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Trump has no where to hide November 2, 2017

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“He is f***ed,” according to a former Trump campaign aide, Sam Nunberg. 

That’s pretty hard language.

Trump is f***ed because: 

  • His approval rating is at 33%, 
  • One of his former foreign policy advisors, a nobody based on WH’s narrative, has pleaded guilty for lying to FBI, 
  • This advisor has been a “proactive cooperator” for Mueller which is very bad for the WH,
  • Mueller is going to check the books of Jared Kushner and Trump,
  • Jared Kushner gave the worst political advises in the WH and Trumo agreed,
  • Trump’s friends and advisors are looking over their shoulders for fear of Mueller’s requests for an interview,
  • Trump has surrounded himself with family members and Wall Street billionaires instead of heavyweight prosecutors who knew how to steer Trump away from illegal activities,
  • Trump can’t fire Mueller because it will for sure face impeachment,
  • Mueller has a free hand and endless resources to hunt down his primary target, Trump,
  • Trump’s option is very limited except his tweets,
  • Bannon told Trump to stop fooling around and stop tweeting and this is very serious and very bad for Trump,
  • Trump has made the Republican establishment his “drain the swamp” target which makes Trump the enemy no. 1 for the swamp,
  • Trump has publically made many Republican senators and representatives his enemies instead of friends,
  • The 25 Amendment could be a real threat to Trump according to Bannon,
  • Democrats are eager to impeach Trump and Republicans want to do the same but are afraid of backlash from the 33%,
  • Trump has publically offended many foreign leaders and they despised him immensely,
  • As the primary target of Mueller’s investigation, Trump will see his friends distancing themselves from Trump as far away as they can,
  • Trump has praised Putin before but he turned out to be the worst nightmare for Trump,
  • All liberal media outlets use Trump as a Piñatas and they enjoyed every minutes of it.

In short, Trump is screwed. Royally.


The mooch, f****** ps, c*** blocker and the Jivanka July 28, 2017

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What a show. It’s all free and open in America where you can get a wifi link. It goes to show how the game is being played by Americans at the highest level led by a ring master who cares more about himself than the American people whether you pay or don’t pay your fair shares of taxes.

The Mooch; Best Actor in a Leading Role,

Source: The Daily Mail

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: The fps: f*****g paranoid schizophrenic,

Source: The Daily Mail

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: The c*** blocker. We have a tie here.

Source: The Daily Mail

Best Costume Design: The Jivanka, 

Trump, Jared and Ivanka

Best Picture for a reality show: Ryan Lizza,

Source: The Daily Mail

And finally, the best Direct in the free reality show category: Trump.

Source: Business Insider

White House is spewing black smoke March 6, 2017

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One setback after another made people wondering how long Trump’s presidency can last.

He is fighting a losing battle against the entire press corp, except the Fox News, and his own people are leaking out juicy tidbits from within the White House to make Trump looks bad. 
Trump needs to watch his blood pressure carefully. Episodes like this aren’t good for his well being.
He still has 1,415 days to go.

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