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Osama photos May 4, 2011

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Not releasing Osama photos with a bullet in his face is a matter of taste. It does not cause any more hatred against the America than kill the guy in the first place.

But what if Osama’s video surface again which may force Obama‘s hand into releasing it anyway.

If according to the Obama administration that releasing Osama’s photo will incite more hatred to the US and put US soldiers in harm’s way, why were liberals and main street media such as CBS, ABC and NBC tripped over each other to release the Abu Ghraib photos when Bush was the president?

Shouldn’t the main street media demand Obama releasing Osama’s picture now?

It just shows how bias the main street media is when it comes to Republicans.

By the way, I better be careful when typing Osama’s name. I don’t want to confuse Osama with Obama. There is only one letter that’s different in them. Of course, one is a last name and the other one is the first name.

Is there going to be an Osama movie May 4, 2011

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Is any of the major news network, HBO or movies houses intend to make a Osama movie?

If not, any of the Muslim country‘s movie houses intend to make a movie of Osama’s life?

Obama is scared of al Qaeda May 4, 2011

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If Obama is a Jew, will he get a 40 minute Jewish burial after he is killed?

You see that Osama even in his death exerted significant influence on the Obama administration.

Any of the Americans who were killed or be-headed by al Qaeda received any burial service after their death?

Osama is the master mind behind the most horrible terrorist attack in the US. Yet, he was treated like he was a close friend of Obama.

Who suggested the service? Was Obama the one who suggested? Was Obama the one who decided the service for Osama?

Who ordered this service? Who performed the service? Were there any video to proof this was actually done so that Muslims can see how it was done? What was the rational behind this? What if Muslims all over the mid east demand a proof? What was said by whom at the service? And why it took 40 minutes? Was it too long? Was it too short? Do you call this sharia compliant?

Isn’t like offer your other cheek when your enemy Just slap you on your face?

Strange things happen everyday. The strangest ones relate to Muslims many of them do not like the US a bit.

Will the number 2 of al Qaeda get the same treatment?

A $116 billion hole for Portugal May 4, 2011

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In the midst of euphoria of Osama’s death “possibly” in the hand of  US navy seals, a story about Portugal $116 billion bailout didn’t get any attention on the main street media.

Countries like Portugal, Greece, Ireland and Italy, they owed so much money that they have no way of paying it back. And the solution to the problem: lend them more money.

Yes, they get more money from many sources with the knowledge that they may never be able to pay the original debt back , let alone the new lending they just got.

They had to borrow money from other EU countries simply because they can’t print Euro themselves.

Well, The United States isn’t doing any better but the United States has something these other countries didn’t have: America has four or five mints with printing presses operating at full speed: every day, every evening and every night.

You know that you know what will hit the fan when US dollar loses its reserve currency status.

Well, that won’t happen for a while but IMF is doing something in the background and one of these days it will happen.

In the mean time, let the good time roll and enjoy.

The hole which America is digging for itself is bigger than all the other holes combine.

The structural change in US economy and the prolonged depressing state of the housing market will make the situation even worse.

Do not believe Bernanke and his public statement because he has let the cat out of the bag and has stubbornly ignored the increasingly worsening inflation problem in the US and all over the world.He has consistently denied that inflation is happening until his first public news conference.

He was trying to set up America people for his mistakes, i.e., the extremely loose monetary policy.

The inflation cycle has just begun and it will not end easily. Bernanke has more than $2 trillion on his balance sheet and more than $2 trillion-dollar in the economy. He is waiting for a chance to sell what he has on his book but it will increase interest rate and hurt the economy that is still trying to find its footing.  When he finally starts to sell them, look for interest rate to pick up which will need more of our tax money to pay for the interests on the national debt.

In the mean time, China, India, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, EU, England, Switzerland, and Brazil have raised their key interest rates in order to fight inflation caused by the loose monetary policy of the US Fed, i.e., Bernanke.

Even Nigeria, a country which relies oil export for almost 90% of its GDP, has raised its interest rate because of economic forces beyond its border..

It is no secret that Bill Gross, the $1.2 trillion PIMCO Bond fund had dumped all his US treasury holdings because he is very negative on US dollar. He went one step further and has shorted US treasuries because he sees the US dollar will be less valuable in the near future.

When Bill Gross stops buying US treasuries in the tune of a couple of hundred of billions, investors will demand higher interest rates.

Buckle up, Americans, the road of inflation will be very bumpy. We are going downhill fast!

And the view isn’t going to be pretty at all.

Osama video May 3, 2011

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If I am the boss of YouTube, I’ll try everything possible, legally of course, to get a copy of Osama’s last 40 minutes on this earth.

Talk about the video of the century!


Obama is day-dreaming May 3, 2011

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Here is the headline from the New York Times:

Obama Calls World ‘Safer’ After Pakistan Raid


I am sorry, Obama. You are at best day dreaming or at worst stupid. You are cheating yourself.

The death of Osama will be the best recruiting tool for al Qaeda and other terrorist group like them.

It is of course more difficult to pull off something as big as 9/11, but there will be more one-man or one-woman nut jobs, domestic cultivated or foreign born, who will be willing to give their lives so that they can join Osama in his death.

Here is a Chines saying that the United States is in: 不怕一万, 只怕万一 “bu1 pa4 yi1 wan4, zhi3 pa4 wan1 yi1.”

Literally, 不怕一万, 只怕万一 means ” do not be concerned of ten thousand. It is that one in the ten thousand which you have to afraid of.”

In other words, the US has to be vigilant all times to guard against that lone suicide bomber.

Hmm, I see more of our tax money flying away from my pockets.

America is bankrupted because of Osama and al Qaeda May 3, 2011

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White House‘s John Brennan said yesterday that “al Qaeda is becoming increasingly bankrupt”.

Brennan may be correct to observe that al Qaeda is near bankruptcy, but what Brennan failed to mention was even more startling.

What he didn’t say yesterday was that

“America is also becoming increasingly bankrupt and Osama and al Qaeda are partially responsible.”


Because hundreds of billions of our tax money has been spent annually just to keep the United States “safe,” thanks to Osama and al Qaeda who were responsible for what happened on 9/11.

This was in addition to trillions of dollars that United States has spent on its defensive budget: most notably the war Obama escalated in Afghanistan and American’s increasingly failed effort to build a nation that’s friendly to the US.

You might be aware of this fact: before Obama took office, there were about 30,000 US troops in Afghanistan. The US now have more than 100,000 soldiers in Afghanistan chasing a few remnants of al Qaeda and other Osama-inspired fighters. All the while, the Obama administration tried very hard to give billions of our tax money to the so-called leaders of the Afghanistan government and many local tribe chiefs. The war has not been lost but the end is certainly not in sight. There is no light at the end of this dark and long tunnel. And there may never be any at all, no matter how many billions we give away and how many hundreds of billions we help them build highways, houses, schools, hospitals, water facilities and electricity infrastructures.

In addition, cities and counties all over the United States, plus every sea ports, airports and border entry points across the United States, have spent hundreds of billions of our tax money to beef up security for special events and to guard against illegal entries of terrorists.

All that money were used to keep the US “safe.” And yes, the United States has been safe since 9/11 and a few would-be suicide bombers have been caught over the years.

But at what cost?

Probably a few trillion dollars since 9/11. And more has to be budgeted in the years to come because Osama is now dead.

It is sad to say that even in his death, Osama continue to put a terrible financial and emotional burdens on United States and its citizens. This is kind like the magic headband (called 金箍圈 jin1 qu2 quan1″ on 孙悟空‘s “sun1 wu3 kong1” head which, with a chant (called 紧箍咒 jin3 gu2 zhou4″)  from his master 唐三藏 “tang2 san1 zang4,” will shrink and cause unbearable pain to the all mighty 孙悟空. It will make 孙悟空 obedient and do what his master asks him to do. In case you do not know, 孙悟空 is the Monkey King in the famous Chinese novel from Ming Dynasty西游记,” :xi1 you2 ji4″, The Journal to the West.

All joke and analogy aside, the more urgent question for all Americans to ponder is this:

“Will the United States be able to afford this kind of spending indefinitely?”

Because we all know that the terrorists, al Qaeda included with or without Osama, will not stop its attack on America simply because Osama is now dead?”

To probe this issue deeper, one has to ask this question:

“Are the trillions of dollars the US has spent since 9/11 to the type of investment which will keep the United States competitiveness against other countries in the world?”

The answer, of course, is “NO.”

It does not increase America’s competitiveness. It simply becomes an added cost to everything we do in this country. It makes the United States less competitive.

I do not believe in God but I will say this for the United States:

“God helps the United States.”

Because the US needs it to fend off al Qaeda and its god.


馬英九 , a president of many bows May 3, 2011

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馬英九 has became what I called “a president of many bows.”

I have a suggestion to 馬英九: stop apologizing and stop bowing because they make you un-presidential.

Study what Obama does when he is cornered. He never apologized to Americans even though he knew he was doing something majority of the Americans were against it.

A president of many bows does not inspire your people and an apologizing president does not project a sense of self-confidence. Once you lost respect from your people, they will treat you with no respect just like what the opposition did to you when you went to investigate the petrochemical project a week or ten days ago.

Obama is probably the least experienced president America has ever had. Once became president, he learned from his mistakes and has acted as presidential as he can when he is in front of TV cameras.

There are many things your staff can take care of without you being in harm’s way. At least, they should shield you from reckless personal attacks.

You should find someone who can do this.

Unification of China and Taiwan May 3, 2011

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To resolve the issue of unifying China and Taiwan once and for all, the Chinese government has to deal with Democratic Progressive Party 民主進步黨 (DPP) “ming2 zhu3 jin4 bu4 dang3” directly because that’s where the major opposition is.

Before any face-to-face negotiation between China and DPP begin, DPP has to win the upcoming presidential election in January 2012 so that the party can negotiate in the position of power.

Based on its recent primary presidential debates, 民主進步黨 or 民進黨 has effectively walked out of the shadow of its previous president, 陳水扁 “chen2 shui3 bian3,” who, along with his family members and his subordinates, has embezzled billions of dollars while in the office. They have been found guilty and some of them, 陳水扁 included, are currently serving jail sentences.

陳水扁 has tried as much as he could to change the small island country into an independent Taiwan when he was in the office from 2000 to 2008. His effort was mostly in vain because Taiwan could not and can not shake off the military threat from China if Taiwan try to break away.

The current chairwoman of 民進黨 , 蔡英文 “cai4 ying1 ewen2”, has managed to get rid of the image of a corrupt party and has waged a series of successful elections in the last couple of years.

馬英九 “ma3 ying1 jiu3”; the current president of Taiwan, as expected has moved to the center judging by his recent actions. He of course was trying to attract voters in the middle. He came out recently denouncing a major petrochemical project in order to please the environmentalists despite the strategical importance of this mega project to the future of Taiwan. Although he has significantly improved the relationship between China and Taiwan with the enactment of ECFA and direct links between two sides in transportation/tourism, mail and business, his lack of leadership and managing skills are putting his presidency in serious jeopardy.

After a series of debates, 蔡英文 has been nominated (based on polls) as 民進黨’s presidential candidate, the first female presidential candidate of Taiwan.

Now, let the fight between 馬英九 and 蔡英文 begin without 馬英九 playing the America card and without China’s influences. The way I see it is that the election is 馬英九‘s to lose and 馬英九‘s second term is by no means guaranteed.

If 馬英九 loses, he will be the last 外省人 “wai4 shen3 ren2” president in Taiwan. If he is re-elected, he will not be able to face the unification issue because he is easily intimidated and lack leadership and guts to make any significant progress in this thorny issue. He will be called all names on the book by 本省人and he will be too sacred to touch this issue with a 10-foot pole.

If DPP‘s 蔡英文 comes out on top, the real negotiation between China and Taiwan (reads 本省人) on unification can begin even if it doesn’t happen during 蔡英文‘s first term.

I am hopeful that some form of unified China will come true because DPP and, by extension, 本省人 have recognized that they have to face this issue squarely.

The military threat on Taiwan from China is like the magical headband on Monkey King 孫悟空‘s “sun1 wu3 kong1” head. All China has to do is to casually remind Taiwan of its predicament and Taiwan has to give up any intention of becoming a separated nation.

In 西遊記 “xi1 you2 ji4” or Journey to the West, Monkey King 孫悟空 was a powerful monkey who swore to protect his master 唐三藏 “tang2 san1 zang4.” As powerful as 孫悟空 was, all 唐三藏 had to do is to read a special chant and  the band would tighten and cause unbearable pain to 孫悟空 ‘s head. And it would bring 孫悟空 into obedience without exception.

Since Taiwan can not escape this headband, Taiwan might as well deal with it because China’s military threat will not go away with or without America’s interference. With Obama ceding the world leadership position and with America in no position to start a new war against China, 馬英九 may not be able to play his American card as effective as before.

I will watch this election with special interests.

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