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We the people have absolutely no say on this December 17, 2017

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Just like when Democrats were in charge after Obama was in the WH, the Republicans own all four branches of the government.

Democrates’s Reid and Pelosi used their majority positions and fuzzy math to pass the Obamacare with no input from the Republicans or the people.

Now, McConnell and Ryan take a page from Democrats’ playbook and fuzzy math to push the tax reform through the Congress without consultation from the Democrats and the people.

Sound familiar? 


And were the people informed on the deficits the bill will generate in the future?

Not just the next decade. 

I want to know what’s going to happen in the next 20, 30 or 50 years.

The US calls this democracy but it can’t even convince American people to trust the products coming out of the failed process.

3% vs 2% September 30, 2017

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We’re talking about the growth rate of American’s economy in the next 10 years.

Trump, well his underling, said that America’s economy will grow 3% on average for the next 10 years after Republican’s tax reform is enacted as law.

Source: Bloomberg.

You see, Republican and Democrat are ‘兩個烏鴉一般黑’, they are ‘一丘之貉’. They use this kind of financial trick to tell American citizens that even though their program, be it Obamacare in 2009 or tax reform in 2017, will increase deficit, but the resulting higher economic growth will generate enough taxes to make the new program budget neutral: a term you will hear repeatly before the end of this year.

Do you know the impact on American’s national debt if the economy grew 2% instead of 3%? 

About $2 trillion. And that’s assuming the U.S. won’t fall into a recession and no funny accounting gimmicks.

Last year, the U.S. federal deficit was $590 billion but the national debt rose by $1.4 trillion; a whoppying $810 billion difference.

Why? Where did $810 billion go?

Well, check out this link below and read yourself.

Allow me to give you some highlights to get you started:

Do you know that government’s borrowing to make student loans and repairs on highways and bridges aren’t classified as deficit? These items are ‘investments’ so that they don’t count as deficit. In addition, the U.S. government had to borrow some money to pay for social welfare recipiants because the government didn’t collect enough taxes from FICA deductions to pay for social welfare benefits: social security, Medicare and ACA. There are more in the article if your blood pressure is under control.

A warning: as powerful as America is, all bean counters working for the federal government couldn’t figure out where $82 billion went.

This is your America.

First nail to the Obamacare coffin May 5, 2017

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Without Obamacare, Obama was a U.S. president who accomplished nothing in 8 years.

Well, Obamacare was a failed experiment and Democrat paid dearly for the mistake.

The greatest deal maker not March 28, 2017

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Trump proudly called himself the negotiator-in-chief but couldn’t even close a deal in the House of Representatives which is controlled by his own party. 

What kind of deal maker is Trump really? 

A losing one. So far. 

Have you heard of these deals?

Trump Steaks, Trump University, Trump Vodka, Trump Suits, Trump fragrances, Trump board game, Trump ghostwritten books, Trump energy drink, Trump eyeglasses and Trump chocolate bars.

These are all Trump deals.

Maybe Trump is over-rated?

Repealing Obamacare should be essier from the budgetary point of view because AHCA should save America tax payers nearly one trillion dollar over a decade. Tax reform, defense budget and infrastructure policies require debt increase to pass. 

The bill which ultimately would reduce national debt didn’t get to pass, what chance do the ones requiring more America tax money have over the objection of the Freedom Caucus?

Not a lot.

Trump might know how to close a deal on an apartment building but he probably knows nothing about heardcare, influence of the special interest groups, what it takes to control various factions in the Republican Party and how to deal with the opposition from the Democrat Party. 

Trump still has a long way to go and a steep learning curve to climb.

一丘之貉 March 22, 2017

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貉的英文是 raccoon dog。它跟 raccoon 是不一樣的。Raccoon 的中文是狸。這兩種動物長得有點像,可是它們在血源上是不相連的。

這是 Raccoon 狸:

而 Raccoon dog 長得是這個樣子:



Trump 是一個政客,是一丘之貉中間的一個。

Source: Google search.

Trump 競選時說他不會動 Social security, Medicare and Medicaid.. 他不止一次的相選民保證,他絕對不會砍這幾個項目的撥款。

Source: Yahoo News.

Source: Yahoo News.

可是,共和黨提出來, Trump 也支持,今天(3/23/2017)就要在眾議院投票,爲平反 Obamacare 所提出來的法案,讓我們姑且稱它爲 Ryancare,中間就有砍 Nedicare 和 Medicaid 的條款。

簡單的說, Trump 明明白白,完完全全的違背了他競選時提出來的保證。

Source: Yahoo News.

Source: Yahoo News.

你說 Trump 和其他的政客不是一樣嗎? 他們就跟一丘之貉一樣。

I told you so October 26, 2016

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Are you surprised to see this headline from Fox News? 

Not me. 

Because I told you so many years ago.

Monthly premium for Obanacare has to go up because Obama, Reid, Pelosi and all Democrats in the Congresd lied about Obamacare’s math when they forced the expensive program onto American’s tax payers.

Tax subsidies to subscribers will go up too. No matter what kind of program people choose under the plan, tax payers end up paying for the majority of the cost; north of 60% easy.

Unfortunately, the ill-conceived and, for Democrats, ultimately the de facto single-payer health insurance program for all Americans, will not be abandoned by the Congress. It will continue to draw money from other federal programs unless Republicans have a 60+% majority in the Senate and has the control of the House and White House. 

Not likely to happen.

Attentions, all Middle Class citizens of the USA, open up your wallets wide and keep them open. 

Obama is coming for you money.

Paying more for Medicare September 16, 2016

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If you are 65 years old or older, check this link out.


Source: TheStreet.com

Yes, sooner or later, your Medicare premium will increase. It is coming for some next year. Surprised? Don’t be. You should know that it is coming. Don’t forget that Obama and Democrat controlled Congress robbed $700 billion from Medicare to pay for Obamacare. Did you know that?

And what has Obamacare done for you? And what shape is Obamacare at right now?

I said it before that the U.S. is moving toward socialism fast after 8 years of Obama. If Hillary and Bill are elected into the WH,  America is forever 淪陷.

Hello, middle class, get your tax money ready. America wants you.

You just wait. It’ll go higher April 18, 2016

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The cost to you and I will go up and it will go up even more later. There is simply no other way.


I am not surprised. Are you?

Obama and Democrats lied to the Americans with faulty math but the low information voterstook the bait and this is what we get.

Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid promised Americans that ACA will be budget neutral in the first 10 years and achieve savings longer term.

They said that ACA will:

Lower Insurance premium,
Allow you to keep your doctor,
Let you keep your Insurance company,
Be more efficiency,
Be more competitive in the market place, and
Provide better care.

Unfortunately, none of this is true.

When you are paying more for your health insurance, can you sue Obama, Pelosi and Reid for compensation because they lied to Americans?


Can you sue Republican leaders for damage because they were incompetent to defend tax payers’ rights?


You just have to eat it and watch national debt go up and up with no end in sight.

Not Affordable Care Act June 25, 2015

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Not Affordable Care Act
Not Affordable Care Act










Obamacare is not affordable and the Supreme Court decision today is just too bad.

自作自受 January 9, 2015

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Welcome to the real world, you liberal Harvard professors.


Come out of the fake Ivory Towel and taste the medicine you have put every American through the so called ‘Obamacare.’

Now that the univerdity is raising your medical insurance premium and deductibles, you are eating the same medicine you have prescribed to the millions of hard working Americans.

Well, you did it to yourselves just like thousands who voted for Obama back in 2008 have done to their pockets.

In China, we call that ‘自作自受’。

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