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It’s crazy in HK July 5, 2018

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That’s $6 million Hong Kong dollars for one parking space. Giving an average parking space is 144 square feet, 8 feet wide and 18 feet long, this parking space costs USD $5312.5/sq feet.

The real estate market in HK can only be describd as a bubble the size of a baby Trump.

Source: CNN


Anti Japanese sentiment in Australia 80 years ago July 5, 2018

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The sentiment against Japanes influence over Australia’s economy and its natural resources 80 years ago led to iron ore export embargo to Japan in the mid 1930’s. That seemingly inconsequential decision nonetheless played a roll in the ensuing Japanese invasion of China on July 7, 1937 (盧溝橋事變) and the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 8, 1942 (偷襲珍珠港) by the Japanese navy.

That kind of sentiment is happening against in the U.S. Now, the resentment is against China.

The transfer of world power from the U.S. to China is inevitable as America’s hegemony is crumbling in front of our eyes. The gradual demise of the United States of the America has been set in motion long before Trump occupied the White House. The conservative white people in the U.S. is making their last stand against this tsunami under Trump.

Unfortunately, Trump and his supportors are not just fighting against China’s growing influence in the world. They are fighting the liberals, the blacks, Latinos and the Muslims in the U.S. and Russia, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Yemen, Germany, France, European Union, Japan, Canada, Mexico, the Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Houthis in the world.

America saw the decline and became worried. It started to wage an all-out trade wars it has no chance of winning because this war can’t be won by guns, missiles and aircraft carriers. Tanks are useless in this war so are the F-35s. On the contrary, the trade wars will damage American’s economy and kill American jobs.

When the layoffs begin to surface and growth rate starts to take a hit, Americans will wake up to the devastating outcome Trump is leading them to. If they decide to show Republican legislators out of the door, it will be the end of Trump if Cohen and Mueller didn’t get him before November.

Article: The China-U.S. Power Struggle Is Just Beginning July 4, 2018

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The China-U.S. Power Struggle Is Just Beginning


This’s big if it happens July 4, 2018

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Many large American companies, such as the one I used to work for, face the issue of affirmative action when hiring and firing employees.

Source: BBC News

Hiring has to meet a pre-determined quota for minority (read blacks) but there are no quotas for Asians and Latinos. In other words, Asiansand Latinos are not minorities and are not protected by the affirmative action law. White employees have long complained about this unfair practice because they think hiring should be merit based instead of based on the skin color of a prospective applicant. Well, they could complain all they want but they couldn’t do anything about it because that’s the law of the land.

When firing a colored employee for whatever reason, company lawyers were involved to make sure that every t is crossed and every i dotted. Causes for dismissal must be reviewed by company lawyers and managers. Supervisor’s recommendations must be supported by years of documents and the case has to be able to stand the challenge in a court room.

Some Ivy League universities have adopted affirmative action in their admission process against Asian-American applicants. Minority applicants were admitted in these universities for the sake of diversity on campus even though they were inferior to Asian-American applicant.

This racial quota practice in favor of black students in schools was formally encouraged by the Obama White House. But, Trump wants to stop it. Whatever was his reasons, I don’t think it comes out of his love for the Asian-American students.

Asian-Americans accounts for 22.2% of the students in Harvard according to its website. The school is currently facing a lawsuit filed by Students for Fair Admissions for discrimination against Asian-American students. Trump’s Justice Department also wants to review Harvard’s admission process.

If the selection process is based on merits alone, the Ivy League schools will be filled with much more Asian-American students than they have admitted in the past.

Source: Google search

We’ll see how far this initiative will move in the months ahead.

Thanks a lot, Vladimir. July 4, 2018

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Thank you very much for getting rid of Hillary for me in 2016. I couldn’t do it without your help.

Source: The Flipboard

As a token of my deepest appreciation, keep Crimea because you deserve it. Well, everyone speaks Russian there anyway.

Last I heard, everyone in Alberta, Canada speak English.

Trump wanted to invade Venezuela. He should invade this country too July 4, 2018

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America invaded Panama and Grenada in the 1980’s because it could. Few countries objected because they didn’t know about the invasions until they were over.

Trump wanted to invade Venezuela in August, 2017 because Venezuela’s president was a corrupt dictator and a very bad guy, according to Trump’s conversations with his aids published in an AP report.

Well, Venezuela has a lot of oil just like another country which was invaded by the U.S. in 2003, Iraq. Lo and behold, Iraq was ruled by a rich and corrupt dictator: Saddam Hussein, before he was captured and later executed.

Let me see: Russia’s president, Mr. Putin, has probably amassed a lot of money. He is viewed by many as a man who ruled Russia with a strong hand. Many reports have presented evidences that Mr. Putin has ordered his guys to carry out assassinations against his political opponents both in and out of Russia.

Shall we draw the parallel one step further and point out that Russia is one of the top crude oil producers in the world with daily oil production well over ten million barrels every day.

By now, you must have noticed a pattern here: a rich male dictator who rules a country with a lot of oil in the ground.

Trump should invade Russia too.

Can someone tell me what America’s naval exercise in the Pacific Ocean is good for? July 1, 2018

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Other than wasting tax payers’ money.

Will the U.S. attack China or Russia one day?


Will China or Russia attack America?


And will the other 24 countries join the U.S. to bomb China and Russia too?

No .

So, why would the U.S. practice something that it won’t use any time soon.


生老病死 July 1, 2018

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Dallas 的朋友寄來這一段簡短的摘要。看完以後免不了感慨萬分。我把我的想法記在這個摘要的後面,算是我現在的心路歷程吧。













這篇摘要說的是人過 60 以後的日子和一路上的心路歷程。

可是,我覺得 60 早了點也消極了一點。如今,醫藥科學比以前進步,新的技術和儀器日新月異,藥物的研究及發展也突飛猛進,我們的知識也比較完善,我們的機會也會多了那麽一點點。相對的來說,我們要走的路也應該不會那麽崎嶇,那麽難了。




附上兩個 life expectancy 的表給大家看看:一個是不抽煙的男生,另外一個是給不抽煙的女生。

一個60歲的男生可以有 50% 的機會再活 24 歲。

一個60歲的女生可以有 50% 的機會再活 27 歲。

記著:這兩個表實際的意思是,男生有 50% 的機會可以活超過 24 歲,女生有 50% 的機會可以活超過 27 歲。




Flying American foreign policy by the seat of Trump’s pants June 29, 2018

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Trump, the so-called THE greatest negotiator ever, flexed his negotiation muscles on the dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, over a period of more than a year. It went down the history of the mankind more or less like this:

Trump; This guy is a bad dude. But, I would speak to him, I would have no problem speaking to him.

Kim: See my missiles fly.

Source: The Vox


Trump: This guy is a bad dude, and don’t underestimate him.

Kim: Check out my missiles.

Source: The Vox


Trump: Kim Jong Un is a little rocket man.

Kim: Trump is a dotard.


Trump: my nuclear bottom is bigger than yours.

Source: The New Daily

Kim: Watch my nuclear test goes off.


Trump: “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

Kim: “I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged US dotard with fire.” Trump didn’t know what dotard was. His guys Googled and they laughed.


Trump: I am not a dotard and to provide that I’m willing to talk to Kim.

Kim: Let’s meet on 6/12 for tea.


Trump: Kim was dragging his feet. Kim was no good and I didn’t want to talk to him anymore. He couldn’t be trusted. Let’s just calledl that damn meeting off.

Kim: I’m very serious, dotard. See, I’ve completely dismantled our nuclear testing site. No one couldn’t get in now.

Source: NPR


Trump: I am very sorry, Jong Un. Please forgive me. It’s my bad but it’s Kelly and Tillerson’s fault. Please be patient. I’ll make it happen.

Kim: I’m not paying for my trip.

Source: Stuff.co.nz


Trump: Kim’s country does love him and he’s got a great personality. He’s a funny guy, he’s very smart, he’s a great negotiator. He loves his people, not that I’m surprised by that. I am going to stop the joint military exercise with S. Korea and Japan.

Kim: That’s about right. Trump, you are forgiven and you are a good dotard. I will check in with my boss in Beijing later and get back to you. You know that I’ve made too many nuclear bombs and missiles.


Lately, Kim has been reported to have laughed his socks (actually his a%&) off.

Moon and Abe were stunned.

Trump remained to be a dotard.

American navy got a few days off.

Korean and Japanese navies got lost in the Pacific Oceanlooking for American aircraft carriers.

American tax payers saved a few bucks.

The dotard Trump waked up and realized that he had been out smarted by the rocket man.

Kim promptly executed

by firing squad

a s

enior military officer who said that “they no longer needed to suffer and tighten our belts to make rockets and nuclear weapons.”

Trump won’t talk to the rocket man and no one in the White House is allowed to mention Jong Un’s name or Jong Un’s nickname in front of Trump anymore.

G7窩裏反了 June 25, 2018

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G7 內鬨,以前是朋友,現在分成兩邊,互相指責對方,已經變成不共戴天的仇人了。現在,他們不見面的時候,打口水戰,非見面的時候,幾個老頭子,一個老太太和兩個年輕人則吵得不可開交。好玩的事,他們不是關著門吵架,而是開著門吵給大家看。


這幾個人怎麽樣說也算是世界上有頭有臉的大人物了。他們個個顧不得自己那張老臉,顧不得照相機的閃光燈,顧不得別人的批評,為了自己的 ego ,每個人把自己最 raw 的情緒流露在臉上,全都豁出去了。

當然,這個畫面的主角是美國總統 Trump ,德國總理 Merkel 和法國總統 Macron。Macron 的臉被 Trump 的經濟顧問 Kudlaw 遮到了。不過你知道他在 Merkel 的右手邊。日本的 Abe 不會英文,在那裏根本插不上嘴,只能在邊上跑龍套。


  • Trump 縮個脖子,漲紅著臉,仰個腦袋,嘴角下撇,皺個眉頭,插著雙手,脖子上爆著青筋,張著一雙瞪死你的魚眼睛,一副不屑一顧,看你能把我怎麽樣,敢不敢跟我去外面去打一架,全都豁出去了的姿態。
  • Merkel 像是一個狠子不成器的單親媽媽。她苦口婆心,曉以大義,口乾舌燥,心急如焚,正在教訓他那個叛逆不道,毫不領情,whatever-you-say-I-don’t-give-it-a-damn 根本不在乎的兒子。
  • Macron 扮演的角色鐵定是唱白臉。他像是 Trump 的姨表弟,正在跟表哥說,你這種表現也太差勁了,雖然你有錢,可是你做出來的事也太另你媽媽傷心了。你還是聽媽媽的話,不要一意孤行吧。要知道,苦海無邊,回頭是岸。退一步海闊天空,忍口氣天和日麗。你不要一意孤行,這樣對你不好,對你媽不好,對大家都不好。你就行行好,跟你媽道個歉,打消你那個餿主意吧。
  • Abe 是 Trump 的一個沒落的遠房親戚,家道中衰,生的幾個兒子女兒都是宅男和庶女。以前攢的基業和萬貫家財,都揮霍殆盡,現在靠借錢過日子,還欠了一屁股債,幾輩子都還不完。Abe 比 Trump 小幾輩,喜歡拍馬屁,平時嘰嘰呱呱的,繞著 Trump 團團轉,鞍前馬後的,想討些好處,可是 Trump 看不起他,時常給他難堪。其他人對他說的話也並不是很在意。他插著雙手,斜個眼,看 Trump 的媽教訓他。心想:你活該。看你這次捅出的簍子怎麼收場。我在你身上花了這麽大的功夫,你還倒打我一扒,我以前在你身上花的功夫,都打水漂了。再怎麽說,我沒有功勞也該有點苦勞啊。你對我不好,我也不給你好處。看你能撐到什麼時候。
  • Bolton 是 Trump 請來的打手,他就是那個留個白鬍子,站在 Trump 邊上的老頭,長得是一副不怎麼起眼的樣子。可是他心眼多,點子辣,講話大聲,可是沒幾個是 G7 其他幾個人喜歡聽的。Trump 說一,他絕不說二。Trump 要他跳,他問 Trump 你要我跳多高。Trump 要他幹嘛,他就幹嘛。在相片裏,Trump 被罵的無話可說。Bolton 就提槍上陣,披掛上場,做 Trump 的老瘋狗,大戰老媽媽和小白臉七百回合。
  • Kudlow 是 Trump 請來的另外一個打手。他站在 Macron 的邊上,不過你看不到他臉的正面。他其實是一個自由貿易派的經濟學家,不贊成關稅戰和貿易戰。他曾經給雷根總統做過國家經濟委員會的主任,後來在美國的 CNBC 電臺上有個自己的節目,說過 Trump 好話,所以被 Trump 請到白宮做顧問。他其實是不適合在這個場合裏的,因為 Trump 要用關稅來打擊美國的盟邦,他打心裏是不贊成的。可是他做一天和尚,敲一天鍾,拿了 Trump 的錢只有違背良心做自己不想做的事。他其實不應該接受 Trump 的工作,可是有錢拿,有利可圖,做一點違背良心的事也死不了,怕什麼。他年紀也不小了。也替 Trump 做瘋狗,打邊鼓,假裝跟老媽媽和小白臉吵架。


在這幾個國家之中,Trump 最不喜歡的是德國的 Merkel。等 Ross 的德國車如何侵犯美國的經濟報告出來以後,Trump 可能會對所有德國的進口車加個至少 20% 的關稅。其他像德國的精密儀器,飛機引擎,太陽能面板和風力發電機等等恐怕都會受到影響。Trump 是美國的總統,可是他跟紐約的小混混差不多。他在開會的時候,把手放進他的褲子口袋,拿出兩顆

第二個 Trump 的敵人本來是日本,現在是加拿大。加拿大每天賣給美國幾乎四百萬桶石油,沒有美國,加拿大的石油工業就完全再見了。加拿大還有許多汽車是賣給美國的。如果美國對加拿大單方面的徴受這方面的關稅,加拿大很有可能會陷入經濟蕭條的。反過來說,如果加拿大在出口到美國的石油上面做文章,那就好玩了。還有,加拿大一向反對美國把加拿大當做一個二等公民。如果加拿大抵制美貨,那就更精彩了。

日本是 Trump 的第三個敵人。你別看日本的 Abe 拼命的討好 Trump,幾次跟下人一樣侍候著Trump,Trump 根本不把他放在眼底。要不然 Trump 怎麽會反打 Abe 一個耳光,增加日本進口的鋼鐵和鋁的關稅呢?

法國總統是在這幾個人當中唯一一個跟 Trump 有一點不錯的私人交情的人。不過, Macron 故意把 Trump 的手握的鐵青,在 Trump 的手上留下一個深深的印子,讓 Trump 被媒體拿來做文章,被記著當笑話來報導,也給 Trump 下不了臺。搞不好,Trump 惱羞成怒對法國開刀也不是沒有可能的。

G7 還有兩個國家:一個是意大利,另外是一個是英國。我不知道他們在那裏。不過這兩個國家都不是 Trump 現在的打擊目標。這兩個國家的領袖是自顧不暇,Trump 不咬他們就謝天謝地了。英國要脫離歐盟,英國國內鬧成一團,May 的聲調一塌糊塗。意大利欠了一屁股的債,破產好幾趟,國家老,科技比較落後,在世界上沒有任何競爭力,欠的債意大利人幾輩子都還不完。

至於你和我,我們不用憂天,我們不用憂民,我們只要看看 Trump 還能搞出什麼花樣,在我們平淡無奇的生活裏,增加了一點上流社會的下三濫的武打電影,給我們解解悶,打發一些時間倒也平添一點樂趣。妙哉,妙哉。

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