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China quietly reshapes the world order October 29, 2017

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China Is Quietly Reshaping the World


Source: Flipboard, The Atlantic

China is bringing hope and prosperity to millions of people who have been sadly left behind by America’s world order over the past seven decades.

China’s Xi Jinping is working on One Belt One Road while America’s Trump tweets petty insults to others.

A new world order is emerging and the Middle Kingdom has returned.

Trump vs black women October 26, 2017

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What’s Trump’s Problem With Black Women?


The answer is very simple: Trump despises black women, I might add, black man and colored people.

Source: Flipboard

Source: Flipboard

1.34 million October 26, 2017

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That’s number of officials at every level of the Chinese government who have been arrested, tried, jailed and stripped of power by Xi Jinping since 2012.

The extensive nature of this anti-corruption purge was necessary because graft in the Chinese governments and military forces prior to 2012 were so severe that Chinese citizens have lost confidence in the Communist Party. 

Bribery, embezzlement, kickback, hush money, shaddy conducts, extortion and cash for stars (rank) in the military were so rampant that the entire nation was mired in severe materialistic satisfications and unchecked addictive buying. 

The materialistic mindset affected the psysche of the Chinese people who, with their new found fortune, have blindly pushed up prices of luxury goods all over the world. Aquisitions of LV bags, Hermes, Cartier, Gucci, Chanel, Armani, Tiffany, Rolex, wines from Château Latour, maotai (茅台酒), western and Chinese artworks, Ferrari, Porsche, Benz, BMW, and luxury apartments in cities all over the world were all the rage of the entire soceity.

Previous leaders have their hands tied and have lost control of the Communist Party. It was widely recognized inside and outside of China that something has to be done to right the ship before it rocked the foundation of the nation.

After five years working tirelessly at this thorny issue, Xi Jinping at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China can point to these 1.34 million criminals and show the Chinese people this unprecedented accomplishment in recent Chinese history.

Call it whatever you want, power grabing, purging of the opposition, one thing which can’t be denied is that the mindsets of common Chinese people have changed. Gone is the mindless pursuit of materialistic satisfication which I have observed first hand in Shanghai and cities I have traveled. In its place has been a return of sensible life style and a living within your means and saving for the raining days attitude. Binge buying still exists but it certainly isn’t widely spread like it used to. Government officials have pulled their horns for fear of being reported by regular people. Luxury hotels and 5-star restsurants all over China have gone out of business. Prices of fancy goods have dropped because of lack of demand. Even the officials of the central government have reduced un-necessary wasteful spending when treating foreign diginitaries. 

One has to wonder that can this kind of success be achieved in a democratic system in such a short period? With 關係and 關說 so prominent in Taiwan, can this kind of purge be done in Taiwan?

Highly unlikely.

The U.S., Iraq, the Kurds and Iran October 24, 2017

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The United Stated has turned Iraq upside down and then shoveled the country America built into the arms of Iran.
Nice job.

The U.S. insisted that Iraq’s Saddam Hussein had WMD.

The U.S. invaded Iraq and killed Saddam Hussein. Some speculated that Hussein got himself eliminated because he traded Iraqi oil for Euro instead of the USD. The U.S. couldn’t tolerate that.

The U.S. dismantled the Iraqi army and sent all Hussein’s soldiers home.

The U.S. built a new Iraq, selected Al-Maliki the  leader of the new government, gave him a ton of American tax money and fooled the Iraqi people to vote him in as Iraq’s first prime minister.

The U.S. called the outcome the will of the Iraqi people, patted itself on the back and called it a shinning example of democracy for all Muslim countries to see.

The U.S. claimed that the democratic Iraq a trusted friend in the all important Middle East region.

The U.S. believed that the new, pro-America Iraqi government established a geopolitical equilibrium between Iran and Iraq.

The U.S. military forces were completely kicked out of Iraq by the democratic Iraqi government America built. Obama called it the will of the American people. The withdraw of American soldiers helped the insurgence of ISIS.

The U.S. wanted to get rid of Bashar al-Assad of Syria and formed a pro-America government but couldn’t decide whom to support.

The U.S. created a power vacuum in Syria, Putin saw the opportunity and established a military base in Syria. Russia has entered the Middle East and popped up al-Assad’s government.

The U.S. president’s (Obama) indecision in Syria allowed ISIS to strengthen which occupied part of Syria and a big chunk of Iraq.

The U.S. decided to go back to Iraq to clean up the mess it left behind. American special forces supplied the Iraqi army with American’s advanced weapons and trained the Iraqi army to use these weapons.

The U.S. supported the Kurdish Peshmerga forces because they knew how to fight the ISIS while Iraqi army ran in panic and fled in their humvees from the battle field.

The U.S. doesn’t want Iraqi Kurds to declare independence because it will make Turkey and Iraq mad at the U.S.

The U.S. couldn’t do anything when people in the semi-autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq voted in a referendum and declared independence.

The U.S.-equipped Iraqi army decided to get rid of the Kurds and took over the Kirkuk oil field from the Kurds in a matter of two days. The Irancbacked militias helped.

The U.S. asked Iraq to disband the Iraqi militias because the fight against the IS in Iraq was almost over.

The U.S. is ignored by the Iraqi PM who called the Iran-backed militias, called Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilisatio,) the “hope of Iraq and the region”.

The U.S. lost trillions of dollars and the lives of thousands of American soldiers for nothing. The Iraqi government America built became an ally of Iran. A new equilibrium has emerged in the Middle East thanks to American’s nations building efforts.

What an irony.



Eataly Caffe, NYC October 22, 2017

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Our son told us about this place when we were out walking in NYC.

This is an iconic eatery in NYC and it offers thousands of import goods from Italy. It’s huge, it is clean, it is fun to browse, it is inviting and it isn’t cheap. Additionally there are several restaurants offering a wide range of Italian dishes for customers to try.

$15.95 for a hand full of spinach and a few slices of apple.


$40 to walk out of the restaurant.

真麻煩,半路殺出一個哎娃納 October 21, 2017

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不知道 Trump 家裏是不是要爭誰是第一女兒和誰是第幾兒子的事。當然還有可能爭第幾女婿和第幾媳婦的問題。




What’s going on in U.S.A.? October 20, 2017

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The following screen shots from major news outlets give you a fair representation of what goes on in today’s America, arguably the most powerful nation in the world according to Trump and many far right people in this country.

I can tell you that it isn’t the same country I came to forty some years ago.

There is no doubt that American weapons are more advanced, fighter jets are more powerful, aircraft carriers are bigger and missiles are much more accurate. 

But, are people in this country happier and better off than before? 

Are people in this country more united for common good than before?

Are people in this country more positive about their future than any time in the past?

Are people in this country more confident that the nation is headed to the right direction?

Take a look of these screen shots and decide for yourself. They were all taken on the same day,  October 20, 2017.

American dirty politics October 19, 2017

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All out in the open for everyone to see. 

Conservatives: The Fox News

It’s intetesting to see two completely different view points spun by conservatives and liberals.

The liberal: The New York Times.

Trump said he had proof. White House later said that there was no tape.

Let it rip and see where the chip falls. This is democracy Americans are proud of.

理髮 October 19, 2017

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Well, 幾十年下來,一毛工資都沒有給她,小費也沒給過,到這個地步,我也沒有什麼可以抱怨的了。



在 Northern Virginia, 我有時候去 Hair Cuttery. $14 剪一次。不洗頭。不過要給小費!$5一次。

後來我都去 Chantilly 的 Lotte Market。它裏面有一個韓國人開的理髮廳。韓國老媽媽剪一次頭髮 $9,小費 $5。比 Hair Cuttery 便宜。

有一次,我們在 Bali 的 St. Regis 玩,我去 Bali 的市中心剪頭髮,$3。 

去 NYC 剪頭髮,我也是找最便宜的。結果在紐約唐人街找到好幾家,$7一次。


當然,紐約有許多比較貴的,像在 SIHO 靠近 Clinton Street 那裏有許多理髮店。理一次頭髮要 美金$40。你要洗頭髮,對不起,再加 $20。加上小費,出門以後口袋就輕了許多。女生剪頭髮比男生貴,至於貴多少 我沒敢問。


到台灣以後,我在林口剪頭髮很便宜:新臺幣 $100 一次。不洗頭。理髮廳門口有一個機器,你塞 $100 進出,一張單子出來。給個號碼,按順序剪頭髮。不洗頭。一次差不多美金 三塊錢。不用給小費。我頭髮少,不到十五分鍾,頭髮剪完了,吸塵器吸一吸,梳子梳兩下,清潔溜溜,就把我趕出來了。台灣人工便宜,從理髮都看的出來。不知道這是可悲,還是可喜。






新客多快剪:新開的。在匯智廣場地下室。就在金科地鐵站一出來的邊上。對面是 Auchan菜市場。每天大概有幾千人來來往往。



¥35 塊剪一次的理髮店關門以後,我就來這剪頭髮了。很方便,不用鈔票,只用支付寶或微信付錢。一次¥38塊人民幣。

最早開張時,它採取動態收費:越忙的時候越貴。不忙的時候反而便宜。不過差別不大,只有¥8人民幣左右:¥42 vs ¥34。後來取消了,統一價,¥38。男女老少一個價錢。只剪,不洗。





盒馬, a house in a box? October 19, 2017

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“Have you seen it?” My wife asked.

“What?” I said.

“he ma.” She said to me, somewhat agitated, “I lined it to you yesterday.”

“No.” I replied. “There isn’t much to see. I have seen 河馬 (he ma, hippos) before. They aren’t exactly pretty.” I said to myself.

“I told you to check it out yesterday. How come you haven’t done it?不乖.” She raised her voice and starred at me.

“Okay. Okay. I’ll do it right after I finish reading Trump pissing off at someone again.” I promised her.

Well, this is what she sent to me which was almost trashed by me because I seldom watch vedio sent to me by all my friends.

Well, now that you have seen it like I have, you know that this “he ma” isn’t “hippos” (河馬) and it isn’t “a horse in a box”, as in 盒馬, either.

We are talking about a brand new way of “fresh and live” grocery shopping in China; developed and operated by Alibaba: 盒馬鮮生, thecinstitue.net.



~$120 USD each at 上海盒馬鮮生

Well, we just have to check it out next time we visit Shanghai next spring.

And, wouldn’t you know it, there is a 盒馬鮮生 at 長泰廣場 which is about 15 minutes from my apartment in Pudong, Shanghai.


I already have alipay on my cellphones. All I need is to download 盒馬鮮生 app, set it up and start eating. Or shopping.

Yes, you can buy fresh seafood at 盒馬 and 盒馬 (盒馬) will cook for you right there, just like 龜吼, except it’s indoor and probably cleaner. 

I hope 盒馬 served cold beer too.

I can’t wait.

Oh, yes, if it is raining outside and we don’t want to go out, I can place an online order using my phone app and it will show up at my apartment within 30 minutes.

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