPS now. More to come. August 29, 2013

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UPS announced on 8-23-2013 that it will drop health insurance for spouses of 15,000 employees.

Who to blame? Obama,  Pelosi, Reid, all Democrats in the Congress and Obamacare.


Source: UPS website.

Wow! UPS, among all companies big and small in the U.S. UPS is a company with strong unions and I suppose that many of UOS’ s union members voted for Obama in 2008 and again in 2012.

Look what did these union guys get in return?

They got Obama first and then dropped health insurance for their spouses because of Obamacare.

I said a while back that many people were digging a hole to bury themselves later if they gave their votes to Obama, the most liberal president in modern history.  Sure enough they are eating their own s#*& now.

Well, we have a perfect saying for these union people:

天做孽尤可违, 自做孽不可活。


Obamacare is one of the worst laws ever passed by the Democrats. It was a complete breakdown of the democratic process.

It was totally tyrannical because:
The way Obamacare was passed in Congress: openly selling votes and openly accepting bribery by Democrats in Congress.

The way Obamacare was forced upon American citizens by lying about the true costs of Obamacare: balancing 7 year’s costs by 10 year’s revenue. This was classified as budget neutral for the next decade and Obama and company lied through their teeth all the time.

The quote of the century by Nancy Pelosi on Obamacare: “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it.” This was abusing democracy of the epic proportion. And Pelosi was reelected again. This kind of strange thing only happens in the US.

Grant waivers to companies on part of the Obamacare.

Pick and choose parts of Obamacare law to enforce by fiat.

Obama and company lied repeatly to American people that their insurance premium will decrease under Obamacare.

$650 billion of Medicare money was diverted away to pay for Obamacare but the seniors were too old or too lazy to recognize that.

Finally, Obamacare was upheld by the chief Justice who was put in that position by a Republic president.

This was also” 天做孽尤可违, 自做孽不可活。”

报应啊! 报应啊!

Bomb Syria? Obama better think twice August 29, 2013

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Who gave Obama or America the right to unilaterally bomb Syria anyway?

Did American people authorized Obama to do so?


Did US Congress give Obama the blessing to bomb the middle east country?


Did UN authorize Obama to start bombing soon?


What if Assad decides to bomb Israel with a few missiles with chemical warhead after American’s attack?

What if Putin decides to get involved so that the price of Brent stays at elevated levels?

What if Iran decides to help Syria with air defense?

What if Assad decides to “豁出去了” and bomb Suez Canal or Saudi Arabia’s oil installations?

What if al Qaede takes the opportunity to attack American facilities in Middle East?

What if Obama’s war against Syria starts an all out war in Middle East?

What if Assad gets killed in action and al Qaeda takes over as Syria’s new leader?

Obama, do you have answers to these questions?

I guess not.

One last question: how much money are you going to borrow from China to pay for your war against Assad?


Isn’t this cute? August 27, 2013

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Saw this on a PT Cruiser.


Higher Education Taiwanese Style August 27, 2013

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Look and decide yourself. It is happening at Taiwan“s colleges these days.


I got this news on my cell phone off the udn.com 联合报 website.

While the teacher is teaching, some students were napping while others played with their cell phones. One student even ate instant noodle in the class.


The teacher said that she had suffered this from her students for 10 years. To keep her job, she had no other choice but to continue teaching like this.

No wonder Taiwan is not making progress in competitiveness against other Asian tigers.


My fish pond August 27, 2013

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It took me almost four years to finish the construction of this fish pond. I did it from scratch and all by myself.



It was tough work because the ground was filled with hundreds if not thousands of boulders of various sizes ranging from 60 lbs to over 500 lbs. It was extremely difficult to move the large boulders and I did it by raising them a couple of inches at a time and back filled the hoke with dirt successively.  I suffered dislocated disc on my neck twice and had to go through physical therapies to get rid of the pain and numbness on my arm and shoulders. I also purchased about 30 pallets of flagstones costing around $220 each. I figured that I probably spent $25,000 on the materials along. Too much.

After the construction, it took a couple of more years to get the filter working correctly and for the fish to acclaimed to its surroundings. I also had problems with algae and water run off into the pond after heavy rain. These problems were gradually resolved and water is quite clear now. I still have to clean the filter from time to time but it doesn’t take much effort now.

I also had tree branches falling on the piping a couple of times and I had to fix it too. The capacity of the pump is too big for the skimmer but I manage to restrict water flow to alliviate the problem. I also had to replace the pump once which cost me about $420.

The biggest problem with the pond is to get all the leaves out from the bottom of the pond in November.  I ended up buying a leaf net and it is a lot easier now. Although it is still a hustle to winterize the pond and clean all the smelly junk out of the pond bottom the next spring.

We also like to feed the fish and watch them fighting over the food. However, they only grow in size ever so slowly. We had as many as 60 fish at one time but its population had come down to about 40 now.

We have had good harvest of the concorde grapes a few years back but the weather this year has been unusual: long, wet and cold spring with a mild summer. Most grapes this year had already been falling to the ground before riping. I had made some wine from grapes three years ago. I will wait until this holiday to try it. The grape vine was planted seven or eight years ago.

We really like to sit on the bench under the grape vines, relaxing by the pond, listening to water flow with a light breeze blowing across our faces. We will talk about the time when we first met and talk about our time together all these years. Time quietly passed by when we were together but no one was counting.

Such is life, I guess.


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