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If this were true… February 20, 2017

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Source: Daily Mail online.

Source: Daily Mail online.

It shows the world the degree America will do to destablize a foreign government or sabotage a foreign head of state to achieve America’s objective in the name of its national interests.

Blackmail, kidnap, assassination and funding government’s opposition either covertly or openly.

If Democrat controls the Senate, Trump’s knowledge of this secret plan will be headline on the prime time for weeks if not months. 

It’s a capitulation alright! September 16, 2014

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Petro Poroshenko, the president of Ukraine, waved a white flag, gave in to Putin’s demand and let rebels in Eastern Ukraine control their own region. We might call this ‘The Treaty of Donetsk and Luhansk.’


Source: BBC mobile site.

It is a capitulation anyway you slice it: for Petro Proshenko, that’s.

When Ukraine soldiers ‘retreated’ in large scale from the battlefield in Eastern Ukraine against Russia-backed rebels, Petro was, all of a sudden, out of option except going back to the negotiation table.

Weak country has no diplomacy. Period.

Putin probably told Petro when they met behind closed doors that Russia would help Petro staying in power but Petro had to give up the Eastern portion of the country.

Capitulation! Surrender! Waving a white flag! The outcome is the same.

Take the deal while you still can, Petro because American won’t help you; EU won’t help you and UK won’t help you either. Petro also knows that all sanctions in the world won’t stop Putin at getting what he wants.

China was in the same situation more than a century ago. There was nothing China could do back then just like Ukraine is now except giving up territory for temperary relief.

這叫 ‘賠了夫人又折兵。割地賠款息事寧人也.’

It’s a sad day for America August 31, 2014

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‘We are working with our allies on a comprehensive strategy to deal with the IS.’

That’s something one would expect an American president say when asked about US’s response to IS in the Middle East even though everybody knew he’s got nothing in his pocket.

Instead, that’s what America, IS and the world got:


Source: BBC

It was an open display on national TV for the entire world to see what a completely helpless, no self respect and totally useless small guy Obama really was.

I bet he’ll say the same thing on Ukraine too.

Yet, this guy was elected American president. Not one but twice.

How can the majority of American voters be so blind in 2008 and 2012 to elect someone with his calliper?

How can American voters be so naive to put such a guy with no credentials and no experience in the higest office in the land?

How can American voters be so stupid and not able to see through his empty words because there was nothing to Offer behind the teleprompters?

How can American people be so shallow and trust democracy to the point of puting American’s future in the hands of a guy with no experience at all?

No American company will ever do something like this yet America the country would defy logic and rely on a faulty process they call ‘Democracy’ to elect the guy who will occupy its highest office of the nation.

Look where an incompotent Obama has led the America to?

Look where an incompetent Obama has bought this world to?

IS is happy. America’s enemies are happy. America’s allies are paralized. American people must be tired of Obama. But all the regrets will do nothing to mend the mistakes by less than 30% of all American voters who actually voted for Obama in 2012. He’s got 2 more years to play golf and there is simply nothing American people can do.

America calls this ‘democracy.’

It is the same failed ideology America has preached to the world for the last 60 years.

Look what kind of mess it has created.

If you don’t believe me, just take a look of 馬英九 and what democracy has done to Taiwan.

Well, enough on the flawed process since there is nothing American can do now other than 發發牢騷.

But, ‘we don’t have a strategy yet’
got to be a first for America president who openly admitted defeat in front of the world.

I feel pity for Obama. It is a sad day for America.

Will stock markets drop soon? August 13, 2014

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Are stock markets in denial? Will conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, or more fittingly Russia and the US or Putin and Obama, bring the five-year old bull market down?

The reason for the bear case is simple: Russia may engage Ukraine army or Kiev hard-right defenders militarily UNEXPECTEDLY.

Donetsk is an important city in Ukraine and the state where Donetsk is the capital is an industrial center of Ukraine. It is historically connected to Russia not Europe. Donetsk is an important industrial city with a million people. 750,000 have fled to Russia (an hour or so away from Russian border) and 150,000 have fled to somewhere else. The city is heavily damaged from Ukraine’s continuous bombing and it is essentially a ghost town now. Yet we don’t see any picture on American TV but the situation is widely reported in Europe and Russia.

I am sure you know why the killing and shelling are not front and center in Americans’ living room.

But that is not what the stock market cares about and we need to find out what’s going happen to the stock market if something does go wrong. We need to know what is going to happen when Russian’s 280 humanitarian trucks carrying relief material to Donetsk where pro-Russian fighters are still holding up against the hard right fighters (not Ukraine army.) There is no water. There is no electricity. There is no food. There is no essential supply. There are killings and dead people but Kiev doesn’t want the west to find out.

Russia wanted to send in supplies for people who are still in the city and those 1,500 pro-Russia fighters. Government in Kiev don’t want them in Ukraine territory.

Now, we have a problem in a day or two especially when Putin goes to Crimea tomorrow (Thursday.)

These are what the stock market is worrying about:

What does Petro of Ukraine want to do? What message he gets from the US/Obama? Is Obama using Ukraine as a pawn to send a message to Putin? Is Obama’s recent insults to Russia/Russian male/Putin a prelude of war? Does Obama believe Putin will eventually back down in the face of all powerful American military might? Is Biden, who is said to have been given the job to handle the Ukraine crisis by Obama, mad? What is the exit plan for Obama/America? What outcome will America accept in the end? How far Obama will support Kiev?

We don’t know.

What will Putin do? Why is Putin going to Crimea? What if the trucks are stopped by Kiev/Ukraine at the boarder manned by the Red Cross? What if the pro-Ukraine force (not Ukraine army) starts shooting at the trucks? Why doesn’t Kiev want the trucks in? Are they afraid that the real picture of great destruction of Donetsk is revealed by the west? Will Putin send in fighter jets? Will Putin engage Russian military with Kiev? Will Putin shut in gas to Ukraine and Europe? Will Russia shut in oil supply to Ukraine and Europe? What if Kiev blocks the transportation of nat gas and oil to some European ciuntries some of which have to go through Ukraine?

The key question is: Will Putin announce this Thursday that Russia will send in Russian army if Kiev and Obama do not back down?

What’s important for us low life investors do?

Do we wait for the announcement from Putin? Do we believe that Obama has had enough of Putin’s humiliation in the past and he has drawn a red line on Ukraine. As such, will Obama not back down this time even risking a fight with Putin’s Russian army?

No wonder the stock market is in a holding pattern this last couple of days. EU will sink into recession if this conflict escalates. Russia’s economy will shrink. Oil will soar. Stock will tank.

So, what is the end game llike?

Cold war between Russia and US has now officially entered into a new chapter.

Putin/Obama authorizes airstrikes in Ukraine/Iraq to ‘protect Russian/US personnel.’ August 8, 2014

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Here is the headline on RT on August 08, 2014 at 04:05:

Obama authorizes airstrikes in Iraq to ‘protect US personnel’

Reuters / Bogdan Cristel

Reuters / Bogdan Cristel

President Obama announced on Thursday that he has authorized the use of airstrikes in Iraq if they are necessary to protect American personnel.
I guess it will be okay if you see this headline:

Putin authorizes airstrikes in Ukraine to ‘protect Russian personnel.’

一觸即發 August 7, 2014

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NATO is threatened by Russia’s expansion and Obama is feeling the heat burning in his pants.

Obama has been humiliated by Putin in many occasions on the world stage and Obama wants to revenge his public embarrassment and shame.

“Yes,” Obama reasons to himself: “I have missiles, airplanes, ship, and soldiers. I am the commander-in-chief. I can do things with them like I did in Afghanistan. Didn’t I prove myself worthy to be a president by sending 100,000 troops to Afghanistan a few years ago? I’ll do the same thing to Putin and teach him a lesson. Russia doesn’t make anything and Putin has no balls. He is bluffing. He’s a sideshow. He can’t compete with me. I’ll beat him this time. He’ll back down.”

“Yes, send in those ship to Crimea and see what Putin is up to,” Obama said to his military brass. “Give Ukraine some money. The new guy we put in the office needs some weapons. Our defense companies need some new business.”

“Yes, we’ll say we send in those ship to promote peace.” Obama tells his communication director.

There you have it, folks.

Obama wants a war. He’ll have one, military or otherwise.

Chinese calls this: “一觸即發.” The Cold War I have been telling you about is fast becoming a real one.

I wonder “What will Obama do if Putin sends in his troops to Ukraine and annexes two more states?”

Will Obama sends those missiles flying to Moscow?

Obama  是 “吃不完兜着走.”

Source: RT.



August 07, 2014 07:00
An US Navy officer walks up the gangway during a press tour at a USS cruiser Vella Gulf missile cruiser after the visit of US Secretary of Defence in Constanta.(AFP Photo / Radu Tuta )
US missile cruiser enters Black Sea again ‘to promote peace’
US missile cruiser Vella Gulf has entered the Black Sea in what the American Navy described as a move to “to promote peace and stability in the region.” Moscow has considered any such acts as “offensive.” 

The New Three Kingdoms May 20, 2014

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China gave Putin a warm welcome because the United States forced China’s hand and linked the two together against the United States for years to come. America’s pivot to the Far East and sanctions against Russia over Crimea sowed the seeds. US’s announcement on spy charges against individuals in China yesterday when Putin was in China for a two day visit acted as the final straw on a camel’s back.

Putin found a new friend and Obama got a new enemy. How things have changed in a matter of few weeks. Things are getting more interesting now. I like to see how this new drama will unfold in the next few decades.

Now, a new Three Kingdom landscape is set and the world is entering a new world order pitting US against China and Russia with European Union?UK in the middle. Muslim nations such as Iran, Iraq and Egypt are of course major forces to reckon with but many Muslim countries are enemies with the US and they will shift the balance of power towards China and Russia alliance.

Russia will sign another long-term contract to sell natural gas to China and another pipeline will be built soon. Russian’s military technologies may be exported to China as US and its allies move to isolate Russia further.

If Putin allows China to invest in Russia, Russian’s economy will grow accordingly and the combined GDP will be a new force in the world. However, nothing is as straight forward as it seems. Russia has been the best friend for China in the past. Whether these two countries can form a lasting alliance will be tested in the near future.

However, I don’t think Putin will stop after he got Crimea and two other Eastern Ukraine states. He will need China’s backing and China will need Russian’s military technologies to advance its own military power.

It appears the friendship will probably last longer than anyone thinks is possible.

We’ll see.

普亭doing what he wants March 30, 2014

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Putin called Obama because he wants to achieve his annexing parts of Ukraine through diplomatic means instead of force.

With a phone call to Obama, the topic of making Ukraine part of Russia, or requiring Ukraine going through the so-called “deep constitutional reform,” becomes official. Anything Lavrov can get from Kerry is icing on the cake for Putin.

What a smart move by Putin! Obama is always playing catch-up. We call Obama ‘慢半拍.’

Obama out-smarted by Putin March 30, 2014

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After annexing Crimea became a fact, Putin offered Obama a diplomatic way out with a phone call to the White House and Obama took it to save his face. It was not a “frank and direct” phone call. It was a smart move on the part of Putin.

Why did Putin call Obama in the first place? Did Putin offer to return Crimea? Of course not.

Putin called Obama to:

  • Formalize Crimea as part of Russia.
  • Stop more sanctions being considered by the west.
  • Show the world that Putin is a reasonable person after all.
  • Let the world know that Russia is still friends with the United States.
  • Offer Obama a chance to save his face after being defeated by Putin again.
  • Voice Putin’s concern that more Russians in Ukraine want to return back to Russia.
  • Legitimize Russian’s massive military presence around the border of Crimea and Ukraine.
  • Make sure that Russian’s vast interests on oil and gas pipelines in Ukraine are well protected.

The bottom line: Obama is being put in a no-win situation by Putin’s phone call.




Putin’s ambition March 29, 2014

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Russia’s oil and gas industry accounts for about 10% of its $2 trillion GDP but Russia generates more than 50% of its federal revenue from export of oil and gas to Europe and other foreign countries.

Putin took over Crimea was a done deal once Obama and Kerry removed military action as an option to begin with. All the sanction in the world will not change this fact.

The next target for Putin is Ukraine. But why Ukraine? Why not the small Baltic countries? It is because Ukraine has the control of Russia’s ‘小辫子.’ One look of the following two maps will keep Putin up in the night and he has to do something to protect Russian’s vital interests.



Will Putin invade Eastern Ukraine now that Crimea has come back to mother Russia w/o a token resistance from the US and the rest of the world?

Only Putin knows when. What will you do if you are in Putin’s position?

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