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Antonio, Macau November 30, 2017

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We came to Macau in early November to celebrate our birthdays which are four days apart. We stayed at Studio City casino because it was one of the newest casinos in the Taipa area. This island just south of the old Macau territory is where all the new casinos are. At least one more casino is close to completion less than a mile fron the Studio City casino.

Unfortunately, business at Studio City on this Tuesday was very light and I didn’t like any of the restaurants in the casino for our birthday celebration.

I found out on Yelp that (官也街) Guanye Street was an old district in Taipa where many shops have been doing business since the Qing Dynasty. 

We came here to visit the old streets 老街, to taste authentic portuguese food and to celebrate our birthdays. Two portuguese restaurants caught our attention: 

Cozinha Pinocchio Taipa, 木偶葡國餐廳

Antonio Macau

We picked Antonio Macau.

Asparagus soup. Creamy and smooth.

Super sauce. Some clams had small stones though.

A huge bowl of fish stew. Excellent.

The restaurant was quite small and we had to wait an hour to get a table. Antonio is okay but not great. Nonetheless, we had a good time.

Time waits for no one.

說得好 November 30, 2017

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A liar in the WH November 29, 2017

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Source: WP


Totally absurd.

What else can you say? Blame democracy. Trump is a very bad and unfortunate product of American democracy. 

Still better than having BJC & HRC in the WH though. Trump has money. He just lies because he can’t help it. BJ&HR remember their Little Rock days well. They are greedy. They would auction out every night of the Lincoln bedroom to the highest bidders.

W/o Trump, there is less entertainment and fewer dramas for the world to see. It also goes a long way to show the world just how bad American democracy can be.

A side benefit of Trump WH is that Trump and his tweets drag the U.S. down the drain which is good for the world. Best of all, there is absolutely not a damn thing American people can do before 2020.



Not quite, Trump November 29, 2017

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The eyes of the world now turn to Matt Lauer.

Not tax reform.

No end in sight? November 29, 2017

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The dirty laundry continues to no end. It’s like the rag that wraps up rotten fish: 又臭又長,沒完沒了。

No wonder. It begins from the guy in the White House (actually there had been a few starting way back in the 60’s) and kind of trickles down from there to the entire nation naturally. 

It all makes perfect sense now. It is a distinguished trait of the country.

Hm, what are other traits that come to mind?

Divorces? Multiple marriages. Step siblings? “He’s not my father.”

There is a good Chinese saying that describes this dirty mess fittingly:


Yeah, this is the UNITED States (of mind) of America.

Is it fog or is it smog? November 29, 2017

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I was out early this morning to take care of personal business. The sun was out but the sky was hazy. It wasn’t fog because it smelled like something dirty was burning in the air.

Taiwan is a small island and it has no way of buying electricity from other country. All electricity has to be generated here. Of the few industries remaining in the island, the semiconductor industry sucks up a lot of electricity to keep their plants going. And this is where the problem lies. 

Taiwan has five coal fired power plants and the largest one is located in Taichung 台中. It has the dubious hornor of being the largest coal fired power plant in the world.

Source: wikipedia

Air quality in the middle and southern sections of the island is notoriously bad for a long time. Taipei’s air quality is bad too because of all the motorcycles on the road.

On top of that, I once heard that roughly 30% of the particulates in the air here in the island came from mainland China.

It is too bad for us living on the island who have no choice but to breath this air as I did earlier today.

Here are some  disturbing photos and hard numbers:

10:30 am.

10:30 am.

Mid section of Taiwan looked terrible. Gaoxiong 高雄 looked bad too. It has several fosil fuel power plants near by.

9 pm

9:30 pm, one block from my home.

The Mighty U.S. Aircraft Carrier is Dead November 29, 2017

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Face It: The Mighty U.S. Aircraft Carrier is Dead


You read it right and I am not joking. 

Mr. Harry J. Kazianis said so. He is the director of defense studies at the Center for the National Interest and executive editor of its publishing arm, The National Interest. 

China’s DF-21D (東風-21D 反艦中程彈道飛彈) is formidable. It is THE aircraft carrier killer because:;

  • DF-21D is mobile and can be lauched from a truck.
  • DF-21D is guided using radars, satellite networks (北斗衛星導航系統 BDS), and drones. 
  • DF-21D has two or three maneuverable warheads.
  • DF-21D can strike at speeds approaching Mach 12
  • DF-21D has a range of almost 2,000 miles. 
  • DF-21Ds have been deployed by China in 2009 and are fully operational, according to Pentagon source.

If you think DF-21D is very very bad for America’s carriers, DF-41 is highly deadly for the entire carrier fleet. Consider these:

  • 1st successful test: July 24, 2012.
  • Latest (8th) test: Nov. 5, 2017 when Trump was in Japan.
  • Up to 10 warheads.
  • Range: 8,750 miles.
  • Striking speed: 25 mach.
  • Can be deployed via railroad cars or trucks.

Are DF-21D, DF-41 and DF-5C capable of destroying America’s aircraft carriers? The real answe isn’t very important. As long as these missiles can keep the U.S. carriers away from Chinese coastline to render their short range fighter jets useless, the war against U.S. navy, if there ever is one, is already won. The best these carriers can do is serving as a mobile parking lot for the fighter jets.

Are the glory days of American aircraft carriers over? Maybe not. But, one thing is for sure, America’s aircraft carriers are definitely over the top. 


One more thing about DF-21D: a sinking aircraft carrier carries with it 5,000+ soldiers and up to 100 fighter jets.

It takes only a hundread or so to deploy 10 or 20 DF-21D at the same time.

Terrain Denial Sorties November 29, 2017

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Have you heard of this? 

Probably not. Read on to find out more.

B-52s Are Dropping Hundreds of Dumb Bombs in Afghanistan to Literally Shape the Terrain


This is what U.S. is doing in Afghanistan. Basically it is a very expensive remote landscaping operation w/o using any Latinos. No wonder Trump and Republicans want more money for defense. 

Latinos can be picked up at Home Depot parking lot to do odd jobs for you at $120/day. These 500-lb bombs cost $25,00+ a piece.

Source: Quora

Here are the numbers for FY2018 defense budget:

1.   The base budget for DoD is $574.5 billion. 

2.   The Overseas Contingency Operations budget, a fancy name for fighting the ISIS, is $64.6 billion.

3.   Other agencies related to the protection of the nation is $173 billion: VA, the State Dept., Homeland security, FBI and the National Nuclear Security Administration, etc.

4.   $12 billion in OCO funds for the Homeland Security to fight ISIS.

Total for defense related budget: $824.6 billion. It is the second largest spending item after Social Security which costs tax payers ~$1 trillion.

九份,阿妹茶館 November 28, 2017

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Capitalism at work November 28, 2017

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Linkou garden night market closes from Monday to Wednesday. During the other four nights of the week, it was busy with locals as well as tourists who came here for an hour or two; long enough to try the famous Taiwanese cuisine.

林口花園夜市大門口。禮拜四晚上燈火通明,雖然沒有人(大)山人(大)海,但是小丘陵和小池塘也是有的。Kind of “people mountain, people sea” on a Thursday night.

We’ve been here a few times and liked a savory curry lamb dish offered by an Indian chef in the back of the night market. 

The Indian chef is working on 飛餅。This is the original. 達卡印度廚房。On a recent visit, 達卡印度廚房 has moved out of the spot and was replaced by an Asian food joint selling Indonesian food. 達卡印度廚房 has opened a restaurant across the street from the Linkou Subway station on Wenhua 3rd road.

His primary job was making Indian roti, “飛餅, flying pancake” on an upside down wok which kept him busy all the time. His wife was, I think, Taiwanese and her job was taking orders, collecting money, making curry beef, rice and vegetable wraps and getting curry lamb or curry beef ready as orders come in. They used to hire a college student who helped with taking dishes to customers, cleaning the table and getting rid of trash. 
I also saw their middle-school aged daughter who helped them out on busy nights. Lately, the college student stopped coming to work and his job was taken over by their son who is probably in junior high or elemtary school. 

Chef’s wife and two kids.

Still, with four of them working at full speed, they still can’t handle the booming business because their food is good, they offer good value, their prices are so affordable and they are the only place in the night market which offers decent Indian food. 

Well, this is where free market and capitalism come into play.

The 林口 night market used to have only one Indian restaurant which enjoyed great business for a long time. Now, two other Indian restaurants have opened up last summer.

This is one of the two new Indian entrants to the Linkou Garden Night Market. Business was so so at best. Somewhat different Indian food served here.

The other Indian food stall was much smaller and poorly managed though.

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