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Trump might as well recognize Russia’s claim to Crimea March 22, 2019

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Trump provokes global anger by recognising Israel’s claim to Golan Heights


Should Trump take the blame? March 17, 2019

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BBC News – New Zealand mosque shooting: What is known about the suspects?

Yes, Trump is to blame for all the dangerous racists and white supremacists who are coming out of the woodwork and take up violence in their own hands.

Source: CNN

Trump got buried in Hanoi March 1, 2019

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Trump was out of his depth in Hanoi. This failure is his greatest flop yet




Appeasing Putin, abandoning Europe, withdrawing from Syria, getting out of Afghanistan, threatening Iran, betraying Palestinians, kowtowing to Kim and imposing regime change on Venezuela are signs of a chaotic foreign policy under an incompetent Trump.

Just another example of America falling by the wayside as the world marches on without the U.S.

How pitty the president of the United States.


What an insult October 4, 2018

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How do you like to have a friend like Trump, MBS?


Islam and America September 23, 2018

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About 16 years ago when I was still in Virginia, I met a customer of mine who gave me a book discussing the very same thing this article is addressing. He was the author of that book.
I read the 400+ page book and was intrigued by the facts presented by him after considerable research. We became friends and he would come to talk to me, sometimes more than an hour, while I was still working. I still have that book but he died a few years later due to cancer.
What this article and that book were talking about, imposing Sharia law on American society and American people, I think, was the primary reason why Trump and his neoconservative advisors wanted to impose travel bans on people from seven muslim countries. That matter is still being bogged down in the court.
Europe‘s problem, particularly France and Germany, has started with its acceptance of millions of muslim refugees displaced by America’s war against Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, and America’s intention to impose a new and pro-America government in Syria.
Leaders in Europe took these refugees because of PC and it is the people in Europe will pay for that decision.
I have no doubt that America is their primary target and they will do their best to infiltrate American schools, civil organizations and local governments.

Is the day of reckoning just around the corner? September 11, 2018

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Why America’s Sub-4% Unemployment Rate Means A Recession Is Not Far Off


Signs of danger are abound everywhere you look. Here are ten of them:

1. 4% Unemployment rate,

Source: Forbes

2. Inverted yield curve,

Source: Forbes

3. High stock market capitalization to GDP ratio,

Source: Forbes

4. Rising federal funds rate,

Source: Forbes

5. Reduced liquidity: The Feds has changed from QE to QT and almost all central banks around the world are pulling funds from the economies,

6. Trump’s trade wars against the world. China has vowed to fight back and Japan is Trump’s next target,

7. Turmoils in just about every corners of the world many of them instigated by Trump’s foreign policy,

8. Potential of House flipping back to the Democrats and the endless inquiries and investigations against Trump and his policies,

9. Higher oil price due to increasing demands and U.S. sanction against Iran,

10. Passive investments in ETFs poses a danger to the market when herd metality prompts investors to sell their holdings in droves on the first sign of market instability.

不怕一萬,只怕萬一 August 19, 2018

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Is that a warning or is that a statement of something inevitable?



加上 Trump 一張大嘴,胡言胡語,無事生非,到處挑釁,實在是愚蠢至極,自找苦吃。等到事情發生,他想要後悔也來不及了。

財大則氣粗 August 18, 2018

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沙烏地阿拉伯的大財從石油來;沙烏地王子的粗氣從 Trump 來。財大則氣粗;氣粗則自以為是。

Source: Flipboard

有了財就目空一切。有了氣則自以為了不起。Trump 如此,沙烏地阿拉伯的王子也如此。可是,沒有 Trump 撐腰,沙烏地阿拉伯的粗氣是來不了的。這就是 bully 鼓勵 bully,一丘之貉的道理。

以前,人權問題一直都是美國手中的一根沒什麽用的棒子。美國沒事就把這根棒子祭出來到處打繫他的敵人,用它來干預其他國家內政的武器。可是美國從來不敢用這根棒子打沙烏地阿拉伯,因為美國需要沙烏地阿拉伯的石油。1973 年石油危機,美國加油站大排長龍時如此;2018 年,美國油頁岩石油產量激增時也是如此。







How high will oil shoot up to? July 20, 2018

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$200 USD per barrel perhaps if a war breaks out between Iran and Israel.

And how much higher will oil company stocks be traded for if anything remotely close to an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities happens?

Finally, what will happen to Israel if Israeli Army doesn’t clean up Iran’s nuclear facilities in the first strike?

Games Israel played to influence Trump June 16, 2018

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Source: Flipboard/The New Yorker


It took me more than an hour to finish this very, verylong article by Adam Entous of the New Yorker. If you have time to read it like I did, you’ll find out how really BIG MONEY influenced America’s presidential election, how money bought influences and access at the highest level of the American government, how Trump agreed to move American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem for Adelson’s checks and how Trump’s New Middle East order was crafted by neo-conservative Jews in the U.S. and Netanyahu, the PM of Israel.

You will know how Jews and other people like Kushner, M.B.Z., Dermer, Netanyahu, standing-on-his-wallet Adelson, Bannon, Trump, M.B.S., Emirates and Saudis, who got together before and after the 2016 presidential election to help elect Trump to be the president of the U.S. and to lay the foundations of Trump’s Middle Each policy. These people dispised the Palestinians, sold them out to please the Israelis and turn a blind eye on Netanyahu’s settlement projects in the West Bank.

They demanded Trump to dismantle the Iran nuclear deal, agreed to an alliance between Saudi Arabia and Israel, blockaded and isolated Quata and countered the advancement of Iran and Russia in the Middle East.

Have you been faithfully voting in the American presidential elections believing your precious vote can make a difference in American government?

Have you been sending your $25 to your preferred candidates believing he or she will change the political landscape according to your preference?

After all these years, have you had the sinking feeling that you have been had by the democracy and the deep-rooted political system in the America?

Do you know why?

Because the Supreme Court of the United States allows American corporations and labor unions to contribute as much money as they want to any candidate they choose.

Do you think that Trump pays more attention to you or to what the billionaire Adelson have to say? Do you think your $25 check can force Trump to move America’s Israeli Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?

This is America’s democracy. This is the swamp Trump said he’ll drain once elected to the president of the United States.

Now, you know the rest of the story.

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