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Terrain Denial Sorties November 29, 2017

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Have you heard of this? 

Probably not. Read on to find out more.

B-52s Are Dropping Hundreds of Dumb Bombs in Afghanistan to Literally Shape the Terrain


This is what U.S. is doing in Afghanistan. Basically it is a very expensive remote landscaping operation w/o using any Latinos. No wonder Trump and Republicans want more money for defense. 

Latinos can be picked up at Home Depot parking lot to do odd jobs for you at $120/day. These 500-lb bombs cost $25,00+ a piece.

Source: Quora

Here are the numbers for FY2018 defense budget:

1.   The base budget for DoD is $574.5 billion. 

2.   The Overseas Contingency Operations budget, a fancy name for fighting the ISIS, is $64.6 billion.

3.   Other agencies related to the protection of the nation is $173 billion: VA, the State Dept., Homeland security, FBI and the National Nuclear Security Administration, etc.

4.   $12 billion in OCO funds for the Homeland Security to fight ISIS.

Total for defense related budget: $824.6 billion. It is the second largest spending item after Social Security which costs tax payers ~$1 trillion.

16 more years or $3 trillion spent August 22, 2017

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The U.S. has been fighting against some people in Afghanistan for 16 yesrs.

Trump has said that there will be no timetable to withdraw American GI’s and they will be there for as long it’s necessary.

So will America be out of Afghanistan 16 years from now?

Since time will no longer be the deciding factor to pull American troops out from Afghanistan, may be it is wise to set a dollar limit instead. America should begin pull its troops out as spending on Afghanistan reaches $1.5 trillion. The pace should increase as spending passes $2 trillion. When the cost of Afghanistan war reaches $3 trillion, all American soldier should be out of that country forever. 

However, let’s not forget that another reason America is in Afghanistan is that a military presence in that region is part of America’s “Pivot to Asia” strategy designed to contain China. Its military installation there also serves as a monitoring post on Russia as well.

As to the “nation building” business in Afghanistan, as long as greenbacks continues to flows into that country, its nation is being built by American tax dollar no matter how Trump denies it.

Here it comes! July 7, 2015

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Saudi’s government money is coming to Russia! Saudi’s sovereign wealth fund, Public Investment Fund, will invest $10 billion in Russia over the next five years. It is a game changer as far as American Middle East foreign policy is concern.

First of all, Saudi’s money comes to Russia despite western economic embargo engineered by Obama and EU leaders after Russia entered Crimea. In essence, it is a slap on Obama’s face whether he admits it or not.

Saudi for the past 35 years has been in American’s back pocket working closely with American presidents on working as a swing oil producer to stabilize world oil price, sales of American’s advance weapon to Saudi, and popping up the Saudi royal family. This relationship continued for the best part of the past 3 decades and the friendship has more or less been beneficial to both countries.

Then came Obama who, being a closet Muslim, decided to appease to Arab nations and adopted this as the central tenet of his Middle East foreign policy. In this regard, Obama disparaged Israel and belittled Netanyahu as if Obama was sympathetic to what Muslims had to endure what this nation has done to Arabs. I don’t think he gained any friends but he has certainly lost an ally.

Obama fulfilled his campaign promise and satisfied Democrat’s liberal base by pulling American troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan because American are tired of wars, the U.S. can’t afford it anymore and Muslims do not want infidels in Muslim’s territories. Obama used American’s tax money to equip Iraqi troops and left American advisors to train Iraqi soldiers to defend their own country. However, these soldiers don’t want to die and don’t want to fight. This total failure on the part of American foreign policy created a vacuum and helped ISIS grew to a formidable force it is right now. Obama has failed to recognize the threat of ISIS and it created the mess the Middle East is in.

Obama failed to support Egypt’s Mubarak and let him became a prisoner of the new Egyptian region. Obama failed to support Morsi despite the fact that he was the president elected by Egyptian people.

Obama continued economic embargo on Iran but failed to stop Iranian’s aggression to develop a nuclear weapon program. In the end, Obama recognized that it is inevitable that Iran will be a nuclear nation and decided to negotiate with them.

In the midst of all this, what can Saudi’s royal family do especially after the death of King Abdullah? Can Saudi’s royal family continue to trust Obama as a loyal friend when they need help to support its rule over Saudi people?

Apparently, the answer is “NO.”

Now the door to Russia is open, it won’t be closed anytime soon. Putin will open his arms to welcome Saudi princes whenever they want to come for a visit or vacation.

Obama still has a year and half in the White House. He made Putin and Xi good partners. He will make sure Putin and Saudi Prince become good friends well after Obama collects his life time pension from American people.

Your DoD; Our Money; No Accountability July 28, 2014

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According to a soon to be released report, 43% of the guns and small fire arms Pentagon sent to Afghanistan security forces can not be located.

The price tag: $626 million.

If you work for a company and some how misplaced $626 million worth of company goods, what will happen to you?

You first get fired and then the company will take you to court. They’ll try everything to find the goods and you probably will go to jail for a long time.

At Pentagon, they’ll issue a report telling whoever cares about this why this is happening. They’ll then declare that they have done everything they could to find out what the problems were and outline what they’ll do to eliminate the possibility of it happening again.

Or they won’t because not many citizens will ever know something like this had ever happened.

Or they will assign someone at the Pentagon to see what can be done to salvage things.

Or they will do this:


Source: Fox News mobile site.

No one will ever go to jail. No one will ever get demoted. No one will ever get his pension cut. No one will ever be accountable for this.

That’s to be expected at any U.S. federal government agency and DoD isn’t going to be different.

Obama’s foreign policy: ceding leadership position to others September 11, 2013

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It was very clear to me that from Obama’s Berlin and Cairo speeches that he doesn’t think the United States deserved to be the leader of the world.

His actions since he took office spoke louder than words and Card’s interview with Kudlow confirmed my observation.


He stayed behind NATO on Libya. He did nothing on all the killing in Africa.  He waivered on Syria for 2 years, then stayed in a bunker he dug for himself and handed the hot potato to the Congress in the last minute.

The only thing that I could remember he showed some leadership was on the war in Afghanistan where he ramped up US involvement from around 10,000 soldiers to more than 100,000 for no reason at all.

Even on Obamacare where he did the most damage to the United States, he hid behind Reid and Pelosi.


In short, he doesn’t have any leadership quality at all and his foreign policy, including his distaste to Israel as a gesture to appease to the Muslim countries, has been a total failure to date.

The United States will suffer incalculable damages in years to come.

Put it in another way: America after Obama’s first term will be “一蹶不振” for a long time.

America is bankrupted because of Osama and al Qaeda May 3, 2011

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White House‘s John Brennan said yesterday that “al Qaeda is becoming increasingly bankrupt”.

Brennan may be correct to observe that al Qaeda is near bankruptcy, but what Brennan failed to mention was even more startling.

What he didn’t say yesterday was that

“America is also becoming increasingly bankrupt and Osama and al Qaeda are partially responsible.”


Because hundreds of billions of our tax money has been spent annually just to keep the United States “safe,” thanks to Osama and al Qaeda who were responsible for what happened on 9/11.

This was in addition to trillions of dollars that United States has spent on its defensive budget: most notably the war Obama escalated in Afghanistan and American’s increasingly failed effort to build a nation that’s friendly to the US.

You might be aware of this fact: before Obama took office, there were about 30,000 US troops in Afghanistan. The US now have more than 100,000 soldiers in Afghanistan chasing a few remnants of al Qaeda and other Osama-inspired fighters. All the while, the Obama administration tried very hard to give billions of our tax money to the so-called leaders of the Afghanistan government and many local tribe chiefs. The war has not been lost but the end is certainly not in sight. There is no light at the end of this dark and long tunnel. And there may never be any at all, no matter how many billions we give away and how many hundreds of billions we help them build highways, houses, schools, hospitals, water facilities and electricity infrastructures.

In addition, cities and counties all over the United States, plus every sea ports, airports and border entry points across the United States, have spent hundreds of billions of our tax money to beef up security for special events and to guard against illegal entries of terrorists.

All that money were used to keep the US “safe.” And yes, the United States has been safe since 9/11 and a few would-be suicide bombers have been caught over the years.

But at what cost?

Probably a few trillion dollars since 9/11. And more has to be budgeted in the years to come because Osama is now dead.

It is sad to say that even in his death, Osama continue to put a terrible financial and emotional burdens on United States and its citizens. This is kind like the magic headband (called 金箍圈 jin1 qu2 quan1″ on 孙悟空‘s “sun1 wu3 kong1” head which, with a chant (called 紧箍咒 jin3 gu2 zhou4″)  from his master 唐三藏 “tang2 san1 zang4,” will shrink and cause unbearable pain to the all mighty 孙悟空. It will make 孙悟空 obedient and do what his master asks him to do. In case you do not know, 孙悟空 is the Monkey King in the famous Chinese novel from Ming Dynasty西游记,” :xi1 you2 ji4″, The Journal to the West.

All joke and analogy aside, the more urgent question for all Americans to ponder is this:

“Will the United States be able to afford this kind of spending indefinitely?”

Because we all know that the terrorists, al Qaeda included with or without Osama, will not stop its attack on America simply because Osama is now dead?”

To probe this issue deeper, one has to ask this question:

“Are the trillions of dollars the US has spent since 9/11 to the type of investment which will keep the United States competitiveness against other countries in the world?”

The answer, of course, is “NO.”

It does not increase America’s competitiveness. It simply becomes an added cost to everything we do in this country. It makes the United States less competitive.

I do not believe in God but I will say this for the United States:

“God helps the United States.”

Because the US needs it to fend off al Qaeda and its god.


Is Al Qaeda coming to the US? August 5, 2010

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For many months, American soldiers have stayed in the green zone in Iraq and avoided contact with Al Qaeda. Now that American soldiers in Iraq are coming home, members of Al Qaeda are running out of target practice in Middle East.

They can either go to Afghanistan and join the Taliban or sneak into United States. Since 9-11 took many months if not years to put together and needed a lot of people to pull off a big event like this, I think Al Qaeda will change its tactics in the US.

I am actually worried that Al Qaeda will try to sneak into NY or DC in small groups and pick smaller targets to cause civil unrest.

NY obviously is one of the primary targets and its subway system is so huge that it can be over-looked by the security system in place.

Second Cold War has Begun: U. S. vs China August 1, 2010

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The United States has found a new enemy after Cold War with Soviet Union: China and it is doing all it can to block China’s expansion.

South Korea

The sinking of a South Korean warship has given the United States a perfect excuse to step up its military presence in Far East.

On the face, the target of the joint military exercise with South Korean around the South Korea Sea is Kim Jong-il of North Korea. But everyone knows that the primary target is China.


In addition to the closer ties with South Korea, the United States also found a perfect reason to keep its military bases in Okinawa despite objections from local residents stemming from among other reasons rapes of Japanese girls and killing of local residents by US soldiers. In the midst of this particular conflict, the obvious victim was the former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama who resigned because he broke his campaign promise of moving US air bases away from the Okinawa Island. Besides two air bases on Okinawa Island, the United States has three other air bases, two naval bases and an Marine base in other parts of Japan. Moreover, the Seventh Fleet of the United States is permanently stationed in Yokosuka including  50–60 ships, 350 aircraft and 60,000 Navy and Marine Corps personnel.


Although Taiwan under President Ma is making closer contacts on the economic front with China, the United states is not going to give up its friendly relationship with this island nation even though the US recognizes it as part of one China. In the end, I think the United States will sell F-16C/D fighter jets to Taiwan as a way to enhance the blockage of China on the eastern front. Although Taiwan becomes a pawn in this continuing struggle, the United States has an upper hand because Taiwan does not want to unify with China yet.

Southeast Asia

Diplomatically, Hillary Clinton last week visited Hanoi to attend a Ministerial meeting and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Regional Forum. This is the second time she has attended these meetings. Clinton said that the United States is committed to being an active partner in the region and advancing shared interests and values. The United States is looking into more opportunities to maintain a closer economic and if warranted military ties with Southeast Asian countries such as Philippines, Indonesia and four lower Mekong River countries: Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Here, the potential sticky point is the development of South China Sea where exploration and production of hydrocarbon has created some hotly debate

Iraq and Afghanistan

The circle is almost complete with the American military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. Although Obama wants to reduce American’s troops in Afghanistan starting 2011, the fact of the matter is that the US will be there for a long time because Afghan is America’s second Vietnam.

Now that the US has shown its hands, the next move is China’s.

China’s Move

And I have no doubt that China will answer with further expanding its military power and continuing technology development in the ares of fighter jets and air carriers. At this moment, China is no match against the US militarily. However, China has money and the will to develop its military and space technology while the US is buried under back bending deficits and national debt. China’s economy is growing at 10% per year while the US is experiencing anemic recovery and nearly 17% unemployment rate.The United States has dismantled NASA and changed NASA’s mission to making Arabs happy while China is plotting to send a man to moon in 10 years’ time. The United States has put the Mars program on back burner but China is determined to make China a force to be reckoned with. As Chairman Mao famously declared 55 years ago that:

“我们不但要有更多的飞机大炮,而且还要有原子弹。 在今天这个世界上,我们要不受人家欺侮,就不能没有这个东西。

“Not only do we (China) need more air planes and artillery pieces, we also need the atomic bomb.” “In this world today, to avoid being bullied, we cannot be without it.”

Today, in the mind of current Chinese leaders, “这个东西” is space technology and a strong naval force: air carriers and submarines.

In ten years, China’s military force will still be no match to US’s military might. But China will make enough progress to challenge United States’ dominance.

The second Cold War has begun.

Withdraw from Afghanistan in 18 months? July 7, 2010

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President Franklin Roosevelt announced that the United States has declared war against Japan after the savage attack of Pearl Harbor by Japanese fighter planes.

President Roosevelt also promised that the United States will pull the troops back from combats in 18 months.

It’s Okay. The US soldiers will take cover July 7, 2010

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The British had enough and they are withdrawing their troops from the Sangin region in Afghanistan.

You see that the British generals just can take it anymore. A third of their soldiers died in Sangin in Afghanistan, a small town of 14,000 people. I guess that it was difficult to figure out whom among the 14,000 are Taliban freedom fighters.

Do not worry, Obama said to the Brits, the US troops will take over.  We have soldiers too. We have a new general in Afghanistan now.

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