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The greatest deal maker not March 28, 2017

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Trump proudly called himself the negotiator-in-chief but couldn’t even close a deal in the House of Representatives which is controlled by his own party. 

What kind of deal maker is Trump really? 

A losing one. So far. 

Have you heard of these deals?

Trump Steaks, Trump University, Trump Vodka, Trump Suits, Trump fragrances, Trump board game, Trump ghostwritten books, Trump energy drink, Trump eyeglasses and Trump chocolate bars.

These are all Trump deals.

Maybe Trump is over-rated?

Repealing Obamacare should be essier from the budgetary point of view because AHCA should save America tax payers nearly one trillion dollar over a decade. Tax reform, defense budget and infrastructure policies require debt increase to pass. 

The bill which ultimately would reduce national debt didn’t get to pass, what chance do the ones requiring more America tax money have over the objection of the Freedom Caucus?

Not a lot.

Trump might know how to close a deal on an apartment building but he probably knows nothing about heardcare, influence of the special interest groups, what it takes to control various factions in the Republican Party and how to deal with the opposition from the Democrat Party. 

Trump still has a long way to go and a steep learning curve to climb.

No one else to blame but Republicans themselves March 26, 2017

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Many conservative talk show hosts are doing their best to find cover for Trump. Ryan became the de facto scapegoat.

Some asked for Ryan’s head because he failed the party and Trump. Some even suggested that Trump was on board according to his tweet.

Some called out the “The Freedom Caucus” and suggested that they planted a dagger in the Trump presidency.

Well, I of course don’t know what’s going on in the Republican Party, but Trump, Ryan and the Freedom Caucus are all responsible for the misery they are facing now. 
Trump failed to negotiate a deal in his own party even though he kept touting his “best-deal-maker-ever-lived-in-this-world” image. Ryan didn’t do a good job as the leader of the Party. The Freedom Caucus forgot that the Republican Party was bigger than the Caucus. They sacrified party image and  party unity with by staying their ground and opposing the bill. 

Sadly to say, the Republican Party is probably the most disfunctional party of the land; about the same as the Democrat Party before the November 2016 election. 

The path ahead for the Republican Party is treacherous in the face of the united Democrat opposition. The budget, the border wall, the Supreme court candidate Judge Gousuch, the Russian inquiry, Trump’s unsubstantiated wiretap claim, the tax reform and infrastructure spending are all difficult legislation battles. Without unity, the Republican Party will fail to produce meaningful legislature, Trump will be trapped by his own wotds, Democrat will regain the Senate in 2018 and  Trump will be a lamb duck for 2 years.

Learn the lesson from the failure of the American Health Care Act and work together on the next agenda item. Trump and the Republican Party can recover from the first defeat. If one failure turns into two and two becomes three, Trump will be among the least effective presidents in recent memory.

You are fired. March 25, 2017

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In general, VCs don’t buy a family business no matter how successful it is. Trump should apple the same principle too: no relatives in the White House. 

Democrats and the liberal media should have a field day with imploding of Ryancare legislation and SNL, The Tonight Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live! will make a mockery out of the Trump family too.
So Trump is “furious” but will Trump utter the words: “You are fired” to Ivanka and Khshner? 

Please stay tuned.

 “MAR-A-LAGO Act” March 25, 2017

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Obama should be subjected to “MAR-A-LAGO” too.

Source: U.S.A Today

Well, all U.S. presidents should too. Who knows who or what is buying access at “MAR-A-LAGO” or the White House. 

Let’s pass the  “MAR-A-LAGO Act,” Congress.

Making sense March 22, 2017

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I enjoy reading John Stossel’s comments and watching his TV shows.

一丘之貉 March 22, 2017

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貉的英文是 raccoon dog。它跟 raccoon 是不一樣的。Raccoon 的中文是狸。這兩種動物長得有點像,可是它們在血源上是不相連的。

這是 Raccoon 狸:

而 Raccoon dog 長得是這個樣子:



Trump 是一個政客,是一丘之貉中間的一個。

Source: Google search.

Trump 競選時說他不會動 Social security, Medicare and Medicaid.. 他不止一次的相選民保證,他絕對不會砍這幾個項目的撥款。

Source: Yahoo News.

Source: Yahoo News.

可是,共和黨提出來, Trump 也支持,今天(3/23/2017)就要在眾議院投票,爲平反 Obamacare 所提出來的法案,讓我們姑且稱它爲 Ryancare,中間就有砍 Nedicare 和 Medicaid 的條款。

簡單的說, Trump 明明白白,完完全全的違背了他競選時提出來的保證。

Source: Yahoo News.

Source: Yahoo News.

你說 Trump 和其他的政客不是一樣嗎? 他們就跟一丘之貉一樣。

Comey, hurry up March 21, 2017

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Trump should tweet this line every day to remind FBI director that he better finishes his investigation soon. 

If Comey drags his feet into late 2018 or even into 2019, Trump will be in big trouble should Democrat win the control of the Senate. Democrat will for sure appoint a special prosecutor to conduct a separate investigation into Trump and his campaign’s connections to Russia government.
And there will be no mercy in the search of any wrongdoings by the POTUS.

Impeachment? Resignation? Everything is possible because liberals hate him.

該來的總會來 March 19, 2017

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不過,這是 Goldman Sachs 的推測,不一定會實現。我倒覺得 Yellen 大媽不會貿然行事,最多她也不過是做個樣子,賣個幾十億,開個頭,讓後來的人收拾這個爛攤子。反正 The Fed 欠這麽多錢,也不是她的錯,她勇敢的開始減少QE的行動,也可以沾點光。
再說, Trump 是絕對不會把她留下來的。她明年年初是一定會收到 “You are fired” 的粉紅小單。反正她也風光夠了,下台收政府的退休金,日子好過的很。她在位的這幾年,兢兢業業,守著她從教科書上學到的理論,一步一步慢慢的走,蕭規曹隨,錯不到那裏。黑暗隧道的那一邊已經有光亮出來了。只要熬過這幾個月,成功身退,歷史留名,有什麽不好。搞個大動作,不是 Yellen 大媽的作風。

套一句 Yellen 大媽和 Bernanke 大叔最喜歡說的話來結尾吧:”預知後事如何,請聽下回分解。”

Do you know what these federal agencies do March 17, 2017

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If Trump gets what he wants, these 19 federal agencies will be eliminated in 2018. Have you heard of them and do you know what they do?

Here is the list of agencies which are on the chopping block and how much each of them costs American tax payers in 2017.

Source: Yahoo news.


  1. African Development Foundation; $28.2 million
  2. Appalachian Regional Commission; $120 million
  3. Chemical Safety Board; $12.4 million
  4. Corporation for National and Community Service; $1.1 billion
  5. Corporation for Public Broadcasting; $445 million
  6. Delta Regional Authority; $15.9 million
  7. Denali Commission; $19 million
  8. Institute of Museum and Library Services; $230 million
  9. Inter-American Foundation; $22.2 million
  10. U.S. Trade and Development Agency; $80.7 million
  11. Legal Services Corporation; $502.7 million
  12. National Endowment for the Arts; $149.8 million
  13. National Endowment for the Humanities; $149.8 million
  14. Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation; $140 million
  15. Northern Border Regional Commission; $5 million
  16. Overseas Private Investment Corporation; Self-sustaining
  17. U.S. Institute of Peace; $37.9 million
  18. U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness; $3.6 million
  19. Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars; $10.4 million

Total amount eliminated: $3.07 billion.

Is it enough? Hmm…. It’s less than 0.6% of the estimated federal deficit for FY 2018.

Looks like that we need to get rid of a lot more than 19.

  • FY 2016 Federal deficit: $587 billion (actual)
  • FY 2017 Federal deficit: 504 billion (estimate)
  • National debt: $19.9 trillion (estimate)

看來他心情不太好 March 16, 2017

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煩惱,頭疼,無奈,一籌莫展。一上臺就一直吃癟,天天救火,卻拿他的對手沒辦法。他的敵人太多,逼得他無處可逃。這些靠寫新聞稿子吃飯的記者,罵人的技巧比 Trump 還厲害。Trump 罵他們是罵不過的。Trump 自己又常常亂 tweet 一通,說話也常常不經大腦,給他的對手一個又一個機會來菜他。看來,Trump 搞不定了。
以前 Trump 做自己公司的老闆,心裏一不舒服,想罵雖,就把那個人叫來,乖乖的跪在跟前。他想怎麼罵,就怎麼罵,髒話連篇也沒有人敢說個不字。他想炒那個人魷魚,就炒那個人魷魚。


想必 Trump 常常會跟自己說:你看我現在有多麽的威風,多麼的有成就感。連中國以前的皇帝都沒有我厲害。

現在做了美國總統,住進了白宮,他Trump 是世界公認最有權力的人。一人(太太?)之下,三億三千萬人之上,好不神氣。白宮裏,那個人不是對他畢恭畢敬,總統這個,總統那個的,叫得他打心裏面高興。只見他,坐在總統辦公室裏面的那張桌子的後面,面對攝影機和照相機,發號施令,威風凜凜。