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Big money April 29, 2017

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I am not talking about “Wheel of Fortune” where contestants yell “Big Money” in excitement after spinning the money wheel.

I am talking about big money on bombs; the GPS guided bombs. It has been reported that the America has dropped so many bombs against IS in Iraq and Syria that the U.S. military is actually running out of bombs now.

According to DoD data, 23% of the total cost ($11.9 billion through 2/28/2017) was spent on munitions: about $2.9 billion on bombs, bullets and grenades. 

I wonder how many IS fighters have been killed by bombs and how many innocent civilians have died from the bombing. 
Here is one version from the Pentagon based on a report from Zero Hedge:

It seems that either these America-made bombs have eyes or the Pentagon is doing a poor job misleading the world. 

By the way, the Wall Street Journal reported in June 2014 that IS only had 4,000 fighters in Iraq. 

Has America committed war crimes or are these civilians merely collateral damages which can’t be avoided in a war?

Alliance on Nautilus: The Origin of the Universe April 29, 2017

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Trump 吹牛不打草稿 April 29, 2017

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Like broke almost all his pre-election promises.

梨園湯包舘 April 29, 2017

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果然不錯,排隊有理,沒讓我們失望。總管很客氣,耐心的跟我們介紹他們的特色。我們問他是不是老闆,他說他是店長。可能也有分紅吧。點菜的小姐和送菜的小姐都很年輕,很客氣也很有禮貌。不像有些餐館,忙起來把客人當牛趕。真差勁。店長還說 他們有很多外賣的,都是附近的居民,在他們餐館吃了好多年了。







台北車站紅豆小館 April 29, 2017

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He used to be a boss April 28, 2017

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Now Trump works for American people. 

Actually he is a confused, incompetent, highly paid and eat-his-words-for-lunch public servant.

People who don’t see him eye to eye protest his policies on the street. Latinos want him gone yesterday. Blacks mock him. Muslims loathe him. Conservatives have second thoughts on his resolve. The twitter world attacks him viciously. Artists use his face and his big mouth to create urinary bowls. Hunters use his face for target practices.

Liberals hate his gut. The press is on his back everyday, watchs his every move and asks him pointed questions whenever he does something or says something in public. Democrats are his meanest adversaries. They say bad things about him on Sunday talk shows and on prime time TV. The Freedom Caucus disagrees with him and he can’t do anything about it. Federal judges block his executive orders. FBI investigates him. Senate and House committees probe his ties with Russia. NFL players don’t want to meet him in the White House. Some on the left even doubt the legitimacy of his presidency.

Foreign leaders in private treat him like a joke. Kim of North Korea dares him to send aircraft carrier Vinson to his country. Abe asks him for permission to do this and that without paying for any of them. Putin doesn’t give a damn to what he wants to do. Merkel doesn’t respect him. Xijinping makes sure he’ll behave in public before agreeing to meet him in Florida.

His foreign policies change from “America First” to “Trump Follows.” His first military invasion into Yemen got off track from the start and he end up with an egg on his face.

Funding for his beautiful wall is off the table this year because Democrat threatened to shut down the government. His vow to repeal Obamacare died in the House. His budget appears to be DOA. His hand-picked advisor was removed from important positions. His team is in disarray.

When he was a boss, he could walk away from people he didn’t care for and from deals he didn’t like. 

Now he is the top public servant of the nation, the buck stops at his office. He has no one else to pass the s*** to anyone else.

Poor Donald has no place to hide.

He can quit. 

Jean-Paul Hevin Chocolatier, Taipei 101 April 28, 2017

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The first time my wife and I came to 101 several years ago, we had xiaolongbao at dingtaifeng; 鼎泰豐小籠包。I got a case of very serious food poisoning from eating crab-egg infused xiaolongbao. For at least 45 minutes, I went in and out of the bathroom just around the corner from dingtaifeng five times before I could walk by myself. From then on, I have stayed away from 101 because, as Chinese would say, once bitten by a snake, a person will for 10 years be scared of ropes; 一朝被蛇咬,十年怕草繩。

A few weeks ago, my daughter and my son-in-law came from NYC to visit us and they wanted to do what most tourists do in Taipei: go to the observatory deck of 101. That’s the time when I came back to 101 and discovered the food court at the basement of 101.

Today, we are back to 101 to explore. First stop is the Jean-Paul Hevin Chocolatier on the fourth floor. We skipped the afternoon tea for two ($1,280 NTD for 2) and went for coffee, tea and couple of slices of cakes. 

The coffee/Chocolate shop is in the middle of the center court on the fourth floor. It is surrounded by world renowned boutique shops like Prada, Miu Miu, DeBeers, Louis Vuitton, Dior and Bvlgari. Another coffee shop, Sweet Tea, shares the spacious and high (80′ tall) ceilings center court with Jean-Paul Hevin.

Six sets of comfortable leather seats with wooden tables and eight 2 tops surround the glass-enclosed service area. Dark blue carpet, wooden cabinets and a display case filled with enticing chocolate desserts make Jean-Paul Hevin a relaxing but rather expensive place to spend a cozy and pleasant afternoon.

Each of those small squares of chocolate can be had for $130 NTD

It turns out that our coffee, tea and cakes cost more than the afternoon tea set for two. Silly us.

Moving out and Cashing in April 28, 2017

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The path to riches for any American politicians are quite straigh forward:

Being able to lie is a positive on your resume. If it comes naturally, you are born for the job. You are good at debate in high school and quick on your feet. You start from school board, move on to city council, get into state office, work your way up to Washington DC representing your district, become a governor or Senator and finally throw yourself into the center ring of the presidential circus. If you have what it takes or luck is looking after you, you end up as your party’s presidential candidate. 

Finally, you face your opponent in a few more rounds of debates on national TV, and on the election night, you either become the president or you go back to your old job.

While in the oval office, you start enjoy the fruit of your success big time with tax payers funded vacations complete with your own chef, butler and a big flying limo.

After you do your time and pay your due in that big boring old building, your earning power takes a big jump the day you walk out of that fortified compound.

Obama did just that and it is time for him to cash in. 

Well, everyone does it why can’t he?

See the number of fingers? Of course I didn’t say a word. I just let my fingers do the talking. Cantor Fitzgerald countered 250. We settleed on 4. Everyone was happy. $400,000.

Billy did it for 250. Hillary, a two-time loser, also pocket 250. Being the first black president and a 2-term president, it is only fair for Obama’s $400,000 engagement fee. Obama once called Wall Street bankers ‘fat cat’ for a reason. A skinny cat just can’t afford $400,000, can he? People who called Obama “hypocrite” are jealous because no fat cat will ever ask them to speak, not even for free.

Let’s be frank, what comes out of Obama’s mouth, isn’t very important. Cantor Fitzgerald doesn’t care much what Obama has to say. People go to that kind of events for one thing and one thing only. It isn’t food. It is the connection they are after.

Cantor Fitzgerald won’t fork out the entire $400,000 either. It is a tax deductible event and tax payers may foot part of the expenses.

Also, don’t expect liberal media will report this because that’s just the way America is. No big deal. 

To hell with the 99%. It’s not Obama’s problem anymore. In fact, it never was. It’s time to enjoy life.

MOAB did this April 27, 2017

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If you only watch American media, you’ll think that Pentagon has defeated the IS in Afghanistan with one big MF MOAB on 4/13/17.

2003 test.

BBC’s reporter, Auliya Atrafi, went to the site to inspect the damage first hand and said this:


The BBCreporter also said that the MOAB did kill many IS fighters but more IS fighters who wear 6 pairs of socks (no shoes so that they can sneak up to government soldiers) come back. Maybe the U.S. needs to drop more MOAB to scare the IS fighters into submission, otherwise, Trump may want to send in more American boys and girls to fight the IS on the ground.
In any case, read or watch BBC News to get the real scoop instead of the make-naive-Americans-feel-good fake news.

Auliya Atrafi has this to say at the end of his report:

量子技術 April 27, 2017

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