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Shilla, Tysons Corner I January 29, 2016

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We often go to Shilla in Annandale or Centerville after we enjoy a meal of Korean tofu, bulgogi and seafood pancake. Shilla is a Korean bakery chain store serving illy coffee, bubble teas, shaved ice, cold sandwiches and fancy and wonderful Asian bakeries.

Tysons Corner I Shopping Center has a side wing on the second level right above the 1st floor food court. It used to have a hamberger joint/sports bar but it closed its door about 2 years ago because of competition and less than ideal location. The empty space sat behind a section of 15 feet tall construction panels for at least a year and few people walked down to the corridor to see what’s going on there.

One day after New Years holiday, my wife told me that Shilla came to Tysons Corner and it was busy with happy customers when she stopped by to pick up some soft and fluffy red bean bread, 3-colored pound cake, sponge cake, coconut buns, mongbean bread and raisin bread.









Now that we have been there twice in two weeks, we like it as much as we like the other Shillas. May be a little more because it is only 3.5 miles away.


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