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Human beyond the Mars? Most likely not. April 14, 2019

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Why pour billions into searching for a black hole and reaching distant stars when worthier causes exist at home?


Even in the extremely remote chance of human calling Mars home, it won’t happen in hundreds of years, if ever.

For crying out loud, scientists can’t even figure out how to deal with sexuality of astronauts and problems associated with a jealous boyfriend or girlfriend in a closed quarter on their way to the Mars.

Just make sure that Social Security and Medicare stay solvent in the next couple or three decades.

What else?

Let’s see: Medicaid, food stamp, SSI, unemployment benefits, pensions of many corporations, better public schools, millions living in poverty and a few others.

Lie after lie October 16, 2018

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If the U.S. government officials are accountable for what they said to the American people, Kudlow should resign immediately.

Source: CNBC

We shall see August 31, 2018

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But, don’t get your hope up just yet.

However, delay the RMD now might mean a bigger tax bill later in life because a larger withdraw in the future will push you into a higher tax bracket.

My question is this: why is the Trump administration proposing this change at this time for the older Americans in the first place? Delay RMD now will result in a lower tax revenue for the U.S. government when the deficit is projected to hit at least $1 trillion for the current fiscal year and beyond.


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Worth to know August 29, 2018

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Retiring overseas? Here are strategies to avoid big trouble with IRS


If you have a PR, i.e., a green card, same rules apply.

The penalty is huge if you don’t comply because, you know what, the U.S. government is after you because America is broke.

The New Jersey suckers May 16, 2018

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Hello, the NJ suckers, be ready for more illegal immigrants flocking to the great State of New Jersey.


Your state representatives want the illegals so badly that they are spending your money freely to secure Latino’s votes for their re-elections.

I don’t know the logic behind this piece of legislation signed by the governor of New Jersey. New Jersey already has one of the highest taxes, highest debt obligations and largest exdous of people to the other states in the United States.

Free tuitions may not sound much, but be worry about what they will bring in a few years.

Trump/GOP tax increase: got rid of lots deductions April 21, 2018

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The GOP tax overhaul took away a bunch of deductions available to Americans


In essense, the Trump/GOP tax reform fooled you to think that you’ve got a tax cut.

By getting rid of many misc. deductions for tax year 2018, you maybe paying more tax instead. You’ll find out next April.

Little by little, the Congress will suck you dry.

Standard deduction, here I come March 22, 2018

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The Effect of the New Tax Bill on Itemized Deductions


Source: Flipboard

After taking itemized deductions for the past 30+ years, I will take the standard deduction for the first time on my 2017 tax return.

Another one of my life’s turning points.

Lies, lies & more lies. Cuts, cuts & more cuts. February 17, 2018

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The big cuts are coming!The big cuts are coming! And Trump and the Congress don’t give it a damn of what you think or feel. Campaign promises? They are meant to be broken after the election.

Source: Flipboard

Americans are the most gullible ones when it comes to their politicians.

They hate the Congress but keep sending the same representatives and senators back to DC. They filled the White House with liars after liars because they believe all the lies presidential candidates told them on the campaign trail, just to break all of them once in the office.

When Trump was asking your votes, he promised to“save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security without cuts.”

Trump’s 2018 budget calls for cuts on all three programs and the congressional GOP also tried to cut $1 trillion from Medicare and about half a trillion from Medicaid. Here are the proposed cuts from Trump’s “An American Budget: Major Savings and Reforms”:

  1. Cutting Medicare by $266 billion.
  2. Cutting Medicaid by $1.1 trillion.
  3. Cutting Social Security by $72 billion.

So, all sinile and age challenged Americans, brace yourself for what is coming to you. Hospitals will get reduced payments from the Medicare too. Medicaid will see the biggest cut totaling $1.1 trillion over 10 years.

Additionally, Supplemental Security Income programs and Social Security Disability Insurance programs will see $72 billion cuts too.

You see, there is no place for you to hide no matter where you are in the system. Your medical benefits will be cut. Your doctor’s visits will be

Structural Shift February 10, 2018

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What structural shift are we talking about?

The “structural” part of the shift is the fundamental change of the economy bought to you by none other than Trump and the Republicans. While we are at it, let’s add the inept Democrats to that bunch too because they are equally guilty for acting like a whole bunch of chickens without heads.

In a growing U.S. economy and the synchronized recovery of the world economies, as well as almost full employment of around 4% in the U.S., Trump and the Republicans passed “the biggest tax reforms in American history according to Trump ” without finding a way to pay for the massive tax cut for the riches. It simply is insane because of significant damages it will eventually bring to the masses.

Why did they do it?

Because the mid-term election is coming in 11 months. They congressional Republicans are fearful of losing their congressional seats and the majority of both houses.

The structural change is what the financial market is reacting to this week when the Dow took a fast elevator down to the basement of the correction territory: the dreaded inflation is just around the corner as indicated by the chart below.

Source: Federal Reserve

The tax cut at full employment doesn’t make economic sense because it clearly is inflationary. The bond market knows it because a massive amount of federal government borrowing in the amount of additional $500 billion a year will hit the Bond market soon.

The stock market is equally uncomfortable with the higher rate environment and crumbles under the weight of extended valuation.

The structural shift is important for the financial market at this juncture because a re-pricing of all financial instruments will take place in the months and quarters ahead.

Treasury and corporate bonds will drop. Stock market will correct to bring its valuation to a reasonable level. High yield bonds will tank. Housing prices will drop as mortgage loans demands wane. Commodity prices will decrease as US dollar strengthens. Interest payments on US national debt will rise as deficit grows to ~$1 trillion annually, or about 5% of the US GDP.

In short, the structural shift will shrink personal wealth as inflation bites.

Republican Party: shame on you January 1, 2018

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When Republicans in the Congress gave the top 1%, Trump, Trump’s rich friends and corporate interests one of the largest tax cuts in the history at the expenses of the common people, they said nothing about the $1.5 trillion debt they have created in the process.

Now, with 2018 comes along, Republicans all the sudden flip sides and become fisical conservatives when it comes to the 2018 federal budgets.

What a bunch of hyprocrites!

Didn’t some general said that WWIII is coming a few weeks ago?

Hmmm, that means more money for the military to buy more guns, fighter jets, missiles and aircraft carriers.

And The Wall. The beautiful $40 billion Wall.

From this

To this:

Well, time to cut social security benefits, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps and education. Again.

Well, politicians are nothings but jokes no matter they come in red or blue. They are all liars.

Americans (voters) are so gullible and stupid that they keep sending these same red and blue flip-floppers back to Washington D.C. year after year while giving their kids and grandkids a bigger and bigger debt year after year.


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