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Finally, something good from the Trump WH May 21, 2017

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Remember these tweets and statements from Trump on China: 

“currency manipulator,” 

“unfair trade partner,” 

“raping our nation,” 

“we have a lot of power with China,” 

“theft of American jobs,” 

“lost 60,000 factories,” 

“Did China ask us if it was OK to devalue their currency?” 

“when Donald J. Trump is president, China will be on notice that America is back in the global leadership business and that their days of currency manipulation and cheating are over,” 

“I would do a tax. And the tax, let me tell you what the tax should be … the tax should be 45%,”  

And we all know what kind of person Trumo is: “he (Trump) is someone going to carry through on what he says.” 

Then of course we had these words from China:

“We hope President-elect Donald Trump, who will very soon go into (the) White House, will handle himself with respect, accountability and responsibility and become a force of peace and stability rather than making whimsical and capricious remarks aimed at surprising the world.” 

So, after a war of words, what do we have recently? A trade agreement between China and the U.S of A.

So, did Trump lie? Maybe Trump simply didn’t know what he was talking about. Well, on the other hand, maybe Trump was a smart cookie by talking tough before doing a deal.

We’ll find out what kind of person Trump is: a born liar or a smart business man.

Big trouble for Trump and Republican majority May 14, 2017

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If Democrat took the Senate in 2018, Trump will be in troubled wster until he leaves the WH in 2020. If Democrat took the House, Trump might get impreached. The liberal judges on the Supreme Court won’t retired until Trump is out in 2020.

Anti-Trump sentiments, THAAD and Moon May 12, 2017

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Trump believes that being the president of the most powerful nation in the world entitles him to demand other nations to do whatever he wants. 

It doesn’t work that way.

Trump wanted South Korea to pay $1 billion for the deployment of THAAD which angered South Koreans because THAAD wasn’t really designed to protect South Korea against missiles from the North. America forces THAAD on SK because it needs to monitor China and Russia as America “pivoting to the East.” In the end, the State Department quietly announced that America tax payers will pay for the deploytment. Trump ate his own words again.

In fact, 56.5% of South Koreans, according to a recent poll, want the deployment of THAAD suspended and leave the decision to the new government. 

But, after SK and the U.S. agreed in July 2016 to deploy one THAAD battery in SK, U.S. sent two mobile launchers to a U.S. military base in SK in March 2017 because America wanted to speed up the installation before a new government comes into power in May 2017. 

However, THAAD deployment has been under fire from the get-go because it was made without parliamentary approval and discussions by the public. The heavy-handed approach by the U.S. government against the will of majority of the South Korean people angered the opposition party which swept Moon Jae-in (文在寅) to the office. Of course, Park’s indictment decimated her party which also helped Moon won the election.

Trump’s bullying personality and his unorthodox foreign policy maneuvers destablized the balance of power in many countries and upset other nations’ politics because Trump’s ascent to power emboldened the populist movements worldwide.
This isn’t good for the U.S. because the strategic alliances cultivated by the U.S. over the past five decades are in danger of breaking apart. Many new governments, e.g., Phillippine and South Korea, may adapt anti-U.S. foreign policies and several pro-America royal family rulers in the Middle East might face renewed oppositions at home. 

None of that is good for the United States. America is threading dangerous water now. It will get worse and the end isn’t near at all.

Trump’s America May 12, 2017

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The way Trump runs his WH biz will one day get him fired because of his own contradictory claims, lack of credibility, totally incompetent and ridiculous actions.

His story lines changed as fast as he changed his meals. He lied a few times too many just like that crying wolf boy. No one will ever believe what he says anymore.

He is fast becoming, if not already, the joke of the world in every country of the world.

Is this the best American democracy can produce after almost two years of endless campaign and circus-like debates? Is this the “American Value” that the United States has preached to other nations for the past 50 to 60 years?

The “American Value” doesn’t mean a hell of beans any more. The United States will fast lose its influence over other countries if not for the military power it still has. 

The end of the American empire began when Bush took the WH and invaded Afghanistan and then Iraq. Both wars produced enemies who would do anything to inflict pains to America and its people. Obama bought the empire to its knees with his bows, his red-turn-green lines, leading from behind foreign policy, financial crisis, the Great Recession and mounting national debts. Trump accelerates the pace of the empire’s downfall by destroying the credibility of the presidency of the U.S., his narcissist, impulsive and bullying personability and chaotic governing skills.

The damages have been done by Trump in the first 112 days of his presidency. He still has more than 980 days to do even more damage to America’s standing in the world.

Keep at it, Trump. You are doing an excellent job.

Trump is scared  May 12, 2017

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May be it was the only reason he fired Comey.

I guess that since Comey won’t pledge loyalty to Trump, Trump has no other choice but to get rid of this no use grandstander and showboat.

Well, at least he was honest about how he felt about Comey. Maybe Trump has something to hide and Comey knew it.

But, please, will someone in the WH tell Trump to shut up because everything he said will one day, if necessary, be used to against him in the court of law?

The Trump saga just won’t end. When will Trump start acting like a president? He can’t run the WH like he has been doing since 1/20/2017, can he?

May be Trump is having a good time. You’ll never know.

Trump has no class firing Comey May 10, 2017

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Since Trump isn’t doing a good job either, should Thrump be fired too?

Trump did this to the FBI top guy: 

Fired Comey behind his back first. Said that he no longer trusted Comey. Told the world that Comey was incompetent. Stabbed Comey in the back with a stick of dynamite on national TV. Above all, accused Comey committed atrocities on the job. 

What comes next, Trump decides to resign from the WH because Comey helped Trump defeated Hillary?

What’s between Trump’s two ears? 豆腐腦袋?

Is it possible that Rod Rosenstein had told Trump that Comey has found the smoking gun on Trump’s tie to Russia?

Let’s have a special proscutor to investigate Comey’s firing and stir the Trump pot some more. The messier America gets, the better it is for other countries to get ahead.

外國駙馬一樣髒 May 10, 2017

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客官請看, Trump 的駙馬爺和以前的駙馬爺有沒有什麽不一樣的?Trump 的外戚不也是也頂著皇帝老兒的 EB-5 招牌,四處招搖撞騙,要三百個人各出五十萬美金來紐澤西投資嗎?那些趨炎附勢,奉承巴結的人不是都圍著駙馬爺腦門上的 T 字團團轉嗎?






你想想,有皇帝大老爺給 Kushner 撐腰,你給我50萬美金,美國綠卡,皇帝老兒一句話,移民局的小官一定雙手奉上。


First nail to the Obamacare coffin May 5, 2017

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Without Obamacare, Obama was a U.S. president who accomplished nothing in 8 years.

Well, Obamacare was a failed experiment and Democrat paid dearly for the mistake.

Trump 吹牛不打草稿 April 29, 2017

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Like broke almost all his pre-election promises.

He used to be a boss April 28, 2017

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Now Trump works for American people. 

Actually he is a confused, incompetent, highly paid and eat-his-words-for-lunch public servant.

People who don’t see him eye to eye protest his policies on the street. Latinos want him gone yesterday. Blacks mock him. Muslims loathe him. Conservatives have second thoughts on his resolve. The twitter world attacks him viciously. Artists use his face and his big mouth to create urinary bowls. Hunters use his face for target practices.

Liberals hate his gut. The press is on his back everyday, watchs his every move and asks him pointed questions whenever he does something or says something in public. Democrats are his meanest adversaries. They say bad things about him on Sunday talk shows and on prime time TV. The Freedom Caucus disagrees with him and he can’t do anything about it. Federal judges block his executive orders. FBI investigates him. Senate and House committees probe his ties with Russia. NFL players don’t want to meet him in the White House. Some on the left even doubt the legitimacy of his presidency.

Foreign leaders in private treat him like a joke. Kim of North Korea dares him to send aircraft carrier Vinson to his country. Abe asks him for permission to do this and that without paying for any of them. Putin doesn’t give a damn to what he wants to do. Merkel doesn’t respect him. Xijinping makes sure he’ll behave in public before agreeing to meet him in Florida.

His foreign policies change from “America First” to “Trump Follows.” His first military invasion into Yemen got off track from the start and he end up with an egg on his face.

Funding for his beautiful wall is off the table this year because Democrat threatened to shut down the government. His vow to repeal Obamacare died in the House. His budget appears to be DOA. His hand-picked advisor was removed from important positions. His team is in disarray.

When he was a boss, he could walk away from people he didn’t care for and from deals he didn’t like. 

Now he is the top public servant of the nation, the buck stops at his office. He has no one else to pass the s*** to anyone else.

Poor Donald has no place to hide.

He can quit.