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打起來了 June 16, 2018

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Source: CNBC


First run:

U.S.’s $50 billion and ZTE sanction vs. China’s $34 billion.

Winner: None. Loser: China and America people.

Second run: to be started soon.

U.S.’s $100 billion vs. China’s $100 billion


No deal for Manafort because he has nothing to offer June 16, 2018

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Trump scandal’s biggest fish so far. He’ll probably stay in jail for the rest of his life. Another reason that he didn’t agree with a deal assuming one was offered is that Trump will pardon him.

The Trump saga continues and the fat lady hasn’t showed up yet. She’ll sing soon.

Games Israel played to influence Trump June 16, 2018

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Source: Flipboard/The New Yorker


It took me more than an hour to finish this very, verylong article by Adam Entous of the New Yorker. If you have time to read it like I did, you’ll find out how really BIG MONEY influenced America’s presidential election, how money bought influences and access at the highest level of the American government, how Trump agreed to move American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem for Adelson’s checks and how Trump’s New Middle East order was crafted by neo-conservative Jews in the U.S. and Netanyahu, the PM of Israel.

You will know how Jews and other people like Kushner, M.B.Z., Dermer, Netanyahu, standing-on-his-wallet Adelson, Bannon, Trump, M.B.S., Emirates and Saudis, who got together before and after the 2016 presidential election to help elect Trump to be the president of the U.S. and to lay the foundations of Trump’s Middle Each policy. These people dispised the Palestinians, sold them out to please the Israelis and turn a blind eye on Netanyahu’s settlement projects in the West Bank.

They demanded Trump to dismantle the Iran nuclear deal, agreed to an alliance between Saudi Arabia and Israel, blockaded and isolated Quata and countered the advancement of Iran and Russia in the Middle East.

Have you been faithfully voting in the American presidential elections believing your precious vote can make a difference in American government?

Have you been sending your $25 to your preferred candidates believing he or she will change the political landscape according to your preference?

After all these years, have you had the sinking feeling that you have been had by the democracy and the deep-rooted political system in the America?

Do you know why?

Because the Supreme Court of the United States allows American corporations and labor unions to contribute as much money as they want to any candidate they choose.

Do you think that Trump pays more attention to you or to what the billionaire Adelson have to say? Do you think your $25 check can force Trump to move America’s Israeli Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?

This is America’s democracy. This is the swamp Trump said he’ll drain once elected to the president of the United States.

Now, you know the rest of the story.

臺灣地震 June 16, 2018

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臺灣從 921 地震以來,所有新蓋的大樓都要符合新的防震設計法規。我們這個大樓據說是日本(沒錯,又是日本)的防震設計。

我聽一個臺灣的專家說臺灣沿海的斷層比較短,因為這個緣故,臺灣不會產生跟日本311那麽大的大地震。19 年前的 921 地震發生在南投縣。它在臺灣中部山裏面。那個地震是一個 7.3 級的地震。因為臺灣許多老的建築都沒有任何防震設備,許多房子和大樓都倒了,四千多人死亡,一萬一千多人受傷,財產損失超過新臺幣三百億元。它是臺灣近幾年最大的地震。一直到現在,還有許多倒塌的房子沒有整理,沒有重蓋。

以前我們住在 Wyoming 州的一個山窪窪裏的小城裏,四面都是高山。整個小城的長住居民只有一萬七,八千人,大學開學後才有兩萬五千人。可以算得上是一個鳥不生蛋的地方。雖然我們離新生代的洛杉磯山脈不遠,可是我們沒有地震。那裏也沒有什麼其他的天災。唯一麻煩的是我們的冬天很冷,很長,雪下的很多。我們那個小城有一年每一個月的下過雪的記錄。後來住 South Dakota。那兒沒有天災,不過冬天依舊還是很冷。

搬到 Dallas 去以後,不冷了,可是它的天氣也好不到哪裏去。夏天炎熱無常,我們在的時候,曾經有過連續35天,天天超過華氏 100 度的記錄。我們從冰箱出來,老遠的跑到烤箱裏受罪去了。Dallas 夏天還有龍捲風。它的破壞力超強,不知什麼時候會發生,也不知道會吹到哪了。離我們家最近的一次大概只有一兩個英里。夠危險了。夏天偶爾也有冰雹,最大的冰雹跟乒乓球一般大。冬天也會下一,兩次雪,有時候不下雪,下冰雨。整個城都被一層兵蓋住了。車不能開,人不能走,連出去買個菜都不行。有時候,兵太重,把電線壓斷了,還會停電。

搬到北 Virginia 以後,除了冬天下雪,夏天偶爾有颱風,不過都還可以忍受。每年冬天總要下個兩,三次大雪。一下下一兩天,地上積雪十幾,二十寸村。學校停課,餐館不開門,聯邦政府不上班,連大購物中心都不開門。地震在我們住過的16年之間只發生過一次。因為這裏很少有地震,那個五級的地震就把大家都震住了。連華盛頓的紀念高塔都震壞了。


君子報仇十年不晚 June 15, 2018

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Source: Bloomberg


I don’t know which side will come out ahead in this trade war between China and the U.S. but I believe the ongoing tech embargo against China will definitely put a dent on China’s “Made in China 2025” initiative. Don’t forget that ZTE’s fate, possibly Huawei’s too, is still in the hands of Trump and the U.S. Congress. It’s unfortunate that China doesn’t have anything equivalent to counter America’s punch.

However, this is not the whole story: The U.S. is not fighting a trade war with China alone. The U.S. is fighting with China, Japan, Russia, Iran, Koreas, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela and the EU, It’s not just China will retaliate, many other countries will retaliate too. All at the same time. Can Trump and America’s labor market take this assult from all sides at the same times?

I don’t think so.

A better question is: Can Trump states’ economies take the attacks before the November election?

The answer is: no.

The next logic question to ask is then: can Trump survive impeachment if Democrats take the House and the Senate in November after Trump’s trade war begins to inflict damages to the U.S. economy?

Definitely not.

As the excerpt below states, the current setback on China’s tech arms race against the U.S. isn’t all bad: there might be a silver lining for China after all.

Source: Bloomberg


Chinese often say that “君子報仇十年不晚.” It means that “a gentleman will have his revenge in ten years.” Xi Jinping, of course, is very familiar with this concept when he deals with Trump and whoever comes after him. Trump is in the game for instant gratification and political payback. China is in it for the long haul and Xi Jinping knows it.

Well, China just got whacked by a 2×4. But, the curse could be a blessing in disguise. Chinese call this “轉機. 2025 is 7 years from now and the U.S. will do all it can to stop China from reaching this goal. But, China is no longer a 省油的燈. Even though the threat is very real and the enemy is formidable, China, with its steadfast resolve, a stable political system, the accumulation of wealth and the support of the Chinese people, will push ahead and work out a way to reach its goal in time. If it can’t be done in 7 years, China will do it by 2028 and has its revenge in 10 years if necessary.

Good for them! Go Canada! June 14, 2018

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Canadians are boycotting US goods, Trump over tariffs


The resentment turns into actions. Way to go!

美國選出個老皇帝,他的名字叫 Trump June 14, 2018

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https://dailym.ai/2MowQYC via http://dailym.ai/android

Trump punishes people who offend him not much different from Kim Jong Un who executes people he doesn’t like.

Chinese has a saying that “like-minded people congregate together”: 此所謂”物以類聚”是也。That’s why Trump, the 美國皇帝, praised Kim Jong Un, the North Korea dictator, and shamelessly called Kim “talented and loved”! I wonder where did that talent and love come from?

Was Trump so mentally challenged that he is unable to separate right from wrong? Did Kim Jong Un promised Trump a super real estate deal on “the beach” which Trump couldn’t refuse? Did Trump forget how Kim forced him to the negotiation table because, after three decades of research and repeated testings, Kim has successfully developed an intercontinental nuclear missile program dispite repeated threats of military interventions from Trump?

While Trump praised Kim, the sworn enemy of Trump and the U.S. just a few days ago, he threatened America’s most trusted ally, Canada, and declared that Trudeau’s back stabbing against him would cost Canada “a lot of money”. What is the matter with Trump who behave like a street thug who roammed a quite neighborhood and threatened everyone who disdained him?

I actually feel sorry for Canada which we have a fond memory of. However, Canada’s economy is roughly 1/12 the size of the U.S.’s and, worst, almost 70% of Canada’s export goes to the U.S. I’ve mentioned before that Trump “記仇” or “holds a grudge” against anyone who offends him. If Trump acts upon his “lose a lot of money” threats against Trudeau, Canada will likely suffer significant set back of its economy.

對牛彈琴,Source: BBC News

Trudeau has said publically that Canada won’t be pushed around by Trump but Canada’s options are rather limited. Any serious increase in tarrif on Canadian export, such as automobile, dairy products and lumber, will cause significant interruption on Canadian’s financial markets and inflict real damages on Canada’s economy.

Deep inside, the Canadians I knew resented their bigger southern neighbor. They would be fuming about Trump’s repulsive personality, cussing about Trump’s deplorable trade policy, cursing about Trump’s despicable threat against their young PM and begrudging about Trump’s betrayal against a close and loyal friend.

Unfortunately, they also realize that the disproportionate nature of the two economies and recognize that Canada is ill-equipped to defend Trump’s trade war.

It will be interesting to see what Canada can counter Trump’s irrational and menacing threat.

China’s domestic super drilling rig completes first mission – China Plus June 13, 2018

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Source: China Plus



There are plans to increase Crust 1’s drilling capability to up to 15,000 meters, or about 50,000 feet.

No doubt about it June 12, 2018

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Sourc; CNBC https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/12/china-is-having-a-big-day-after-trump-kim-summit-ex-diplomats.html

It will be a wonderful day for China and Koreas when American troops are completely out of the Korean peninsula. America’s defense budget will probably shrink by about $1.5 billion per year too.

Of course, America has about 50,000 troops and an aircraft carrier fleet stationed in Japan which probably cost the U.S. tax payers $5.5 billion each year. Well, has any American asked just what kind of return has America received from that kind of investment for the past 50 years? Of course, Japanese economy got an unwanted boost from American tax payers and local bars saw a bunch of drunken American soldiers over the weekends.

But, what did American taxpayers get other than some jobs in defense related companies such as Honeywell, Raytheon, LM and GD? Not much more!

Let’s see what China can do June 12, 2018

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China to launch $47 billion fund for investment in strategic, emerging industries – state planner

Source: Flipboard


Hope China learned from ZTE’s lesson and learned it well.

China’s dream depends on it.

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