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Yes, Ma Ying-jeou, makes U.S. disappoint January 27, 2016

Posted by hslu in China, Cold War, Global Affair, Middle East, Military, Politics, Taiwan.
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According to AIT, America is ‘’disappointed‘’ because President Ma Ying-jeou plans to travel to Taiping Island in South China Sea.

Ma Ying-jeou should make his trip to Taiping Island (太平島)a very big deal and bring as many officials with him as he can. Make sure that he brings all members of the presidential press corp with him as well. Give them a tour, treat them with a good meal and let them see the military base too. Make a statement about the history of the island and tell the U.S. to take its nation building business to somewhere else: like the Middle East.

America has been, and still is, messing around into other people’s business all over the world, politically, economically, and, worse, militarily, and many countries are suffering from the hegemony.

Someone has to stand up against the encroachment.

It is Ma Ying-jeor’s turn this time.


1. Michael - January 27, 2016

Ma is acting on the KMT’s ideology of this land belong to China, as he is still acting as the as the president of the ‘Republic of China’. I think it’s good that he is showing some sovereignty before his presidency ends.


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