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Very serious accusation from the right February 26, 2018

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Source: The Atlantic Daily


Actually, the decline of the mighty American empire started shortly after Obama took office. Trump just accelerated the pace downward fast.

Trump’s “America First” has quickly turned into “American isolated”, “America Brushed Aside” or “America Left Behind.” Manyforeign leaders, especially American’s European allies, privately laughed at Trump’s childish play on Twitter, chastise his erratic behavior and mood swings, ignor his bullying mentality and looked down on his lack of a cohesive world view.

Take a look of the article and decide yourself whether Trump is flushing the American empire down the drain fast.


David Roche is missing the point January 9, 2018

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Roche’s analysis is predicated on one of two scenarios playing out in the Korean peninsula:

  1. The U.S. moves to contain North Korea and, by default, China with missiles from the east,
  2.  Trump takes out Kim Jong Un through a strategic attack. 

Rocheconcluded that both options would signal China’s ineffectiveness at handling the situation and would result in an “almost inevitable cold war” between the U.S. and China.

I believe that Roche missed a key fact about the relationship between the U.S. and China: America has been in a cold war with China ever since Chinese oil company Cnoon was forced out trying to buy Unocal in August 2005 in a $18.5 take over bid. 

America treated China as a threat to its national security and put up a wall to slow China’s progress down. 

That’s when the cold war between America and China started.

You should read this December 31, 2017

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What Tillerson Won’t Admit: The U.S. Has No Leverage https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2017-12-28/what-tillerson-won-t-admit-the-u-s-has-no-leverage

It goes to show how little Tillerson and Trump can do in a world where the U.S. has already lost its influence.

With Russia and China forming an economic and military alliance, with Europe firmly against Trumo’s policies, the glory days of American supremacy are over.

A new world order with China in the dominant position has emerged.

Care to count how many friends America still have these days?

Fewer than 10?

走投無路只有濫竽充數了? November 14, 2017

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不過,美國在中東的兩次戰爭,也把美國的年輕人打怕了。布希,噢巴馬和川普相繼的送他們去阿富汗,伊拉克,敘利亞和 Niger,可是他們不知道為什麼打仗,不知道為什麼去死,不知道為誰的利益而戰。有些人在阿富汗打了十幾年的戰,還不知道是為了美國人打還是為了阿富汗人打。



BBC观点:奋发有为Vs保守孤立—中美关系会进入对抗期吗? November 6, 2017

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  • 絕大部分的中國內部團結一致;絕大部分的美國有無數的派系鬥爭,社會混亂,國家分崩離析。
  • 中國除了台灣在一邊夜郎自大,坐井觀天之外並沒有其他特別嚴重的內憂;美國不但有內憂,還有 clear and present danger:1) 白人警察和黑人敵對之勢越演越烈,2) 黑人公開反對政府但是政府沒有任何作為,3) 國外和國內的穆斯林激進份子打擊美國,伺機而動,防不勝防,4) 一千多萬非法移民(墨西哥人等等)東躲西藏,怨聲載道5) 白人至上主義圖謀不軌和自由派鬥爭不停,6) 槍殺案層出不窮,大規模殺人事件隨時可能發生,警察窮於應付。
  • 習近平打貪防腐頗有成效,治理國家也中規中矩,一帶一路乃跨世紀的計劃,對提高中國在世界上的地位不遺餘力,習近平高瞻遠矚和跨時代的思想被寫入黨章;川普,川普兒子,他的女婿和幾位親信被聯邦特別檢察官調查,一路追殺,猶如喪家之犬,非常可憐。川普親信已經被聯邦特別檢察官起訴,一位外交政策助理已經認罪。
  • 習近平在十九大之前清除異己,鞏固自己的權力;川普仰賴沒有經驗的家屬和華爾街億萬富翁治理國事,如今一事無成。
  • 中國致力於基礎科學研究,國力日漸強大,欣欣向榮;美國欠債磊磊,赤字飇漲,苦苦掙扎。
  • 中國國富民安;美國險像叢生。
  • 中國一黨專政,高瞻遠矚,為國為民,勵精圖治;美國兩黨奪權,爲了四年連任無所不用其極,如今一事無成,實乃民主危機。
  • 中國做事效率顯著;美國民主礙手礙腳。
  • 中國有大國風範;美國卻閉關自守。
  • 中國金援外邦,協助他國基礎建設;美國對外用兵,發射飛彈轟炸他人。


      Source: 多維新聞


      China or the U.S.? October 19, 2017

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      We are talking about the largest economy in the world here. And the answer, according to Noah Smith, is China.


      I started talking about the downfall of the U.S. in 2009. Finally, some one agreed with me eight years later.

      What’s even more surprising to me is this: Noah Smith believes that China will eventually come out on top if these two countries engage in a conventional war. He cites China’s advantages in population and manufacture prowess.

      I am glad that I get to see this happening in my life time. 中國, The Midfle Kingdom, has come back to glory from the humiliation it suffered after 甲午戰爭, the First Sino-Japanese War, and the signing of 馬關條約, Treaty of Shimonoseki in 1895.

      Source: The wikipedia

      Source: The wikipedia

      Well, 甲午戰爭 and 馬關條約 are history now and, finally, a brand new chapter in 中國近代史 has begun with China’s 十九大, the 19th Communist Party congress, and its 十三五, China’s 13th Five-Year Plan.

      While Trump is writing a $25,000 check from his personal account to the father of a dead soldier and arguing with a Democratic Congresswoman about what Trump said to another dead soldier’s family, China is walking its own path and carrying out its expansion plans systematically.

      Yeah, let Trump tweets and pisses off at everyone who disgrees with him, McCain, Tillerson, Muller, McConnell, Schumer, CNN, NBC, NFL players and many others, the family feud makes good drama for the world to enjoy. 

      Source: Fox News

      Source: The Daily Mail.

      Source: The Daily Mail.

      I am not complaining at all. It’s entertsining and fun to see when the s**** hits the fan.

      What’s the benefit to U.S? October 6, 2017

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      Other than tearing apart yet another work done by Obama, “de-certify” Iran nuclear deal, known as JCPOA, Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, will not bring any discernible benefit to the U.S. 

      It will make Trump the odd man out on the world stage. Again. It will make American economic sanctions less effective this time around without the backing of other five countries which signed the JCPOA. It will not bring Iran any closer to comply with the regulations of the JCPOA either. And it will further isolate America from the rest of the world.

      It will, however, fulfill one of Trump’s campaign promises though. 

      But, what can Trump or Congress do to prevent Iran from eventually becoming a nation with nuclear weapons?

      Not much.

      Inspections slowed down the progress of Iran’s nuclearization. American sanctions choked off Iran’s economic development, made Iranians suffer over the years but didn’t stop Iran from gaining necessary hardware and know-how to develop nuclear weapons since Iran’s Islamic revoluion in 1979.

      So, what drives Trump do it and push the hot potato to the arms of the Congress? There are several possible reasons:

      1. Trump can wash his hands clean and check it off from the list of things he had promised to do before taking the WH? 
      2. Trump believes Iran will fall in line and negotiate a new deal with the U.S. when threatened by Trump.
      3. America wants to punish Iran because Iran has been accepting Renminbi, instead of U.S. dollar, for millions of barrels of Iranian crudes it has exported to China. This is a “big no-no” because it threatens one of the pillars of American hegemony in the world.
      4. Trump intends to take on China indirectly using Iran as a promixy. By imposing new sanctions on Iran, America can impose restrictions on Chinese banks and Chinese companies if they continue to do business with Iran thus slowing down the transformation from petro-dollar to petro-renminbi.
      5. Trump is the kind of person who “唯恐天下不亂”。He wants all the attentions in the world so that he medses up things in the world as much as he can.

      What a “怪胎”!

      Can you think of a better term to describe Trump the person?

      Mr. Tillerson, you can’t quit now. October 4, 2017

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      Mr. Tillerson was ExxonMobil’s CEO before taking the job of Secretary of State for Trump.

      For the past eight and half months, Mr. Tillerson tried very, very hard, like Trump would say, to do his job but was roundly undercut by his boss every step of the way from the very beginning. 

      Most recently, Mr. Tillerson opened a direct communication channel with North Korea so that the situation on Korean Peninsula can be resolved diplomatically.

      But Trump asked Tillerson to stop talking to North Korea and said that he’ll take care of the ‘little rocket man.’ 

      He then fired out another tweet which went like this:

      So, what did Trump mean with his second tweet? 

      It was obvious to me that Trump meant taking out Kim Jong En by force.

      It means war against North Korea.

      With Trump’s second tweet, it seems, that there are several possible outcomes: 

      1. Trump orders, with Pentagon’s support and agreements from Tillerson and security advisors, a pre-emptive attack by American forces to disable Kim Jong En’s killing machine and prevent any loss of lives of south  Korean anf Japanese people. 

      2. Kim Jong En surrenders under the threat of Trump’s tweets and gives up his nuclear ambition. 

      3. A nuclear war started by Kim Jong En and retaliated by Trump.

      4. Trump backs down like many of his previous Twitter threats and loses his and American’s credibility again.

      The first option won’t work and Trump knows it. Trump can’t neutralize North Korean’s military apparatus fast enough before millions of South Koreans, Americans and Japanese people die from Kim Jong En’s attacks. South Korean military isn’t likely to agree with this option. Japan will have doubts too because it won’t succeed.

      The second option won’t happen because Kim Jong En can’t stop developing his nuclear weapons. Without the threat of nuclear weapons, Kim Jong En, like Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi before him, will die in the hands of America. Millions of North Korean people will die and America will control the entire Korean Peninsula. South Korea will be a puppet of the USA. China can’t let this happen and will step in with the troops it has at the border. Russia can stand idle either. 

      If Pentagon, Tillerson and Congress agree with Trump, option 3 will be the most likely outcome. But I don’t believe Kim Jong En will start the fight first.

      If Tillerson and Pentagon doesn’t agree with Trump, Trump has no option but eats his own tweets like he has already done so many times before. This is the 4th option. Congress won’t allow it to happen either. 

      Do you see another option? 

      There isn’t one.

      So, please, Mr. Tillerson, for the sake of the humanity, hangs in there and, if necessary, beats some senses out of that dotard with a 2 by 4 if necessary. We need a few adults.in the WH because Trump is out of his mind.

      Since we are talking about nuclear weapons here, did America voice any objection when India and Pakistan were developing their nuclear weapon technologies? Did America say anything about Israel’s nuclear missiles? 

      North Korea will eventually have nuclear weapons and Iran will eventually have nuclear weapons. Why? For their own national interests.

      And which country was the first and only one which had used a nuclear weapon on another country?

      And which country has thousands of nuclear armed missiles ready to be used on its enemies for the sake of its national interests?

      And which country has invaded and bombed other countries in the name of its national security?

      Mr. Tillerson, I know Trump is waiting for 
      you to quit so that he doesn’t have to fire you. I know Nikki Haley wants you to step down because Trump likes her and will make her your replacement. Haley is just a mouth piece for Trump. Nothing more. Nothing less. She wants your job so she talks tough to get Trump’s notice.

        So, Mr. Tillerson, you see, you can’t resign. The world peace is in your hands.

        Military options against North Korea won’t work August 31, 2017

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        North Korea: What are the military options? – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-41095772

        Trump’s red line turned to green August 30, 2017

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        Trump’s big and scary “Red Line” has been drawn by his tweets and words:

        • We are sending an armada, very powerful.
        • U.S. military “Fully in place”
        • “Locked and loaded”
        • “Fire and fury.”
        • “Power like the world has never seen before”

        But, Kim Jong Un’s huge “eraser” has been fortified with missiles, more missiles, ICBM’s and nuclear tests. Kim hasn’t sent out any tweets, which is a good thing, but Kim had TV announcers did the bashing against the U.S. for him.

        Then Trump had a change of heart and took the tine off to praise Kim in another tweet:

        “Kim Jong Un of North Korea made a very wise and well seasoned decision.”

        With that, the color of Trump’s red line magically changed color turned “green.”

        So. What did Kim do to response for Trump’s grsture?? 

        He promptly shot another missile over Japan to tell Trump that he didn’t give a damn of what Trump thought.

        Then, predictalbly, came Trump’s tweet:

        • All options are on the table.

        Apparently Trump wanted to change the color of his “line in the sand” back to red againt. 

        Words without action to follow through are just words. 

        To North Korean’s Kim, they mean nothing at all.

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