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Are you on the “Quiet Skies” black list? July 29, 2018

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If you are, you will be monitored by a federal marshall on an airplane while you travel in the United States.

Source: Flipboard

My question is, other than the obvious ones such as “why me?”, “is the federal marshall sitting next to me on my flight to the JFK?”

America used to be the land of the free. It isn’t now. It is the land of the siege by NSA.

America’s big brother is watching you 24/7/365 July 28, 2017

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In the U.S. government language, this is called “The Universal Survellience” and NSA in Maryland is doing this 24/7/365 even after Snowden.

Source: Fox News

Source: wikimedia

This is the de facto ‘ultimate’ Big Brother ever.

The U.S.A. used to be a free country. It is no more.

It’s scary.

Cold Wars with China and Russia July 16, 2014

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Snowden told us that America’s NSA has been checking on everyone who is somebody for decades.

Now Russia will do the same to America with their long-forgotten spy bsse in Cuba. Hmmm…, the 2nd chapter of the US-Russia Cold War is about to begin.


Sourceb The Guardian.

Don’t forget that the US started a Cold War with China with America’s ‘Asia Pivot’ when Hillary was working for Obama.

Obama, look what you have done th the United States, the one your wife hasn’t been proud of for 40+ years.

You now have two enemies. Wait, Al Qeada isn’t fond of you. Israel isn’t exactly your friend either. Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt and a few ithers probably don’t consider you a friend either.

Hmmm…., Obama, where are you going to send your next new air carrier fleet to?

Obama, look what a mess you have gotten America trapped in.

US not trustworthy October 25, 2013

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Foreign countries will no longer trust America no matter how many times Obama calls Merkel. It’s like an egg on American’s face which can’t be washed off easily.

Obama’s order to force Bolivia president’s private airplane to land in Austria has already caused serious consequences in its relationship with many South America countries. These countries will think twice before doing business with the U.S. again.

NSA’s monitoring of domestic and international communication has stirred up hatred towards American’s policy. This kind of action is simply not acceptable according to international laws. No amount of denying from Obama will ease other countries’ concerns. Even France and Germany are leery of American’s action and they will not be satisfied with whatever Obama or American ambassadors told them for a long time.

US federal government shutdown and debt ceiling impasse has became a joke among financial markets and other countries in the world. America’s credibility has been seriously damaged too. QEs by US Federal Reserve has other countries worried and countries like China, Russia, Korea and Germany will re-evaluate their foreign reserve policies. They will likely diverting some of their foreign currency holdings to other currencies such as Euro because Europe has started to emerge from financial ruins created by America five years ago. It appears that Euro as the single currency for EU countries is no longer in question and there is even some talk of creating a de facto central bank for EU countries. 

China will speed up its move to create more direct currency swaps with other countries, especially in South America,  in an effort to increase their acceptance of Renminbi in bilateral trades. As such,  the status of American dollar being the world reserve currency will be in question.

The high drama of currency war has just started. America, being the bully of the world, will continue to enjoy the privilege of being able to print the world reserve currency whenever it feels like it.

With American’s national debt at 100+% of US GDP and with America government borrowing 40 cents of every dollar it spends, the day of reckoning for the imperial empire is just around the corner.

USA: A nation of Big Brothers August 13, 2013

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The US was once called the “land of the free.”
But is it still given the story on USA Today about two companies shutting down their email operations involuntarily?
USA TODAY – Damage from security state spreads

Two firms shut down e-mail services because they can’t protect cliens’ privacy from the NSA.


Look what this country we called USA has become to because of the constant threats created by a dead person: Osama.
We call it “what Osama did to Obama.”

The USA has become a country of

  • Electronic big brothers watching over everyone’s shoulders,
  • Secret prosecutions,
  • Wide spread of dragnet on their own citizens, and 
  • Diminishing personal freedom.
All of our emails, posts, tweets and messages  are at risk. They could one day come back to haunt us.


al Qaeda, we are not home August 3, 2013

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Come back another time. Maybe? he State Department announced the closure of 21 facilities this Sunday because of credible threats against American embassies in the Middle East and North Africa.

Hmm…. Why do you tell your enemy that you are not home before their attack?

Are you telling the al Qaeda that they might want to come at some other time?

Or is this Obama‘s ploy to tell the American people that NSA has to listen to your phone calls and check your emails in order to get intels like this?

Obama may want to show the American people that their tax dollars are hard at work and not all is wasted on IRS scandals or buying guns for Mexican drug lords.

? ? ? ? ?

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