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Roughly 40% of American are like Trump – Racists July 16, 2019

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Trump Says ‘Many People’ Are Racist Like Him… and He’s Right


Should Trump take the blame? March 17, 2019

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BBC News – New Zealand mosque shooting: What is known about the suspects?

Yes, Trump is to blame for all the dangerous racists and white supremacists who are coming out of the woodwork and take up violence in their own hands.

Source: CNN

文明的美國? July 21, 2018

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中國人總是覺得美國是一個很文明的社會。每個人都很有禮貌,見面就 hi,要不然就問你好不好。



美國的國罵有很多不同的版本。最經典,最常說,最通用,最直截了當的就是: F*%K 這四個字母的國罵了。

在這裏,有一點必須要補充的:美國人習慣在國罵的後面加上一個 you 字。顧名思義,對不起,這個國罵就是沖著您大爺來的。如果,他懶得開口,不想跟你一般見識,那他就比個中指,意思到了。您就自己琢磨琢磨吧。


在公共場合,一般人通常是比較含蓄的。不過當兩個人的 path 交叉的時候,如果我不爽你,你不爽我,言不投機,火花四放的時候,這一類的國罵就脫口而出,毫無遮攔,跟機關槍一樣排山倒海的往對方掃過去。



好萊塢是美國國罵的大本營。任何一個 PG-13,NC-17 或者 R 級的電影,五分鐘聽不到國罵就奇怪了。電視上,一般來說是很乾淨的。尤其是幾個大公司在晚上七八點的節目是比較正經的。


你看看下面這個從 Fox News 網站截錄下來的標題就知道了我在說什麽了。你自己猜一猜這兩個老女生都說了些什麼。要是你莫宰洋,那你去問一問你的孩子。他一定清楚的很。別驚慌,他幾年以前就知道了。



如果你對美國國罵沒有研究,或者需要更上一層樓把美國國罵當做進身的敲門磚,去 Fox News 找 Whoopi 或者 google whoopi 就一定找得到的。看看她們這些土生土長的美國名人是怎麼用國罵的。學習她們罵國罵的技巧,記住她們用的詞語,複製她們罵國罵的 body language,自己對著鏡子,反復的練習。沒多久,你就一定能把這些國罵朗朗上口了。再練習幾次,你就可以開班授徒,付諸於行動了。



The Divided States of America July 19, 2018

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White people in the U.S. are so emboldened by Trump since his election victory that they don’t even try to hide their hatred toward the blacks and other minorities anymore. These white men and women openly told minorities to go back to where they came from because Trump told Latinos to go home and wanted to keep Muslims from coming into the U.S. Trump also wanted to undo everything Obama did in the past eight years.

Let’s face it, everyone knows that racial discrimination has always been an ugly part of the America social fabric from the founding of this nation: against blacks, Asians, Latinos and native Indians. The white people just don’t want to admit it.

Before Trump became the president of the U.S., white Americans really didn’t like minorities any less than they do now. These white people legislated laws to guarantee equal rights to minorities, hid their true feelings under the law, pretended that they treated the minorities fairly and declaredAmerica is a fair and just nation. But, discrimination is still alive and prevalent in the U.S. All you have to see is watch how white policemen treated blacks in every inner city of America’s largest metropolitans.

Now that Trump doesn’t want minorities into the U.S., his followers naturally pick up the banter, go with the flow and act out on the street and on the buses.

Being a so called minority who have lived in the U.S. for 40+ years, it is really sad to see this happening out in the open in the U.S. What should the parent of a 2nd or 3rd generation kid of an Asian immigrant do if his or her child is confronted by a white woman on the way to school? What should the parent of a Latino kid do if his child told him that his classmate wanted the little kid to go back to his country?

America is so divided under Trump that the nation is literally split into two: white vs. non-white, conservative vs liberal, rich vs poor, 1% vs 99%, Republican vs Democrat and Trump lovers vs Trump haters.

I can tell you unequivocally that the America today is definitely not the America I came to forty years ago.

Is it time to leave this Divided States of America?

This’s big if it happens July 4, 2018

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Many large American companies, such as the one I used to work for, face the issue of affirmative action when hiring and firing employees.

Source: BBC News

Hiring has to meet a pre-determined quota for minority (read blacks) but there are no quotas for Asians and Latinos. In other words, Asiansand Latinos are not minorities and are not protected by the affirmative action law. White employees have long complained about this unfair practice because they think hiring should be merit based instead of based on the skin color of a prospective applicant. Well, they could complain all they want but they couldn’t do anything about it because that’s the law of the land.

When firing a colored employee for whatever reason, company lawyers were involved to make sure that every t is crossed and every i dotted. Causes for dismissal must be reviewed by company lawyers and managers. Supervisor’s recommendations must be supported by years of documents and the case has to be able to stand the challenge in a court room.

Some Ivy League universities have adopted affirmative action in their admission process against Asian-American applicants. Minority applicants were admitted in these universities for the sake of diversity on campus even though they were inferior to Asian-American applicant.

This racial quota practice in favor of black students in schools was formally encouraged by the Obama White House. But, Trump wants to stop it. Whatever was his reasons, I don’t think it comes out of his love for the Asian-American students.

Asian-Americans accounts for 22.2% of the students in Harvard according to its website. The school is currently facing a lawsuit filed by Students for Fair Admissions for discrimination against Asian-American students. Trump’s Justice Department also wants to review Harvard’s admission process.

If the selection process is based on merits alone, the Ivy League schools will be filled with much more Asian-American students than they have admitted in the past.

Source: Google search

We’ll see how far this initiative will move in the months ahead.

Do you see racial bias here? June 11, 2018

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Source: Yahoo News


Here was the situationreported by the media:

A black guy was pretty drunk when two police officers came to his house responding to a call for loud music coming from his garage.

The black guy opened the garage door, saw the cops and started to pull the garage door down. One of the two policemen fired four shots through the closing garage door which could only be closed manually. SWAT team was called, tear gas was used and the black guy was found dead in the garage. The black guy got shot three times: one on his head two on his torso. He had an unloaded gun in his back pocket.

The jury decided that the black guy was 99% responsible for his own death and the police department was responsible for the other 1%.

The jury awarded the black man’s family $4: $1 for his funeral expenses and $1 for each of the black man’s three children. Since the black man was 99% responsible for his own death, the family got 1% of the $4: 4 pennies.


Source: Yahoo News

Both policemen were white.

Hmmm…., I don’t know how tall the black guy was, but I am pretty sure that he was shot twice on his torso first and his head last. Judging by the positions of the bullet holes on the garage door, by the time he was shot dead, the garage door was pretty much closed all the way down to garage floor.

Was that poor black man ever a threat to the white policemen?

Trump hates Latinos April 4, 2018

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And most if not all national guards have nothing better to do anyway.

What are the orders to the guards from the chief: kill first and report later?

To keep this action effective, let’s station them along the border for one whole year, 3 shifts a day, 24/7/365 to begin. We need tens of thousands of guardsmen and guardswomen to cover the entire border at one guardsperson per 5,280 feet. Any coverage less than that is simply a waste of money exercise.

What’s going on in U.S.A.? October 20, 2017

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The following screen shots from major news outlets give you a fair representation of what goes on in today’s America, arguably the most powerful nation in the world according to Trump and many far right people in this country.

I can tell you that it isn’t the same country I came to forty some years ago.

There is no doubt that American weapons are more advanced, fighter jets are more powerful, aircraft carriers are bigger and missiles are much more accurate. 

But, are people in this country happier and better off than before? 

Are people in this country more united for common good than before?

Are people in this country more positive about their future than any time in the past?

Are people in this country more confident that the nation is headed to the right direction?

Take a look of these screen shots and decide for yourself. They were all taken on the same day,  October 20, 2017.

美國的民主政治 vs 中國的集權統治 October 18, 2017

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這篇文章是復旦大學中國研究研究員宋魯鄭在中國十九大開會前夕寫的。文章刊登在BBC News 中文網站上。值得一看。

Source: BBC News 中文版


Source: BBC News 中文版








Clinton開始,美國就跟全世界說,伊拉克的 Saddam Hussein 擁有WMD。Bush Jr. 上臺8個月後發生911事件。美國以國家安全爲理由在2011年10月入侵阿富汗,在2013年3月入侵伊拉克。(Saddam Hussein 在 2000年10月堅持以歐元,不用美元,交換伊拉克的石油可能是美國攻打伊拉克的原因之一。)Bush Jr.爲了保護美國人民和本土,把美國的外交政策推向極右派好戰的陣營。2007年3月,美國次貸危機和 2008年9月的金融危機把全世界推向經濟蕭條的深淵。美國經濟衰退,欠債累累,失業率激增。這些事在2008年11月把Obama 推上了美國總統的寶座。


Obama 在他執政的八年中把美國的外交和內政推向極左派的自由主義陣營裏。對外,放棄美國霸權拒絕做全球警察,從伊拉克撤軍使得ISIS崛起,對阿富汗增兵然後撤軍,打擊以色列,討好阿拉伯回教國家,對中國採取“亞太再平衡”的圍堵政策,對蘇俄兼併克里米亞採取經濟制裁卻反而把蘇俄推向中國的懷抱。對敘利亞畫下紅線卻不採取行動,攻打ISIS不盡全力反而讓蘇俄在敘利亞建立軍事基地,簽訂伊朗核武協議,對北韓核武發展束手無策,進行TPP,TPA和TTIP談判,簽巴黎氣候協議增加美國公司負擔,影響美國勞工就業市場。最後在民主黨即將失去多數黨地位前與古巴建交。對內,他上臺後不立即更有效的用財政措施來拯救美國經濟,反而用他所有的政治資本來推動醫保全民化,簽訂 Dodd-Frank法案約束金融機構,約束石油公司,徹底打擊國內煤炭產業,濫用總統的行政權力變相的大赦非法移民,給婦女免費避孕藥,提倡社區大學兩年免費就讀,提倡同性戀婚姻合法化,支持變性人的合法地位,在軍中廢除“不問不說”政策和減弱美國人擁有槍支的權力。還有,Obama這個黑人總統和他對種族問題的迴避直接和間接的挑起了美國白人警察和黑人的武力衝突,也增加了白人對黑人的歧視和打擊黑人的決心。除此之外,金融危機帶動的量化寬鬆政策導致全世界貧富極端的不均。全球化和中國的崛起也增加美國民衆,尤其是美國南方保守派白人,對美國政府,美國前途和美國自由化現況的不滿。Obama執政八年已經無可否認的把美國變成了一個社會主義的國家了。







名嘴和美國政治 October 15, 2017

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Steve Bannon (班農) 就是一個典型的例子。



其實,他威脅現任參議院首領 McMconnell,和即將退休的參議員 Corker 的真正目的,是恐嚇其他共和黨參議員,要他們三緘其口,不可以公開批評或反對川普,要這些人爲共和黨和川普推行的稅改政策投下贊成的一票。

現在,共和黨的52個參議員中只有三,四個參議員敢對川普和共和黨的稅改提案有任何異議。他們也極有可能會投反對票。除了 Corker 和生癌症的 McCain  以外,川普還需要擔心緬因州的 Collins 和阿拉斯加的 Murkowski 參議員很可能會反對共和黨和稅改政策。

川普知道這個道理。班農當然也知道這個道理。所以,班農的責任就是儘量打擊 McConnell 和 Corker,殺一儆百,告訴其他的共和黨參議員,你們最好乖乖的通過共和黨提出來的稅改政策,不然下一個目標就是反對稅改政策的共和黨參議員了。

共和黨在美國的眾議院有壓倒的多數,許多眾議員也不敢公開反對川普,因為川普的鐵票可能高達 30%,甚至 35% 的選民。如果眾議員公開反對川普,那他們競選得連任的機會就不大了。

這是美國民主政治黑暗的一面。許多中國人,尤其是年輕的中國人,包括臺灣的年輕人在內,以為美國的民主政治是世界上至高無上,最純潔,最公平的治國標準。沒人一票多麼神聖阿! 他們那裏知道美國的民主政治實際上早就被有錢人和有特殊要求的團體綁架了。

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