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The wind of Higher Tax is blowing to the U.S. June 30, 2010

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In order to balance the federal budget, we will face the onslaught of a host of tax increases in the next few years:

  • A 3 to 5% Value-Added Tax on everything we buy.
  • The repeal of mortgage interest deduction on our income tax. The mortgage tax deduction, the left has argued, has only benefited the rich.
  • Higher payroll taxes: social security taxes and Medicare taxes.
  • Taxes on medical insurance benefits from employers taxes to pay for Obama care.
  • Higher taxes on investment incomes.
  • Higher taxes on passive incomes such as royalties and rental incomes.
  • Higher service charges from cities and states to pay for benefits and pensions for government workers and retirees.
  • Higher taxes on medical savings accounts, medical devices and a $2,000 per year tax per employee if the employer cannot afford to buy the mandated insurance. Hmm, many companies may opt for paying $2,000 penalty per employee because it is cheaper than buying medical insurance for them. I think ExxonMobil are paying up to $1000 per employee and retiree for their medical insurance. I certainly hope ExxonMobil does not choose to pay the $2,000 per employee/year penalty and takes away our medical insurance.

Democrats, not GOP, killed the Unemployment Benefits June 29, 2010

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If you are unemployed, you could get as many as 99 months of unemployment benefits between the State and Federal governments. That’s 99 months or nearly two years.

i bet that you do not know this.

According to LA Times, millions of unemployed are set to lose their unemployment benefits because the Senate failed to pass a bill at the last minute. The bill also included other tax provisions and spending measures that will add $85 billion to federal debt over the next ten years.

But look at this headline on June 25, 2010 by Janet Hook and Noam N. Levey:

Senate GOP blocks jobless aid extension

Democrats are three votes short of cutting off debate on a bill that would reinstate long-term unemployment benefits and provide help to businesses and cash-strapped states, including California.


What? Give me a break. Senate GOP killed the bill?

Well, last I checked, GOP had 41 seats and Democrats had 57 seats. Republicans have no where close to majority votes to pass or kill anything even if they wanted to.

I am sorry that it WAS those ten Senate Democrats who killed the jobless benefit bill. Not the GOP in Senate.

This is another example of how liberal news media poisoned the air and the web. No wonder the young folks got brain-washed so easily when they get tired of video games and their favorite singers and start paying attention to national news and economy in the United States and around the world.

Well, I have to give Hook and Levey a break for not speak honestly or freely because they work for the third largest liberal print news media organization in the nation. If they put down what was obvious to many of us, they may have to join the unemployment line starting Monday.

Well, I’ll do the right thing for them.

Here is the corrected headline from the LA Times:

Moderate Senate Democrats Blocks Jobless Aid Extension

These ten Democrats saw the writing on the wall and wanted to get re-elected in November. The other 47 either lived in ultra liberal states or don’t have to worry about re-election in 2010.

Keep Yousef in the United States June 28, 2010

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Mosab Hassan Yousef was born in Palestine.

Yousef’s father is a founding member of Hamas.

Yousef was trained as a terrorist when he was a young boy.

At 17, Yousef was captured off the street of Palestine by Israel soldier.

Yousef was kept captive and tortured because his father was a leader of Hamas.

Yousef hated Israel but through the examining his life and his family’s policies turned into an informer for Shin Bet; Israel’s Internal Security Services.

Yousef went through a “crazy transformation” from hating Israel to working for Shin Bet (Israeli Security Agency) and from Islam to Christianity.

Yousef worked for Shin Bet for 10 years and through his position kept his father’s name off Israeli’s assassination list.

Yousef published a book called “Son of Hamas: A Gripping Account of Terror, Betrayal, Political Intrigue, and Unthinkable Choices” in March 2010.

Yousef reveals in the book that he helped Israel prove that Yasser Arafat was using American aid money to fund terrorism.

He also helped Israel captured terrorist leaders such as Ibrahim Hamed, Marwan Barghouti and Abdullah Barghouti.

Yousef’s father disowned Yousef earlier this year because of the shame Yousef bought to his family and became a target of Hamas.

Yousef applied for political asylum with the Department of Homeland Security for obvious reasons but his application was denied because DHS thought he is a threat to US security.

DHS lawyer Kerri Calcador cited an incident where Yousef drove a suicide bomber from one location to another location inside the Palestine as proof that Yousef engaged in terrorist activity.

Yousef now is facing deportation back to Hamas and a court date with an immigration judge in San Diego on Wednesday.


Who gave the order to deny Yousef’s political asylum? Obama?

What were the grounds for the denial?

Who ordered Kerri Calcador to prosecute Yousef?

Is Kerri Calcador a Democrat?

Obama gave Hamas $1 billion dollars. Why? Isn’t Hamas a terrorist organization with Iranian ties?

Obama has ordered secret meetings with Hamas; what did they talk about?

What were the purposes of these meeting?

Who attended these meetings and under who’s order were these meeting took place?

Did Hamas at these meetings ask for Yousef returned to Palestine?

Was this request one of the conditions for allowing the United States continuing discussion with the Hamas?

Will Yousef be killed by Hamas if he is deported to Palestine?

What messages did Obama want to convey to the Israelis and Muslims?

What’s going on with this Obama?

The only answer I could come up with is:

Obama is a Muslim and Obama hates Jews in Israel.

What do you have to say?

Marilyn Monroe June 28, 2010

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Why would anyone want to buy Monroe’s chest X-Ray?

Why would anyone want to buy it for $45,000?

It is a strange world, indeed.

This is what we called:


qian2 duo1 le1 mei2 di4fang1 fang4!

What if BP can’t afford $20 Billion? June 27, 2010

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Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac lost billions of dollar and did tremendous damage to the economy. Many people lost their jobs and billions of dollars of wealth evaporated. There was no mention of having Fannie and Freddie set aside $20 billion to pay for the damage.

Major Wall Street firms and AIG caused world wide financial crisis but there is no mention of asking them set aside $20 billions to pay for the damage and paying people for lost wages.

GM and Chrysler ran themselves to the ground and caused pain all over the United States. There is no mention to ask them set aside $20 billion to pay the guys who worked in car dealers.

What if BP is a small independent company and has no ability to pay for the damage? The company will most likely declare bankruptcy and walk away from the disaster.

Will the federal government step in and pick up the tab like they did for the other companies?

No Way! June 27, 2010

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At Toronto’s G20 meeting, leaders of the free world pledge to slash federal government’s budget deficits in half in three years is a pipe dream. There is no way that such as drastic measure can be achieved. Riot on the street and protests in front of government buildings will be seen all over the world.

If it turned out to be true, world economy will be affected too.

One way they can do it quiet easily is to raise tax no matter people like it or not.

Politicians read polls and say what voters want to hear. They also have to face their parliaments too.

They can also slash number of government workers by 20% then we’ll have some chance to reduce the budget deficits by 1/2.

Auction Purchases June 26, 2010

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Got two wooden booster chairs and a steel coat hanger with umbrella stand from an Internet auction site a few days ago. Bao and I made it a fun trip down to Fredicksburg, VA after a quick lunch at a Korean restaurant in Annandale .

We saw an ad on a local Chinese paper about a great deal from a Korean restaurant in Annandale called Annandale Seafood (市洞 “shi4 dong4”: $5.99 for tofu stew in stone pot and bento box (便當 “pian4 dang1”)with BBQ beef for $6.98. We have been to restaurant a couple of time and liked it.

The seafood tofu stew hot pot was good but it has very little seafood and a lot of fillers such as squash and onions. The bento box had more than enough beef  for us. We had to leave some behind. The total came to less than $14 with no drink. There were many selections of Banchan for us to choose from. And to our surprise we also got a small grilled croaker too. It was a good mean well worth its price. It was a steal!

Fredricksburg was only 50 miles south of GF. I got lost getting there on I-95 because I wasn’t paying attention to the signs. The closed store was located in the huge road side shopping center just off I-95 called Central Park. It has 275 acres of shops, dine-in restaurants and many fast food joints. By the time we were there, the entire restaurant was almost empty and most of the stuff had been removed.

This was our second time here and the recession has certainly took its toll on this shopping center. Many stores especially big box stores and dine-in restaurants have closed their doors. Millions of investment has gone to waste and many people’s dream were crushed.


We got our stuff from the now bankrupted Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe and stopped by an A&W for their famous root beer float and an ice cream and then drove to Potomac Mills Outlet Mall for more shopping.

Saw this plate in Fredricksburg, VA June 26, 2010

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Natalie Cole – Wolf Trap June 26, 2010

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WOW! What a performance!

World class singer. Superb music. Excellent sound effect. A little warm but not hot because of the breeze.

Ms. Natalie sure knew how to grab audience’s heart and soul with her high energy performance.

Thursday was an unusually hot day: about 10 degrees hotter than the normal high of 86 oF for the end of June in Northern Virginia. The forecast called for evening thunderstorm but it turned out to be a nice evening at the time of performance: 88 oF; 15 mph wind and tolerable humidity.

We got there at 6:30 with prepared Mediterranean food of falafel, tahini and humus; a tube of salami; fruit and some red wine. We sat on the grass and took our time eating, drinking. and watch birds flying away in the sky. The package food from Trade Joe’s wasn’t that good: dry and bland. Cheese was creamy and smooth which paired nicely with red wine.

We sat in the middle section under the roof but  far away from the stage. There were 20 people in the band including the conductor:  four trumpets, four trombones,  four reeds including at least one sax, three organs, one base violin, two guitars and one on drum.There were two female singers who sang background chord for Ms. Natalie.

We were not familiar with many of her songs but we certainly enjoyed the beautiful duet with her Dad Nat King Cole “Unforgettable.” She was in perfect sync with Nan King Cole’s voice on the video. They were great and we could almost feel the presence of Nan King Cole, one of my favorite singers of all time.

Ms. Natalie was was in a satin white dress with two dangling diamond ear rings. She was fabulous and looked stunning even though we couldn’t make our her face from row PP in the back. Her voice was luscious, smooth, bright and filled with energy. During the entire concert I didn’t even hear once the sound of her breath.

The show started at 8:08 PM at Wolf Trap on Thursday, June 24, 2010. It ended at 9:48 PM with no intermission. The audiences gave her thunderous applause many times and she gracefully did one more piece to thank us at the end of the concert.

The concert was about 2/3 sold out and we paid $42 each plus $5 sc and $2 for will call.

How does Old Country Buffet do it? June 26, 2010

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Friends of us took us out for lunch at Fairfax’s Old Country Buffet. The place was so busy at lunch time that we had to wait for a while to get a table.

Our friend told us that they came often and their dinner business was very good too.

We used to come here with my parents many years ago but have been here for six or seven years. They have since moved to a larger space about 300′ away. Apparently the old dinning room wasn’t big enough to accommodate the crowd.

The selections (standard American fare) were many and everything was very fresh and carefully prepared. Every tray was quickly re-filled when it got low. The place was clean and well managed.

The only question I had was: “How can Old Country Buffet make money from this?”

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