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US government bought by money August 16, 2016

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It is simply unconcievable that the US government at the highest level can be bought if you have money. Enough money that is; like billions.

This is corruption American style.

So what else are rich people doing to undermind the world peace? What else are rich people doing to benefit their pockets?

Soro, German and Euro September 10, 2012

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In an FT interview, Soro asked German to lead or leave Euro.


I think Soro got it backwards.

German IS leading Euro to a long term solution by first bringing high debt and less productive countries; they know who they ate, in line with the rest of the European Union countries.

Soro asked German to leave because he didn’t like the way German, or shall we say the majority of the German people, is leading the European Union.

On the other hand, may I ask you, Mr. Soro: if Greece, Spain and Italy leave EU, will EU be even better off?

The answer is a unqualified “Yes.”

Beside, Mr. Soro, have you thought about this? If German leaves EU as you’ve suggested, the next paymaster “Is it France?” will ask the same thing from Greece, Spain or Italy, because no one wants to work his butt off supporting Greeks who get to retire at 55 with full medical benefit and most of their pre-retirement salaries.

What do you have to say? I don’t think you’ll like what I say here though.

General Petraeus or General Betray Us? June 26, 2010

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MoveOn ran a full-page ad on NY Times on September 10, 2007 calling General Petraeus “General Betray Us?” MoveOn also accused Petraeus “cooking the books for White House,” among other accusations.

What, you ask! Did I make a mistake here? After all, we are talking about Obama’s savior who got demoted to become Obama’s general on Obama’s Afghanistan war.

The “General Betray Us” according to the hard left liberals has suddenly became the darling of the day among Democrats and news media today because Petraeus  just saved Obama’s ass.

You might think that I must be confused and think that’s a different general.

Well, it was the same General Petraeus.

Back then in 2007, it was Bush’s Iraqi war.

The same Petraeus becomes Obama’s most reliable person on this losing war.

All the sudden, General Petraeus becomes General Kiss Up?

Well, it is only fair that MoveOn should run another full page ad on NY Times and look into whether Petraeus cooks book for the White House again.

Wouldn’t you know it, MoveOn remove this ad from its website a couple of days ago on June 23, 2010 after Obama clenched his jaw, kicked McChrystal’s ass and demoted Petraeus to take McChrystal’s job.

MoveOn, along with Soro are nothing but a whole bunch of hypocrites! How can you not be disgusted by the liberals?

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