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Definitely May 14, 2017

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The more trouble America has, the better it is for the world and China.

The U.S. opposed One Belt One Road and the BRICS Bank (now the New Development Bank) when Xi Jinping first proposed this strategic alliance in 2013 and later threatened its allies not to joint this initiative. None of them except Japan took American advice.


Because the United States realized that it threatened America’s leadership in the world. 

So what America did to counter this threat? Pivot to the East.

Now the U.S. and Japan want in. 恬不知恥是也。

Just make them second or third tier observers with no right to vote.

BRI vs PE.

I for one like to see BRI took the lead not only on world trade but also on making friends in the world for decades and cennturies. What America leadership gave the world was one firthy rich and powerful bully, a few so-called allies, a poppy, a pawn and many enemies.

If you haven’t heard of this place, you soon will May 12, 2017

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Tashkurgan, China.

American press will not print anything relating to this place. American reporters will not tell you any story about this small town along the China-Pakistan border. It is the most westerly settlement in China and soon it will be the center of activity for the most ambitious infrastructural project in history: “One Belt and One Road Initiative.”


Tashkurgan map

Source: The Guardian

This weekend, several world leaders; Russian’s Vladimir Putin,  Pakistan’s Nawaz Sharif and Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will be in Beijing to hear hear what China’s Xi Jinping has to offer.

Have you noticed what Putin, Sharif and Erdoğan have in common? None of them is a friend of the United states.

Actually, the “One Belt and One Road Initiative” is designed to offset America’s “Pivot to the East” strategy. America, with its willing foot soldier, Japan, can block China all it want on the east, China will build an open pathway to Central Asia, Southeast and Southwest Asia, India, Indian Ocean, Middle East, Mediterranean Sea, Eastern Europe, Russia, Western Europe and Africa. Railroads, highways, pipelines, Internet cables and sea lanes will link these regions with China leaving the United States all alone in the Pacific Ocean.

Soon, with direct capital investment from China, areas around Tashkurgan in western China and eastern Pakistan will transform into one of the busiest regions in Central Asia since merchants first walked the silk road more than a thousand years ago.

Again, American press will not print this story. They want you to just forget this desolate place where few people in the world have ever walked.

Tashkurgan mountain scene

Credit: Tom Phillips for the Guardian.

In a decade or two, people who ride in this tractor trailer will be worth millions. If you are young, rich and dare, buy a few hundred acres of land along this two-lane highway, your future generation will thank you.

A crane and two clams fight to the death April 11, 2017

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The fisherman on the sideline benefits without doing a thing.

In Chinee, it means:


Pictures are worth a thousand words. 

You’ll know who is the crane and who are the clams.
You’ll have to guess who the fisherman is.

The U.S. wants Assad out. America is building another nation. It just can’t stop messing around with other nation’s business, can it?

Trump apparently wants to start two regional wars, one chemical and one nuclear, at the same time. 

Now, how many Koreans are there in the United States and how many of them are from the North of the 38th parallel?

What will North Korea do? 

What will Trump do?

What will Russia do? Back to “Cold War” again?

若要人不知 February 15, 2017

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Politicians always blame others first for their own mistakes which was what Trump did in this case. The way it goes around Trump these days, more leaks will definitely come out of Trump’s White House whether Trump likes them or not. 

Every reporter in Washington DC dreams of getting a “Watergate” moment in his or her reporting life. They are waiting. They have time. And they have patience.

What comes next? February 4, 2017

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Okay. The war between the U.S. and Iran officially starts today. Trump won’t back down. Neither will Iran’s Supteme leader, Ali Khamenei. 

The big question is this: which side will Putin be on: Iran or the U.S.? What about China?

Armed confrontation is just a matter of time. Terrorist attacks against American interests, domestic and foreign, will intensity.

Sooner or later, Iran will abandon U.S. dollar as the currency to buy Iran’s oil.

BBC News: How much truth is there in Trump’s TPP claims? January 25, 2017

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How much truth is there in Trump’s TPP claims? – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-38728059

Answer: Not much at all.

I didn’t like TPP because it was an secretive deal with zero input from the Republican Party and American citizens. TPP would permit companies to sue governments if they believe these countries change their policies to favor state-provided services.

Furthermore, TPP’s primarily beneficiaried are U.S. international companies with low or zero tariff on as many as 18,000 U.S. products.

For instance, American auto exports would grow when tariffs as high as 70% in certain markets are removed.

U.S. farmers would teapthe most rewards. Certain food items exported to some countries are taxed up to 40%. For instance, soybeans are taxed at 35% and dairy, sugar, rice and seafood see taxes as high as 98%.

Without a doubt, the political undertone of TPP is to contain China’s rise. The U.S. wanted to use TPP to fence off China’s economy’s expansion, to put Chinese companies at a disadvantage. 

In essence, the U.S. wanted to use TPP as a weapon to fight an economic war against China.

Now that Trump pushed TPP off the table, Trump is waging his version of an economic war against China.

Let the fireworks begin!

好戲要開場了 January 15, 2017

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Source:Fox News



Trump put himself in a bind with his tweets but China refuse to negotiate the “One China” policy.

What’s your next move, Trump?



South China Sea or not, China and U.S. are on a collision course January 12, 2017

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‘No access’: Rex Tillerson sets collision course with Beijing in South China Sea


South China Sea is merely an excuse for America to “Pivot to Asia.” 

The target of this strategic re-balance from Europe and Middle East to Pacific Rim is China. 

The objective is to maintain (or protect) the world order America built over the past 70 years and the hegemony America enjoyed since the end of WWII. 

The by product of this foreign policy initiative is a weakened China and a damaged Chinese economy.

The hidden agenda is to divert the world attentions from the total failure of America’s democratization effort in the Middle East. However, the U.S. achieved its intention to dominate the world vis a vis a retracted Middle East, a wounded Europe and a crushed Euro.

The beneficiaries are American weapon makers which have a brand new market to sell their military hardware to. They have already made a killing from many countries in the Middle East. 

The U.S. will likely use several tactics to weaken China’seconomy: sanctions, tariff, 35% tax on all imports from China, freeze of Chinese bank assets in the U.S., etc. On the political front, abandoning “one China” policy, recognizing Taiwan as a separate country, establishing formal ties with Taiwan and conducting military exercise with Taiwanese arm forces are merely first steps.

What Beijing plans to do isn’t very clear right now but China will not give in easily to words from people in Trump’s administration.

What can ordinary Chinese people do? How about stop buying everything American: from McDonald’s to Starbucks to Boeing? 

Dangerous conflicts are inevitable but direct military conflict is probably not likely for now. The Cold War against China started by Obama will be carried out by Trump and American presidents after him. In the end, the game will play out in the economic front instead of fighting it over with boots on the ground.

China has $3 trillion in foreign currency reserves. America has $20 trillion national debts and borrows $500 billion a year just to get by.

Whom do you think will be the last one standing after 20 years?

Is time to load up on gold?

What’s between a rock and a hard place December 11, 2016

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Taiwan is. 

However, this time around, Taiwan, more precisely Tsai Ing-wen, will be played like a ping pong ball between two hard hitting ping pong paddles. Tsai ing-wen or a high level Taiwanese official may even get a chance to formally meet with someone from the State Department or DoD as a way to annoy China.

How China will hit back is not clear right now judging by China’s response to the phone call between Trump and Tsai. 

The ball with Tsai ing-wen’sname on it is in China’s court now but China might down play Trump’s comments again because Trump isn’t the president yet. There is no need to be worked up by a TV interview yet. 

Remember Trump’s comment on the phone call after it caused some fuss from the White House and Congress? “It was just a phone call.”

Trump’s intention was very clear though: if I got what I want from China, Taiwan can go back to be part of One China. If I didn’t get what I want, this ball game will continue down to the dark alley with bad outcomes. 

The one player who will get the short end of the stick won’t be the U.S. or China. It will liked be Taiwan.

Whether Trump will follow his words with tough actions against China next year and how China’s Xi Jinping choose to respond will be THE blackswan for the world financial markets to digest. Can the major U.S. indices continue their march to another all time highs? I don’t think so.

It could end very badly. 

The path to an outcome, any outcome good or bad, will be a long, unpredictable and tumultuous one. I don’t think markets will like it. I don’t think Taiwan’s economy will escape the damage either because America has less influence on Taiwan’s economy than China does.

How Tsai ing-wen choose to be played is also worth watching too. What will Taiwan want from Trump? What real and lasting benefits can Taiwan get from Trump? Will Taiwan’s stock market continue to rise next week? Will the New Taiwanese Dollar drop below the recent support of $33.6989 to 1 U.S.dollar?

Trump’s position on Russia is an interesting one too. Apparently Trump is courting Putin because he is considering ExxonMobil’s Tillerson as the Secretary of State. Will Putin fall in line and be played by Trump as well? Not likely.

In any case, brace yourself because the ride will be a very bumpy one and someone will get hurt.


Americans should read BBC News more often November 10, 2016

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Major news meadia outlets in the U.S., such as CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NYT, WP and LAT are overwhelmingly liberal in their editorial commentaries and day-to-day reporting. 

They are basically mouth pieces for the Democratic Party, Hillary and liberal, or progressive agenda. Some also viciously attack GOP, Trump, and Conservatives.

It is said that people working in the news media are mostly Democrats, maybe as high as 85% by some accounts.

When it comes to reporting on matters regarding foreign countries, these media outlets are foremost American centric. In other words, they are, more often than not, biased.

BBC News reporters, on the other hand, are more objective on their reporting because they analyze American politics and American soceity as outsiders. They don’t have a personal stake on what comes out of an event such as the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Read for yourself and see if you agree.

You will never read a headline like this on any American publication.

Will Trump be any differen? We will see.