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Obama the hyprocrit June 23, 2015

Posted by hslu in Obama.
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Obama said this a few days ago on Charleston Shooting:

‘I’ve Had to Make Statements Like This Too Many Times.’


Once the photo op is over, what did Obama do afterwards?

Did he cancel his prior appointments, fly to SC and talk to family members?

Did he meet with anti gun people and Democrat leaders to push his gun control agenda since he was so adamant about the issue?


He went to two fund raising events in the Bay Area the next day.

1.   Hosted by a VC and 30 people.
Price tag: $33,400 each.

2.   A very rich “green energy” guy and 50 people.
Price tag: $10,000 minimum.

Hmmm…., What do they want for their Money? And What are Obama selling?

You know that Obama has a habit of doing this kind of things: photo op followed by money, golf, basketball and vacation.

And all these are perfectly legal. This Is  THE American Way.

Remember this about Obama?
Within minutes after a photo op of saying,

“We will be vigilant and we will be relentless”

about pursuing the ISIS terrorists who beheaded American journalist James Foley, Obama went golfing with his friends.

This really showed just how big a hyprocrit Obama really is.



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