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How Putin created chaos in the U.S. by making a fool out of Trump September 15, 2018

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The author was an advisor on Russia for Bill Clinton.

He laid out plausible explanations on Putin’s tactics intended to wreck havoc in Trump’s presidency and create doubts about America’s democratic system.

The purposes of Putin’s actions on 2016 presidential election and beyond are straight forward:

I would argue that China is very happy with that outcome too.

For the mid-term election, the author has this to say:

The analyst mentioned here was an unnamed Russian insider.


Is the day of reckoning just around the corner? September 11, 2018

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Why America’s Sub-4% Unemployment Rate Means A Recession Is Not Far Off


Signs of danger are abound everywhere you look. Here are ten of them:

1. 4% Unemployment rate,

Source: Forbes

2. Inverted yield curve,

Source: Forbes

3. High stock market capitalization to GDP ratio,

Source: Forbes

4. Rising federal funds rate,

Source: Forbes

5. Reduced liquidity: The Feds has changed from QE to QT and almost all central banks around the world are pulling funds from the economies,

6. Trump’s trade wars against the world. China has vowed to fight back and Japan is Trump’s next target,

7. Turmoils in just about every corners of the world many of them instigated by Trump’s foreign policy,

8. Potential of House flipping back to the Democrats and the endless inquiries and investigations against Trump and his policies,

9. Higher oil price due to increasing demands and U.S. sanction against Iran,

10. Passive investments in ETFs poses a danger to the market when herd metality prompts investors to sell their holdings in droves on the first sign of market instability.

The end of dollar hegemony is near August 27, 2018

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Source: Yahoo News



The unintended consequence of U.S. sanctions against Russia, Iran, Turkey, China and many other countries, companies and individuals in the world is the rise of Renminbi as an alternative to U.S. dollar in global trades.

The U.S. sanctions forced these nations to come up with a new “SWIFT” system to move money without the use of the current SWIFT network which is controlled by the America.

Trump initiated the sanctions against the world and China’s currency received wider acceptance.


Another thing which reduces the global demand of the U.S. currency is, strangely enough, the rise of the shale oil production in the U.S. As America produces more from tight formations, oil imports from foreign countries is reduced by as much as 6 million barrels every day. At roughly $70 per barrel for WTI, that’s a reduction of $420 million of U.S. dollar in global commodity trades every day.

And what might be the consequence of that? It is hard to say now but it will happen when people are least expected.

Anti Japanese sentiment in Australia 80 years ago July 5, 2018

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The sentiment against Japanes influence over Australia’s economy and its natural resources 80 years ago led to iron ore export embargo to Japan in the mid 1930’s. That seemingly inconsequential decision nonetheless played a roll in the ensuing Japanese invasion of China on July 7, 1937 (盧溝橋事變) and the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 8, 1942 (偷襲珍珠港) by the Japanese navy.

That kind of sentiment is happening against in the U.S. Now, the resentment is against China.

The transfer of world power from the U.S. to China is inevitable as America’s hegemony is crumbling in front of our eyes. The gradual demise of the United States of the America has been set in motion long before Trump occupied the White House. The conservative white people in the U.S. is making their last stand against this tsunami under Trump.

Unfortunately, Trump and his supportors are not just fighting against China’s growing influence in the world. They are fighting the liberals, the blacks, Latinos and the Muslims in the U.S. and Russia, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Yemen, Germany, France, European Union, Japan, Canada, Mexico, the Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Houthis in the world.

America saw the decline and became worried. It started to wage an all-out trade wars it has no chance of winning because this war can’t be won by guns, missiles and aircraft carriers. Tanks are useless in this war so are the F-35s. On the contrary, the trade wars will damage American’s economy and kill American jobs.

When the layoffs begin to surface and growth rate starts to take a hit, Americans will wake up to the devastating outcome Trump is leading them to. If they decide to show Republican legislators out of the door, it will be the end of Trump if Cohen and Mueller didn’t get him before November.

Thanks a lot, Vladimir. July 4, 2018

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Thank you very much for getting rid of Hillary for me in 2016. I couldn’t do it without your help.

Source: The Flipboard

As a token of my deepest appreciation, keep Crimea because you deserve it. Well, everyone speaks Russian there anyway.

Last I heard, everyone in Alberta, Canada speak English.

Can someone tell me what America’s naval exercise in the Pacific Ocean is good for? July 1, 2018

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Other than wasting tax payers’ money.

Will the U.S. attack China or Russia one day?


Will China or Russia attack America?


And will the other 24 countries join the U.S. to bomb China and Russia too?

No .

So, why would the U.S. practice something that it won’t use any time soon.


想當然耳 May 31, 2018

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Russia, China agree to boost military cooperation against America’s aggression and hegemony.


What a mess: the yoyo America can’t be trusted May 8, 2018

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I told you about the yoyo America a few days ago and Trump’s decision to pull out of Iran nuclear deal is another good example of why America can’t be trusted.

Source: Fox News

Now what? Will Europen-based companies stay in Iran while only American companies get out of Iran? What about Russian and Chinese companies? Will the non-U.S. companies stay and fight against Trump’s sanctions?

Oil price should continue to go up because the market will add more geopolitical risk to the price of oil. If missiles continue to fly into Saudi Arabia in a big way, oil price will hit 3 digits easy.

Will American economy suffer from the consequence of Trump’s hostile foreign policy towards its enemies and allies alike?

What will an isolated America look like if German, England, France, China and Russia, the other five signators of the Iran nuclear deal, decide to keep the deal without the U.S.?

Where is Obama on this mess? Did he tweet anything? He has been awfully quiet on Trump’s actions which totally destroyed his presidency. The only thing left standing is Obama’s single payer health insurance deal but it is in complete shamble.

Poor Obama.

Over the past 450 days or so, Trump has bullied him to the ground and the neoconservatives have managed to write him off American’s history. And where is Obama now? It seems that he couldn’t utter a word of rejection against Trump.

The untold war between Israel and Syria April 29, 2018

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Very few people in the U.S. know about the role played by Israel in the ongoing conflict between Russia and the United States in the Middle East theater.

Make no mistake: it is a proxy war between Russia and the US but fought by Assad’s Syria on one side and anti-government forces on the other.

Assad’s Syria is supported by Iran and Russia. The rebels are supported by the U.S. and Israel.

Dead on the killing field everyday are mostly Syrians but weapons and missiles come from Russia, Iran, Israel and the US.

Why is Israel so eager to join the fight and is it legal for Israel to bomb another nation?

Why do we have this war in the first place? Who started this war anyway? Is it another “nation building” project by the United States requested by one or more nations in the region? Will the new Saudi crown prince who was empowered by Trump join the conflict to exert his influence on the region?

Will the Syria war morph into a regional war and is it a prelude of an all out war in the entire Middle East?

What a mess.

Cold wars Déjà vu April 20, 2018

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Look familiar?

Source: GlobalMail

Panicked Pentagon pushes through development of hypersonic missiles http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5634997/US-Air-Force-awards-nearly-1-bn-hypersonic-missile.html via http://dailym.ai/android

This is exactly what cold war is like: arm races in every aspect of military conflicts.

It used to be the U.S. against Soviet Union. Now, we have China and Russia on one side vs. the United States on the other.

It is not only a race on the development of advance weapons but also a race on economic prowess of each nation. The end results are mounting national debts, economic ruins and/or financial disasters for the countries involved.

Think about this for a moment:

A missile in a silo is kind like a bridge to no where: they do not generate any economic benefit to a country except the initial funding to produce the missile. A missile deployed in the name of protecting a country’s national security interests causes damage to enemy’s infrastructure and makes people hate you more.

America’s hegemony is being threatened by Xi Jinping’s OBOR Initiative, China’s hidden intention to modify the existing world order and Putin’s agressive stance to make Russia a prominent player in the world again. The unintened consequence of geopolitical posturing is the second cold war in front of our eyes.

Who will come out of this war smiling? I don’t know. I will only point out one thing for you to consider:

The national debt of the United States is $21.2 trillion or about 106% of its GDP. On the other hand, China’s national debt is about $5.1 trillion or about 45% of its GDP.

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