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Bento Box, Reston, Virginia January 27, 2016

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Bento Box is a cheap Japanese restaurant serving popular Japanese dishes such as teriyaki, sushi, sashimi, ramen, salad and appetizers. Selections are limited: 5 teriyakis, 2 ramens and no more than 10 varieties of sushi and sashimi. Appetizers include gyoza, edamame, tempura and takoyaki.






Service is McDonald’s style with orders taken at the counter and served in disposable containers, plastic utensils and chopsticks. It opens at 10 in the morning, earlier than most fast food joints.

Chicken teriyaki delux (with spring roll and California rolls)was okay. Rice was a bit dry and it needed more teriyaki sauce. The non-spicy ramen was only so-so and the broth wasn’t impressive either. I won’t order it again because it wasn’t worth the $11 price tag.



The restaurant is located at the Home Depot Shopping Center. This location has changed hands many times. Hope Bento Box can survive at this location.

We got in before 11 am on a Wednesday morning and we didn’t see any other customer except a cop ordering his teriyaki takeout.



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