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Games Israel played to influence Trump June 16, 2018

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Source: Flipboard/The New Yorker


It took me more than an hour to finish this very, verylong article by Adam Entous of the New Yorker. If you have time to read it like I did, you’ll find out how really BIG MONEY influenced America’s presidential election, how money bought influences and access at the highest level of the American government, how Trump agreed to move American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem for Adelson’s checks and how Trump’s New Middle East order was crafted by neo-conservative Jews in the U.S. and Netanyahu, the PM of Israel.

You will know how Jews and other people like Kushner, M.B.Z., Dermer, Netanyahu, standing-on-his-wallet Adelson, Bannon, Trump, M.B.S., Emirates and Saudis, who got together before and after the 2016 presidential election to help elect Trump to be the president of the U.S. and to lay the foundations of Trump’s Middle Each policy. These people dispised the Palestinians, sold them out to please the Israelis and turn a blind eye on Netanyahu’s settlement projects in the West Bank.

They demanded Trump to dismantle the Iran nuclear deal, agreed to an alliance between Saudi Arabia and Israel, blockaded and isolated Quata and countered the advancement of Iran and Russia in the Middle East.

Have you been faithfully voting in the American presidential elections believing your precious vote can make a difference in American government?

Have you been sending your $25 to your preferred candidates believing he or she will change the political landscape according to your preference?

After all these years, have you had the sinking feeling that you have been had by the democracy and the deep-rooted political system in the America?

Do you know why?

Because the Supreme Court of the United States allows American corporations and labor unions to contribute as much money as they want to any candidate they choose.

Do you think that Trump pays more attention to you or to what the billionaire Adelson have to say? Do you think your $25 check can force Trump to move America’s Israeli Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?

This is America’s democracy. This is the swamp Trump said he’ll drain once elected to the president of the United States.

Now, you know the rest of the story.

Wow! 窩裏反了! April 30, 2018

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Source: Fox News

There is more!

source: Fox News

Last I checked, Palestinians, just like Saudi Arabians, are predominantly Sunni Muslims.

So, we have a sunni muslim nation supporting Israel and trashing a fellow Sunni muslim nation.


Gift to Kerry from Netanyahu August 13, 2013

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Here is the BIG headline from Reuters:

Peace talks resume under cloud of Israeli construction


And this is what Netanyahu is offering to The US and Kerry:

  • A small carrot: Release of 26 Palestinian prisoners.
  • A BIG “Don’t mess with me” warning sign: Construction of 3,100 new settlement homes in West Bank.

26 vs. 3,100: no comparison in numbers at all.

So, after construction finishes, more than 7,000 new Israeli residents will be living there.

What are you going to do, Kerry?

You can bitch all you want behind closed doors; I politicians like you do that away from cameras, but you have little option to stop Netanyahu from completing these new houses.

Israel needs new land. Israel needs new citizens. Netanyahu will continue to do what he thinks is the best for Israel whether USA likes it or not.

Do you think this run of peace talk will be going anywhere?

Palestine will protest. Palestinian chief negotiator will walk out of the meeting.

And that will be the end of it.

Peace in the Middle East? Not in another 1,000 years!


Sharia is creeping in, one school at a time October 11, 2010

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The Cambridge school district will close school one day per year to observe Muslim holiday.

It is only fair that Cambridge school district should close for a day every year to observe Buddhism holy day too.

Should Pagans get a day off too?

Well, there are Hinduism, Atheism and other ism’s in the US. SHould they get a holiday too?

I don’t think so. Only Muslims talk about killing infidels. Only Muslims talk about submit to sharia law.

The United States becomes more polarized by the day because Islams becomes more prominent in Americans’ daily lives whether they like it or not.

How come the conflicts between Islam, Christianity and  Judaism are such a dividing issue in the US?

The list is endless:

The ground zero mosque, the school holidays, meaning of Christmas, football practice after midnight, the burning of Koran, fight between Israel and Palestine, Jerusalem, 9-11, etc.

World peace, anyone?

Keep Yousef in the United States June 28, 2010

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Mosab Hassan Yousef was born in Palestine.

Yousef’s father is a founding member of Hamas.

Yousef was trained as a terrorist when he was a young boy.

At 17, Yousef was captured off the street of Palestine by Israel soldier.

Yousef was kept captive and tortured because his father was a leader of Hamas.

Yousef hated Israel but through the examining his life and his family’s policies turned into an informer for Shin Bet; Israel’s Internal Security Services.

Yousef went through a “crazy transformation” from hating Israel to working for Shin Bet (Israeli Security Agency) and from Islam to Christianity.

Yousef worked for Shin Bet for 10 years and through his position kept his father’s name off Israeli’s assassination list.

Yousef published a book called “Son of Hamas: A Gripping Account of Terror, Betrayal, Political Intrigue, and Unthinkable Choices” in March 2010.

Yousef reveals in the book that he helped Israel prove that Yasser Arafat was using American aid money to fund terrorism.

He also helped Israel captured terrorist leaders such as Ibrahim Hamed, Marwan Barghouti and Abdullah Barghouti.

Yousef’s father disowned Yousef earlier this year because of the shame Yousef bought to his family and became a target of Hamas.

Yousef applied for political asylum with the Department of Homeland Security for obvious reasons but his application was denied because DHS thought he is a threat to US security.

DHS lawyer Kerri Calcador cited an incident where Yousef drove a suicide bomber from one location to another location inside the Palestine as proof that Yousef engaged in terrorist activity.

Yousef now is facing deportation back to Hamas and a court date with an immigration judge in San Diego on Wednesday.


Who gave the order to deny Yousef’s political asylum? Obama?

What were the grounds for the denial?

Who ordered Kerri Calcador to prosecute Yousef?

Is Kerri Calcador a Democrat?

Obama gave Hamas $1 billion dollars. Why? Isn’t Hamas a terrorist organization with Iranian ties?

Obama has ordered secret meetings with Hamas; what did they talk about?

What were the purposes of these meeting?

Who attended these meetings and under who’s order were these meeting took place?

Did Hamas at these meetings ask for Yousef returned to Palestine?

Was this request one of the conditions for allowing the United States continuing discussion with the Hamas?

Will Yousef be killed by Hamas if he is deported to Palestine?

What messages did Obama want to convey to the Israelis and Muslims?

What’s going on with this Obama?

The only answer I could come up with is:

Obama is a Muslim and Obama hates Jews in Israel.

What do you have to say?

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