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Shall I sell my stocks and short the S&P 500? April 11, 2018

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Never before in America history since the Vietnam war has a U.S. president led the country so close to war with so many countries at the same time: Russia, China, Iran, Syria and North Korea.

Source: The Guardian

Source: Business Insider

Actually, Trump had already declared trade wars with many countries with new tariffs on steel, aluminium and many other items.

May be I should just sell first and ask questions later because no one knowswhat’s coming in the next tweet: an aircraft carrier or a missile.


現代的美國暴君:Trump April 6, 2018

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我們在離 Amsterdam 中央車站不遠的 Cafe In de Waag 外面的座位吃下午飯。我叫了一杯白酒,太太叫了一小杯荷蘭生啤酒,配 cheese 和意大利橄欖。簡單,方便,好吃,也不貴。過往的行人和廣場的遊客,看我們吃飯,我們也看他們來來往往。雖然太陽照在臉上,冷風吹起在脖子上還是蠻冷的。

餐館裏面有 300 個蠟燭,照亮著餐館的大廳。雖然很特別,可是天天點蠟燭還是很費功夫的。



當我一面跟太太一起享受午飯,一面滑手機時,我看到這篇有關 Kelly 被 Trump 打入冷宮的新聞。當時我的第一反應就是:這驗證了 Trump 獨斷獨行,反復無常,不聽忠言,自以為是的個性和他過去十五個月朝三暮四,昨是今非的執政記錄。

此外, 我免不了把 Trump 和中國歷史上失敗的暴君和無能的昏君連在一起。

我一面吃 cheese,一面喝酒,卻忍不住的想要說幾句話:



Trump 剛愎自用,刻薄寡恩,自己除了買賣了幾間公寓,破產好幾次以外,並沒有什麼治國,安民,外交和經濟的能耐。可是,他恬不知恥,拼命的以為自己了不起,根本聽不下其他專家利國,利民的忠言。

Trump 心眼小,記恨,心胸狹窄,不聽他人的勸告。他一而再,再而三的把那些跟他意見不合,說話難聽的人都心狠手辣的炒魷魚了。剩下來圍著他打轉的都是他的親戚和寵臣和一些只會順著他意,進讒言,逢迎附會的小人。

Trump 每天的大事就是看電視,看他的手下做了什麼壞事,被媒體指責,那些人說他的壞話,那些人批評他的政策,那些國家對美國的政策做了什麽反應。看完電視以後就按照他個人的喜怒哀樂來決定當天做什麽事。

雖然這種治國的行為還不到不理國事的地步,可是,我可以說:Trump 的政策很多都是沒有經過精密的思考和完整的辯論以後就付諸實行的。

這下可好,Trump 邊上沒有識得大體的有識之士 (美國媒體戲稱這種人 adults),他更能夠不顧後果的一意孤行了。這對美國的前途和它在世界上的地位有不可彌補的打擊。這也是眾叛親離的開始,也是國之將亡的開始。


Trump hates Latinos April 4, 2018

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And most if not all national guards have nothing better to do anyway.

What are the orders to the guards from the chief: kill first and report later?

To keep this action effective, let’s station them along the border for one whole year, 3 shifts a day, 24/7/365 to begin. We need tens of thousands of guardsmen and guardswomen to cover the entire border at one guardsperson per 5,280 feet. Any coverage less than that is simply a waste of money exercise.

Blame it on Trump March 22, 2018

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The world markets will crush some more in the days and weeks to come. The severities will hinge on China’s response. If Boeing becomes the primary target of China’s retaliation against Trump’s threat, DJIA will see more triple digit drops because Boeing (BA, $319.61) accounts for 9.4% of the index.

Source: http://indexarb.com/indexComponentWtsDJ.html

What does Trump’s trade war mean to you?

  • Your net worth will decline if you have IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k), 403(b), SEP-IRA, TSP, FERS or an account with any of the discount brokers.
  • The stuff you buy at your local Walmart and many other companies will be more expensive.
  • America’s trade deficits will go up. It will not go down because import goods will be morr expensive.
  • If you work for Boeing, you might see a pink slip.
  • If you work for any company affected by Trump’s action, you might see a pink slip.
  • Inflation will creep up which might force the Fed to raise interest rate faster than they have planned. The stock and bond markets don’t like that a bit. Your net worth will take more beating.
  • You will hate Trump more and vote Democrat this November. Democrats will control the House and Trump will be impeached next January. Whether Democrats have the majority of the Senate is inconsequential.
  • When the interest rate goes up, the U.S. government will pay more interest on its national debt. As a result, funding for other services has to drop unless America borrows more to pay for them.
  • If China decides to reduce its purchase of U.S. Treasury bonds, interest rates on these government bonds will go up.
  • Interest rate on student loans and credit card balances will go up. You will have less money to spend. You will be poorer than before.

If global recession comes as a result of Trump’s unilateral action on tariff, the pain on stock markets will spread far and wide.

But, is a recession likely because of a global trade war?

Consider this: In a trade war, America’s trading partners will export less and they will definitely purchase less from America.

The bottom line is: you lose whether you like Trump or not.

And what’s going to happen to Trump? Mueller is digging a hole for Trump to jump in. Trump is digging another hole for him as a backup.

Wow! What a story! March 22, 2018

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Saudi Crown Prince Boasted That Jared Kushner Was “In His Pocket”


Freelancing American’s foreign policy in Mideast for personal gains?

When it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

99.99% certain in this case?

Do American people even care that something like this is going on in their government?

Probably not.

You probably have no idea March 20, 2018

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Do you know how many wars that the United States of America is fighting now?

Seven, according to an official report from the White House to the U.S. Congress.

Yes, Seven wars. America is fighting seven wars






Syria, and


Actually, America is also fighting several proxy wars as of now:

According to wikipedia, America is currently fighting eight proxy wars in the worl:

  • Allied Democratic Forces insurgency since 1995,
  • War in Darfur since 2003,
  • Paraguayan People’s Army insurgency since 2005,
  • Yemeni Crisis (part of Iran-Saudi Arabia proxy conflicts) since 2011,
  • Syrian Civil War since 2011,
  • Syrian Civil War spillover in Lebanon since 2011,
  • Ukrainian crisis since 2013,
  • 2nd Libyan Civil War since 2014.

i.e., a Yes man March 13, 2018

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小心,Trump 記仇。

Deplorable March 13, 2018

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America’s twitter president, a f*****g moron according to Tillerson, was at it again. This time Trump fired Tillerson on a tweet without telling Tillerson first.

Source: Fox News

Having a boss like Trump who kept pulling Tillerson’s leg in public, is the worst nightmare anyone can ask for. Tillerson doesn’t deserve this deplorable treatment and America doesn’t deserve a president like Trump.

Hmmm…, maybe it does for all the bad things it has done to other countries since the end of WWII.

Well, the more chaotic the White House is, the happier America’s enemies are.

Keep tweeting and keep making a mockery of the White House and yourself. The world is watching and laughing.

I know Putin is so happy that he can’t stop laughing.

Trump:講話不算話 March 11, 2018

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美國的皇帝 Trump :



















別相信 Trump 說的話。

吃撐了,睡不著,發牢騷 March 3, 2018

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大學的同學提到 823 炮戰,台灣的存亡,為國捐軀的軍人和現在政府的對比,慷慨激昂,感慨萬分。我有感而發,牢騷一大堆,自己看了都有點不好意思。








一個對貧富不均,四人之中就有一個拿 22 K,卻不聞不問的政府是一個沒有良心的政府。





可是,台北的旅遊展卻擠的水洩不通,大排長龍。台北的高級餐館卻家家客滿,不定位就沒有飯吃。三井 outlet 的一些商店卻要排隊才進的去。去國外的旅遊班機卻座無虛席。台灣的房價卻高的叫人咋舌吃驚。


我對美國的兩黨政治鬥爭非常失望。對美國稅法不公非常失望。對美國貧富不均非常失望。對美國外交政策非常失望。對美國資本主義非常失望。對美國金融體系非常失望。對美國華爾街的貪得無厭非常失望。對美國不負責任的 Monetary policy 非常失望。對美國的官官相互非常失望。對美國的霸權,一意孤行,欺負弱小國家非常失望。這些都是我搬回台灣主要的原因之一。




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