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If you haven’t heard of this place, you soon will May 12, 2017

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Tashkurgan, China.

American press will not print anything relating to this place. American reporters will not tell you any story about this small town along the China-Pakistan border. It is the most westerly settlement in China and soon it will be the center of activity for the most ambitious infrastructural project in history: “One Belt and One Road Initiative.”


Tashkurgan map

Source: The Guardian

This weekend, several world leaders; Russian’s Vladimir Putin,  Pakistan’s Nawaz Sharif and Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will be in Beijing to hear hear what China’s Xi Jinping has to offer.

Have you noticed what Putin, Sharif and Erdoğan have in common? None of them is a friend of the United states.

Actually, the “One Belt and One Road Initiative” is designed to offset America’s “Pivot to the East” strategy. America, with its willing foot soldier, Japan, can block China all it want on the east, China will build an open pathway to Central Asia, Southeast and Southwest Asia, India, Indian Ocean, Middle East, Mediterranean Sea, Eastern Europe, Russia, Western Europe and Africa. Railroads, highways, pipelines, Internet cables and sea lanes will link these regions with China leaving the United States all alone in the Pacific Ocean.

Soon, with direct capital investment from China, areas around Tashkurgan in western China and eastern Pakistan will transform into one of the busiest regions in Central Asia since merchants first walked the silk road more than a thousand years ago.

Again, American press will not print this story. They want you to just forget this desolate place where few people in the world have ever walked.

Tashkurgan mountain scene

Credit: Tom Phillips for the Guardian.

In a decade or two, people who ride in this tractor trailer will be worth millions. If you are young, rich and dare, buy a few hundred acres of land along this two-lane highway, your future generation will thank you.

Moving out and Cashing in April 28, 2017

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The path to riches for any American politicians are quite straigh forward:

Being able to lie is a positive on your resume. If it comes naturally, you are born for the job. You are good at debate in high school and quick on your feet. You start from school board, move on to city council, get into state office, work your way up to Washington DC representing your district, become a governor or Senator and finally throw yourself into the center ring of the presidential circus. If you have what it takes or luck is looking after you, you end up as your party’s presidential candidate. 

Finally, you face your opponent in a few more rounds of debates on national TV, and on the election night, you either become the president or you go back to your old job.

While in the oval office, you start enjoy the fruit of your success big time with tax payers funded vacations complete with your own chef, butler and a big flying limo.

After you do your time and pay your due in that big boring old building, your earning power takes a big jump the day you walk out of that fortified compound.

Obama did just that and it is time for him to cash in. 

Well, everyone does it why can’t he?

See the number of fingers? Of course I didn’t say a word. I just let my fingers do the talking. Cantor Fitzgerald countered 250. We settleed on 4. Everyone was happy. $400,000.

Billy did it for 250. Hillary, a two-time loser, also pocket 250. Being the first black president and a 2-term president, it is only fair for Obama’s $400,000 engagement fee. Obama once called Wall Street bankers ‘fat cat’ for a reason. A skinny cat just can’t afford $400,000, can he? People who called Obama “hypocrite” are jealous because no fat cat will ever ask them to speak, not even for free.

Let’s be frank, what comes out of Obama’s mouth, isn’t very important. Cantor Fitzgerald doesn’t care much what Obama has to say. People go to that kind of events for one thing and one thing only. It isn’t food. It is the connection they are after.

Cantor Fitzgerald won’t fork out the entire $400,000 either. It is a tax deductible event and tax payers may foot part of the expenses.

Also, don’t expect liberal media will report this because that’s just the way America is. No big deal. 

To hell with the 99%. It’s not Obama’s problem anymore. In fact, it never was. It’s time to enjoy life.

Comey, hurry up March 21, 2017

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Trump should tweet this line every day to remind FBI director that he better finishes his investigation soon. 

If Comey drags his feet into late 2018 or even into 2019, Trump will be in big trouble should Democrat win the control of the Senate. Democrat will for sure appoint a special prosecutor to conduct a separate investigation into Trump and his campaign’s connections to Russia government.
And there will be no mercy in the search of any wrongdoings by the POTUS.

Impeachment? Resignation? Everything is possible because liberals hate him.

She was not polite and  March 13, 2017

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she was very vicious. Typical liberal. No class. Real Americans don’t do this.

Is Sessions on the way out? March 12, 2017

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Trump may be wise to let Sessions go if he intends to govern with a clean slate. If Trump continues to support Sessions, which he will, he will likely face an even bigger crisis if more leaks are reported by the media.

Sessions recused himself from all investigations into Russian influence on Clinton’s campaign is a de facto admission of guilt. 

Trump of course will defend Sessions till the end because of his big ego. Yet, Trump’s first fifty days looks like an exercise of putting out fires which seemed to keep poppin out with every news article on Russian Ambassador by WP or NYT.

The way it is going so far, it appeared that almost everyone in Trump’s inner circle has met with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. The instruction must have come from the very top. That’s why many reporters are digging deep to find that big smoking gun. They won’t stop until it is found.

Trump’s lack of experience on how government works, his naive believe that he soon would be the president of the U.S. which gave him the right to do what he wanted, his intention to improve relationship with Russia and his big ego probably led him to ask his close friends to contact Russian Ambassador before he moved into the White House. 

His denail, Sessions’s denail and Sessions’s apparent lie under oath gave the left a perfect incentive to dig further.

Left’s attack on Sessions will not stop and Trump may eventually be trapped by more denails until the liberal media contradict these lies with more leaks from inside the White House or Trump’s Justice Department.

The left has formed a powerful alliance to trash Trump. They have smelled blood and they will not stop until Trump breaks down. 

This moment mya be around the corner.

If this were true… February 20, 2017

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Source: Daily Mail online.

Source: Daily Mail online.

It shows the world the degree America will do to destablize a foreign government or sabotage a foreign head of state to achieve America’s objective in the name of its national interests.

Blackmail, kidnap, assassination and funding government’s opposition either covertly or openly.

If Democrat controls the Senate, Trump’s knowledge of this secret plan will be headline on the prime time for weeks if not months. 

Trump will lose the war against the liberal media February 16, 2017

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Out of control or not, the liberal media will eventually win the all-out-war against the White House and Trump. Trump is destined to lose the fight because the media has nothing to lose.

The reason is very simple: Trump has baggage he can’t get rid of and the media hates him. 

Not even a month in the White House, Trump has provided the media with a trail of bloody foot prints which media loves to follow. The media loves to see Trump thoroughly embarrassed in front of the entire world. 

Besides, Trump is totally out numbered against so many liberal media outlets: AP, NYT, WP, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, the Daily Show, PBS, NPR, Bloomberg, Google News, HP, Politico, Slate, NewYorker, BuzzFeed, Soros and the list goes on. 

Trump, on the other hand, can only call a few conservative media outlets friends: Fox News, Breitbart, Drudge Report and Rush Limbaugh.

Trump’s arrogrance, his frequent outbursts, his timid temperament, his inexperience at the job, his lack of knowledge of how government works, his inability to handle complicated data, his countless retreats from his campaign tweets, his troubled immigrant ban, his leaky subordinates, his troubled cabinet candidate, his name-calling tactics and his limited use of vocabulary in front of the cameras give his enemies plenty of fire power to attack him. Trump is out in the open and fully exposed. He is at the mercy of the liberal media which questions his every move, his every word and his every tweets.  

Poor Trump, he has no place to hide.

Let the war begin February 7, 2017

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The more Americans fight each other within its own border, the more people around the world can enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime show. It can’t get any better than Trump vs California.

Democrats against Republicans.

Liberals against conservatives. 

Citizens against illegals. 

Whites against non-whites. 

States against the federal government. 

Trump against people he doesn’t like. 

Trump against companies he doesn’t like. 

Trump against special interest groups he hates. 

Trump against Immigrants.

Trump against Muslims.

Trump against environmental movements. 

Trump against judges.

Trump against Obama.

Trump against Clintons.

Trump against news media.

Trump against Hollywood celebrities.

White House needs a separate war room just to keep up with all the fights Trump started. Someone in the WH needs to keep a tally of Trump’s tweets and a scorecard of where each fight is at. Trump might also need a special office next to Vice President’s cubicle in case the VP is needed to put out fires Trump started. 

Let the war begin.

The anti Trump snowball gets bigger February 5, 2017

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Trump’s travel ban is attracting more attentions in the news media and none of them is welcome news to the Trump administration. The anti Trump sentiment will get bigger as the media fans the fire around the world. 

In the end, Trump will lose the fight.

Source: Mirror

Trump’s brand new immigration policy, his “beautiful, physical” wall to be built along the Mexico-America border and his “America first” trade war against its trading partners are telling the world that America no longer welcome outsiders. 

America, the de facto bully in the world for the past 70 years, took advantages of foreign countries’ natural resources, exploited their cheap labors, sold everything to the world and made money hand over fist.

Gradually America got lazy and took everything for granted. Union made many American industries ill prepared for competition from foreign companies. American managers were more concerned about next quarter’s earnings that they forgot what vision was. They were so short-sighted that they failed to see the major trends governing their respective industries.

Along the way, many Americans forgot how to work for a living as government handouts became their way of life. The federal government became the great wealth equalizer as more and more tax dollars went to people who didn’t have the necessary skill to contribute to the soceity. They became a burden to the economy and dragged the productivity down. Individuals and companies saw their taxes go up not only to carry these people along but also to pay for the military machine and several bloody wars.

Slowly, American industries disappeared. They either moved to a foreign country and invested capitals there or they lost billions and died a slow death. The ones which stayed had to modernize their operations with robots and got rid of workers who demanded generous sick leaves, hourly coffee breaks, paid maternal leaves, paid holidays, vacations, matched benefits in 401(k) and pensions after retirement. 

Then came Trump. 

He didsn’t want to solve the real problem but to blame foreign competitions for America’s failure. His message resonant with electorals in the rust belt and Hillary’s baggage and dishonesty pushed Trump into the WH.

Once there, he showed his true color and acted like a bully instead of a statesman. His big mouth, his irresponsible tweets and his abrasive personality made him an easy target for people on the left and in the middle left. He is also hated by people from many foreign countries because of his radical and destructive policies.

With media turning against Trump, with opposition brewing in Republican’s own backyard and with legal trouble mounting in the court, demand on Trump to change will be unrelenting. 

A snowball with Trump’sname on it is rolling but Trump is busy tweeting at the bottom of the hill.

Trump’s biggest problem will be the liberal media January 23, 2017

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Yes, Trump has his way of tilting a press conference to his advantage and often deny unfriendly reporters their chances of asking pointed questions. 

Source: Fox News Opinion Section

But the often condescending and always belligerent Trump has made himself the No. 1 enemy of the liberal media. He can’t avoid hostile questions forever which will making him look childish or hiding something. 

His words will be openly dismissed, his tweets will be totally ignored, his policy will be repeated ridiculed, his personality will be constanly attacked, his administration will be regularly defending every move it makes, and the daily news briefing will look like two childs fighting a war on trivial things.

People like Soro will fund an all out war against Trump because Soro wasted $10 million supporting a damaged good, Hillary, with no residual value left. And don’t forget the $1 billion Soro lost after Trump was elected.

Just wait and see. 口水戰已經開始了。