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Lies, lies & more lies. Cuts, cuts & more cuts. February 17, 2018

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The big cuts are coming!The big cuts are coming! And Trump and the Congress don’t give it a damn of what you think or feel. Campaign promises? They are meant to be broken after the election.

Source: Flipboard

Americans are the most gullible ones when it comes to their politicians.

They hate the Congress but keep sending the same representatives and senators back to DC. They filled the White House with liars after liars because they believe all the lies presidential candidates told them on the campaign trail, just to break all of them once in the office.

When Trump was asking your votes, he promised to“save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security without cuts.”

Trump’s 2018 budget calls for cuts on all three programs and the congressional GOP also tried to cut $1 trillion from Medicare and about half a trillion from Medicaid. Here are the proposed cuts from Trump’s “An American Budget: Major Savings and Reforms”:

  1. Cutting Medicare by $266 billion.
  2. Cutting Medicaid by $1.1 trillion.
  3. Cutting Social Security by $72 billion.

So, all sinile and age challenged Americans, brace yourself for what is coming to you. Hospitals will get reduced payments from the Medicare too. Medicaid will see the biggest cut totaling $1.1 trillion over 10 years.

Additionally, Supplemental Security Income programs and Social Security Disability Insurance programs will see $72 billion cuts too.

You see, there is no place for you to hide no matter where you are in the system. Your medical benefits will be cut. Your doctor’s visits will be


Structural Shift February 10, 2018

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What structural shift are we talking about?

The “structural” part of the shift is the fundamental change of the economy bought to you by none other than Trump and the Republicans. While we are at it, let’s add the inept Democrats to that bunch too because they are equally guilty for acting like a whole bunch of chickens without heads.

In a growing U.S. economy and the synchronized recovery of the world economies, as well as almost full employment of around 4% in the U.S., Trump and the Republicans passed “the biggest tax reforms in American history according to Trump ” without finding a way to pay for the massive tax cut for the riches. It simply is insane because of significant damages it will eventually bring to the masses.

Why did they do it?

Because the mid-term election is coming in 11 months. They congressional Republicans are fearful of losing their congressional seats and the majority of both houses.

The structural change is what the financial market is reacting to this week when the Dow took a fast elevator down to the basement of the correction territory: the dreaded inflation is just around the corner as indicated by the chart below.

Source: Federal Reserve

The tax cut at full employment doesn’t make economic sense because it clearly is inflationary. The bond market knows it because a massive amount of federal government borrowing in the amount of additional $500 billion a year will hit the Bond market soon.

The stock market is equally uncomfortable with the higher rate environment and crumbles under the weight of extended valuation.

The structural shift is important for the financial market at this juncture because a re-pricing of all financial instruments will take place in the months and quarters ahead.

Treasury and corporate bonds will drop. Stock market will correct to bring its valuation to a reasonable level. High yield bonds will tank. Housing prices will drop as mortgage loans demands wane. Commodity prices will decrease as US dollar strengthens. Interest payments on US national debt will rise as deficit grows to ~$1 trillion annually, or about 5% of the US GDP.

In short, the structural shift will shrink personal wealth as inflation bites.

美國白老頭吵架,全世界看他們丟臉 January 16, 2018

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華盛頓 DC 腰帶公路裏面的幾個白老頭吵了起來,美國又內戰了。









川普在討論美國移民法案的會議上說:所有非洲國家,海地和薩爾瓦多都是 “shithole“.

那 “shithole” 是什麼呢?Shit 是糞便的意思。 Hole 是洞的意思 簡單來說,”shit” 加上 “hole” 就是一個”大糞坑“的意思。

你應該記得,1970 年代,尼克森做美國總統的時候,有個”水門事件”吧。後來鬧來鬧去,尼克森被迫辭職,下台鞠躬了。

我們姑且叫 Trump 的 “shitholegate” 爲”川普大糞坑門“吧。這個名詞即生動,又好記,相當切實,更讓人忘不了。






那川普有沒有說非洲國家,薩爾瓦多和海地是 shithole 呢?


當然,有些人不同意。把川普在白宮附近擁有的一間旅館變成 shithole.






Trump was right this time January 12, 2018

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It is big. It has to be bigger than Kim’s.

Source: The Flipboard.

But, can Trump handle it?

Only the idiot in the WH didn’t know that January 12, 2018

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And he even said that he has a very good relationship with Kim Jong Un.

Blind and acted like a 井底之蛙。

By “west”, Putin means the USA.

Why stop a fake book? January 9, 2018

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If a fake book is about to come out, will someone try to stop it?

No, because the book is fake.

If someone try to stop a book before it comes out, is it a fake book?

No, the book must be about something that’s very real. 

Sounds reasonable to me.

It is not to Trump. 

He try to stop the book from coming out but couldn’t. Once the book is out, he calls the book fake because it makes him look very fake.

What a pity Trump is!

Well, it isn’t over yet. We have been officially reminded by Trump that he is a “very stable genius.”

It appears that the most powerful man in the world, no, in the entire universe, has no clothes on.

Trump lost the war against Kim Jong Un January 7, 2018

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But, the narcissistic Trump just couldn’t stop patting himself on the back.

Source: The Guardian

What Trump forgot to say was this: ‘However, even with my menacing tweets, my rhetoric, my tough stance and the bigger nuclear bomb button on my desk, Kim Jong Un repeatly ignored me, tested ballistic missiles many times and threaten South Korea and Japanese with nuclear weapons.’

‘Now that they are talking about Olympics and I saved my face, I am going to stop tweeting because my tweets didn’t stop North Korea from becoming a nuclear power in the region.’

Shouldn’t Trump insist that South Korea leave North Korea out of the Olympics instead because Kim Jong Un has been such a bad boy ever since Trump started living in the WH? The rocket man has given me such a bad time and even called me a dotard.

Maybe Trump has forgotten all those unpleasant insults from Kim Jong Un already.

Keep the incompetent Trump in the WH for three more years January 5, 2018

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It’s been an open secret all along:


Source: The Atalantic, by James Farlows

Yeah, the world knows Trump is unstable and he is not qualified for the WH job. Everyone, including his base, knew that Trump was an old man with narcissism personality disorder when he said his inauguration crowd was bigger than Obama’s on 1/20/2016. 

Sadly, Trump has been the butt of the world class joke since then. Heck, even North Korean’s Kim Jong Un knows that.

But, let’s face it. Trump is The President of the United States. American people elected him to represent them through the democratic process outlined in The Constitution. We don’t care about the 3 million more votes Hillary got in November last year. Trump get 80,000 more votes in a few key states. And that’s the way it was.

Now that the entire world, except that 35% of Americans who still think Trump is their man, is laughing at Trump and, by extension, the USA, we still need Trump to stay in the WH so that we can get our daily dose of presidential tweets and laughters. 

Trump seems to be overly confident that he can win 2020 election easily. Let him win so that he can provide political entertainment for seven years instead of three. It sure beats the dull and boring drama between McConnell vs Schumer and Ryan vs Pelosi.

China, Russia, German, England, France, Iran, Turkey, Mexoco and North Korea would love to see that too.

Who lied, Trump or Wolff? January 5, 2018

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Would you cate to guess?



Here is what WP has to say about Trump:


Of course, we all know that WP is biased. They are out to get Trump everyday. But, honestly, at 5.62 lies or misleading statements on average per day, Trump’s ability to tell lied can never be matched by any normal person at all. 

Go figure.

The greatest show on earth isn’t Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Circus January 4, 2018

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It is the Trump White House according to Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.”  The leaked details have left Trump “furious” and sunk the WH into “total meltdown.”


Here are a few things Wolff said about Trump and his administration:

  • Trump never actually wanted to defeat Hillary in 2016,
  • Trump was horrified when he won and his victory left Melania ‘in tears’,
  • Trump doesn’t understand the weight of the presidency,
  • Trump still spends his evenings eating cheeseburgers in bed, watching television and talking on the phone to old friends,
  • Trump considers Hope Hicks his daughter and referred her as “the best piece of tail,”
  • Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka, has long been viewed as the real first lady,
  • Trump’s mental fitness for office has been questioned even by his senior staff who think Trump behaves ‘like a child,’
  • For all practical purposes Trump was no more than semi-literate,
  • Trump is “losing it” because he constantly repeats himself and doesn’t recognize old friends,
  • Bannon thinks that Trump has a 33.3% chance of impeachment, a 33.3% chance of resignation and a 33.3% chance of limping to the finish line,
  • Bannon thinks Ivanka “dumb as a brick” and“They’re (Mueller) going to crack Don Junior like an egg on national TV,
  • Trump feared of being poisoned by his toothbrush and ordered “nobody touch anything, especially not his toothbrush:,
  • Murdoch called Trump “a f###ing idiot;”Tillerson called Trump “a moron,” Cohn said Trump “was dumb as s***,;” McMaster called Trump “a hopeless idiot,” and Bannon said Trump “had lost his mind,”
  • Trump reprimanded WH housekeeping staff for picking up his shirt from the floor: “If my shirt is on the floor, it’s because I want it on the floor.”’
  • Ivanka thinks Trump’s hair has the look of a shoddy comb-over because of scalp reduction surgery,
  • Sean Spicer couldn’t believe he had to defend Trump’s claim of having the biggest inaugural crowd in history,

Is it fair to say that “This is not how a U.S. president should behave?”

Ringling Bros.-Barnum and Bailey Circus has stopped a few years back but Trump’s show will continue to play out on tweeter and national TV. We will see more of dotard Trump and how unfit he is to be the president of the U.S.

Do we need to wait until Republican loses the majority of both the House and Senate in November this year to see Trump resign or be impeached?

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