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China Bistro乃媽媽水餃也 June 30, 2015

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I can’t think of any connection between China Bistro and 媽媽水餃 but they are in fact one Chinese restaurant in located in Rockville, MD.





It is a small restaurant with about 15 tables and several appetizers on the menu are on display in a deli case.

Of course the specialty of the restaurant is 水餃, or dumplings. There are at least 10 varieties on the menu. They also have noodles and a good numbers of Chinese stir fried dishes. Lunch specials have about 20 items which are priced around $7.50 each.

We ordered a plate of 媽媽水餃 for about $10, a cold noodle and a bowl of fish and Chinese green veggie plus 2 appetizers: boiled peanuts and marinated dry bean curds.


Both are nicely done: peanuts are seasoned with Chinese spices such as 5 spices and anise. Dry bean curd is chewy.


Very spicy and somewhat numming. Goid sauce with some sweetnesd in the end.


12 to an order. Hand made. Great with soy sauce.


Pork, shrimp and Chinese cabbage.


Silky smooth and very tasty.

We will come back for sure.

官商勾結:Taiwan’s MO June 29, 2015

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This is an example of how it works in Tiwan:

1.   The government wants to start a project around a location where it owns some land.

2.   The project has been proved to build a maintenance facility for the future metro system of the city.

3.   The government acquires parcels of land from land owners surrounding government’s property using eminent domain at current market price.

4.   Once enough land is in government’s procession, the government changes the zoning of the entire property from argruculture or manufacturing to residential and commercial use. Since the land is near a future metro station or a new city center, the value of the land is increased by 10 times or higher seemingly overnight.

5.   The small land owners whose properties were confiscated by the governmnet sue the government for more money but all cases are defeated in the court.

6.   The government auctions out the entire property and grants its development right to someone with inside information and special connections. Kickbacks were asked by government officials in return for insider bidding information. Negociations arranged by a middle man and money delivered after promises are made.

7.   The developer receives the land at favorite price because of ‘關係’ guanxi, special connections,’ and kickbacks to officials. It then negotiates with the government and retains the majority of the properties it builds. Government gets to keep very little which is a disgrace. Since there is little oversight or transparency, the deal is closed with few citizens noticing the irregularity. Government officials get rich from generous kickbacks. The developer gets rich because they received insider bidding information.

Use your imagination and apply the MO to other areas like the one below:


I remembered that this was the it worked before I left Taiwan 40 years ago. It is still the same now. The only difference is this: we used to hear dollar amount in the tens of thousands of dollars. Now, the dollar amount is in the hundreds of million of dollars.

There was some progress made over the past four decades in Taiwan after all.

台灣食:不安 June 29, 2015

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Ever since the early 1990’s, dry goods, cans and packaged food items imported from China have filled the shelves at local Korean and Chinese supermarkets all over the United States. Things made in Taiwan disappeared from the shelves as soon as stuff made in China became available.

The ubiqitous of things that were ‘Made in China’ presented us with a dilemma.

Many times when we shopped we had to decide on the spot whether to buy the cheaper Chinese products or visually more appealing packages made in Taiwan.

Of course, we constantly worried about food safety and we took for granted that ‘Made in Taiwan’ stood for superior quality and safety when compared to stuff ‘Made in China’.

We are very comfortable eating stuff imported from Taiwan because in our minds we believed:

Taiwan is a ‘developed’ country,
Taiwan is a more advanced society,
Taiwan is cleaner,
Taiwan is happier place,
Taiwan is governed by law,
Taiwan is more ‘health concious,’
Taiwan is richer thus it can afford higher quality food, and
Taiwan is where we grew up.

As a result, the sense of ‘belonging’ make buying ‘Made in Taiwan’ an easy decision.

Well, we were cheated by the ‘Made  in Taiwan’ symbol because Taiwan isn’t that great as far as food safety is concern.  Worse yet, the recent news reports discovered that this kind of misconducts by many greedy merchants had happened for a long time in many aspects of the food industry:






Charter House, Alexandria, VA June 29, 2015

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Don’t go unless you like bad food costing you an arm and a leg.

Came here with wife to see what this ‘High Class’ restaurant was about. We waled in on a sunny weekday afternoon about 2 and was told that we have to wait 20 minutes for an outside table. The young girl asked for my phone number and said I’d get a message when my table was ready. No more bulky blinking buzzer which keeps guests close by because it has a limited range.

Well, as promised we got an outside tabke in about 20 minutes.

Service was good. Most items on the menu were fish and the prices were all in the $30 range. Appetizers were around $10 and wines by the glass were $10 and higher. Basically it cost about $20% more than other restaurants charged.

The $34 fish was mediocre with no taste. Vegetables obviously came from a frozen bag with bland taste. Presentation was below average. Spreads for pita bread were tasteless.



Don't be fooled by the color of the veggies. It came from the frezxer.




The new casino is under contruction to the east of the National Harbor in the back.

All in all it was a waste of money and totally not worth the price we’d paid for. It was kind like what you got at 2 am in the morning from a 24-hour diner.

648億新臺幣 June 26, 2015

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648億新臺幣除以56.6萬人=每人負擔 $114,500新臺幣。





台灣有什麼? June 26, 2015

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台灣的長榮海運在1990年代初期曾經是全球排名第一的貨櫃集裝箱運輸公司,擁有165艘全貨櫃輪船服務遍及全球80多個國家,240餘處服務據點。長榮航空和其他子公司營業成績不錯。值得一提。可惜長榮海運的 Market Cap 也只有 $86 billion,每年的營業額只有$5billion。長榮航空還不錯。公司
擁有八十幾架飛機,每年的營業額也只有$30 billion左右。





台灣做晶片的工廠還不錯。可是你有沒有看到大陸已經把晶片市場當成國防基業。他們已經瞭解這個工業是國家的基礎,不能再被Intel, Qualcomm,和臺積電這些公司牽著鼻子走路了。大陸已經積極的投資人力物力和資金從最基本的做起。臺積電要小心點,不然老本在兩三年之內就會被坐吃山空了。

還有呢?夜市算不算? 這是其他地方少有的。台灣的夜市是國際有名的。君不見台灣到處都有’觀光夜市’?大大的招牌高高的掛在那裏就怕你看不到。





Five people decided what marriage is June 26, 2015

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From early on after I came to the U.S., I knew how important presidential election was in America.

A U.S. president can declare war without approval from anybody. A U.S. president can decide whom the U.S. wants to be friend with. For that matter, he can choose whom the enemy is too. A president can spend tax payers’ money any way he wants to with enough backing from the Congress and the Senate. A U.S. president can decide which country he wants to do business with and which country he wants to punish too.

But, to me, the most important power a U.S. president has is to appoint someone he likes to the Supreme Court. Once appointed to the SC, the new judge can’t be replaced unless he or she is dead or he or she decides to step down for whatever reason.

The decisions handed down by the Supreme Court often have far reaching influence on our lives and on our children’s lives.

Obamacare is a great example and the American tax payers are stuck with paying for this law which was rammed down our throats when checks and balances were totally out of whack in the  U.S.

Today’s decision on marriage was also a prime example of how much influences an American president has on ordinary people in the U.S.

You see, a U.S. president can declare war against a country but another president can end the war. A U.S. president can increase spending in areas he likes but another president can reverse it.

But a ruling decided by 5 out of 9 people in a building on 1 First Street, NE in DC almost can’t be over-ruled no matter how bad the rule was.

Morality shouldn’t be decided by five people no matter how powerful they are. It is even more appalling when these five people were appointed to their positions for life and there is nothing anyone of us can do anything about it.

Marriage isn’t a marriage anymore in the U.S.

It is one more reason which makes me like the U.S. a little less today than I did yesterday.

Not Affordable Care Act June 25, 2015

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Not Affordable Care Act
Not Affordable Care Act










Obamacare is not affordable and the Supreme Court decision today is just too bad.

洪咬金 綠咬洪 國民黨也咬她 大家亂咬一通 June 24, 2015

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Obama the hyprocrit June 23, 2015

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Obama said this a few days ago on Charleston Shooting:

‘I’ve Had to Make Statements Like This Too Many Times.’


Once the photo op is over, what did Obama do afterwards?

Did he cancel his prior appointments, fly to SC and talk to family members?

Did he meet with anti gun people and Democrat leaders to push his gun control agenda since he was so adamant about the issue?


He went to two fund raising events in the Bay Area the next day.

1.   Hosted by a VC and 30 people.
Price tag: $33,400 each.

2.   A very rich “green energy” guy and 50 people.
Price tag: $10,000 minimum.

Hmmm…., What do they want for their Money? And What are Obama selling?

You know that Obama has a habit of doing this kind of things: photo op followed by money, golf, basketball and vacation.

And all these are perfectly legal. This Is  THE American Way.

Remember this about Obama?
Within minutes after a photo op of saying,

“We will be vigilant and we will be relentless”

about pursuing the ISIS terrorists who beheaded American journalist James Foley, Obama went golfing with his friends.

This really showed just how big a hyprocrit Obama really is.

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