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Obama the whiner-in-chief August 17, 2011

Posted by hslu in China.
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Obama whines and blames everything except himself: Arabian uprising, high oil prices, Japanese earthquake, tsunami, nuclear disaster, European financial crisis, debt ceiling fight, Republicans, and Chinese Renminbi.

No wonder, Obama hasn’t led anything in his whole life. All he knows is pointing fingers and blames others for his failures.

Shames on the whiner-in-chief.

Obama’s wish comes true August 8, 2011

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Obama openly talked about a world not led by the United States before he took the office.

He then acted like he needed France and Briton’s advice on the world stage after he got into the White House.

Now that S&P has down graded the long term debt of the United State, he is officially the president who has bought the country to a second class nation on the economic front.

Congratulations, Obama, you got what you’d wished for: an once mighty country no longer admired by other nations in the world.

Good job for running the country into a hole. You must have learned that management skill as an community organizer in the old days.

America’s Enemy is what? August 8, 2011

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Democracy. Yes, the long term decline of the all mighty United States is DEMOCRACY.

It was democracy that has put America into the current dilemma. Politicians wanted to keep their seats in the Congress so that they did the only thing they knew in a democratic system: buying votes. Well, it came in the form of social security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, Obama care, lavish pension benefits for selected groups of people (union workers mostly,) and pork back to their home districts.

They generously spent other people’s money, our tax money, redistributed it based on favoritism among the politicians, usually behind closed doors: Louisiana purchase and corn husker kick-back, to name a couple, all under the banner of none other than Democracy.

It sounded good: majority rules. And that’s why it bought the US down to it’s knees in the eyes of other countries.

The Us is facing fanatic Islamic fundamentalists domestically and abroad which forced the US to spend trillions of dollars in many wars just to keep it’s citizens safe. The added military expenses acted like a tax on all it’s people. There us no end game in sight no matter what Obama told you and how many soldiers Obama is going to pull from the battle field in Iraq and Afghanistan. The battle fields to the fanatics are everywhere Americans are.

Now, with 50 years of showering their voters with lavish goodies under the disguise of democracy, America’s fate is finally catching up on the nation.

This is because that democracy will prevent the adaptation of a fiscally sounded approach to the root of the problem: no one wants to give up their free handouts from the government so that they will fight to keep them all.

In the end nothing gets cut because of the middle of the road approach that we hailed as the best system in the world: DEMOCRACY, and in the end all the promised cuts end up like smoke disappearing into the thin air. The problem gets kicked down the road, the politicians get to protect the benefits of their constituents, their seats in the government is saved and democracy survives, again, until the next election.

Such is the glory of democracy.

In the meantime, we middle class gals and guys are paying thru our noses the endless demand of taxes through our working lives just so the politicians can spend it the way they have been pushed by the interest groups all in the name of democracy.

By the time, we say goodbye to this world, the politicians still want a piece of what you have left behind.

They can do it because it is a democratic process.


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