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马英九 can teach Obama a Lesson October 23, 2013

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Of course, 马英九 can learn something from Obama too.

By extension, 国民党 should take a page out of Democrats when it comes to protecting its leader, 马英九 .

From 马英九  to Obama:

Obama should:

  1. Bow to American citizens on national TV for lying to American people on everything he said on Obamacare such as cheaper by $2,500 for everyone, keep you doctor if you want to and stay with the same insurance company if you so desire. He should admit that Obamacare the product has officially changed to Obamashame.
  2. Obama then should formed an independent but Democratic leaning committee to investigate who did what wrong; starting from Obama all the way down to project engineers and software engineers.. Obama should then set the records straight on national TV and tells American people what Obamashame really is.
  3. Obama should fire Sibelius for utterly incompetency and lie to the Congress.
  4. Obama should at Sibelius’s farewell party praise her for her loyalty and for taking the heat and protect Obama from being the target of the criticism.
  5. Fire everyone involved in this project starting from the government liaison to the contractors, his or her bosses, project engineers, project managers, section managers and division managers. Take out their retirement benefits and ask them pay for the damage too.

马英九 can learn these from Obama:

  1. Never bow to Taiwanese people on national TV. Once you bow, you are telling others that this was my fault. The case in point: Army corporal 洪仲丘 was tortured to death while serving his duty in July 2013. Someone else did it. Not 马英九.
  2. Don’t admit any mistake. 死不认账也 because once 马英九 admit he made a mistake, 马英九 will then own the hot potato and he’ll instantly become the target for 民进党。马英九 will 吃不完兜着走。
  3. 马英九 should go on national TV and start doing his best to preach the idea,  sell the products or explain the idea to Taiwanese people. Remember your target audience is the ones who are on the other side of the fence; i.e., 民进党。
  4. Holding back on firing anyone in your party until it becomes necessary. Let your subordinates defend their positions until it requires your attention. You don;t have to everything yourself.
  5. Start focusing on something else. Have your spokesperson say that you will be on vacation, play golf, fly to South America or Africa on an unexpected visit.
  6. Tell Taiwanese people that your idea is the best one government has come up with. Tell them once. Tell them twice. Tell them three times. Have you people go on national TV too. After you tell them a thousand times, it will be a good idea. Lie if you have to. Obama did it all the time. Many, not all, liberals in America are very gullible. They don’t think. They follow because they are blind to the facts. Taiwanese people maybe like them too.

Now, this is what 国民党 and every 国民党员 can learn from the Democrats:

Democrats circle the wagon to protect their own; be it Obama, Obamashame, Sibelius, Dodd, Frank or Rangel. Until the last minute: such as Anthony Weiner of NY. Democrat is united. This is why they defeated Republicans all the time.

Of course, Republicans are fighting a losing battle because the liberal media, such as CNN, NYT, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, is not on their sides. Not even once.

Above all, when chief justice Roberts is on Obama’s side, misguided he maybe, Obama got it made. Period.

Poor 马英九,he always end up as 众矢之的 when someone else made The mistake。



The Retreat of the Decade September 1, 2013

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Obama explained last Saturday to the nation on his decision to seek congressional approval to bomb Syria:

“while I believe I have the authority to carry out this military action without specific congressional authorization, I know that the country will be stronger if we take this course, and our actions will be even more effective.”

In plain English on Obama’s Retreat of the Decade:

“while I believed I blinked on the last minute and acted like a chicken, I know that the country will not blame it on me, and the hot potato I have created will be on Congress’s lap.”

Kerry, can you shut your mouth?

With these words, Obama washed his hands on Syria and step down the ladder he drew for himself.

Obama saw the polls and knew majority of Americans were against bombing Syria. His rationale was: “长痛不如短痛, I will deal with Natenyahu and Putin‘s “冷嘲热讽” at a later date.

It’s more like the no-gut-Obama’s “Retreat of the Century.”

Obama now hides behind the beloved Congress. Let them have some fun too.

Obama is looking for a 台阶 on Syria August 31, 2013

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Obama has found a 台阶: US Congress.

He didn’t look for approval from Congress on Libya.

He said that he is going to ask for approval from Congress because his neck is the only one up there.

When Congress votes against military action, Obama will hide behind the resolution and stay behind the red line he drew for himself.

I knew what Obama is doing. American people know what Obama is doing. Putin knows what Obama is doing and he is making fun of Obama at Kremlin now.

Question to Obama: Chemical weapon is WMD, according to you. Are hundreds of tanks or hundreds of cruise missiles MWD too?

All are capable of killing hundreds of thousands of people at the same time and many of them are no doubt innocent civilians.



Obama hides behind the red line August 29, 2013

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Obama drew a red line in the sand for Assad and warned that it’s a line he shall not cross.

“You shall not use chemical weapons, period.” so said the world leader Obama.

Well,we now know that chemical weapons were used in Syria and US has pictures, patients, bodies and phone conversations, provided by NSA in Maryland of course,  to proof that Syria had used it on its own people.

It’s apparent that the red line has been crossed and our world leader is prepared to deliver his promise; he was eager to bomb Syria as if the US didn’t have enough enemies in Middle East already.

Assets were put in place. Destroyers got their 200 or so cruises missiles ready. Air carriers were sent there on the double.

Targets have been chosen and America is willing to take collateral damages. This is war, come on. Innocent people die in the war, period. Besides they aren’t Americans. The all mighty United States can’t help it. We have already done our best. What more are you asking for, anyway?

Everyone in the military was ready to take down Assad’s regime and all the brass in Pentagon was waiting for was the order from the community organizer from Chicago.

“War is imminent,” we we told in uncertain terms by the WH spokeswoman.

“It could come as early as Thursday.” Rumors flied as if bombing was just around the corner.

Wall Street was on the edge. Dow Jones dropped a couple hundred points. Crude oil traders were on the move. Gold made a four month high. The unknown gripped the financial and currency markets. The entire world was sitting on a bed of needles.

Then a day or two passed. A lot of smoke from the WH but there was no action.

In the mean time, Russia warned US not to do it. Assad vowed to defend his nation. Iran wanted to start a regional war. Israel was nervous. China advised caution.

All the sudden, the red line changed into a black line and Obama is desperately looking for a way out; we called this “Obama 在找一个台阶下。”

Well, 台阶 may not be there for Obama to step down in the minds of millions of Muslims in the world.

To them Obama had just turned into a chicken and they now dare Obama to start bombing.


USA: A nation of Big Brothers August 13, 2013

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The US was once called the “land of the free.”
But is it still given the story on USA Today about two companies shutting down their email operations involuntarily?
USA TODAY – Damage from security state spreads

Two firms shut down e-mail services because they can’t protect cliens’ privacy from the NSA.


Look what this country we called USA has become to because of the constant threats created by a dead person: Osama.
We call it “what Osama did to Obama.”

The USA has become a country of

  • Electronic big brothers watching over everyone’s shoulders,
  • Secret prosecutions,
  • Wide spread of dragnet on their own citizens, and 
  • Diminishing personal freedom.
All of our emails, posts, tweets and messages  are at risk. They could one day come back to haunt us.


al Qaeda, we are not home August 3, 2013

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Come back another time. Maybe? he State Department announced the closure of 21 facilities this Sunday because of credible threats against American embassies in the Middle East and North Africa.

Hmm…. Why do you tell your enemy that you are not home before their attack?

Are you telling the al Qaeda that they might want to come at some other time?

Or is this Obama‘s ploy to tell the American people that NSA has to listen to your phone calls and check your emails in order to get intels like this?

Obama may want to show the American people that their tax dollars are hard at work and not all is wasted on IRS scandals or buying guns for Mexican drug lords.

? ? ? ? ?

Morsi is in Jail but Obama is on vacation July 14, 2013

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Obama vs MorsiTell me this: Who did more damage to his country which he was elected to serve:

Obama or Morsi?

Merkel beat Obama December 12, 2011

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The root causes of 2008 financial crisis and great recession were the greed of Wall Street and corruption by willing participates in the Congress and the White House.

With a financial crisis on hand, the United States chose to flood the market with tax money and Federal Reserve’s printing press which bailed out politicians’ bodies on the Wall Street and covered their own asses. In the process the politicians in the United States and Bernanke ignored the threat of inflation in the future, disregard the enormous financial burden on our kids and grandkids and arguably avoided a short term collapse of the financial system in the world.

In other words, Americans get used to kick the can down the road unlike what Chinese people have been taught for thousands of years: “積穀防饑 未雨綢繆,” “ji1 gu3 fang2 ji1 wei4 yu3 chou2 mou2,” which means “ save some grains for the hard times in the future” and “ fix your houses when it is not raining.”

This is the all too familiar Wall Street and American corporation mentality: our top priority is our next quarter’s results and the performance of our stock prices. We’ll worry about our long term problems when we have to in the future.

Ditto for American people in general when time was good: enjoyed life now with borrowed money, credit cards and home equity loans, so that they could have regular vacations, flat panel TVs, boats, fancy cars and big houses. They did it to show off their fancy life style, pump up their egos and satisfy their short term pleasure in life.

The disastrous results are clearly laid out in front of our eyes when things are not that rosy: near zero savings rates, high credit card debts, lost homes, foreclosed mortgages, soup lines, food stamps and welfare. Even worse, the Americans are not equipped to handle the consequences of globalization bought on by the very free trade policy that politicians are so proud of; American people are ill-prepared to compete with billions of hard working people in foreign countries, be it Chinese, Indians, Mexicans, Salvadorians, Thailand, or Koreans. In general, Americans lack the necessary education to compete in the high tech fields and Americans are lazy when competing with Mexicans and Salvadorians in low wage jobs. If you do not believe me, just look at the sorry state American’s public school system is in. And on the low wages job market, have you seen any white people cutting grass for you or washing dishes in restaurants? They choose to stay at home, watch TV, collect food stamps and use up their 99-week unemployment benefits instead.

This feel-good-now mentality is unfortunately reflected in American’s slow decline orchestrated by none other than Obama who thinks that America shouldn’t always take the lead on the world stage.

This is where Germany’s Mrs. Merkel comes in.

Germans work hard and they have their economy to prove it. They do not believe in short-term satisfaction on the back of future generations. They also believe that the financial market should be given a whack on the side of their collective head with a 2×4 so that they can be taught a lesson that they will remember. They despise countries like Greece, Spain and Italy and do not think they should use Germany people’s tax money to bail out people in these countries.

Because of this deeply rooted value system, Mrs. Merkel chose a vastly different route despite Obama’s calling right before the latest EU summit of all member countries:

“There’s a short-term crisis that has to be resolved,” Obama reminded Merkel, “to make sure that markets have confidence that Europe stands behind the euro.”
Mrs. Merkel, like some Germany officials, believed that the short-term crisis Obama referred to was actually his diminishing chance of re-election in 11 months, which will be damaged further by a prolonged recession without flooding the European economy will tax payers’ money. Mrs. Merkel and many Germans believe, not dissimilar to Chinese’s philosophy; me included, that when time is tough, one has to cut back on one’s spending and not piling on more debt for the sake of avoiding short pain, however unpleasant it may be. However, since Germany is bonded together with these countries by the common currency and a weak EU treaty which gave Mrs. Merkel little leverage to force these feel-good-now countries, including France, to do what is necessary to right the wrong for the sack of long term stability, i.e., cutting back on government spending, reducing public workers’ pension benefits, stopping the lazy life style of their citizens, giving up part of country’s solvency by allowing European commissions to exam their national budgets and adapting German’s style of governance and financial practices.
Mrs. Merkel used the threat of the imminent breakup of the Euro to force everyone in the room, including France’s Sarkozy, to adapt German’s financial practices and fiscal policies and follow Germany’s lead to whip the European countries in shape in the long run.

There is no doubt that there will be short term pain to be paid from a pending recession bought on by reduced government and private sector spending from many European countries. But Mrs. Merkel achieved one thing that no one was able to do in the past: forging the European Union into a more integrated entity which will no doubt out-perform the United States, a declining country saddled with crushing debt and the threat of inflation, in the future.

Mrs. Merkel’s German beat Obama’s America hands down. Europe nations will suffer now but American’s problem will come just about the time when Europe begins to stand up from the ashes.

But Obama is happy because Obama got his wish that America is no longer the lead nation in the world.

Super Committee members to Mars November 30, 2011

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According to a reliable source from U. S. Congress,  NASA’s latest Mars Science Laboratory, Curiosity, has been redesigned at the last minute to accommodate a group of VIP riders.

Congress asked the redesign and ordered members of the Super Committee  to take the nine month ride to Mars. Their mission is to come up with a credible plan to slash the U.S. federal budget by $4.5 trillion in the next 10 years.

If they are successful, NASA will send another probe to pick them up.

I can’t believe what I read on Saudi oil June 15, 2011

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Saudi oil swap

Obama screwed up again and it showed that Obama was willing to sacrifice the security of the United States for his re-election bid in 2012.

Read it for yourself and see how desperate that guy was. It was borderline treason if you ask me.


No wonder it was the worst meeting ever. Saudi probably got some kind of promise from Obama to support and protect the royal family for Saudi to go alone with this. It was not about Saudi’s market share. It was political payback.

The move, if succeeded, could only benefit the European market with a lower Brent price and will not help the US at all.

European refineries can not handle Saudi’s heavy crude unless they invest billions of capital investment to modify the refineries.

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