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Republican’s Moore justification December 5, 2017

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Two seat majority in the Senate is everything to Trump and the Republican Party at this point in the current election cycle. The stain on the Senate, thus the nation, that comes with Moore’s winning next Tuesday just isn’t that big a deal to Trump, McConnell of Kentucky, Hatch of Utah and Republican National Committee any more. 

From the righteous moral highground of ‘No Moore in the Senate’ a few weeks ago to ‘we’ll take him comes next Tuesday’ now is simple shameful. 

As for Trump, he and Moore are one of a kind, the kind of ‘He didn’t admit the crime’ in Sander’s book. Since they two are such a good match, what’s not to like of each other. Once in Washington, Moore and Trump can compare notes more easily in their spare time.

Republicans, get your red carpet out! Moore may show up next Tuesday night. Americans, have your heavy duty scouring pads and soaps ready. You will need them to wash off the stains Moore brings to the nation next week.


Discrimination in the U.S. December 3, 2017

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The fact that Trump openly made fun of Asian leaders tells everyone in the world how deep-rooted discrimination against Asians is in the U.S. 

Trump didn’t even bother to hide it. Shame on him.

All the laws against discrimination mean nothing to many white Americans. They crack jokes without censor just like Trump did openly.

MLB suspended Astro’s Yuli Gurriel 5 games for making fun of Dedger’s pitcher, Yu Darvish, a Japanese.

Maybe American people should suspend Trump 5 days for disrespecting Asian leaders too. While they are at it, keep Trump from being the president 5 days for each lie Trump has uttered.

Hello, president Mike Pence. Do you have a tweeter account too?

公說公有理,婆說婆有理 December 3, 2017

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This is the oroblem with economics: no one has any clue as to what’s going to happen in ten years with the new tax reform bill.

Democrats say: $500 billion, $1 trillion or $1.5 trillion deficit added to the national debt in 10 years with the rob-the-poor-and-soak-the-rich tax plan.

Republicans say: revenue neutral, beyond revenue neutral or 3+% annual GDP growth from the historical and boldest re-write of the tax code ever.

The schmos: Is there anything we can do?

Trump: Four more years! Four more years!

National Debt:

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A liar in the WH November 29, 2017

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Source: WP


Totally absurd.

What else can you say? Blame democracy. Trump is a very bad and unfortunate product of American democracy. 

Still better than having BJC & HRC in the WH though. Trump has money. He just lies because he can’t help it. BJ&HR remember their Little Rock days well. They are greedy. They would auction out every night of the Lincoln bedroom to the highest bidders.

W/o Trump, there is less entertainment and fewer dramas for the world to see. It also goes a long way to show the world just how bad American democracy can be.

A side benefit of Trump WH is that Trump and his tweets drag the U.S. down the drain which is good for the world. Best of all, there is absolutely not a damn thing American people can do before 2020.



No end in sight? November 29, 2017

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The dirty laundry continues to no end. It’s like the rag that wraps up rotten fish: 又臭又長,沒完沒了。

No wonder. It begins from the guy in the White House (actually there had been a few starting way back in the 60’s) and kind of trickles down from there to the entire nation naturally. 

It all makes perfect sense now. It is a distinguished trait of the country.

Hm, what are other traits that come to mind?

Divorces? Multiple marriages. Step siblings? “He’s not my father.”

There is a good Chinese saying that describes this dirty mess fittingly:


Yeah, this is the UNITED States (of mind) of America.

怎麼都是白男? November 20, 2017

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美國的道德標準 November 19, 2017

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Bill Clinton 和 Donald Trump,就是兩個活生生的例子。也只有美國人在美國這種民主政治和社會風氣的熏陶之下,才能選出這兩個醜聞不斷的人做他們的總統。

先看 Clinton:

除此之外,Clinton 還承認他和 Jennifer Flowers 的婚外情。Clinton 做了總統以後,他和 22 歲的實習生 Monica Lewinsky 在白宮的醜聞還導致他成被美國國會彈劾。

Source: wikipedia

再說 Trump,他的醜聞也是不斷:

Source: Deadline

Source: The Hill

Can you believe the president of the United States of America actually said that? 

America has long called itself the beacon of democracy. But, how could people of the beacon of democracy elect someone with this kind of perverted thoughts as their president is beyond me. Is Trump waiting for his day of reckoning? 

Probably not.



Trump and Mohammed bin Salman November 19, 2017

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Trump has unleashed the Saudi Arabia we always wanted — and feared


Trump’s first foreign trip after his inauguration was to Saudi Arabia. 


What did his advisors tell him? 

What would he gain by talking to Mohammed bin Salman other than undo what Obama did to the Middle East before him?

Did he really think that he can make his mark in history with peace agreements between the enemies in the Middle East?

Did he try to lend legitimacy to a young and untested Saudi prince who requested the meeting in the first place?

Did Trump believe that Saudi Arabia might be on the cusp of forming an alliance with Russia to dominate the world oil market?

Did Trump want to tell the prince in person that America will no longer insert itself in any future Middle East conflict because Saudi is a big boy who should handle itself like a grown man instead of hiding behind the U.S.?

Did Trump just want to be bold,  unpredictable and keep people guessing?

Or mabe Trump want to check out Saudi’s golden toilet?

丟臉丟到外國去了 November 16, 2017

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他們以為中國跟美國一樣,偷東西大不了在牢裏一個晚上,轉一圈就出來了。再說,美國已經有全世界第一多的犯人在牢裏吃飯了。這種偷東西的小 case ,法官根本懶得管。過個堂,講兩句,就放了。如果這種小 case 就要坐牢,那美國再蓋幾百個監獄都不管用。

在中國偷東西,最高可以讓你在牢裏吃十年的青菜蘿蔔。不過,去新疆的油田做十年的苦工也可以。要不然在午門外或西湖邊各打20大板給CNN,NBC,CBS,ABC 和 FOX 實況轉播也可以。要知道,在沙烏地阿拉伯偷東西被抓到可是要砍手的。







走投無路只有濫竽充數了? November 14, 2017

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不過,美國在中東的兩次戰爭,也把美國的年輕人打怕了。布希,噢巴馬和川普相繼的送他們去阿富汗,伊拉克,敘利亞和 Niger,可是他們不知道為什麼打仗,不知道為什麼去死,不知道為誰的利益而戰。有些人在阿富汗打了十幾年的戰,還不知道是為了美國人打還是為了阿富汗人打。



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