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Big trouble for Trump and Republican majority May 14, 2017

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If Democrat took the Senate in 2018, Trump will be in troubled wster until he leaves the WH in 2020. If Democrat took the House, Trump might get impreached. The liberal judges on the Supreme Court won’t retired until Trump is out in 2020.

Moving out and Cashing in April 28, 2017

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The path to riches for any American politicians are quite straigh forward:

Being able to lie is a positive on your resume. If it comes naturally, you are born for the job. You are good at debate in high school and quick on your feet. You start from school board, move on to city council, get into state office, work your way up to Washington DC representing your district, become a governor or Senator and finally throw yourself into the center ring of the presidential circus. If you have what it takes or luck is looking after you, you end up as your party’s presidential candidate. 

Finally, you face your opponent in a few more rounds of debates on national TV, and on the election night, you either become the president or you go back to your old job.

While in the oval office, you start enjoy the fruit of your success big time with tax payers funded vacations complete with your own chef, butler and a big flying limo.

After you do your time and pay your due in that big boring old building, your earning power takes a big jump the day you walk out of that fortified compound.

Obama did just that and it is time for him to cash in. 

Well, everyone does it why can’t he?

See the number of fingers? Of course I didn’t say a word. I just let my fingers do the talking. Cantor Fitzgerald countered 250. We settleed on 4. Everyone was happy. $400,000.

Billy did it for 250. Hillary, a two-time loser, also pocket 250. Being the first black president and a 2-term president, it is only fair for Obama’s $400,000 engagement fee. Obama once called Wall Street bankers ‘fat cat’ for a reason. A skinny cat just can’t afford $400,000, can he? People who called Obama “hypocrite” are jealous because no fat cat will ever ask them to speak, not even for free.

Let’s be frank, what comes out of Obama’s mouth, isn’t very important. Cantor Fitzgerald doesn’t care much what Obama has to say. People go to that kind of events for one thing and one thing only. It isn’t food. It is the connection they are after.

Cantor Fitzgerald won’t fork out the entire $400,000 either. It is a tax deductible event and tax payers may foot part of the expenses.

Also, don’t expect liberal media will report this because that’s just the way America is. No big deal. 

To hell with the 99%. It’s not Obama’s problem anymore. In fact, it never was. It’s time to enjoy life.

The Wall April 26, 2017

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Chinese has six simple words to describe something unrealistic: 鏡中花,水中月;flowers in the mirror or moon in the water. These things are merely images. They are not real.

One by one, Trump’s election promises have become flowers in the mirror or moon in the water. They are merely words from a politician because politician’s promises are meant to be broken, Trump or no Trump. 

Last year, Trump has repeatedly said that he’ll build a tall and beautiful wall and he insisted that Mexico would pay for it. He then said that he’ll ask Congress to pay for that beautiful wall using American tax money. Now, he changed his mind and said that he will not seek funding for the wall now.

Source: BBC News.

Maybe we can call Trump’s border wall: 霧中牆 or a wall in the fog; now you see it, now you don’t.

We’ll lump our three expressions together to emphasize that Trump’s election promise is just that: out from Trump’s mouth and into your ears. 

Nothing to it. No big deal. Don’t lose any sleep over it. We are used to your lies.


By the way, has the White House received all the designs of the border wall yet? 

Democrats, time to move on April 20, 2017

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Democrats, haven’t they, your so-called leaders, done enough damage to your party already?

Bowing redline Obama. Need I say more?

Immoral, greedy, lying, influence peddling, corrupt, heartless and highbrowed Clinton.

The “I did not have ……. with that woman….”, “I never told anybody to lie, not a single time, never” and “I need to get back to work for the American people” liar.

It’s time to move on, find someone else to cling on or look for greener pasture.

Ever thought about coming over to the not-so-big tent with a red R on its center pole? They need people. The middle age whites are, for the last time, struggling to be taken seriously by American voters.

The joke of democracy April 20, 2017

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Will you trust the 2020 American presidential election result?

May be Russia should send a few observers to monitor and report irregularities of the U.S. election in 2020.

Same can be said for American politicians April 18, 2017

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Politicians, no matter where they are from, are like a bunch of weeds growing on top of a broken brick wall. They bend their backs ever so easily along the direction of whichever way the political winds blow. 

They eat their pre-election promises for lunch. They change their minds as long as they serve their self-interests. They smooth talk from both sides of their mouths to cover up their tracks of lies. 

I know for afact, they exist in the U.S. And, according to eye-witnesses account, they are just active in France too.

Not on his 1st day and not now April 12, 2017

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Trump on the campaign trail: Trump claimed that China suppressed its currency, the renminbi, to make its exports more competitive with US goods. Trump likened this to “raping” the US”. He repeatedlyG promised to label China a currency manipulator on his first day in office.

Trump in the White House:

Here is one more example on Trump changing his mind.

Before the White House:

After the White House:

Now,  do you see a pattern? Are they Trump’s lies or it was just game American politicians play?

Oh, no. I forgot what Trump said about his respect of Putin and his love of Russia.

Did you vote for him?

兩個一樣差 April 2, 2017

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可是,任何有關美國國內的事,國會的權力比總統大的多。美國總統要花錢,譬如 Trump 要在美國和墨西哥的邊境蓋一個又大,又高,又漂亮的,又結實的高牆,美國總統還得聽國會的指示行事,有時候還要看國會的臉色。



照道理,美國國會權力這麽大,雖然還沒有到手操有生殺大權,要你死就得死的地步,每個美國人民應該對國會感激萬分,肅然起敬,心存畏懼,驚為天人。每個美國人,應該在他們的有生之年,去美國國會山莊朝拜一次。大家在國會山莊外面樓梯下面,一字排開,拿出清一色,4′ x 6′ 的紅被單,鋪在地上。然後大家準備好,在指揮官的一聲口令之下,所有人往地上一趴,五體投地,口中高呼萬歲,萬歲,萬萬歲,看著國會山莊高高在上的屋頂朝,三拜九叩,行個大禮。







No one else to blame but Republicans themselves March 26, 2017

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Many conservative talk show hosts are doing their best to find cover for Trump. Ryan became the de facto scapegoat.

Some asked for Ryan’s head because he failed the party and Trump. Some even suggested that Trump was on board according to his tweet.

Some called out the “The Freedom Caucus” and suggested that they planted a dagger in the Trump presidency.

Well, I of course don’t know what’s going on in the Republican Party, but Trump, Ryan and the Freedom Caucus are all responsible for the misery they are facing now. 
Trump failed to negotiate a deal in his own party even though he kept touting his “best-deal-maker-ever-lived-in-this-world” image. Ryan didn’t do a good job as the leader of the Party. The Freedom Caucus forgot that the Republican Party was bigger than the Caucus. They sacrified party image and  party unity with by staying their ground and opposing the bill. 

Sadly to say, the Republican Party is probably the most disfunctional party of the land; about the same as the Democrat Party before the November 2016 election. 

The path ahead for the Republican Party is treacherous in the face of the united Democrat opposition. The budget, the border wall, the Supreme court candidate Judge Gousuch, the Russian inquiry, Trump’s unsubstantiated wiretap claim, the tax reform and infrastructure spending are all difficult legislation battles. Without unity, the Republican Party will fail to produce meaningful legislature, Trump will be trapped by his own wotds, Democrat will regain the Senate in 2018 and  Trump will be a lamb duck for 2 years.

Learn the lesson from the failure of the American Health Care Act and work together on the next agenda item. Trump and the Republican Party can recover from the first defeat. If one failure turns into two and two becomes three, Trump will be among the least effective presidents in recent memory.

一丘之貉 March 22, 2017

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貉的英文是 raccoon dog。它跟 raccoon 是不一樣的。Raccoon 的中文是狸。這兩種動物長得有點像,可是它們在血源上是不相連的。

這是 Raccoon 狸:

而 Raccoon dog 長得是這個樣子:



Trump 是一個政客,是一丘之貉中間的一個。

Source: Google search.

Trump 競選時說他不會動 Social security, Medicare and Medicaid.. 他不止一次的相選民保證,他絕對不會砍這幾個項目的撥款。

Source: Yahoo News.

Source: Yahoo News.

可是,共和黨提出來, Trump 也支持,今天(3/23/2017)就要在眾議院投票,爲平反 Obamacare 所提出來的法案,讓我們姑且稱它爲 Ryancare,中間就有砍 Nedicare 和 Medicaid 的條款。

簡單的說, Trump 明明白白,完完全全的違背了他競選時提出來的保證。

Source: Yahoo News.

Source: Yahoo News.

你說 Trump 和其他的政客不是一樣嗎? 他們就跟一丘之貉一樣。