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Stories of my two customers July 30, 2010

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During the past several weeks, I said goodbye to two of my long time customers: one died of heart attack and the other one went back to Lebanon.

I became acquaintanted with both gentlemen shortly after 9-11.

The first gentleman was in his late 50’s: a white, defense lawyer who came to NV from Florida. He regularly carried a hand gun with him when he came to my restaurant. He was a great talker often stayed in the dining room and talk to me for more than half an hour at a time. He was the one who first warned me about the pervasive presence of Muslims in the United States. He gave me a 700-page book he wrote on that subject and listed hundreds of references on how Muslims are trying to exert influences on government policies, local school board regulations and news media reporting. He also in his book gave a very detailed account of the conflicts between Arabs and Christians dating back hundreds of years in the past. He was divorced and lived by himself. He often came to our restaurant with a young Latino woman and her baby daughter who cleaned the house for him. He had high blood pressure, diabetic and takes many pills every day.

For many months no one at the restaurant had see him. I was told that he got ill and had difficulty walking. He would still send this young Latino woman with her now school-age daughter to buy food for him. Recently I found out he had passed away but I still remembered his voice and his cheerful personality. I also had him to thank for for making me aware of the struggles between Muslims and Christians in light of the 9-11 tragedy.

The second gentleman came to the United States from Lebanon. He was in his early 30’s when I first met him a month after 9-11 when he came to eat at my restaurant.  He asked me about the costs of opening a restaurant in the area and that’s how we got to know each other. At that time, he lived in Arlington with his Lebanese wife and three children: two boys and a girl and worked as a sales person at a company near the Dulles Airport. As we got to know each other, we talked about Muslims, Islam, 9-11, Iraq war and Israel-Palestinian conflict. I told him that I was concerned about Al Qaeda coming to the United States to wreak havoc in NY or Washington DC. He said that Al Qaeda would stay in the Middle East because American soldiers had occupied a piece of land which belongs to Muslims. He was the one who told me that conditions in Middle East would deteriorate and the situation would continue until Americans are driven out of Iraq. He was very negative about United States’ foreign policy and hated Bush for sending troops to Iraq. I could sense the century-old animosity between Muslims and Christians dating back from crusaders period a thousand years ago. It was enlightening to me to be able to get a different perspective on this age-old conflict and it reminded me of the fact that there would be no ending in sight of what to come in the coming years.

With the election of the first black president in the history of U.S., he told me that he was very pleased  to see that Obama had all the right messages to Muslims in the world and he particularly liked the appeasing tone of Obama’s plead for new relationship with Arabs. The happy time for him turned out to be short-lived.

With U.S. economy worsening and jobs starting to disappear, he was laid off from his Dulles job. He then worked as used car salesman but could make a half decent wage to make a living. He quit his car salesman job and commuted to Germantown because he found a job there. He them moved his family to Germantown but still made the 40 miles trip to my restaurant once a while because his children, now in their teens, liked our food. We continued our conversations on Islam, American foreign policy in the Middle East and the merit of Iraq war. Although he had soften his stance on the Iraq war but he still couldn’t get over with what he called the invasion.

About three weeks ago, he called me and said he wanted to meet me again. When I met his family at my restaurant, he said that this will be the last time he’ll see me because he is taking his family back to Lebanon for good. He was totally disgusted with Obama and lost confidence in the United States. He was laid off again and he put the blame squarely on Obama: the recession, the health care take-over, the Afghan war and the lousy economy. He was upset because Obama didn’t pay attention to the economy. He didn’t like the escalation of the Afghan war because he didn’t see the need for it. He didn’t like American’s policy on Israel because the peace is no where in sight. He also didn’t like the huge deficits and mounting national debt because he didn’t like that burden on his children.

With his and his children’s American dreams dead, he said that the United States is going downhill and he didn’t like his children to face the horrible burden. He had moved back to Lebanon because he saw light at the end of the tunnel in the Middle East: largely because of high oil prices for years to come. With that, living standards have improved compared to 20 some years ago when he first came to the United States. With higher oil prices, more jobs become available and he liked his chances back home. He also liked the chance for his children too.

Well, two customers: a white American and a Muslim, with two different stories.

I’ll miss them.

Brother, could you spare $41,000 for a Volt from ObamaMotor? July 30, 2010

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The American tax payers will give you $7,500 for your stupidity. If you hug trees on weekends, you can pay the full price for the privilege and  pride to own a piece of American technology.

Ford Focus is kind of like a Volt without the $17,000 batteries. $17,000 can buy you 6,200 gallons of regular gasoline (with 10% ethanol) which can take you on a 220,000 mile journey.

為何美國經濟直直落 July 30, 2010

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Got this from a fried. I added the Wall Street part and the last sentence.
Why America ’s economy fell off the cliff

John Smith started the day early having set his alarm clock
(made in Japan ) for 6 am.

While his coffee-pot (made in China ) was perking, he shaved with his electric razor(made in Hong Kong )


He put on a dress shirt
(made in Sri Lanka ), designer jeans (made in Singapore )and tennis shoes (made in Korea )

After cooking his breakfast in his new electric skillet
(made in India ) he sat down with his calculator (made in Mexico ) to see how much he could spend today.

After setting his watch
(made in Malaysia ) to the radio (made in India ) he got in his car (made in Germany ) filled it with gas (from Saudi Arabia )and continued his search for a good paying American.

At the end of yet another discouraging and fruitless day checking his computer
(made in Taiwan ), John decided to relax for a while.
在過了沮喪又沒有結果的一天後, 他看看他台灣製的電腦,決定放鬆一下。

He put on his sandals
(made in Brazil ), poured himself a glass of wine (made in France ) and turned on his TV(made in Indonesia ), and then wondered why he can’t find a good paying job in AMERICA .
After 5 minutes in front of TV, he is even more depressed because the host just detailed how the good old American greed on Wall Street caused a world wide recession. Eight million jobs have disappeared after the the president (Made in Kenya) took office.

And now he is hoping he can get help from president
made in Kenya.


But he remains hopeful because he maybe able to get an interview with the federal government because it is the only place that’s hiring these days.

Tree huggers should buy GM VOLT July 29, 2010

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GM’s behind-the-scene CEO Obama should issue an executive order to ask every self-proclaimed tree hugger to purchase a new VOLT from Obama Motor Company. The price tag: $41,000. However, the tree huggers pay $33,500. We pay for the other $7,500 in the form of tax credit. With the purchase of the new VOLT, the tree huggers will get a bumper sticker which says: “A die-hard tree hugger on board”

Why not? It protects the environment and it gets excellent “gas mileage.”  Even though you only get 40 miles per charge and the VOLT takes 3 to 4 hours to recharge, you are making a statement. And more importantly you are using other people’s money to make the statement.

You do have a gasoline-powered engine under the hood if you want to go further.

We may need to build more coal-fired power plants if there are  too many VOLTs on the road. But that’s someone else’s problem.

NY Rep. Charles Rangel should resign July 29, 2010

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A House investigatory panel at a behind-the-closed-door-meeting probably rejected a deal with NY Rep. Charles Rangel who may have 13 violations of congressional ethics  and federal law.

NY AG and IRS should start an investigation and, if found guilty, Rangel should go pay for his crime.

A Country divided July 28, 2010

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With mid-term election coming and with Democrats falling behind, look for these liberals  moving to the center (e.g., Jim Webb of Virginia) or attacking Republicans and Tea Party candidates.

Many conservative candidates will be called racists by blacks and black friendly organizations. The Democrats hope that these allegations will force the Conservatives to defend their positions which may give Democrats a leg up on the election day.

The allegations will become louder as election gets closer and the country will be further divided even though we have a black guy in the White House.

How sad!

Repeal ObamaCare July 28, 2010

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Britain is looking into moving away from centralized national health services (N. H. S.) system after 62 years because it was a failed system: expensive, inefficient and filled with federal bureaucracy.

Britain’s N.H.S. system is a failed system because currently “how and where patients are treated, and by whom, is largely determined by decisions made by 150 entities known as primary care trusts,” and the system also uses “current government-set targets, like limits on how long patients have to wait for treatment, to treat patients.”

The new government said in a paper that “Liberating the N.H.S., and putting power in the hands of patients and clinicians, means we will be able to effect a radical simplification, and remove layers of management.”


Obama, Pelosi and Reid used lies, bribery and arm twisting tactics to passed the health care reform.

I suggested that each of the trio should give Britain’s Cameron a call. I am sure  they will realize that they have made a terrible mistake and ask for a repeal of the ObamaCare before the new Congress is elected.

If they do that, they may have a chance to stay in the office a little longer.

Besides, it is the right thing to do.

New Metal Arbors July 28, 2010

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September 2009

May 2010 Damaged by a storm

July 2010, New metal arbors, $350

Burke Lake, Northern Virginia July 27, 2010

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With A/C not working, we went to Burke Lake for a walk because it was too hot to stay in the house even though it was 100 oF outside.

Bao went to Burke Lake with her friends from the hospital and she said it was a very nice place to get some exercise and spend a casual afternoon.

Well, Burke Lake is not bad at all. Although it is more than 20 miles from our house, we’ll definitely go back there: tall trees, 4.7 mile tree lined trail, ice cream parlor,  mini golf, train ride and a marina where we can rent row boat for fun and fishing.

We’ll have to do it on a Tuesday before the Labor Day because the park only opens on weekends.

$115.39/oF July 27, 2010

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Air Flow Temp = 88.7 oF

Air Flow Temp = 65.3 oF

Difference = 23.4 oF

Cost = $2,700

$/oF = $115.39.

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