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Pokespot, Manhattan, NYC September 22, 2017

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We came to New York City to see our first grand child: 浩梅, who was born on 8/12/2017. We have been to New York more than a dozen times since 2000 and have enjoyed a diverse collections of food from different regions of the world every time we were here. 

This time we had “poke” for the first time and we liked it a lot. It was health, refreshing, appertizing, flavorful and simple to make. After we had it, we found out that New York has probably hundreds of poke restaurants in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. Prices varied from $9 in Queens to $13 in Manhattan.

Poke is a bowl of warm rice topped with cold raw fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and toppings such as seaweed salad, sesame seeds, dry fish flakes, Japanese spices and/or aioli. Chicken and tofu are other options if you don’t like seafood. Crab meat and ells are more expansive versions of poke.

So, take your picks and enjoy. You miggt want to open one at places frequented by young men and women. A small glass of cold sake or Korean rice wine goes very well with any poke. You don’t need big space to ooen one: 800 sq ft should be big enough to start with. Keep it clean, bright, colorful, and pleasant. Hire high school kids and pay them 10% higher than minimum wage will get you started. Sell ice cream in a cone for 50 ¢ each will not only pay for the rental of the ice cream machine but also add enough revenue to help pay for the overhead too. No need of expensive kitchen equipment or exhaust fan for woks. Keep the initial investment low so that it is easier to survive the start up period.

No wonder they want to come April 16, 2016

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Cheap tuition to State colleges. Financial aids. Free food for their kids. Plenty of cash paying jobs without paying taxes.

Now this:


No wonder, wall or no wall, they come to the U.S. by the hundreds everyday.

What’s not to like about all this free stuff thanks to America tax dollars from you and I.

歐巴馬快要讓美國淪陷了 August 5, 2014

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美國的經濟有許多地方要靠這些人來維持:餐館洗碗、打雜、收盤子的、春夏天剪草、種花、維護園林的、秋天剪樹修枝的、一年四季砌磚做木工蓋房子的、 做勞力苦工的,換地毯的、油漆房子的、清理房子內部的,下班後打掃公司行號和廁所的,學校公司打掃的,加州和佛州採果子葡萄和收青菜和農作物的、公共建設幫忙挖土的、交通管制拿旗子的、還有好多地方需要他們的投入。如果沒有這些人替美國賣命,美國的一般工資會有一定的升高。美國的物價會上漲。美國人的生活水準會降低。美國公司行號的生產成本會增加而使得美國在世界上的競爭力相對減少。你說美國共和黨的政客怎麼不能不把他們留下來呢?





When politicians lie and mislead October 9, 2013

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Obama on June 5, 2008 promised that he will put in place a health care program in his first term and it will: “ lower (health insurance) premiums by up to $2,500 for a typical family per year…”

Are US voters so shorted sighted or are they too gullible to believe something thing like this?

This was kind of misleading information and empty promises candidates will say and hope someone will vote for him or her.

People who voted for him will suffer the consequence of their action by paying a higher premium and possibly a smaller paycheck because their hours have been cut to 29 hours per week.

Everyone who signs up to the health insurance exchanges should remember what Obama said as they check out the insurance premium they will pay.

Do you know why companies got a one-year delay to pay for their employees’ insurance; itself illegal because the original law didn’t authorize this?

And do you know why individual mandate is not delayed?

I tell you why:

Companies have one more year to dump their employees from companies’ health insurance plan so that these people have to sign up with the exchanges if they don’t want to pay for the find.

The twenty-something will wait and probably pay the fine because it is much cheaper to do so. They are healthy. They don’t need health insurance. They also know that once they sign up with the government, they will in essence subsidize sick people’s insurance and insurances of those with preexisting conditions – a reverse wealth distribution  scheme, if you will.

I am sorry, it is not a fine. it is a tax as defined不 by the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice Roberts; a huge mistake by Bush.

In addition, as more people signing up with the exchanges, the harder it will be repealed by the Tea Party members in the Congress.

You may not know it but the seeds have been sowed: the seeds to accelerate the decline of the United States and the once all mighty country will eventually become a second tier nation.

The reason is very simple: the US has suffered two heavy punches since 2011: the first punch was 9-11 and the second punch was Obamacare. The results are two new taxes that the country will pay forever. Unfortunately, these taxes are burdens to the businesses and people alike.

Well,  Chinese keeps telling people that:


因:Many people voted for Obama; some twice;

果:The United States was pushed to the left by Obama and Democrats.

果:A socialist country is forming fast and the inefficiency of anything government will soon show up in Obamacare. Cost overrun will happen just like what’s going on with Medicare and Medicaid. Quality of health care will suffer. Rational for seniors, say 85 and up, may become the norm. Research in medicine and medical instruments may suffer because government will limit how much the drug and medical instrument companies can make.

Talk about government inefficiency: after three years to get the exchanges open, people are still having difficulty signing up and buying insurance. These people have been waiting because they couldn’t get insurance before either they were too sick or too poor.

We will see how it goes;


I will keep an eye on Obamacare because I may be affected by the exchange in ways I may not know until it is too late.

The younger generation will have to pay for it in the form of higher taxes to keep Obamacare going. Remember, there are 47% of Americans who do not pay any federal taxes. Some of them will even get subsidizes from the federal government to pay for their health insurance premium, You know where that is from, don;t you?




UPS now. More to come. August 29, 2013

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UPS announced on 8-23-2013 that it will drop health insurance for spouses of 15,000 employees.

Who to blame? Obama,  Pelosi, Reid, all Democrats in the Congress and Obamacare.


Source: UPS website.

Wow! UPS, among all companies big and small in the U.S. UPS is a company with strong unions and I suppose that many of UOS’ s union members voted for Obama in 2008 and again in 2012.

Look what did these union guys get in return?

They got Obama first and then dropped health insurance for their spouses because of Obamacare.

I said a while back that many people were digging a hole to bury themselves later if they gave their votes to Obama, the most liberal president in modern history.  Sure enough they are eating their own s#*& now.

Well, we have a perfect saying for these union people:

天做孽尤可违, 自做孽不可活。


Obamacare is one of the worst laws ever passed by the Democrats. It was a complete breakdown of the democratic process.

It was totally tyrannical because:
The way Obamacare was passed in Congress: openly selling votes and openly accepting bribery by Democrats in Congress.

The way Obamacare was forced upon American citizens by lying about the true costs of Obamacare: balancing 7 year’s costs by 10 year’s revenue. This was classified as budget neutral for the next decade and Obama and company lied through their teeth all the time.

The quote of the century by Nancy Pelosi on Obamacare: “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it.” This was abusing democracy of the epic proportion. And Pelosi was reelected again. This kind of strange thing only happens in the US.

Grant waivers to companies on part of the Obamacare.

Pick and choose parts of Obamacare law to enforce by fiat.

Obama and company lied repeatly to American people that their insurance premium will decrease under Obamacare.

$650 billion of Medicare money was diverted away to pay for Obamacare but the seniors were too old or too lazy to recognize that.

Finally, Obamacare was upheld by the chief Justice who was put in that position by a Republic president.

This was also” 天做孽尤可违, 自做孽不可活。”

报应啊! 报应啊!

7.4% Jobless Rate is not what it used to be August 2, 2013

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US July 2013 jobless rate is down to 7.4%.

Great! The number shows the job market is improving.



Well, the 7.4% jobless rate isn’t what it used to be.

Here are some facts and charts the liberal media will not tell you

  • Growth of New Jobs Declining

The trend is very clear!

7.5 million fewer people looking for jobs

  • People who are working in US: 155.80 million. But people who are NOT working: 89.96 million
Almost 90 million people not working in the US. Amazing!
Almost 90 million people not working in the US. Amazing!

More part time jobs created due to Obamacare

  • Obamacare cut $716 billion from Medicare – Slows down healthcare job growth
  • New jobs under Obama are low paying jobs: 
    • Retailers: 47,000 jobs
    • Restaurants: 38,000 jobs.
  • Obama’s policy is hollowing out America from the middle 

Check this out yourselves!



Obamacare and U.S Federal Deficit July 8, 2013

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Obamacare, or the government’s takeover of the U.S. health providing system, is messy,unpopular and very expensive. On top of that, the government had four years to get it ready but can’t.

What an incompetent bunch from the White House on down!

No wonder the U.S., under Obama, is sliding down further by the day: first on the foreign policy front; now their crown jewel: Obamacare.

The small business will be glad to take the delay even though the move is purely political.

While White House is at it, Obama should announce the delay of the individual mandate and get it over with.

Republicans are a sorry bunch too! They are not a good opposition party at all! They are all talks and no action: case in point: IRS‘s secret agenda. No one goes to jail for this?

People will remember what Obama and Democrats have done in the past 5 years when they go to the polls in November no matter how much Obama and the Democrats wants to hide it.

One thing is for sure though: the federal deficit will remain at an elevated level for decades to come. The national debt will push up to 120% of the GDP  in no time.

With Uncle Ben trying to get tapering started before he leaves the office by February, 2014, long term rates will rise as many have predicted.

10-year rate will rise to 4%, as suggested by Goldman Sachs, and mortgage rate will push 5% soon putting pressure on the phony housing recovery.

Auto sale will come down too.

Interest payment by the federal government will go up. U.S. Treasury will continue to borrow and the vicious cycle will never stop. U.S. dollar will depreciate further.

In the end, the suckers who end up paying for all these will be the 99%, especially the younger generations.

The old guys and gals will pay for it in the form of less benefits and poorer quality of health care in their remaining life.

Lights out at my restaurant, again September 9, 2012

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Earlier yesterday afternoon Xiao told me that there was a tornado warning for this area. I immediately knew it was a bad news because there might be a power outage at my restaurant in Falls Church.

Sure enough, my head chef called.

I told him to wait and I called Dominion Virginia Power.

No estimate of when the power will be back.

An hour passed and another one of my staff called.

I told her to wait because power may be restored soon.

For sure, I said to myself, that it wasn’t that bad this time compared to the BIG storm we had in late June. Just a mere 10 weeks ago, we had to close our restaurant for two days at a great loss because Dominion Virginia couldn’t restore power fast enough after the big storm in our area. That same storm knocked out power at my home for almost 5 days. Many had to suffer longer still.

I then called Dominion for an update and there was still no estimate of when the power will be back on.

Another hour passed and my staff called again because it’s getting dark now. Well, I had no other option but to let them go home.

Can I ask Dominion for the lost revenue? Why can’t Dominion buries the lines underground? If not all the lines but the lines in the most vulnerable area? Dominion should have some statistics to show whether it is cost effective to replace these lines on a long term basis.

Well, if Dominion has to pay penalties, they will find enough incentive to get it done.

The lights were out for a total of about 17 hours.

Trader Joe’s, 7-11, Sunoco and Ledo’s Pizza at our shopping center suffered the black out like we did. I wonder how much money we all have lost due to the storm.


Arrogant and condescending September 7, 2012

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What kind of president Obama is who said the following on July 13, 2012?

“If you have been successful, you didn’t got there on your own.. somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business…you didn’t build that. Some body else made that happen.”

Big government
Off tele prompter
Pandering the 99%

How come the media didn’t drill this further? Just imaging it came from a Republican and the amount if coverage it will get.

Shot from his hip

Sign of Recession October 28, 2011

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I was going to buy a piece of ham from Honey Baked Ham store across the street from my restaurant yesterday for the up coming Thanksgiving dinner party but found the store closed for good.

The sign was taken down from the store and the inside was empty.

It is yet another sign of the terrible recession, yes, it felt like a recession to many of my customer, which forced many national chain stores to shut their doors.

I knew the store manager who used to buy food for his employees at Christmas time in the past.

He told me that he usually couldn’t break even for many months of a year and had to rely on November and December to make up the volume holiday shoppers and from corporate clients. His sandwich business wasn’t too good because his selection was very limited.

Jason’s Deli opened its NV location in the same shopping center almost 2 years ago which must have taken away many of his lunch sandwich business.

With people buying hams from Costco and Sam’s for the holiday, Honey Baked Ham just couldn’t wait for the next Thanksgiving to save it from bankruptcy any more.

Time is tough and it really shows at the shopping center across the street from ours.

I now wonder what will come to that location next. The rent has to be about $40 and not many business can afford this kind of rent in time like this.

There is another empty space in the same shopping center. Ut’s been empty for a year now.

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