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All Nippon Airway Crown Plaza in Narita, Japan April 27, 2011

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If you fly All Nippon Airway from Shanghai to DC, you will most likely get an overnight stay at ANA’s Crown Plaza Hotel in Narita.

We have stayed there twice and we like it.If you fly in early enough, you can take Crown Plaza’s shuttle to the city of Narita for a short tour. If your flight next day out is in the afternoon, you can take hotel’s morning shuttle to a small temple for a short retreat.

Dinner on ANA flight from Shanghai to Tokyo.

Since we fly coach, we didn’t get the free dinner at one of its three restaurants in the hotel but we did go to their breakfast buffet in the morning before boarding the bus to the airport.

Here was a sample of their breakfast buffet:

Miso soup with vegetables

It was about $15 per person.

Dinner from Tokyo to DC on ANA

上海游記 Nov. 28 – Dec. 16, 2009 Day 1, D.C. to Shanghai December 21, 2009

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上海游記 Nov. 28 – Dec. 16, 2009

Day 1 – Fly to Shanghai from IAD, Saturday, Nov. 28, 2009

This was the second time we took ANA for our cross Pacific flight because we liked its service and stop over at Narita Airport was short.

I also liked ANA’s in-flight food. In fact, ANA’s food wasn’t that bad at all especially the first meal because we were is such a great mood to begin our vacation.

I particularly liked the cold soba with dipping sauce made from kelp and dried bonito flakes. It also included some seaweed flakes and a small package of wasabi. The wasabi was essential to transfer an ordinary cold noodle to an enjoyable experience: the noodle was cold and slightly chewy, the sauce was tasty, flavorful with a hint of saltiness and the wasabi really kicked the experience to a higher level.

I asked for two bottles of white wine with my meal.

The refreshing taste of the wine really complemented the cold noodle and salad: a piece of smoked salmon, artichoke heart corn and potato salad and a few pieces of carrots. Rice was hot and slightly sticky. It went well with scallop sautéed with shiitake mushrooms. Toward the end of the meal, we each were given a small cup of Häagen-Dazs ice cream which was a nice touch. Not all of our meals were this good: pork cutlet with broccoli was a bad choice because the pork was tough and broccoli was over cooked.

Service was impeccable: all female flight attendants were smiling all the time even though their English wasn’t that great. They sure made it up with their warmth and extremely pleasant demeanor. They all wore light make up with their hairs comb back to form a bun on the back of their head. Their purple-colored uniform matched nicely with the multi-colored scarf on the neck. Their huge smile made me wonder what a nice image they projected to their customers; even to us cheap travelers in the back of the airplane, i.e., the Economy Class. They were all very patient with your requests even when they were putting dirty trays in the cart. I didn’t even notice any slightest resentment to our request no matter what it was. Above all, they never forgot your request even when they were very busy with the work at hand. The cross-Pacific flight was completely booked and every seat has a person in it.

While in Narita Airport, I heard that most Asian markets were under selling pressure Friday as Hang Seng fell 5+% and Nikkei was 3% lower because Dubai World had requested a six month delay to service their $80 B loans. Wow, all that real estate development in the desert was in jeopardy now and how things changed so rapidly. A mere 2 years ago, many Chinese tour companies were advertising 7-day travel packages to Dubai and surrounding countries to witness the mirage created by the petrol dollars. The bubble finally bursted and stock markets would likely go down with it. Well, my investment would for sure go down with the overall market as well but I would not worry about it because I was on vacation.

Overall, our flight was enjoyable, the movie, G.I. Joe helped me to make time pass more easily. I also made a lot of money on the poker game but sucked on Tetris.

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