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Finally, something good from the Trump WH May 21, 2017

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Remember these tweets and statements from Trump on China: 

“currency manipulator,” 

“unfair trade partner,” 

“raping our nation,” 

“we have a lot of power with China,” 

“theft of American jobs,” 

“lost 60,000 factories,” 

“Did China ask us if it was OK to devalue their currency?” 

“when Donald J. Trump is president, China will be on notice that America is back in the global leadership business and that their days of currency manipulation and cheating are over,” 

“I would do a tax. And the tax, let me tell you what the tax should be … the tax should be 45%,”  

And we all know what kind of person Trumo is: “he (Trump) is someone going to carry through on what he says.” 

Then of course we had these words from China:

“We hope President-elect Donald Trump, who will very soon go into (the) White House, will handle himself with respect, accountability and responsibility and become a force of peace and stability rather than making whimsical and capricious remarks aimed at surprising the world.” 

So, after a war of words, what do we have recently? A trade agreement between China and the U.S of A.

So, did Trump lie? Maybe Trump simply didn’t know what he was talking about. Well, on the other hand, maybe Trump was a smart cookie by talking tough before doing a deal.

We’ll find out what kind of person Trump is: a born liar or a smart business man.

Only in America May 14, 2017

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Product of racial tension in the U.S.

Definitely May 14, 2017

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The more trouble America has, the better it is for the world and China.

The U.S. opposed One Belt One Road and the BRICS Bank (now the New Development Bank) when Xi Jinping first proposed this strategic alliance in 2013 and later threatened its allies not to joint this initiative. None of them except Japan took American advice.


Because the United States realized that it threatened America’s leadership in the world. 

So what America did to counter this threat? Pivot to the East.

Now the U.S. and Japan want in. 恬不知恥是也。

Just make them second or third tier observers with no right to vote.

BRI vs PE.

I for one like to see BRI took the lead not only on world trade but also on making friends in the world for decades and cennturies. What America leadership gave the world was one firthy rich and powerful bully, a few so-called allies, a poppy, a pawn and many enemies.

If you haven’t heard of this place, you soon will May 12, 2017

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Tashkurgan, China.

American press will not print anything relating to this place. American reporters will not tell you any story about this small town along the China-Pakistan border. It is the most westerly settlement in China and soon it will be the center of activity for the most ambitious infrastructural project in history: “One Belt and One Road Initiative.”


Tashkurgan map

Source: The Guardian

This weekend, several world leaders; Russian’s Vladimir Putin,  Pakistan’s Nawaz Sharif and Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will be in Beijing to hear hear what China’s Xi Jinping has to offer.

Have you noticed what Putin, Sharif and Erdoğan have in common? None of them is a friend of the United states.

Actually, the “One Belt and One Road Initiative” is designed to offset America’s “Pivot to the East” strategy. America, with its willing foot soldier, Japan, can block China all it want on the east, China will build an open pathway to Central Asia, Southeast and Southwest Asia, India, Indian Ocean, Middle East, Mediterranean Sea, Eastern Europe, Russia, Western Europe and Africa. Railroads, highways, pipelines, Internet cables and sea lanes will link these regions with China leaving the United States all alone in the Pacific Ocean.

Soon, with direct capital investment from China, areas around Tashkurgan in western China and eastern Pakistan will transform into one of the busiest regions in Central Asia since merchants first walked the silk road more than a thousand years ago.

Again, American press will not print this story. They want you to just forget this desolate place where few people in the world have ever walked.

Tashkurgan mountain scene

Credit: Tom Phillips for the Guardian.

In a decade or two, people who ride in this tractor trailer will be worth millions. If you are young, rich and dare, buy a few hundred acres of land along this two-lane highway, your future generation will thank you.

一切正常 May 9, 2017

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我們去年11月中離開上海。出門時把家裏整理的乾乾淨淨,從上到下清洗了一番。電和煤氣都關了,以免節外生枝。昨天晚上 (5/6/17) 回到浦東,家裏一切正常。謝天謝地,沒有麻煩。電沒問題,熱水也有,家裏也沒有漏水的痕跡,灰塵不多,沒有生黴,沒有蟲子,沒有蜘蛛網,也沒有什麼奇怪的味道。不過,牆上有些許油漆剝落,窗沿邊上有些 caulking 掉了。我們來回上海已經十幾次了,每一次都沒有問題,真是省事不少。Knock on wood.



每次來上海最煩惱的就是電話和網路。沒電話還可以過日子,沒網路那有人就要嘮叨嘮叨了。我們每次來都要換一個新的 sim card,換新的路由器(舊的 sim card 過期,新的 3G 或 4G system 更換),全部要重新設定,麻煩的不得了。這已經是七,八年的事了,你說是不是麻煩?店員都覺得我們笨的不得了。可是每次來都只有十天,半個月的,你說我能怎麽辦?

這一次我狠下心了,決定在家安裝一個網路,安裝一個電視的 set top box,另外加兩個手機,簽了一年的合約。雖然現在我們每年只來上海一兩次,每次只留一兩個月,其他七八個月就只有多費錢吧了。手機我們選的是華華為的畅享7 Plus,每個手機¥1,499元。其他電話費(3G mobile data,700分鐘話費)和電視這些東西全部只有¥199一個月。多一個電話只要¥5一個月。簽一年的合同。就算破財消災吧。談不上破財,省事吧了。

我們本來先去中國聯通,因為這幾年以來,我們都是用聯通的 sim card。談好了價錢,選了手機,結果我們小區不支持聯通。我們只有問路,靠人指點,一路坐公車(¥2一程,不管多遠)去東方路的中國電信,在那折騰了一個鐘頭,把該辦的都辦了。

現在,我有四個手機:美國的一個 (AT&T Samsung S6 edge,許多網站印證不收國外電話),台灣一個(中華電信,Samsung S7),中國一個(華為),還有一個是unlocked samsung S4。台灣和中國的加起來都沒有AT&T的貴。


今天早上,裝寬帶的來了,差不多半個鐘頭就弄好了。現在家裏有 wifi 那就不需要晚上十點長泰廣場關門以後還在那划手機了。過兩天那位先生還會來安裝 TV Set Top Box。到時就有電視可以看了。




C is here. Well, almost. May 8, 2017

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I talked about A, B and C a while back; first on January 18, 2011 and later on September 3, 2015. 

A, of course, is Airbus, B is Boeing and C is COMAC, the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China. 

In both of my previous blogs, I kind of askedq one question: “Is C coming?”  

With yesterday’s event, the question now becomes: is C here yet?

So, what happened on Friday, 5/5/2017? 

The first commercial airplane manufactured by China’s Comac, officially called Comac 919, took its maiden test flight on Friday at Pudong International Airport in Shanghai.

As you can see, C919 isn’t ready for action yet. It is still three or four years away before flying passengers around the world. 

Source: BBC News.

Here are some informations about C919 which has received technical assistance from GE and Honeywell:

Source: 新民晚報

1。C919 is a narrow body, single-aisle twin-engine airplane, the most popular airplane in the sky. Capacity: 168 passengers. 

For comparison: Boing 737 family of airplanes: 85 to 225 passengers. Airbus A320: 150 passengers.

2。Range: 2,532 to 3,452 miles. Note: Beijing to Singapore: 2,786 miles.

3。Cost: ~$50 million USD vs $32 – $100 million for a Boeing 737 or about $100 million for Airbus A320. 

Commercial airplane manufacturing has been dominated by Boeing and Airbus for decades. Last Friday was the begining of a new chapter for the worldwide aerospace industry because a new kid came in town and one day will give its two much stronger and more advanced competitors a run for their money. For China, it’s an business opportunity it can’t afford not to get a piece of. It is also a big national security concern for the Chinese government to have its aerospace industry controlled by foreign governments. 

The development of C919 is a significant step for China in many respects.

Consider this: more than 31 years ago when I flew into Hongqiao Airport (虹橋飛機場) in western Shanghai with my Mom, the area around the airport was pitch dark because China was a third world country with intermitten supply of electricity. The streets of Shanghai were filled with millions of bicycles, buses and electric street cars. Chinese people lived on rationed rice, pork and cooking oil. Only three colors dominated the entire country: black, dark blue and grey. A university professor made ¥230 a month vs ¥170 for a factory worker. No private property was allowed and almost all people worked for the government. No skyscrapers in the city except those built in the 1920’s which escaped destruction during the 8-year China-Japan war. China was that poor. The lives of ordinary Chinese people were that miserable and things in China were downright hopeless.

None of that sorry chapter of the recent Chinese history matters any more. 

Look at China right now: 

Black and grey morphed into red and green and every color in between. Bicycles gave ways to millions of automobiles. Skyscrapers of every shapes and heights can be seen in cities big and small thought out China. This country is doing all it can to compete with the most powerful entities in the world in military, science, technology and, of course, aerospace. It will one day surpasses the United States and breaks down the hegemony laid out by the U.S. government and Wall Street bankers over the last 70 years.

The eventual launch of C919 is a snall step for China. C919 symbolizes the industry power of an emerging country and the drive behind one of the dreams of Chinese people: Made in China 2025.

The first C919 is only a test airplane but China already has received 570 orders of C919 from 23 buyers. Most came from Chinese domestic airline companies but GE has ordered 20 planes probably because GE is a big supplier to the C919 program.

After C919, Comac is looking into joint venture project with Russia on larger and more profitable wide-body airplanes such as Boeing’s 747 and airbus’s A340. That will be at least a decade away.

量子技術 April 27, 2017

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重申有個x用 April 22, 2017

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有派船過去嗎?有命令軍艦和大炮保護嗎?有兵在那裏巡邏嗎?除了一張紙,在外交部大門口贴一帖,internet 上晃一晃,做個樣子,台灣還能搞出什麼花樣?那個一本正經的外交部長要不要說說看?






Trump lied to get votes? April 13, 2017

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Or is he being flexible and not unlike any other politician?

The bottom line is this: do you believe what comes out of his mouth from now on?

Trump reverses course in 24 hours from Nato to China to Fed – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-39591032

A crane and two clams fight to the death April 11, 2017

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The fisherman on the sideline benefits without doing a thing.

In Chinee, it means:


Pictures are worth a thousand words. 

You’ll know who is the crane and who are the clams.
You’ll have to guess who the fisherman is.

The U.S. wants Assad out. America is building another nation. It just can’t stop messing around with other nation’s business, can it?

Trump apparently wants to start two regional wars, one chemical and one nuclear, at the same time. 

Now, how many Koreans are there in the United States and how many of them are from the North of the 38th parallel?

What will North Korea do? 

What will Trump do?

What will Russia do? Back to “Cold War” again?