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What democracy can do for you? September 19, 2019

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When prosperity trumps demands for democracy


In the U.S., democracy gave Americans Trump and white supremacy after Obama took the country to the extreme left. Bush Jr. invaded Afghanistan and Iraq to look for WMD. Clinton gave Americans a blue dress to remember.

Democracy split America right in the middle and left huge debt to be paid by future generations.

In Hong Kong, democracy gave the city a black eye, riots on the street, months of civil unrest and a doomed future.

Some people in Hong Kong took their anger to the street not because they don’t have freedom of expression.which they obviously do, but because their hopes for a better life were gone.

The problem was not a political one but an economic one. These protesters should blame the 2009 financial crisis started by the U.S. which gave the world unprecedented inequality, rising equity and real estate markets.

They learned from Taiwan under 馬英九 July 6, 2019

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Hong Kong Protests Turn Violent as Demonstrators Storm Government Building


These hard line protestors are doing a disservice to Hong Kong’s future because their actions will push foreign companies and capitals away from the island city.

The roles Hong Kong played for the past many years probably have already been replaced by Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Hong Kong is way less important to China now than just a few years ago. The violent protests will accelerate the pace to the detriment of Hong Kong.

Pushbacks from the government and China are coming and the entire Hong Kong will pay in the form of a stagnant economy, low wage growth, higher unemployment and decling wealth.

淪陷了 June 30, 2019

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再說小米手機吧。小米手機漂亮,清晰,多功能,又便宜。民進黨是不是要 HTC 早點關門大吉呢?我不知道臺灣除了HTC還有沒有其他的手機工廠。如果有的話,打烊算了。早關早省錢。

Trump 關起美國大門,為的是保護美國公司。當然還有怕中國的因素在。那個現在不談。民進黨敞開大門讓對面那個集權政府的公司來臺灣開店。腦筋是不是打結了?還是兩個耳朵中間長豆腐腦了?




AI 技術已經來了。以後會有更多的產品。




Nationalistic tide in China will rise June 7, 2019

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Lenovo branded ‘unpatriotic’ by Chinese consumers in nationalistic backlash


American companies which will take the first hits are Apple, Boeing and GM. Other notable American companies such as Starbucks, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut, will suffer too. Their revenue will drop and EPS will take a hit. Stock market will take notice because recession is not very far away.

Chinese tourists to the U.S. will decrease. Chinese students studying at U.S. universities will gradually drop.

Buckle up. Things will become very ugly in a hurry.

The Unintended Consequences of Trump’s Tariffs March 7, 2019

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The Unintended Consequences of Trump’s Tariffs


Trump’s trade wars against the world haven’t done well so far according to last year’s trade deficit figures and it was the poor Americans who have been paying for the higher import prices.

Sadly, they have no one but Trump to thank for especially those who voted him into the White House.

A panel discussion on global financial risk at Davos January 23, 2019

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A Chinese financial regulator, a professor on macroeconomics, a hedge fund boss and a world-class bank CEO discussing global financial crisis with heavy emphasis on China.

An eye-opening panel discussion.

Lie after lie October 16, 2018

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If the U.S. government officials are accountable for what they said to the American people, Kudlow should resign immediately.

Source: CNBC

Democrats aren’t much better October 13, 2018

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Most Americans are screwed no matter which party is in power.

Republican’s tax cuts are extremely good for the top 1%. The other 99% won’t get much. The U.S. is saddled with a bigger deficit and a accelerating national debt it has no way of paying it off.

Democrats like to tax and spend. Higher taxes reduce Americans’ take home pay. It’s bad. Bigger government spending increases deficit and national debt. It’s insane.

Yes, I agree that without doing something on the entitlements, America is screwed. Reducing welfare benefits, seniors and poor Americans are doomed. Letting welfare benefits grow like they have been in the past, the middle class will see a bigger portion of their income goes to others who can’t support themselves. The top 1% won’t feel a thing.

Either way you look, America is doomed.

No matter which party is in charge, poor Americans will be poorer.

The middle class will continue to pay.

But, the top 1% are untouchable. They’ve been laughing to the banks. They will keep donating to the Democrats and Republicans and claim tax deductions to lower their income taxes. Life is peachy for them thanks to the Democrats and Republicans.

China and U.S. relationship October 5, 2018

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The Trump administration just ‘reset’ the U.S.-China relationship

Columnist, Washington Post’ October 4 at 7:44 PM



Pence said this in his speech: ” (T)he United States will newly confront Beijing’s worldwide economic and strategic aggression, oppose its internal repression and compel the Chinese government to change its behavior on both fronts.”

What Pence should recognize was this: Washington has spread its worldwide economic and strategic aggression, imposed internal repression and should have changed its behavior on both fronts a long time ago but hasn’t.”

Pence also “laid out a litany of ways the Chinese Communist Party spreads influence inside the United States and around the world.”

Pence forgot that: “America has imposed economic aggression, military adventurism, influence operations, authoritarian expansion and nations’ building activities around the world for decades.”

Pence also said that “We will not relent until our relationship with China is grounded in fairness, reciprocity and respect for our sovereignty,”

What Pence failed to point out was this: America has never respected other nation’s sovereignty and this should change so that other nations can begin.to respect America’s sovereignty too.

America is a threat to the world. Every nation in the world, except a few like Japan and Saudi Arabia, know that.

I like to see China’s response to America’s threats.




建議:先動動嘴皮子。馬上發表一篇文章把美國在過去 70 年在國際關係上做過的壞事一一的列舉出來。這個應該比較簡單。在此同時,暗地裏準備好對付美國的辦法。看美國出那一招,中國就找出他的致命傷,打他個措手不及。

其實最有效的方法就是把美國的經濟打出千瘡百孔,弄他個元氣大傷。美國人只要沒事做,除了伸手拿救濟金,他們就沒折了。一般美國人熬不了幾個禮拜的。這些美國人有新車,有電視,有很多張信用卡,有貸款,沒有積蓄,沒有準備金,沒有退休金,叫他們現在那四百塊錢出來他們都拿不出來。到時候,這些人呱唧呱唧的叫,Trump 就會下臺一鞠躬了。



美國窮的很 September 26, 2018

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答案:40%。是的。美國有 40% 的成人,窮到連在銀行裏竟然沒有 $400 的存款。這是一個富有的國家應該有的現象嗎?


這些 40% 的人在美國經濟情況這麽好的時候都這麽可憐,等美國經濟開始下滑的時候,他們就變成伸手黨了。美國的中產階級薪水看起來不少,一大部分都被政府借去當福利發出去了。

我還真不騙你,一般來說,美國人比外國人懶,比亞洲人笨,不會唸書,不肯上進,英文,數學,科學都不行。上班遲到,下班提前,動不動就請假不來上班。一點都沒有競爭力。Globalization 讓美國享受了幾十年的低物價的好日子。可是,隨著資金不留在美國,工廠搬到國外,好的工作機會去國外,美國已經轉變成一個以服務業為主的經濟體系了。

請問,靠端盤子過日子,那來 $400 存銀行呢?


不過,年輕的一代,那些在 1980 以後出生的孩子,也就是 Millennials 這一代,經過了2000 年的網路泡沫和 2009 的世界財政危機,好像變的比較保守,比較踏實,不喜歡奢侈的生活,不喜歡浪費的日子,不怎麽冒險,據說連離婚的都比較少了。說不定,美國還是有一點希望吧。不過年齡老化,這些下一代的人揹負的包袱實在太重。美國政府的債務和他們自己的債務,會壓得他們抬不起頭的。




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