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Democrats aren’t much better October 13, 2018

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Most Americans are screwed no matter which party is in power.

Republican’s tax cuts are extremely good for the top 1%. The other 99% won’t get much. The U.S. is saddled with a bigger deficit and a accelerating national debt it has no way of paying it off.

Democrats like to tax and spend. Higher taxes reduce Americans’ take home pay. It’s bad. Bigger government spending increases deficit and national debt. It’s insane.

Yes, I agree that without doing something on the entitlements, America is screwed. Reducing welfare benefits, seniors and poor Americans are doomed. Letting welfare benefits grow like they have been in the past, the middle class will see a bigger portion of their income goes to others who can’t support themselves. The top 1% won’t feel a thing.

Either way you look, America is doomed.

No matter which party is in charge, poor Americans will be poorer.

The middle class will continue to pay.

But, the top 1% are untouchable. They’ve been laughing to the banks. They will keep donating to the Democrats and Republicans and claim tax deductions to lower their income taxes. Life is peachy for them thanks to the Democrats and Republicans.


你說美國丟臉不丟臉 September 16, 2018

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我從一開始就不喜歡 Clinton 因為他是民主黨黨員,他是個貨真價實的 womanizer,他太 slick (滑頭),他太會說謊,他太沒有人格。他歧視黑人,骨子裏是一個 racist 可是他會演戲,經常把自己裝扮成黑人的總統。雖然他的經濟政策對美國好,他的外交和貿易政策對中國有利,可是,當他被共和黨的下議院 impeach 的時候,我一點都不替他難過。他遺臭萬年,他自作自受,活該。

我也不喜歡 Trump 。不過我覺得 Trump 比 Clinton 還要糟糕。

Trump 是”白人至上”的鼓吹者。他歧視黑人,西班牙裔人,信仰穆斯林教的阿拉伯人和亞洲人。他只顧自己的面子,說謊不打草稿,根本不會臉紅。他目空一切,自以為是,沒有 class,是一個自戀狂。他是一個比 Clinton 還要下流的 womanizer。現在,被他性侵過的這位女子要 Trump 上法院公開作證,許多美國人一定迫不及待的想看這一齣精彩的,真人真事的好戲。

除此之外,Trump 沒有美國總統應該有的基本知識,是世界和平的威脅。他攪亂了世界貿易秩序,視美國盟友爲敵人,用經濟制裁和提高關稅來打擊美國的貿易夥伴。

目前種種跡象顯示,十一月初的期中選舉以後民主黨會控制美國國會的下議院。許多民主黨黨員會迫不及待的彈劾 Trump 以報共和黨彈劾 Clinton 的大仇。我不會同情 Trump 因為他跟 Clinton 一樣,自作自受。活該。

24 are all Democrats need August 22, 2018

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That’s how many seats Democrats need to win back the House this mid-term election in November.

Mid-term elections can be very brutal for the sitting president and the party in power. American voters tend to use these elections to take revenge on the sitting president and the party in power. Republican’s sweeping election victory in 1994, known as the Republican Revolution, was a good example which turned the control of the House and Senate from the Democrats to the Republicans. It gave Clinton a huge black eye and stunt the Democrats because their 40 years of uninterrupted control of the House ended.



What will the Democrats do if they win back the House this November 6th? The very first thing Democrats will look into on November 7 is to decide who will be on the committee to impeach Trump in 2019 for colluding with Russia in 2016 presidential election, abuse of power, conflict of interests, misconduct and obstruction of justice.

Maxine Waters will have a shot to chair the committee and several other Democrats such as Al Green and Brad Sherman will join her in this political high drama. Staff members will comb through Republican’s records on Clinton impeachment and devise a plan of attack to attract maximum political gains for the Democratic party and its members. It will also be designed to prevent Trump to run for re-election in 2020.

The impeachment process will drag Trump, the White House, the presidency, America political system, Americans and the image of America through the mud for a year or more including live interviews, under oath depositions and prime time shouting matches on TV for the entire world to see. It will be their revenge for Republicans’ impeachment on Clinton for perjury and obstruction of justice.

I believe that Democrats will proceed with the impeachment process even though they don’t have the majority in the Senate because the Democrats want to embarrass Trump more than removing him from the WH.

The impeachment will also put an immediate stop on all Trump policies domestic and foreign. The U.S. federal government will cease to operate for all practical purposes and no new laws will be passed because Trump will not sign and law sent to him from the Democrats.

What will Trump do if he is called to testify before the House? Will we see shouting matches between Trump and Waters in the chamber of the Congress?

No matter what take place between Trump and the Democrats, America’s Democracy system will be tested, Americ’s image will be soiled, America’s standing in the world will be damaged and America will be the laughing stock in the world for years to come.

Everyone knew Trump lied about and later foolishly covered up the collusion August 8, 2018

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It was a very stupid move by a very stupid Trump when the stupid Trump told his stupid Jr. what to say after the Trump Tower meeting with the lawyer from Russia. The stupid Trump and everyone else, including Fox News’s Hannity, knew about the collusion but wouldn’t admit it. The stupid Trump spent the past 20 or so months denying about doing it but Cohen’s tape changed everything.

What’s important now is that Trump has finally admitted it in public and America’s political system has to decide what to do with Trump and Jr. If the party majority is flipped in November, Trump can regret his stupidity when he answers Mueller’s questions behind closed doors.

Democracy: one person one vote July 26, 2018

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There is more though: you can contribute your $25 to your ideal candidate who says that he or she supports your favourite idea.

Fair enough.

This is Democracy. This is the United States of America.

But, whom will your candidate listen to, you or Koch?

Source: Flipboard

The New Jersey suckers May 16, 2018

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Hello, the NJ suckers, be ready for more illegal immigrants flocking to the great State of New Jersey.


Your state representatives want the illegals so badly that they are spending your money freely to secure Latino’s votes for their re-elections.

I don’t know the logic behind this piece of legislation signed by the governor of New Jersey. New Jersey already has one of the highest taxes, highest debt obligations and largest exdous of people to the other states in the United States.

Free tuitions may not sound much, but be worry about what they will bring in a few years.

White House hypocrisy May 13, 2018

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Here is the logic of White House’s complain:

It is okay to laugh about McCain’s dying in private. However, when the joke was leaked to the news media, White House is furious.

Here is what’s transpired:

In private:

“It doesn’t matter, he’s (McCain) dying anyway.”

After it was leaked, White House had this to say:

“He (McCain) and his family are in our prayers during this difficult time.”

I bet you a shinning nickle that people in the White House don’t mean that at all. They absolutely have no intention to pray for McCain. Sanders was upset because the conversation was leaked.

The epitome of hypocrisy.

The irony of Comey vs Trump April 13, 2018

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Comey and Trump, what a political couple: From allies by serendipity to employee and boss to reluctant friends to former employee to name calling to archenemy to making millions from selling books slamming his former boss and Impeachment?

What a great realty show on earth with Trump being mocked at on TV shows and judged by people all over the world. Trump is no longer the boss of the show but a poor old man with an uncertain future and no place to hide. He has few friends but many enemies and his enemies are profiting from the unending saga.

Now we all know how politics is being played at the highest office in the United States of America.

  • Comey helped a great deal to land Trump in the White House by going after Hillary a few days before the election.
  • Comey investigated the “peeing-on-each-other-in-Moscow” Trump which was alleged by Steele’s Russian dossier. Comey was asked by Trump to do so.
  • Trump asked Comey for loyalty and stop Flnny’s investigation by FBI. Comey promised honesty.
  • Trump fired Comey which led to the appointment of special counsel Mueller.
  • Trump calls Comey a “slim ball” and said that “it was my great honor to fire James Comey.” Comey called Trump “unethical, and untethereUfrom truth’.
  • Because of the bad blood between Comey and Trumo, Trump is going to help Comey sell a lot of books.
  • Without Trump, Comey is still working at FBI waiting for his pension. No one will remember who Comey is.
  • Now, thanks to the “weak and untruthful” Trump, the “untruthful slim ball” will live happily after on royalties from his book at the expense of Trump.
  • Poor Trump did all this to himself.

Bail out of a sinking ship April 11, 2018

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Starting right from the top.

This is big and disastrous for the Reoublican Party In November. Ryan already seen the writing on the wall and he decided to leave when the leaving is still good.

川普記仇 April 6, 2018

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Trump 記仇最好的例子就是 McCabe 在他退休前一天 (差不多 26 個鐘頭) 被 Trump 解僱的事了。

Trump 壓迫他的司法部長 Sessions 要他解僱 McCabe ,因為 Trump 說 McCabe 泄露機密,不夠誠實。其實,Trump 真正解僱他的原因是:McCabe 知道太多有關 Trump 競選指揮部和蘇俄之間的秘密。

McCabe 並不是一個無名小卒,他官位極高,是 FBI 的第二把交椅。他知道 Trump 對他有成見,於是決定在他五十歲生日那天退休,因為他在那天退休就可以拿提前退休的終生俸了。Trump 知道他要提前退休,也知道他退休就可以拿提前退休的終生俸。Trump 就壓迫他的司法部長在 McCabe 可以享受退休俸的前一天把他炒魷魚,活生生的讓 McCabe 不能在他 65 歲時拿政府給的終生俸。

光從這一件事來看,你就知道 Trump 這個人的心胸狹窄,沒有一點點寬宏大量的君子之風。Trump 根本就是一個小人得志,有仇必報的人物。他一旦抓住 McCabe 的小辮子就不放,拼命要置 McCabe 於死地。

這下好了,McCabe 每年大約美金 $6 萬,一共美金 $180 萬的終生俸就這樣泡湯了。可憐的 McCabe,碰上 Trump 這種老闆,真是叫天不應,叫地不靈,吃了黃蓮,有苦說不出。Trump 嗎,他絕對會洋洋得意跟他的朋友說,他就是不要 McCabe 拿不到終生俸,讓他知道誰是真正的老闆。



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