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What Taiwan and the US have in common? April 27, 2013

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Hollowing out in the middle! That’s what Taiwan and the US have in common!

It is sad but truth.

The only differences are:

1. Taiwan is in a much advanced stage in this path to destruction while the US is starting to pick up the pace.

2. China did most of this to Taiwan by draining capitals and brain power from Taiwan. Korea and Singapore also contributed to Taiwan’s downfall. 馬英九’s incompetence and gridlock in Taiwan’s government didn’t help either. In the wake of this giant sucking sound since the middle of 1990’s was the flourishing of service-oriented sectors in Taiwan: tourism, restaurants, hotels, taxi, massage parlors and night markets. The riches are richer from their operations pin China while the poor was making lower and lower wages because the service industries don’t pay a lot.

3. Global competition in many sectors has squeezed the American’s middle class out of once good paying jobs. The proof is clearly demonstrated by the 90 million people who are not working but who are not counted as unemployed by the Labor Department. These people have been out of jobs for so long that they are not actively seeking employment any more. They have simply given up looking. Well, that’s why the official unemployment rate in the US is now 7.6% instead of 14+% or so. The Main Street media hides this truth from the American people but the bleeding from the middle has been painfully real.

Just read the article by National Journal and you’ll see the sorry state of the United States.


With Bernanke printing money day and night, the United States is tracing Japanese’s path of lost decade(s) by piling up debt, perpetual anemic growth and ultimately a shrinking economy.

Who gives US the right to say so? April 15, 2013

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Here is another example of America’s constant intrusion into other country’s internal business as reported by Reuters on Venezuelan’s election results.

Here is the headline on Reuters:

“White House Says Venezuela Election Audit a Must”

Hmm…., I wonder who gives US the right to say that?

It’s not America’s business regarding which candidate in Venezuela won the election. It’s Venezuela citizens’ business, fair or not.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Putin who congratulate Maduro in another Reuters report.

According to Reuters, the election board will disregard the call for recount and award the election to Maduro, the hand-picked successor by Hugo Chavez.

It looks like America will continue to have an enemy in his back door for a few more years. Look for Maduro in Moscow in a few months. He’ll show up in Tehran and a few other places soon.

馬英九, 中國和台灣的統一 April 14, 2013

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A few weeks ago I saw an article in the Chinese World Journal, 世界日報, about 連戰 meeting high level Chinese leaders discussing issues of the unification of China and Taiwan.

I commented before about 馬英九’s unwillingness to event mention unification for feel of criticism from the public and the opposition party. I also made some suggestions online because 馬英九 should use his second term to lay the ground rules in which the political discussion should follow. Well, of course, he won’t listen to me.

Now that the high profile visit by 連戰 has started the bilateral discussion, whether 馬英九 likes it or not, what I think will happen is the discussion will progress w/o 馬英九. 25 or 50 years from now when unification becomes a reality, 馬英九 will be left without a legacy to show off.

Eventually, the history will show the credit belonged to 連戰 and the others. 馬英九, under his policy of 不戰,不統,不和,was the undisputed bumbler who was left holding the bag.

Poor 馬英九!He can’t help it! The indecision is in his blood. After 5 years in the office, he has no place to hide anymore.

A mouse in the street April 14, 2013

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Japan, US say North Korea can not have nuclear arms.

My first reaction to this Reuters headline was “why can’t North Korea have it while US still has thousands of nuclear missiles ?”

If North Korea can not have nukes, then US should destroy all its nuclear weapons too. I said it before about Iran’s nuclear program and I will say it again about North Korea.

Chinese has a subtle way to describe the bully, the United State, which goes like this:


As for the clowns who help the bully against the others, Japan in this case, we also have something for them:


North Korean is:


Currency War: US dollar vs Renminbi April 13, 2013

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Step by step, Chinese’s currency is chipping away green back’s dominance on the world’s stage. The latest player coming on board is France, according to a Reuters article. It appears that France likes to set up a direct currency swap line with China and what’s left to decide is the terms of the deal in terms of the size of the swap and its duration.


The reason is simple to understand: the US dollar is losing its value thanks to Bernanke. France is simply looking after its own interest because there is BIG money to be made in direct trades with China and on being a hub of Europe’s Renminbi trading center. If France does not act fast, it will lose the fight to London forever.

France’s brand new president will visit China and an announcement is expected soon.

America is making new friends with Vietnam and Phillipines and swears to help Japan in a war. It has made major shift of its military might to the Asian theater since a couple of years ago under Clinton. The sole intent is to block the advancement of China.

China knows that and China is avoiding direct conflict with America because its military is nit even one tenth of the size of that of the US.

Instead of fighting the US with guns, nuclear missiles and air carriers, China is fighting US on the economic front. The fight will be long and hard, but China is very patient.

Besides, China doesn’t have $16.5 trillion debt. It doesn’t have 9 air carriers or billion dollar fighter jets (that’s a billion dollar each) to support either. Oh yeah, did I mention Obamacare? That will definitely be a deeper hole for Americans to dig themselves out with.

Hmmm……. 鹿死誰手還待下回分解!

I for one is waiting patiently too.

America is changing into Socialism fast April 7, 2013

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Americans have been giving the right for the pursuit of happiness.

Under Obama, you are still having this right but you first have to pay other people’s 99-weeks unemployment benefits, health care benefits, food stamps and other social welfare benefits.

In other words, in Obama’s mind, the rich and the middle class have to first help others pursuit their happiness before working on your own.

After you have done that, you are on your own to do whatever you still can.

With American’s current fiscal structure, “you” means our children and their children. They have a huge debt to pay.

We suffer as well in the form of lower benefits.

Blacks in general do not like capitalism because as a race they can’t compete. They like socialism because they don’t have to a lot to get by. Obama is doing all he can to fulfill the dreams of the his fellow citizens.

With Obama, America has crossed the point of no return to perpetual socialism. America is doomed to become Greece when, not if, the US dollar lose its reserve currency status.

The path to the poor house has been laid for America because the Republican Party has lost the war to Democrats forever. The trend of demographic in the US doesn’t support the conservative ideas once championed by the Republican Party. If amnesty for illegal immigrants proposed by Obama and the Democrats becomes reality, the Republican Party will lose another 10 million votes. The once Conservative party is doomed forever. It will be lucky if it can hold on to the House.

Tea Party is doing as much as it can, but they are fighting a losing battle. If they are a force to be taken seriously, Obama won’t be re-elected in 2012. The Tea Party just didn’t have the headcount to inflict any serious blow to the Democrat Party.

You and I should be prepared for the unavoidable and the unthinkable future. Socialism is here to stay for as long as eyes can see. Hold-on to your money because Obama and Democrats are coming to get it.

Obama will raid our IRA April 7, 2013

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Don’t blink, Obama is going after our IRA’s.

After Cyprus, everything is possible with the most liberal president in the US history. He wants your money to keep the spending going.

In a few days, you’ll find out his plan on our IRAs and with this blog, consider you are forewarned. If the Democrats controls both the Congress and the Senate after 2014 election, we are doomed.

Blacks in general don’t like the rich and they think the society owes them something. Obama, being a black, is leading the charge to raid rich of their money and re-distribute the wealth around. What he has done before was tax the rich and the middle class. With his plan on IRAs, he is reaching for our wealth.

Buffett is willing to pay more income tax because he has a lot of non-taxibile incomes. Asking him what will he do if Obama asks for a portion of his wealth?

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