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Is a book from McCabe coming? March 20, 2018

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This poor guy, McCabe, was savagely fired by Sessions under pressure from Trump two days before his 50th birthday.

The number 2 guy of the FBI, or the COO of FBI, was publically humiliated by Trump and, because he was terminated 2 days before he was eligible for retirement, he will lose his government pension. As the deputy chief of the FBI, his pension is estimated to be as high as $1.8 million, or about $60,000 a year.

Trump was so thrilled of McCabe’s dismissal he called the firing of McCabe “a great day for Democracy.”

The real reason McCabe got fired by Trump was because he has been involved in the Mueller investigation. In other words, he knew too much.

In reality, Trump got rid of McCabe to set an example for all top level officials in the Justice Department and, of course, the FBI, that if I, Trump, don’t have your loyalty, what happens to McCabe is what you can expect too.

We call this kind of political assassination “殺一儆百”。

We also have a perfect name for Trump too: 暴君。

Although Trump got rid of McCabe, it may be too late for Trump.

Is McCabe working on a book deal? He should if he wants to get some of that pension money back at the expense of Trump.

Comey was fired By Trump. His tell-all book has been the #1 book on NYT’s best selling list even though the book isn’t out until mid April.

McCabe should begin to make contacts with NY’s publishers by now.


Is the bear coming? March 20, 2018

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The stock market has been testing the recent low it made on 2/8/2018 when DJIA was officially in the correction territory down from the all time record high of 26,616.

Bloomberg this morning reported that Trump is about to hit China with a massive traiff of $60 billion. It may come as early as this Friday.

Source: Bloomberg

When it happens, America under the unhinged Trump is essentially begging for trade wars with China, Japan, Korea and many of its European trading partners too. Trump’s recent unilateral steel and aluminum tariff against America’s top 10 importers, with preferencial treatments for Canada and Mexico, got the trade war started.

The financial market is rightfully nerveous about Trump’s policy because the bear has been hibernating since the financial crisis instigated by the United States of America in 2009.

But, do you remember that the not so smart Trump has repeatedly bragged about the surging stock market last year, gleefully boasted about the success of his economic policies and called the DJIA to head to 30,000.

But, where was Trump when DJIA plunged more than 1,000 points two days in a row in early February? Where was Trump when the financial markets were un-nerved by his irresponsible and reckless trade policies?

So, where is that not so smart Trump now?

He is waking up the bear.

But, you probably didn’t remember that merely 5 months ago from taking credit for DJIA’s performance in January 2018, that same not so smart Trump called the stock market a “big bubble.”

Laugh if you want. Cry if you must. This guy is the president of the United States of America who was elected by the people of this country.

Do you see a problem with the United States of America?

You probably have no idea March 20, 2018

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Do you know how many wars that the United States of America is fighting now?

Seven, according to an official report from the White House to the U.S. Congress.

Yes, Seven wars. America is fighting seven wars






Syria, and


Actually, America is also fighting several proxy wars as of now:

According to wikipedia, America is currently fighting eight proxy wars in the worl:

  • Allied Democratic Forces insurgency since 1995,
  • War in Darfur since 2003,
  • Paraguayan People’s Army insurgency since 2005,
  • Yemeni Crisis (part of Iran-Saudi Arabia proxy conflicts) since 2011,
  • Syrian Civil War since 2011,
  • Syrian Civil War spillover in Lebanon since 2011,
  • Ukrainian crisis since 2013,
  • 2nd Libyan Civil War since 2014.

Naive and simply wrong March 20, 2018

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The U.S. can reduce its trade deficit with the world very easily if Americans just stop buying things made in foreign countries and start living within their means.


We all know that they won’t because they like their 15 credit cards, 0% interest rate on balance transferred, minimum monthly payments and 65 inch TV for the holidays and Super Bowl.

America’s mounting national debt, growing deficits, insatiable personal debts and low savings rates will one day come back to bite them hard. That day is coming fast with a reckless Trump in the White House.

The global trade relationship has indeed been an unfair one for the foreign countries because Americans have enjoyed cheap goods for decades while keeping the destruction to the environment in other countries.

Worse, many of these goods are made by American companies operating in foreign countries. These products are then shipped back to the U.S. of A for maximum profits. They benefited from foreign government incentives, municipal tax holidays, plenty of cheap local labors, very affordable land, lax regulations, minimum environmental oversight and lower income taxes.

Their operating profits enriched company officials, made millions for their shareholders, created jobs in foreign countries, left uneducated Americans with low pay jobs and contributed to inequality in the U.S.

The facts on U.S. labor market suggests this has indeed been the case: according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs in manufacturing sector have decreased from 39% of all jobs in the U.S. in 1943 to just 8.5% in 2017.

Selectively raising tariff on imports punishes countries which are less able to defend themselves or those deemed unfriendly to the U.S. of A.

The unilateral action by Trump will definitely provoke other countries to take defensive actions against U.S. imports.

Tariff is a double edge sword. It hurts both ways with no clear winner from the trade war at all.

By instituting tariff on imports, America is asking for a trade war and a trade war is inevitable no matter how Navarro spins it. Higher tariff will not work out fine and the world will not be a better place because of what Trump has done.

And who is to blame for this? March 16, 2018

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No one but Trump.

And it may be too late for Trump and the Republican Party.

Maxine Waters is pretty happy March 16, 2018

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You might not know who Maxine Waters is. That’s okay. She is as liberal as anyone gets.

But if you do know who she is, you should agree with me that she is pretty happy about the result of Penn-18 special election a few days before.

Penn-18 is short for Pennsylvania Congressional Distriction 18. This district was drawn up by state Republicans such that it almost gurantees a Republican win in any congressional race. In fact, Penn-18 is so conservative that Trump carried the district by 20% over Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. And Democracts were so disgusted that they gave up the district without fielding a candidate in 2 previous elections.

Well, after 14 months in the White House, Trump is no longer welcome in Penn-18 and a young Democratic candidate just won the Penn-18 special election over his older Republican opponent by less than 600 votes out of about 210,000.

So, what did all these Penn-18 election tidbits have to do with Maxine Waters?

It turns out that Trump is very mad at Maxine because she wants to impeach Trump.

Trump called Maxine “low IQ.” She fired right back with a new nickname for the president of the United States: “Donald the con man.”

With name calling down to this childish level, one might ask out loud:

How low can it go?

After all, we are talking about two distinguished members of the highest level of the government of the United States of America.

So be it. What can you do with the president of the United States of America who has no class and no manner? 看笑話吧。

Let’s get back to Penn-18 because the special election result can be extremely significant especially for Trump.

The way that Penn-18 turned against Trump suggested that Democract might win back the majority in the House this November. If it happens, Maxine Waters will have a realistic chance to actually impeach Trump.

Bannon once said that Trump may not finish his first term in the office. Judging from the 20 point swing against Trump in Penn-18, he might be right.

The mid-term election is less than 8 months to go.

While Trump is seemingly picking fights with just about anyone, Muller is investigating Trump’s empire, Kushner’s dealing with foreign interests and collusion between Trump and Russian government before the 2016 presidential election.

So, is Trump in a shithole? Besides Mueller, Trump knows the best.

A peek inside Putin’s Russia March 16, 2018

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Does Putin’s Russia reject the West? – BBC News


It is a long but very interesVeryand informative read.

You’ll like it.

台灣崇日,真搞不過 March 14, 2018

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That’s what I meant that Trump 記仇 March 13, 2018

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CNN proofed me right on my statement that Trump 記仇:

Source: Flipboard

Another reason why Tillerson got fired; He isn’t a “Yes Man”.

i.e., a Yes man March 13, 2018

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小心,Trump 記仇。

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