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美國保守派白人的最後掙扎 August 17, 2017

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I can’t stop blaming you 

By Donald Trump


(I can’t stop blaming you)

I’ve made up my mind

To live in memory of my stupid times

    (I can’t stop pissing you)

    I have more foolish things to say

    So I’ll just tell my lies in dreams of yesterday

    (Dreams of yesterday)

    Those obama days that we once loathed
    Tho’ long ago, they still make me fume

    They say that I broke many laws 

    But laws mean nothing since I took the dump

    (I can’t stop blaming you)

    I’ve more foolish things to say

    To live in memories of my stupid times

    (I can’t stop pissing you)

    I’ve more foolish things to say

    So I’ll just tell my lies in dreams of yesterday






    川普除了放火燒自己的屁股,就沒有做幾件對美國有好處的事。他競選的支票沒有幾張兌現的。他兒子和蘇俄外交官與律師接頭以及川普修改他們會議的原因,遲早會帶給川普一大堆麻煩。還有 Mueller 的 grand jury 更是川普的剋星。川普就像一個火爐上鍋子裏的青蛙。水溫一點一點的增加,川普想跳也跳不出去,只有在裏面等水開了被美國最厲害的律師剝皮。




    You have to love this! August 12, 2017

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    Source: Yahoo News, Popsugae


    川普是君子還是小人? August 12, 2017

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    • 君子的定義:





    1. 君子,
    2. 小人,
    3. 兩個都不是,
    4. 自戀狂。


      1. 自以為是,自視甚高。誇大自己的成就。
      2. 對自己的成功,權力,榮譽有非分的幻想。
      3. 相信自己獨一無二。看不起其他人。
      4. 喜歡別人讚美他,恭維他,巴結他。
      5. 認為自己享有特殊的權力。
      6. 獵取他人的利益,以達到自己的目的。
      7. 不在乎他人的感受以及需求。
      8. 嫉妒他人。還相信別人嫉妒他的成就。
      9. 高傲自大,粗鲁,謾罵他人。
      10. 隨意批評他人也非常在乎他人對他的批評。


      He just doesn’t care August 12, 2017

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      To save money on the payroll, Trump has to fire all 755 state dept employees expelled by Putin.

      Source: Yahoo News

      Being a business man, Trump should know this at least. Apparently he doesn’t. Maybe he want to let them go.

      Well, the State Department budget will be cut by 25% anyway. The layoff of 755 in one fell swoop will help to speed up the process a lot.

      Let’s get the pink slips flying. American’s State Department has done a lot of bad things to other countries in the world for 70 years already. A 25% cut across the board in that department is a good start.

      The next target: DoD?

      禍不單行:WH Paralyzed, Trump terrified August 9, 2017

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      A completely paralyzed White House:

      1.WH Chief of Staff Reince Priebus sacked.

      2. US AG Sessions publically huminiated by Trump. 

      3. Obamacare repeal failed at U.S. Senate after many tries by the Republicans.

      4. Mooch fired as WH communication director after 10 days of becoming one.

      5. A bipartisan vote of a tougher sanction against Russia was overwhelmingly passed by the Congresd and Trump had to sign it into law. It drastically reduces Trump’s ability to lift sanctions against Russia: a huminiation to Trump presidency.

      6. Mueller empaneled a brand new grand jury in DC looking into Trump campaign’s colusion with Russia.

      7. Republican and Democratic Senators draft bills to protect Mueller from Trump.

      8. Details of Trump’s January calls with leaders of Mexico and Australia leaked. Trump asked Enrique Peña Nieto stop publicly saying not to pay for the border wall because it made Trump looked bad. Trump said to Turnbull: “I hate taking these people (refugees from mostly Muslim countries.) I guarantee you they are bad.” 

      Mueller impaneled a grand jury to investigate Russia’s interference in the US presidential election. The grand jury sits in secret, subpoenas witnesses,demands documents, evaluates the case and issues indictments if it deems it appropriate. 

      Trump has to be scared by Mueller’s grand jury which has ttemendous power to look into Trump’s past dealing with Russia. Worse for Trump, the grand jury was impaneled in Washington D.C., which Hillary won easily in 2016 with 95% of the vote. Trump’s chance of a fair trail isn’t very good. 

      Can Trump sleep well tonight knowing that Mueller’s lawyers are checking his financial records and NSA are checking his and his family’s emails and phone calls?

      Probably not.

      Trump lied. Again. August 6, 2017

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      • Alan Shipnuck:

      • Trump:

      • White House:

      • White House again:

      • Did Trump lie?


      • Can you ever trust Trump?


      • Is Trump mentally fit to be the president of the U.S.?

      You tell me.

      • Will Trump lie again?


      • Can Trump sleep in the night?

      Probably not.

      I told you so August 3, 2017

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      Just like what I’ve predicted that a grand jury will be formed by Mueller for Trumps and their cohorts a day or two ago.

      Grand jury assembled in Trump-Russia investigation http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-40820863

      How come a grand jury is panelled so fast into Mueller’s invedtigation? What Mueller have on Trumps?

      Is it all Sessions’ fault?

      Will indictment be next for Trump Jr. and/or Kushner?

      Will immunities be offerred to Flynn and Manafort to get a bigger fish?

      Will Trump, Trump Jr. and Kushner be forced to answer questions under oath?

      Is it too late to fire Mueller and Rod Rosenstein?

      Will Trump be impeached by the House after 2018 election after Republican lose the House to Democrats?

      Will Trump resign?

      All interesting questions and Trump probably can’t help but ask himself in days and weeks to come?

      Trump vs Kim: A pictorial primer August 3, 2017

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      First of all, take your pick to put the contest into context.

      1. 30 somthing vs. Grandpa.
      2. Happy face vs. sad face.
      3. 80後 vs. 歐吉桑


      Trump to Kim: 

      We’ll take you out by force. 


      Trump to Graham: 

      Tell Kim that I an dead serious about what I intend to do to Kim.


      Kim to Trump: Take this and shove it.

      Self explanatory. No further explanation is needed.


      Trump to China:

      It’s China’s fault because you are not doing your job and I, the president of the most powerful nation in the milky way galaxy and the leader of the world won’t allow it. Go talk to Kim and tell him to behave.


      China to Trump: 

      It’s not my problem. You started it and it’s up to you to solve it. 

      Btw, China has a saying about you: 解鈴還需系鈴人. Use Google translation to figure out what we mean. You might learn something.

      Well, China declares that North Korea is not a Chinese problem. It is a U.S. problem. China also points out that it was Trump who started the conflict in the first place. Trump can solve the North Korea problem himself and China will step aside and watch with amusement.
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Trump to Tillerson

      Damn it, Rex. It appears our show of force isn’t working. Tillerson, do something! Let’s fly you to Pyongyang to talk to Kim instead. Rex, it is up to you now. Go do your job or I’ll fire you.

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tillerson to Kim:

      I am going to use the good cop/bad cop routine to deal with you.
      First of all, Trump was just kidding when he said that he’ll kill Kim. Actually, he didn’t mean it. He want to be friends with Kim. He said a lot of stupid things like dreaming up phone calls from Boy Scout and president of Mexico. Don’t take Trump too seriously. He has a big mouth and lousy memory. He dreams a lot too.

      Trump has a change of heart because Trump has all the fire power at his disposal but can’t fire a single shot. It’s all because of you (Kim). You doesn’t give a damn about Trump’s empty threats and keeps firing missiles to the sky. Can’t you just take a break and stop firing misdiles for a week or two. Trump needs some quiet time and peace of mind. Leaders around the world see him as a joke. Just ask France’s pretty face. He won’t let Trump’s hand go.

      My job here is to find a ladder for Trump to climb down from without losing too much face? Can you just do that for old Rex. We can talk about having ExxomMobil do some work for you in private after dust settles. You know I have great 關係 at XOM.


      So what now, Trump? 

      What are you going to do with Carl Vinson, Ronald Reagon and 20+ warships currently carrying out drills around Korean Peninsula? Was it 60+ warships instead of 20+? Isn’t there is a third aircraft carrier coming to Korean water to form an “armada”? 

      What will happen to your “ironclad commitment” to protect South Korea and Japan since North Korea keeps sending missiles into the sky? You know that “IC” phrase is very catchy. It has that powerful ring to it when you say it so forcefully.



      Wait for my tweets. That’s when I tell the truth. I have a country to run.



      Busy working on another ICBM test.


      Working on 一帶一路


      Hacking into U.S. 2018 election headquarters and dig more dirt on Hillary and Bill. They deserve to go to jail. Chinese call this: 吃幾天牢飯。


      Trump a hypocrite August 3, 2017

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      What a loser Trump!

      Directory.com defines ‘hypocrite‘ as follows:

      Don’t you see Trump fit that definition perfectly?

      That’s your government at its best August 3, 2017

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      Spending our money! 

      More of it by a Republican-controlled Congress.
      Republican Party = Democratic Party

      Both parties are shameful, wasteful, deceitful, corrupt and reprehensible.

      This is American democracy at its best.

      Do you want it? You can have it.


      Source: Fox News