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Moving out and Cashing in April 28, 2017

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The path to riches for any American politicians are quite straigh forward:

Being able to lie is a positive on your resume. If it comes naturally, you are born for the job. You are good at debate in high school and quick on your feet. You start from school board, move on to city council, get into state office, work your way up to Washington DC representing your district, become a governor or Senator and finally throw yourself into the center ring of the presidential circus. If you have what it takes or luck is looking after you, you end up as your party’s presidential candidate. 

Finally, you face your opponent in a few more rounds of debates on national TV, and on the election night, you either become the president or you go back to your old job.

While in the oval office, you start enjoy the fruit of your success big time with tax payers funded vacations complete with your own chef, butler and a big flying limo.

After you do your time and pay your due in that big boring old building, your earning power takes a big jump the day you walk out of that fortified compound.

Obama did just that and it is time for him to cash in. 

Well, everyone does it why can’t he?

See the number of fingers? Of course I didn’t say a word. I just let my fingers do the talking. Cantor Fitzgerald countered 250. We settleed on 4. Everyone was happy. $400,000.

Billy did it for 250. Hillary, a two-time loser, also pocket 250. Being the first black president and a 2-term president, it is only fair for Obama’s $400,000 engagement fee. Obama once called Wall Street bankers ‘fat cat’ for a reason. A skinny cat just can’t afford $400,000, can he? People who called Obama “hypocrite” are jealous because no fat cat will ever ask them to speak, not even for free.

Let’s be frank, what comes out of Obama’s mouth, isn’t very important. Cantor Fitzgerald doesn’t care much what Obama has to say. People go to that kind of events for one thing and one thing only. It isn’t food. It is the connection they are after.

Cantor Fitzgerald won’t fork out the entire $400,000 either. It is a tax deductible event and tax payers may foot part of the expenses.

Also, don’t expect liberal media will report this because that’s just the way America is. No big deal. 

To hell with the 99%. It’s not Obama’s problem anymore. In fact, it never was. It’s time to enjoy life.

Democrats, time to move on April 20, 2017

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Democrats, haven’t they, your so-called leaders, done enough damage to your party already?

Bowing redline Obama. Need I say more?

Immoral, greedy, lying, influence peddling, corrupt, heartless and highbrowed Clinton.

The “I did not have ……. with that woman….”, “I never told anybody to lie, not a single time, never” and “I need to get back to work for the American people” liar.

It’s time to move on, find someone else to cling on or look for greener pasture.

Ever thought about coming over to the not-so-big tent with a red R on its center pole? They need people. The middle age whites are, for the last time, struggling to be taken seriously by American voters.

Democrat Party: start your election engine April 18, 2017

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I think Democrat has a small chance to capture the majority of the House of Representatives in 2018 because it is difficult to overcome the 44 seat advantage enjoyed by the Republican Party.

That being said, Democrat only needs to win a net of 24 seats to make Pelosi the speaker of the House. If it happens in 2018, Trump will be in deep s**t. Do you see the big “I” word on the wall?

Source: wikipedia

Republican’s has a four seat advantage over the Democrat Party in the Senate right now which means that Democrat only has to win net three seats in November 2018 to become the majority party in the Senate. However, the outcome is not certain for Democrats because Republicans have 9 seats up for grab while Democrats have 23. The independents, who caucus with Democrat, have 2 seats up for election.

Other than Obamacare, Obama actually had nothing to show of in 8 years. The Republican Party has about 19 months to overturn the Obamacare. Once Obamacare is repealed under Trump and Ryan, Obama will be wiped clean completely. 

若要人不知 February 15, 2017

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Politicians always blame others first for their own mistakes which was what Trump did in this case. The way it goes around Trump these days, more leaks will definitely come out of Trump’s White House whether Trump likes them or not. 

Every reporter in Washington DC dreams of getting a “Watergate” moment in his or her reporting life. They are waiting. They have time. And they have patience.

A country deeply divided February 7, 2017

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In a recent blog I talked about discrimination against Muslims because of Trump’s immigration ban.

I also said that the next one on the line is Latinos. Chinese 3rd and Indians 4th.

Lo and behold, this came along.

I am almost certain that the customers in that piece are white Americans.

Would you care to guess who got this started in the first place?
Discrimination was and still is something many Asians (Latinos, Indians and Africans) immigrants have to face either at work or in their daily lives. Of course we all know that African Americans are still fighting an ugly uphill battle.

Under Trump, the mood in the U.S. now is conducive to extreme discrimination. What is scary and most unfortunate is that some people fell so emboldened that they actually wear that badge on their sleeves. 

What will America be like four years from now? If Trump continues to act like a bully, Democrats will likely win back the Senate and dent Republican’s advantage in the House in 2018. In November 2020, Democrat will have an easy fight against Republican too. 

Obama pushed America to the extreme of social liberalism and got Democrat thoroughly defeated at the voting booth last year. Trump is leading America to the opposite direction and he will face his judgement day in time. 

Most Americans had no choice but took the roller coaster ride with the so-called Commander in Chief in the name of Democracy. What did they get from their elected officials at the highest level of the government other than complete and utter disgust of the system?

No wonder ‘God Bless America’ was sung at Superbowl half time show because America is in such a chaos. 

But which America?

Not for the prime time? February 4, 2017

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Balance of power is at stake in the U.S. after a Washington state judge blocked Trump’s executive order to ban travelers and Immigrants from seven Muslim countries. 

Usually, the minority party, Democrat in this case, is tasked to do the opposition. However, the Democrat was severely weakened after eight years of Obama and soundly defeated at all government levels with Hillary at the top of the ticket. They don’t have the House and they don’t have the Senate which leaves the judicial branch the last resort to counter Trump and his executive orders. 

Such is the case eight years ago when Obama, Reid and Pelosi rammed Obamacare through both houses because Democrats had the House and the Senate. Check and balance failed the American people because Republicans were powerless to mount any meaningful opposition even though majority of the American people opposed the law. Of course, Chief Justice Roberts made Obamacare legitimate after he ruled that money collected from violating the “Individual Mandate” a tax, not a fine. 

Trump’s executive order is being questioned by the court even though the order was designed to keep potential terrorists out of American’s soil for a period of time. Although, it is obvious to almost everyone that the overwhelming majority of the terrorists are muslims, ethnic profiling made Trump’s order an obvious target for liberal judges.

The fight between the executive branch and the judicial branch will continue for some time and it appears that Trump will not prevail in this fight. Of course, this is my opinion and it is by no means a prediction.

The longer the hoopla plays out at airports around the world, the more heated the legal fights wage in the courthouses and the more Trump tweets out words like ‘outrageous’ and ‘bad’ on Twitter, the more these events reveal that Trump and his hand-picked team is ill prepared for the prime time on the Internet and on the news media.

Well, while “check and balance” is at the center of this debate, national security is taking a back seat from the reality show. 

Americans and the world are watching as the legal drama and non-stop protest play out on live TV and on the Internet. I am willing to bet a bowl of beef noodle soup (牛肉麪) that majority of people, terrorists included, want Trump coming out of this fight a loser.

BBC News: How much truth is there in Trump’s TPP claims? January 25, 2017

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How much truth is there in Trump’s TPP claims? – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-38728059

Answer: Not much at all.

I didn’t like TPP because it was an secretive deal with zero input from the Republican Party and American citizens. TPP would permit companies to sue governments if they believe these countries change their policies to favor state-provided services.

Furthermore, TPP’s primarily beneficiaried are U.S. international companies with low or zero tariff on as many as 18,000 U.S. products.

For instance, American auto exports would grow when tariffs as high as 70% in certain markets are removed.

U.S. farmers would teapthe most rewards. Certain food items exported to some countries are taxed up to 40%. For instance, soybeans are taxed at 35% and dairy, sugar, rice and seafood see taxes as high as 98%.

Without a doubt, the political undertone of TPP is to contain China’s rise. The U.S. wanted to use TPP to fence off China’s economy’s expansion, to put Chinese companies at a disadvantage. 

In essence, the U.S. wanted to use TPP as a weapon to fight an economic war against China.

Now that Trump pushed TPP off the table, Trump is waging his version of an economic war against China.

Let the fireworks begin!

沒有歐巴馬瞎搞八年,川普就沒有總統做 January 25, 2017

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BBC News: Obama leaves Democratic party a skeleton of its former self January 22, 2017

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Democrats lost the battle so decisively because they let Obama drag the party through the liberal (Take your pick: Obamacare, out-of-control national debt, LGBT, social welfare, illegal immigrants and red-turn-green lines) mud pit. Liberal media helped Obama lied to the voters and finally the greedy and the untrustworthy Clintons nailed the Democrat Party’s coffin with their arrogance and condescension.

Obama leaves Democratic party a skeleton of its former self – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-38696853

Aleppo, Putin and Obama’s dismal legacy  December 26, 2016

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In foreign policy, Obama is tragically out of sync with Syria people and much of the Middle East. He is also pathetically out of sync with American people. 

His despicable and liberal domestic agenda was undeniably responsible for the uprising of the Trump crowd.

Sadly, under Trump, American people will be pulled toward the other extreme: neoconservatism.