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20 promises but none kept by Trump December 30, 2017

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Robert Reich: Trump Voters, He’s Taking You For Suckers


For a more detailed account of Trump’s campaign promises and an update of their progresses, check out the link below.


The swamp in Washington D.C. just got quite a bit deeper and bigger as we are approaching one year anniversary after Trump moved in the WH.

Yet, America still thinks that democracy and broken promises from elected officials are the right way to manage this broken country.

Go figure.


We the people have absolutely no say on this December 17, 2017

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Just like when Democrats were in charge after Obama was in the WH, the Republicans own all four branches of the government.

Democrates’s Reid and Pelosi used their majority positions and fuzzy math to pass the Obamacare with no input from the Republicans or the people.

Now, McConnell and Ryan take a page from Democrats’ playbook and fuzzy math to push the tax reform through the Congress without consultation from the Democrats and the people.

Sound familiar? 


And were the people informed on the deficits the bill will generate in the future?

Not just the next decade. 

I want to know what’s going to happen in the next 20, 30 or 50 years.

The US calls this democracy but it can’t even convince American people to trust the products coming out of the failed process.

Republican’s Moore justification December 5, 2017

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Two seat majority in the Senate is everything to Trump and the Republican Party at this point in the current election cycle. The stain on the Senate, thus the nation, that comes with Moore’s winning next Tuesday just isn’t that big a deal to Trump, McConnell of Kentucky, Hatch of Utah and Republican National Committee any more. 

From the righteous moral highground of ‘No Moore in the Senate’ a few weeks ago to ‘we’ll take him comes next Tuesday’ now is simple shameful. 

As for Trump, he and Moore are one of a kind, the kind of ‘He didn’t admit the crime’ in Sander’s book. Since they two are such a good match, what’s not to like of each other. Once in Washington, Moore and Trump can compare notes more easily in their spare time.

Republicans, get your red carpet out! Moore may show up next Tuesday night. Americans, have your heavy duty scouring pads and soaps ready. You will need them to wash off the stains Moore brings to the nation next week.

公說公有理,婆說婆有理 December 3, 2017

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This is the oroblem with economics: no one has any clue as to what’s going to happen in ten years with the new tax reform bill.

Democrats say: $500 billion, $1 trillion or $1.5 trillion deficit added to the national debt in 10 years with the rob-the-poor-and-soak-the-rich tax plan.

Republicans say: revenue neutral, beyond revenue neutral or 3+% annual GDP growth from the historical and boldest re-write of the tax code ever.

The schmos: Is there anything we can do?

Trump: Four more years! Four more years!

National Debt:

@ 2017/12/03, 20:10:28

A liar in the WH November 29, 2017

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Source: WP


Totally absurd.

What else can you say? Blame democracy. Trump is a very bad and unfortunate product of American democracy. 

Still better than having BJC & HRC in the WH though. Trump has money. He just lies because he can’t help it. BJ&HR remember their Little Rock days well. They are greedy. They would auction out every night of the Lincoln bedroom to the highest bidders.

W/o Trump, there is less entertainment and fewer dramas for the world to see. It also goes a long way to show the world just how bad American democracy can be.

A side benefit of Trump WH is that Trump and his tweets drag the U.S. down the drain which is good for the world. Best of all, there is absolutely not a damn thing American people can do before 2020.



The deep hatred just won’t go away November 14, 2017

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好好的一個咖啡機,就因為這家公司把支持保守派的廣告撤了,這些人就把家裏的 Keurig 咖啡機打爛。不知道這些人腦筋裏的那根筋彎了,還是家裏的錢多的不知道怎麼用?


Roy Moore 是美國阿拉巴馬州共和黨參議員的候選人。Jeff Sessions 是阿拉巴馬州前一屆的參議員,美國總統競選時,他大力支持川普。川普當選後,把他提升成為美國 Justice Department 的老闆。Moore 就是共和黨初選後的候選人。Moore 非常,非常保守,以前做過法官。川普本來不支持他,但是,川普支持的初選失敗了。共和黨沒辦法,只有頂他上架。誰知道,最近這幾個禮拜,已經有幾個女人出來說 Moore 以前非禮過她們。Moore 當然是一概否認。

從這一個小小的報導,你就知道為什麼川普到現在還有 33% 的美國人支持他,而美國的種族歧視問題有多麽的嚴重了。我猜,這 33% 的人民中間有99% 是白人,而白人之中可能有85%是男人。

這件事其實並不簡單,也不是 Moore 一個人能不能在十二月當選的事。共和黨現在有52席。如果 Moore 沒選上,共和黨只有 51席。共和黨的問題還不止如此:共和黨的肯德基州參議員被鄰居打了一頓,斷了好幾根肋骨。還有一個參議員病重在家修養,不知道什麼時候能回來報道。亞利桑那州的參議員有腦癌,不知道什麼時候要回醫院。Moore 如果選不上,共和黨就快完了。川普也不會有什麼好日子過。從這一點你就知道為什麼這些人要打爛它們的咖啡機了。

另外,雖然下面這件事跟 Moore 無關,但是,我認為,它也反映出美國白人潛意識之下,歧視黑人的問題。

四個在 Niger 被埋伏暗殺的軍人當中,只有一個是黑人,而川普只跟這一個黑人的太太說過:”他知道參加軍隊是可能會為國捐軀的”這種沒有人情的話。你說這是不是有點那個?


從這兩點來看,你就知道川普做人做事的問題在那裏了 。

而美國的 33% 人民還是盲目的支持他。這就是美國的民主。川普在2020年再說服其他 17.1%的人投票給他,他就可以連任了。


America’s democracy is a disgrace November 4, 2017

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Is it time to start asking the government of Kenya or Zimbabwe to organize an international observer team to over see American’s mid-term election next year?

Of course, that’s sachasm. But seriously, shouldn’t American tax payers start to demand government accountability by exposing crony capitalism, misuse of tax mony, corruptions, paybacks, revolving door on government agencies and other malfeasance.”

Look at the tactics utilized by America’s two major political parties: The Republican Party and the Democratic Party.

The Republican Party – cheats on election.

And can you believe that a U.S. presidential candidate openly asked a foreign country, Russia, to release his or her opponent’s emails?

The Democratic Party isn’t any better – it cheats on election too.

I diliked slick willie from day one and believed his enabler, Hillary, stuck to him for her own political gains. In that regard, I believed that Hillary was a calculating, shrew, harridan, dishonest and greedy politician.

So, was I surprised to hear this? Not at all.

In the end, the candidate with fewer popular votes became the president of the United States. Called it democracy if you like. Call it constitution if you like. Don’t you think the guy in the WH is in someway not that legitimate? Not that I prefer the other one. Believe me, I don’t. To me, any one is better than having Bill as the president again and Hillary as the vice president.

Source: The Splinter

Then, consider the following highlights of American’s democracy’s achievements:

  • The rich donors get paid with access, government contracts, special projects and political paybacks after the election, 
  • The special interest groups get to influence election outcome, 
  • About 59.7% of eligible voters voted in 2016 presidential election, and 
  • Just a little over 1/3, 36.4%, of eligible voters voted in 2014 midterm election, the lowest in 70 years,
  • The regular tax payers have little to say about the election outcome, and,
  • Once an incompetent person is in the HW or the Congress, regular tax payers have no recourse except wait for the same four years later.

美國的民主政治 vs 中國的集權統治 October 18, 2017

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這篇文章是復旦大學中國研究研究員宋魯鄭在中國十九大開會前夕寫的。文章刊登在BBC News 中文網站上。值得一看。

Source: BBC News 中文版


Source: BBC News 中文版








Clinton開始,美國就跟全世界說,伊拉克的 Saddam Hussein 擁有WMD。Bush Jr. 上臺8個月後發生911事件。美國以國家安全爲理由在2011年10月入侵阿富汗,在2013年3月入侵伊拉克。(Saddam Hussein 在 2000年10月堅持以歐元,不用美元,交換伊拉克的石油可能是美國攻打伊拉克的原因之一。)Bush Jr.爲了保護美國人民和本土,把美國的外交政策推向極右派好戰的陣營。2007年3月,美國次貸危機和 2008年9月的金融危機把全世界推向經濟蕭條的深淵。美國經濟衰退,欠債累累,失業率激增。這些事在2008年11月把Obama 推上了美國總統的寶座。


Obama 在他執政的八年中把美國的外交和內政推向極左派的自由主義陣營裏。對外,放棄美國霸權拒絕做全球警察,從伊拉克撤軍使得ISIS崛起,對阿富汗增兵然後撤軍,打擊以色列,討好阿拉伯回教國家,對中國採取“亞太再平衡”的圍堵政策,對蘇俄兼併克里米亞採取經濟制裁卻反而把蘇俄推向中國的懷抱。對敘利亞畫下紅線卻不採取行動,攻打ISIS不盡全力反而讓蘇俄在敘利亞建立軍事基地,簽訂伊朗核武協議,對北韓核武發展束手無策,進行TPP,TPA和TTIP談判,簽巴黎氣候協議增加美國公司負擔,影響美國勞工就業市場。最後在民主黨即將失去多數黨地位前與古巴建交。對內,他上臺後不立即更有效的用財政措施來拯救美國經濟,反而用他所有的政治資本來推動醫保全民化,簽訂 Dodd-Frank法案約束金融機構,約束石油公司,徹底打擊國內煤炭產業,濫用總統的行政權力變相的大赦非法移民,給婦女免費避孕藥,提倡社區大學兩年免費就讀,提倡同性戀婚姻合法化,支持變性人的合法地位,在軍中廢除“不問不說”政策和減弱美國人擁有槍支的權力。還有,Obama這個黑人總統和他對種族問題的迴避直接和間接的挑起了美國白人警察和黑人的武力衝突,也增加了白人對黑人的歧視和打擊黑人的決心。除此之外,金融危機帶動的量化寬鬆政策導致全世界貧富極端的不均。全球化和中國的崛起也增加美國民衆,尤其是美國南方保守派白人,對美國政府,美國前途和美國自由化現況的不滿。Obama執政八年已經無可否認的把美國變成了一個社會主義的國家了。







Party of Lincoln in turmoil October 15, 2017

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Trump is the president of the United States and is considered to be the leader of the Republican Party. However, he is actively making enemies both inside and outside of the Republican Oarty. He isn’t on good terms with Russia’s Putin, E.U.’s Merkel and Macron, Iran, North Korea, Mexico, Cuba, Philippine and Australia. 

Furthermore, many voters who pushed Trump into the White House are now sorry that they chose the wrong man.

Mitch McConnell is the majority leader of the Senate and is facing calls from members of his own party, yes, the Republican Party, to step down. It isn’t very encouraging for McConnell because he is also being scolded by Trump for being weak, ineffective and not doing his job.

Paul Ryan is the Speaker of the House and the leader of the Republican Party in the House. He is being questioned by members of his own party and Trump because he failed to repeal and replace Obamacare.

The tax reform proposal, currently being worked on in the Republican Party without any input from the Democrats, faces backlash because it disporpotionally benefits the wealthy, such as Trump. It also has problem making the tax reform policy revenue neutral.

Last but not the least, a trove of Republican senator and representatives are not seeking another term in the 2018 mid-term election. At current count, nine Republican represenratives and one senator have announced that they won’t seek re-election next year.

It appears that the Republican Party is facing a huge enemy who happens to be the oresident of the United States.

We’ll see whether Republican Party will be toppled over from inside and lose the majority in the Senate and possibly in the Representative too.

Trump is not the leader of the Republican Party. He is the enemy.

Democrats are laughing.

名嘴和美國政治 October 15, 2017

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Steve Bannon (班農) 就是一個典型的例子。



其實,他威脅現任參議院首領 McMconnell,和即將退休的參議員 Corker 的真正目的,是恐嚇其他共和黨參議員,要他們三緘其口,不可以公開批評或反對川普,要這些人爲共和黨和川普推行的稅改政策投下贊成的一票。

現在,共和黨的52個參議員中只有三,四個參議員敢對川普和共和黨的稅改提案有任何異議。他們也極有可能會投反對票。除了 Corker 和生癌症的 McCain  以外,川普還需要擔心緬因州的 Collins 和阿拉斯加的 Murkowski 參議員很可能會反對共和黨和稅改政策。

川普知道這個道理。班農當然也知道這個道理。所以,班農的責任就是儘量打擊 McConnell 和 Corker,殺一儆百,告訴其他的共和黨參議員,你們最好乖乖的通過共和黨提出來的稅改政策,不然下一個目標就是反對稅改政策的共和黨參議員了。

共和黨在美國的眾議院有壓倒的多數,許多眾議員也不敢公開反對川普,因為川普的鐵票可能高達 30%,甚至 35% 的選民。如果眾議員公開反對川普,那他們競選得連任的機會就不大了。

這是美國民主政治黑暗的一面。許多中國人,尤其是年輕的中國人,包括臺灣的年輕人在內,以為美國的民主政治是世界上至高無上,最純潔,最公平的治國標準。沒人一票多麼神聖阿! 他們那裏知道美國的民主政治實際上早就被有錢人和有特殊要求的團體綁架了。

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