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Yellen the Lightweight July 31, 2014

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If you happened to hear Grandma Yellen’s news conference last time after Fed’s FOMC meeting a couple of monts ago, you know she’s a light weight lamb among the Inflation wolfs.

Her answers gave the audiences the feeling that everything is peachy and there is nothing to worry about. Economy is humming along even though it barely moved above inflation. She also insisted that inflation is nothing to worry about because the Fed is on top of everything. She’s the one who will provide forward guidance to lead the bond and stock markets all over.the worl. She is the one who will calm the financial market when things may go wrong. Rate increase is months away. Taper will do the trick now. She is on top of everything and there is nothing you need to worry about.

She is also data depedent. She just can’t tell you anything without this morning’s data.

Here was what she said when someone asked her if she’s confident on the economy: “Well when you say confident I suppose the answer is no, because there’s uncertainty.”

Hmm…, give me a break.

I’ll cut her some slack because she’s new. But I just don’t trust her with the stock market and my retirent funds.

I’ll be watching you.

The Kingmaker has failed miserablly in Iraq July 30, 2014

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America has for decades played a ‘King Maker’ role with other countries’ governments in the world. It financed the opposition party of the govrrnment in power. It invaded other countries. It set up military bases and selected persons loyal to the U.S. and made them ‘King,’ all in the name of national security and in the name of promoting democracy as the supreme government system for the affected countries and the peace of the world. America then showered the new ‘King’ with American tax money and used billions of green backs to seal off oppostions’ objection hoping the new ‘king’ can fortify his new-found power under the protective shield of American military prowess.

The ‘New World Order’ or ‘The Rule of Governance’ envisioned by the US for the world is ‘democracy’ in countries that’s important to the US and it has never been shy about its intentions.

The problem is that it seldom works. Take Iraq for instance: Maliki was put in power as a puppet for America. Maliki believed he has enough power and a strong military force to protect his power base. He asked US to leave because the opposition don’t want America in its country. It also believe that their oil production and export will be big enough to do without American’s financial support. The trouble for Maliki and American’s ‘democracy everywhere’ dream is that the religion got in the way.

It looks like that we’ll have a morden version of ‘新三國演義’ in Iraq. ISIS will not stop making its move toward the south because that’s where the money is. We’ll see how it will play out in years to come. 0

Iran was like that. Iraq was like that. Egypt was like that. Libya was like that and the list goes on. Saudi has rejected the ‘democracy’ call because America for 40 years had to relied on Saudi to keep the oil flowing. American presidents have learned their lessons and they dare not to ‘pull tooth from a lion’s mouth’ or ‘在老虎嘴裡拔牙.’

Well, I am not sure America will stop ‘making Kings’ around the world. They probably will avoid the Middle East and change its targets to South East Asian countries.

America has a new ‘Cold War’ to fight with China.

Mark my words! It is happening now no matter how much American government denies its intention.

Well, the problem for America is that Obama has made Putin America’s enemy No. 1. Worse, there is no country in South America which can call America friend.

The fundamental problem

Is the market about to tank? July 29, 2014

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Take a look of this chart and what do you see?

 Source: Bloomberg

The current stock market hasn’t had a 10% correction for more than 1,000 days now. I made this chart about 200 days ago and the chart suggests that the longer the market goes up without a 10% correction, the harder it will fall when one is coming.

There are four data points: 850 days: -19%; 1,250 days: -34%, 1,450 days: -22% and 2,950 days: -19%.
So, which one will the pending correction will be?
I don’t know but it is going to be painful.



Teflon Obama July 28, 2014

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Obama scandals are many:

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~
Obama’s muslim faith
57 states in the U.S.
If you like your plan, you can keep it.
I you like your doctor, you don’t have to switch
Obamacare will reduce your insurance premium by 25%
Obamacare will not increase federal deficit
Fast and Furious
NSA on just about everybody
VA mismanagement
DoJ investigated reporters
Bowe Bergdahl
Closing Guantanamo Bay
Modifying Obamacare
Illegal Immigrant Children
~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

But not one scandal sticks to Obama.
I call Obama ‘The Teflon Obama.’
You might want to call Obama the
     “poly-tetra-fluoro-ethylene Obama”
It’s the same thing.
‘non-sticking Obama’ is okay too.

What do Republican Party and 國民黨 have in common? July 28, 2014

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Both are ineffective in dealing with the the opposition party, both are being marginalized politically and both are totally out maneuvered by the opposition.

Both have an ineffective leader who doesn’t know how to lead and both leaders will lead their respective party slowly fade away into sunset.

Your DoD; Our Money; No Accountability July 28, 2014

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According to a soon to be released report, 43% of the guns and small fire arms Pentagon sent to Afghanistan security forces can not be located.

The price tag: $626 million.

If you work for a company and some how misplaced $626 million worth of company goods, what will happen to you?

You first get fired and then the company will take you to court. They’ll try everything to find the goods and you probably will go to jail for a long time.

At Pentagon, they’ll issue a report telling whoever cares about this why this is happening. They’ll then declare that they have done everything they could to find out what the problems were and outline what they’ll do to eliminate the possibility of it happening again.

Or they won’t because not many citizens will ever know something like this had ever happened.

Or they will assign someone at the Pentagon to see what can be done to salvage things.

Or they will do this:


Source: Fox News mobile site.

No one will ever go to jail. No one will ever get demoted. No one will ever get his pension cut. No one will ever be accountable for this.

That’s to be expected at any U.S. federal government agency and DoD isn’t going to be different.

Yeah, feed them toufu July 26, 2014

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American tax money goes down the drain because Afghanistan people don’t like toufu.

$34 million of American tax money was used to plant soy beans for Afghanistan people but they are not fond of products made from soy beans.

The free but ludicrous program; called ‘Soybeans for Argriculture Renewal In Afghanistan Initiative’ is a product of American federal government: total mismanagement, minimum government oversight, disastrous financial waste and absolutely no accountability. Someone must have gotten awfully rich out of this program but no one like what come out of the dirt.

Who came up with this kind of ridiculous program to begin with? Who in the American federal government signed off the program? Who got rich by ripping off American tax payers?

No answer. No body cared.

What do Democrat and 民進黨 have in common? July 26, 2014

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They work for their party but not for the interests of the people. They want power and they get it by sacrifing the  interest of the people and the prosperity of the country.

They are shrewd, shameless, ruthless,  unrelenting, and very good at what they do. They are like the killing machine in politics.

Party’s agenda was advanced. Party’s power was greatly expanded. Opponent was in disarray but the growth of the economy was reduced. Structural problems weren’t addressed. Deficit was greatly expanded but people’s jobs were eliminated and their salaries slashed.

Party got stronger. People got poorer. It shouldn’t be like this.

Mr. Sikorski, did you talk about the US or Obama? July 25, 2014

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Yeah, that will be my first question to Mr. Sikorski about his ‘worthless’ comment on Poland’s tie with the US.



The second question would be: ‘Mr. Sikorski, could you elaborate on Poland being a slave or sucker to the United States?’

All kidding aside, the bigger issue to US is what prompted Mr. Sikordki’s comments and how many of Poland’s people have similar thoughts on US-Poland relationship?

I have always thought that only certain middle east countries hate the United States. I am probably wrong on this.

Lower skill level – Lower productivity July 24, 2014

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This inevirtablly translates into slower growth in the United States. The data don’t lie and the trend is obvious.



Source: The Economist

The reason: fewer smart people come to the U.S. to work.

Decades ago, many highly educated people from abroad came to the U.S. for advanced degrees. They then stayed here and worked for the U.S. in pursuit of their American Dreams.

Nowadays, their dreams are in China, Korea, Singapore, India, Russia, Brazil and a few other nations. The highly educated people still come to the U.S. for advanced degrees but they go back to their home countries because prospects are brighter there.

With Obama and Democrats encourage illegal immigrants come to and stay in the US, there are millions of less educated people from Mexico and central America countries flooding the border states. These people stayed here with little chance to get deported back to where they came from. They drain public resources and add considerable burden to American tax system. For years, they’ll take and they have little to contribute.

The result: slower growth for years to come and perpetual mediocrity; the hallmark of the Democratic Party.

Simple as that.

Do you need a PhD in Economics to figure this out?


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