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美國保守派白人的最後掙扎 August 17, 2017

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I can’t stop blaming you 

By Donald Trump


(I can’t stop blaming you)

I’ve made up my mind

To live in memory of my stupid times

    (I can’t stop pissing you)

    I have more foolish things to say

    So I’ll just tell my lies in dreams of yesterday

    (Dreams of yesterday)

    Those obama days that we once loathed
    Tho’ long ago, they still make me fume

    They say that I broke many laws 

    But laws mean nothing since I took the dump

    (I can’t stop blaming you)

    I’ve more foolish things to say

    To live in memories of my stupid times

    (I can’t stop pissing you)

    I’ve more foolish things to say

    So I’ll just tell my lies in dreams of yesterday






    川普除了放火燒自己的屁股,就沒有做幾件對美國有好處的事。他競選的支票沒有幾張兌現的。他兒子和蘇俄外交官與律師接頭以及川普修改他們會議的原因,遲早會帶給川普一大堆麻煩。還有 Mueller 的 grand jury 更是川普的剋星。川普就像一個火爐上鍋子裏的青蛙。水溫一點一點的增加,川普想跳也跳不出去,只有在裏面等水開了被美國最厲害的律師剝皮。




    禍不單行:WH Paralyzed, Trump terrified August 9, 2017

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    A completely paralyzed White House:

    1.WH Chief of Staff Reince Priebus sacked.

    2. US AG Sessions publically huminiated by Trump. 

    3. Obamacare repeal failed at U.S. Senate after many tries by the Republicans.

    4. Mooch fired as WH communication director after 10 days of becoming one.

    5. A bipartisan vote of a tougher sanction against Russia was overwhelmingly passed by the Congresd and Trump had to sign it into law. It drastically reduces Trump’s ability to lift sanctions against Russia: a huminiation to Trump presidency.

    6. Mueller empaneled a brand new grand jury in DC looking into Trump campaign’s colusion with Russia.

    7. Republican and Democratic Senators draft bills to protect Mueller from Trump.

    8. Details of Trump’s January calls with leaders of Mexico and Australia leaked. Trump asked Enrique Peña Nieto stop publicly saying not to pay for the border wall because it made Trump looked bad. Trump said to Turnbull: “I hate taking these people (refugees from mostly Muslim countries.) I guarantee you they are bad.” 

    Mueller impaneled a grand jury to investigate Russia’s interference in the US presidential election. The grand jury sits in secret, subpoenas witnesses,demands documents, evaluates the case and issues indictments if it deems it appropriate. 

    Trump has to be scared by Mueller’s grand jury which has ttemendous power to look into Trump’s past dealing with Russia. Worse for Trump, the grand jury was impaneled in Washington D.C., which Hillary won easily in 2016 with 95% of the vote. Trump’s chance of a fair trail isn’t very good. 

    Can Trump sleep well tonight knowing that Mueller’s lawyers are checking his financial records and NSA are checking his and his family’s emails and phone calls?

    Probably not.

    Mueller and Grand Jury August 2, 2017

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    It takes many lies to cover up the first lie.

    We all knew how it got started; an innocent email promising dirt on Hillary:

    This was how the first lie got started from the very top:

    Then there was the 2nd lie to cover the first one:

    Then the third:

    There will be more lies later. Just wait and see. Some lies have already said behind closed doors but we don’t know what they were. More lies from Trumps will come and the situation isn’t pretty for Trump or the Jr.

    We all know they lied. Trumps all know that we know they lied. Mueller knows that Trumps lied. Trump and Junior are betting that the Mueller can’t proof anything.

    If he can, Trump has to step down and Jr. may have to spend some quality time behind bars.

    Trump and Jr. are scared because they have too many skeletons behind closed doors and some Republican Senators are doing their best to protect Sessions from being axed by Trump.

    Don’t believe for a moment that there won’t be any more leaks from the WH despite Kelly’s appointment.

    The real fight has just begun July 30, 2017

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    Some Americans are proud of their government. They believe that it is the best there is in this world; balanced power-sharing scheme, independent-minded branches and free of corruptions. Whether that’s the case in reality is open to discussion.

    There are three independent branches: the administration, the legislature and the judicial. Each has its own distinct power and each works on its own. The term Americans often cite for how their government works like a well-greased machine is “checks and balances.”

    Well, the Administration has some say on domestic issues but its hands are tied because the Congress holds the string to the purse. But, in foreign policy and starting wars against other countries, Congress has little leverage on what the Administration choose to do.

    Congress is where politics is being played on almost every issue regarding how tax money is distributed: defense, social welfare, education, energy, art, science and many other areas.

    These two branches are well-tuned political machines and both are not shy to play dirty politics to the fullest just to gain a little advantage over the other party. 

    America’s judicial system is supposed to be apolitics. The judges are supposed to interpret the law without any personal bias or political inclination. These “saints” in black robes hold tremendous power and usually have the final say on almost every issue affecting people’s lives.

    That’s where politics are being played to the fullest between the liberals and conservatives.

    Wow, if that happened, the defeat of Hillary by Trump will set liberals back by decades. 

    We’ll see if Trump can keep his seat.

    The pitfall of American democracy  July 28, 2017

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    Once every two years American voters head to the polling places to elect their congressperson. Once every four years they choose about one third of their senators. And of course, they choose their president when they vote for their senators.America called this democracy. Basically, it is a government where majority rules. No matter the majority is 50.01% or 80%. 

    Because these these representatives, be it the congressperson or senators, want to keep their jobs the next time around, it creates some very funny situations before elections. It’s really human nature which is at work here: Greed, power grab, fear of losing their jobs and pass the can to the next guys so that I can keep my job.

    Democracy creates politicians who usually lie when they open their mouths. 


    Because they want to keep their jobs. 

    And what standard do voters use to decide which one to vote for?

    Simple: the more pork these politicians bring back home, the better chance he or she will have at the ballot box.

    It is simply a giant bacon feast at Washington DC around this time every year when federal spending budgets are being decided by 535 people plus the vice president.

    Democracy also corrupt politicians’ souls because they have to lie for the sake of his or her re-election.

    Democracy brews hatred among different classes of people because politicians take from one group and give it to another. 

    Democracy incites class warfare because politicians stir up conflicts between ethic groups for the sake of their politcal future.

    Democracy is poisonous because it encourages politicians making promises they can’t keep after election.

    Democracy makes voters gullible because they choose what they like to hear and block out things they don’t wsnt to know.

    Democracy is a game of bending with the wind because politicians conduct polls in their own district to determine which bill to vote for and which one to block.

    Democracy is powerless to do the right thing, like cut spendings, because to do so is to offend a group of people which increase the possibilty of  eliminating his or her own job.

    Democracy is a game of winning that 0.01% at the ballot box. To hell with the 49.99%. I win. You lose. It is that simple.

    Democracy is susceptable to impass by default. A majority of 50.01% doesn’t produce any mandate by any measure. In addition, the structure and special rules of American Senate make passing any bill a difficult one. As a result, many bills languish in the Senate and the country waits and progress gets delayed.

    What if all politicians can serve only one term, say 8 years with no chance of re-election?

    There is a problem with that too. Politicians will make as much as he or she can for him or herself while in the office. Politicians everywhere do that all the time. Legislators in Taiwan come in mind. Only a few unlucky ones, like a few ex-presidents of Korea and Taiwan for example, got caught and served jail time after their terms finished. The majority are laughing to the bank and live a comfortable live at tax payers expenses, e.g., 李登輝 of Taiwan.

    Such is democracy America practiced and promoted to the world.

    And who got shafted?

    The tax payers.

    Democracy = 搞不定了 July 21, 2017

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    美國三權分立,相互監視就真的那麽有效率嗎?共和黨要幹掉 Obamacare,在Obama在位時就搞了好多次,結果一次都沒有成功。好了,現在共和黨有了白宮,有了國會,有了最高法院,可是這個政府又爲人民做了些什麼呢?







    Russiagate July 15, 2017

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    Fox News anchor Shepard Smith attacks Trump administration’s ‘lies’ http://dailym.ai/2vmQJWY via http://dailym.ai/android

    Is impeachment coming? Maybe Trump will resign like what Nixon did.

    Big trouble for Trump and Republican majority May 14, 2017

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    If Democrat took the Senate in 2018, Trump will be in troubled wster until he leaves the WH in 2020. If Democrat took the House, Trump might get impreached. The liberal judges on the Supreme Court won’t retired until Trump is out in 2020.

    Moving out and Cashing in April 28, 2017

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    The path to riches for any American politicians are quite straigh forward:

    Being able to lie is a positive on your resume. If it comes naturally, you are born for the job. You are good at debate in high school and quick on your feet. You start from school board, move on to city council, get into state office, work your way up to Washington DC representing your district, become a governor or Senator and finally throw yourself into the center ring of the presidential circus. If you have what it takes or luck is looking after you, you end up as your party’s presidential candidate. 

    Finally, you face your opponent in a few more rounds of debates on national TV, and on the election night, you either become the president or you go back to your old job.

    While in the oval office, you start enjoy the fruit of your success big time with tax payers funded vacations complete with your own chef, butler and a big flying limo.

    After you do your time and pay your due in that big boring old building, your earning power takes a big jump the day you walk out of that fortified compound.

    Obama did just that and it is time for him to cash in. 

    Well, everyone does it why can’t he?

    See the number of fingers? Of course I didn’t say a word. I just let my fingers do the talking. Cantor Fitzgerald countered 250. We settleed on 4. Everyone was happy. $400,000.

    Billy did it for 250. Hillary, a two-time loser, also pocket 250. Being the first black president and a 2-term president, it is only fair for Obama’s $400,000 engagement fee. Obama once called Wall Street bankers ‘fat cat’ for a reason. A skinny cat just can’t afford $400,000, can he? People who called Obama “hypocrite” are jealous because no fat cat will ever ask them to speak, not even for free.

    Let’s be frank, what comes out of Obama’s mouth, isn’t very important. Cantor Fitzgerald doesn’t care much what Obama has to say. People go to that kind of events for one thing and one thing only. It isn’t food. It is the connection they are after.

    Cantor Fitzgerald won’t fork out the entire $400,000 either. It is a tax deductible event and tax payers may foot part of the expenses.

    Also, don’t expect liberal media will report this because that’s just the way America is. No big deal. 

    To hell with the 99%. It’s not Obama’s problem anymore. In fact, it never was. It’s time to enjoy life.

    The Wall April 26, 2017

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    Chinese has six simple words to describe something unrealistic: 鏡中花,水中月;flowers in the mirror or moon in the water. These things are merely images. They are not real.

    One by one, Trump’s election promises have become flowers in the mirror or moon in the water. They are merely words from a politician because politician’s promises are meant to be broken, Trump or no Trump. 

    Last year, Trump has repeatedly said that he’ll build a tall and beautiful wall and he insisted that Mexico would pay for it. He then said that he’ll ask Congress to pay for that beautiful wall using American tax money. Now, he changed his mind and said that he will not seek funding for the wall now.

    Source: BBC News.

    Maybe we can call Trump’s border wall: 霧中牆 or a wall in the fog; now you see it, now you don’t.

    We’ll lump our three expressions together to emphasize that Trump’s election promise is just that: out from Trump’s mouth and into your ears. 

    Nothing to it. No big deal. Don’t lose any sleep over it. We are used to your lies.


    By the way, has the White House received all the designs of the border wall yet?